Leo Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are an Aquarius woman and you are wondering about how compatible you are with a Leo man, or you are a Leo man, and you wonder how you would get along with an Aquarius woman, you have found the right page to find that out.

The desire to find out more about someone is almost an instant urge we get when we meet a person we like.

We often reach out for their social profiles for that purpose, but astrology can also give us some valuable insight on the subject.

We can determine the relationship compatibility between two individuals by comparing their horoscope sign characteristics.

All horoscope signs have some general traits which most of the people born under a specific horoscope sign possess.

By comparing these traits, we can get a clearer picture of the potential for a relationship between two people and the possible issues which can arise in that relationship.

In this text, we will make a comparison between the general traits of a Leo man and an Aquarius woman, to see their basic compatibility and the potential for a relationship between these two.

Leo Man

Like the animal, Leo men consider themselves royalty among other people and usually behave like one. The real fact is that many of them deserve to be treated in such a manner.

These men have a lot of qualities which make them born leaders and born to succeed.

They have an innate inclination towards wealth and high status in society, and they usually manage to accomplish these aspirations. These men often have very high opinions of themselves and think that they are better than others.

These men are very proud and have a problem admitting that they are wrong and apologizing, even when deep down they know they should.

They are usually honest and truthful. They are also direct and are not afraid to speak their mind. These men are confident about their abilities and especially their masculinity and don’t have problems approaching women.

Some of them could be considered macho men, but in general, these men only exhibit their natural masculine qualities, and they desire a woman who exhibits her natural femininity.

Typical Leo men are against switching roles between men and women. They usually believe that everyone should respect their role given by birth; men should be men and women should be women.

Although they don’t mind a woman with an attitude, and a woman who knows what she wants, these men prefer women who are wise enough to make their man shine when they are somewhere in public. Their woman should be beautiful and possess a queen-like posture.

They love the glitz and glam, and their woman should be the same. Women who are simple and modest can rarely catch this man’s eye. He wants a woman who is aware of her qualities and is confident enough to demonstrate them.

Leo men are very passionate and love sex. They are usually tender and love kissing and hugging as well. These men are true hedonists, and enjoy all types of pleasures.

They enjoy pleasing themselves and want only the best regardless of the cost. They are fortunate enough to usually have the means to provide themselves with the joys of life, but sometimes they only pretend to have as much.

Their vanity and need to impress others can cause them to be very careless with money and spend beyond their means, only to satisfy their need to show off in front of others.

These men have a need to show off with their possessions and they often have the need to show off with their women as well.

Most men enjoy being in public with the women they care about, but these men sometimes do consider their women as trophies and love to brag with them. Women who are fortunate enough to be with this man are often treated like queens.

They are usually showered with gifts as well as this man’s attention and affection.  A typical Leo man isn’t ashamed to demonstrate his love for his woman. Quite the contrary, he enjoys demonstrating it in public because he wants everyone to see what a jewel he has by his side.

These men are usually loyal and faithful, but sometimes can be prone to cheating, just to prove their masculinity. More often, they are devoted partners and husbands, who respect the relationship they have with their women.

If a woman is smart enough not to provoke his ego and his masculinity, and is proud to be the woman of this special man, she will in return get all the respect, attention, and love from him.

The Leo man is a good husband and a proud father, who would do anything to protect his children and wife. He is a good provider and wants only the best for his family. He usually has more than enough to provide them with a lifestyle many people would die for. His family is also one of his assets he is very proud off and likes to show off.

If we neglect the bragging and the showing off part, the Leo man is a kindhearted man who would do anything for others. He is always willing to help, financially and in other ways possible. If you are in love with this man, be prepared to jump into a life where he will be the king and your role will be the one of a queen; you only need to relax and enjoy.

Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is often considered one of the weirdoes of the Zodiac. That role isn’t completely undeserved because these women can often appear very strange and as if from another planet.

The reason is their ruling planet, Uranus, which gives that awkwardness to Aquarius men as well.

Aquarius women have strong personalities, but they are not as feminine and cute as most women are (although some Aquarius women are, providing that they have some planetary influence in their natal charts which gives them the dose of femininity and cuteness, which they usually lack).

These women love to demonstrate their individuality and their uniqueness. They often do it by some radical means, like shaving their hair or having their whole body covered in tattoos.

These acts are sometimes a result of their desperate need to be accepted for their individuality, or act of their rebellious nature. An Aquarius woman often has unpredictable reactions, which can shock people around her.

Not all Aquarius women shave their heads of course, but many of them do and do all sorts of weird things, so if you are into girls who are out of the ordinary, an Aquarius woman is the right choice for you.

They are usually very smart and very creative. A lot of fabulous artists are born under the sign of Aquarius and they create marvelous works of art. Your Aquarius girl might not be an artist, but she will certainly be creative and incorporate her creativity in her personal style through her make-up, hairstyle, and her choice of clothing, as well as in her living space.

Aquarius women usually have an adventurous nature, and they can be seen in all kinds of interesting activities and places. They love traveling, and they are often into sports, and they are usually very passionate. These women also have unusual hobbies and love to be in the company of people who think alike and where they can feel comfortable and not perceived as somehow different.

They are passionate but also in their own way. They love sex and often have a bit perverted tastes in bed. Their man should be open and uninhibited. They are very honest and direct and they are a good judge of character, although it might not seem that way.

Aquarius women love their freedom, and they react strongly when they feel someone or something jeopardize it. If a man begins asking way too much of their time or begins organizing their lives, there is a big chance that this woman will get scared and run away.

Not all Aquarius women are like that, and the ones with some other planetary influences in their natal chart, which give them a calmer and receptive nature, could adapt to a man who is dominant and wants to be in control of their relationship.

Typical Aquarius woman has difficulties accepting that role. She is all about equality and the idea of male dominance annoys her.

Aquarius women are true humanists and they usually devote some of their time to helping others, or even devote their lives to helping humanity in some way. They expect their man to support them in their endeavors or even participate with them.

A man who is intelligent, knowledgeable, a bit weird, handsome in a way that they consider handsome, and capable of accepting this woman completely as she is, without trying to change her, has a good chance of winning her love.

Even though she might not be of the most faithful nature, this woman is able to devote her life to a man she considers is worth that.

If you are lucky enough to be that man, you will find yourself living a life filled with excitement and unpredictability, and you will enjoy every minute of it. 

Love Compatibility

A love combination between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman might not be that good of an idea. They are opposite signs, and there can be a great amount of attraction between them, but these two have entirely opposite personalities, interests, and desires in life.

The rebellious nature of an Aquarius woman will have a difficulty getting along with the dominant and attention seeking Leo man. She won’t manage to restrain herself from openly confronting him with her opinion and refusing to do what she doesn’t want.

He might find that interesting at first because he has a strong faith in his ability to conquer any woman, and he will believe that she will change once she realizes that she cannot live without him. This woman might be one of the rare ones who won’t fall for his charm and dominance.

She usually loves her freedom way more than she could love any man, and she won’t have a difficulty leaving even the man she loves if he is jeopardizing what she considers her natural rights.

This relationship usually isn’t a lasting one, unless there are some other planetary bonds between their natal charts which prove different. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman is a rare occurrence, and usually happens after a short infatuation between these two. They soon realize that getting along in real life isn’t as easy as being intimate with each other.

If there aren’t some other bonds between them, this marriage will likely be a short-lived one.

This Sun ruled man won’t be able to accept this woman’s open expression of opinion even at the cost of humiliating him in public.

The Aquarius woman doesn’t mean anything bad, and she is simply expressing her personality, but the Leo man will consider that behavior as a lack of respect and love, and he cannot love a woman who cannot give him that.


A friendship between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman is possibly the best relationship these two can have.

The Leo man is a passionate and adventurous being, and the Aquarius woman is very active as well.

They could find mutual interest in doing some activities together where they will both enjoy.

Cool Facts

The Leo man could be considered a man of more traditional values than someone who is ahead of his time, and he is quite satisfied with the status quo.

On the other hand, the Aquarius woman is completely opposite. She is the one who is discovering new things, changing tradition and always looking for excitement and change. 


To summarize all: a relationship between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman is not a good idea and it would be advisable for you to pass on each other, unless there are some other planetary contacts between your natal charts that and give a good basis for a stable and lasting relationship.

If you are not romantically interested in each other, the best relation between you two is a friendly one. You could both enjoy and benefit your friendship.