Saturn in Aries

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Planets and stars have always fascinated human beings and this fascination is ongoing.

In ancient times, people were more oriented towards spiritual and mystical explanations of the power of the universe, while today, we strive to reach to the most distant corners of the universe by uncountable scientific theories, discoveries and our advanced technological equipment.

However, even our latest technological improvements of all sorts of devices with the main purpose of collecting data from space cannot tell us all about this universe. Some of the stars we see above are actually not even there anymore.

Can you imagine how far they are, in both space and time? Today, we can measure these distances, record sounds from distant planets and even take photos of their surface.

In ancient times, it was believed planets possess some special powers and indeed they do. Our system is an incredible place of vast spaces and mysterious energies. Approaches that are an alternative to official scientific disciplines believe these far away planets definitely affect us as human beings and not as humankind in total, but as individuals.

Astrology is one amazing discipline. Actually, it is a pseudo science, since it is not officially acknowledged as a science. Its name, though, means ‘science’ in Greek and it is structured as one. Astrology is based upon established principles, rules and methodology just as any other.

However, it does not materially explain how and why planets and all other elements of astrological analyses affect us.

An astrological analysis is a precious thing, if you are one of those who appreciate this ancient discipline and see something in it. There are different types of astrological analyses, because there are several branches of this alternative one and here we focus on natal astrology. This is what interests the most of common people and we are eager to talk about it more.

Natal astrology is personalized astrology. It is an analyses based upon your birth or natal chart. Your birth chart is a starting point of creating a personalized horoscope, so we could think of the two as one and the same.

By analyzing your chart, an astrologer actually creates and interprets your horoscope. A birth chart is like a celestial ID; it is a ‘fingerprint’ of your ‘personalized sky’.

It simply means that a birth chart is an image of the sky, frozen at the time of your birth and represented in a form of a diagram.

Now, this diagram is what we focus on. It features important elements that are believed to affect one’s personality and destiny. One of the elements are planets and today we talk about Saturn in horoscope.

Saturn and Horoscope

If we are to trust astrologers, planets play a very important role in constituting one human being as a person and determining his or hers life path. It does not literally mean planets create you as an individual, but they do have major influence over your destiny.

Planets in a birth charts create aspects that shape up your personality and give you various opportunities on disposal.

Many people wrongly believe their birth chart is something concrete and that an astrologer has to give you exact information about your future. Well, this is impossible, since you also have a role to play, not only stars and planets.

Each individual birth chart is unique, just as unique is the life of a person in reality. You can thing about your horoscope as a set of predispositions and potentials.

Let us focus on Saturn. According to astrology, five planets of our system are personal planets and it means they shape up your character and personal traits. They are the first three besides our Earth and the Sun and the Moon, which are astrologically seen as planets.

These affect one’s personal traits. Then there are social planets, which are Jupiter and Saturn.

They are the most distant ones we can see from Earth with a naked eye and the last of the classical planets known in old astrology, as it was established. The last three planets and some other heavenly bodies were added to the list lately.

Saturn is the one to affect your sense of social limitations, responsibility and structures.

Saturn is closely related to the idea of karma and many people feel uneasy about Saturn’s position, because it is traditionally associated with sanctions, punishment and boundaries. This planet orbits longer around the Sun (about twenty nine years journey), so it spends about two and a half year in one zodiac sign.

This means it, at the same time, affects not only you, but also people born in the same year as you are.

Saturn is a very important element of a personalized horoscope, because it strengthens one’s sense of responsibility, organization and duty. It also affects our self-discipline and helps one remain persistent and firm in his or hers goals and in the circumstances given.

However, Saturn is responsible for putting us in front of our greatest fears and limitations.

This planet makes us face ourselves, which is actually what people fear the most, many of us remaining unconscious of that. It makes us face our deepest fears, challenge us and puts us at trial. It is a harsh and merciless way of making one see the reality of life more clearly.

Saturn may sound to you quite cruel, but one of its purposes is to drive your maximum out of you.

Saturn helps people reach their goals, but only through rationalization of the situation.

Saturn makes you work really hard and it can be rather exhausting. Saturn makes you push your strengths to the limit of exhaustion and gives you prize only after investing a lot of effort into something. Saturn definitely brings limitations and faces us with them.

Although some astrologers characterize Saturn as a misfortunate planet that brings only hardship and boundaries, it is not true. Saturn is greatly responsible for our relations with the world around us and our perception of the world as a real place.

It also defines the way one would conquer their own limitations. All of this is important for creating balance.

Saturn in Aries – General Info

Saturn in Aries indicates insufficient persistence and pertinacity in taking vital actions, but it could happen the opposite way, as well. It could also happen that a person goes through life without well enough established plans, which leads to insufficient motivation, lack of determination, but also lack of discipline.

Aries is one of the fiery and very strong zodiac signs and Saturn can affect its character in different ways, depending on aspects in one’s birth chart.

A person with Saturn in Aries strives for independence and dominance.

This person is usually driven to reach the state of independence on all life fields, without asking others for an opinion, let alone following anyone else’s advice. This person is stubborn and trusts only their inner voice, regardless of if Saturn makes him or aimless or very determined.

If aspects are harmonious for Saturn in Aries, this person could build up very firm and clear plans for the future.

These plans often lead to financial and material independence, as well as major successes on a professional-financial plan. Harmonious aspects of Saturn in Aries stir up mature thinking, self-consciousness, the sense of reality and focus. This could be an incredibly good starting point for career goals.

However, if aspects are bad, Saturn Aries person loses their point and goals.

This person could lack any goal in life, which makes him or her unbearable to stand.

They are incapable of even listening to others’ benevolent criticism and they refuse help. They cannot stand the idea of being in need for any help.

With bad aspects, the quality of communication with other people drastically declines, because Saturn Aries becomes aggressive, stubborn and exclusive.

Good Traits

Saturn in Aries, with good aspects, makes one strong, realistic in expectations and firm in their goals. These people could be undoubting, very focused and determined in life. They are also very productive and could be practical. Aries is associated with an orientation towards stability in life, achieved through hard work.

Saturn supports this concept and gives one an incredible energy.

Self-discipline is also a very important feature of any steady plan you make. Saturn Aries is tense, ready to explode, but these people could use this inner energy for good things. They could become very successful in life, because they are courageous and driven. They are self-confident and determined.

Saturn Aries people rarely lack courage, although they could lack goals and self-discipline.

People with Saturn in Aries are not explosive, contrary to what you might think, because of all this energy they hold inside.

They are not impulsive, but usually calm and patient. They could settle things down with only a few, well-chosen words. They are a combination of intense feelings, but very strong ratio.

Saturn Aries are extremely independent and this is very important to them. They live life of rules they made themselves, which is both a bad and a good thing. Saturn Aries are great individuals, who could achieve amazing things in life all but themselves.

When it comes to relations with other people, they are not introverted or anything, but they see to make themselves as independent as it is possible.

In addition, Saturn Aries people are very productive, hard working and driven, if having well set goals.

They are loyal people and they do not play games. Saturn Aries are bold, undoubting and strong. They have an incredible power of persuasion and they are eloquent individuals.

Bad Traits

With negative aspects, Saturn in Aries brings lack of self-confidence and loss of focus in life.

This make could make these tense people extremely prone to disappointment. Lost opportunities are what they fear the most and they have hard times dealing with failures.

They tend to be too cautious about things, which makes them even tenser.

Saturn Aries are definitely not team workers, which is generally neither bad or good; it is simply how they are. However, it also means they cannot stand any rule created by others.

They could be very destructive and non-obedient. Bad aspects for Saturn in Aries turn this person into an utterly undisciplined individual, because they have so much fire inside.

Saturn Aries people are always struggling inside. They are in conflict with themselves. This conflict is about whether they should simply let go off all the tension and let their inner energy roam free, without any limitations or to control their inner energy, structure it and hold it on the watch 24/7.

Although it is clear that the perfect solution lies in between, Saturn Aries rarely achieve this state of mind and maintain it.

Saturn in Aries Man

Saturn Aries man fights for his beliefs and he does not let anyone even try to persuade him otherwise.

He does not believe in authority and often disrespects them. It is not something we could regard as a positive trait, but it could be very useful at times. He cannot stand the idea of repression. He has somewhat revolutionary mind.

This man is self-confident and he thinks of the world as a cruel place to live in. he simplifies the life and see it as a constant fight, which has its good and bad sides.

He is usually determined to get what he want and persistent in it. It also reflects on his love life. Saturn

Aries man would fight for his love no matter the challenges and troubles.

Saturn in Aries Woman

Women with Saturn in Aries are rational and responsible in all matters. These women are pragmatic and they like to solve things.

Saturn Aries women often see the world in black and white; there are no other shades for most of Saturn Aries people. Saturn in Aries in women signs calms down the active, playful energy of these ladies.

This Saturn creates a balanced personality in these women. They are enthusiastic about things they are interested in, but they are also aware of many self-limitations. It could be seen in all areas of a Saturn Aries woman’s life.

She is determined, but also cautious personality.

In love, she is playful, but has a clear idea of how she would like her love life to be.


People with Saturn in Aries are inclined towards success they earned through their hard work.

However, this astrological combination is not generally in favor with success, because Mars, which is the planet of action, while Saturn is the planet of restraints, rule Aries. It makes them constantly struggling on the inside.

However, this could also be a good starting point for having balance in life. Good aspects with Saturn in Aries lead to great self-confidence and responsibility, as well as incredible sense of reality, rational expectations, self-consciousness and patience.

Bad aspects bring loss of goals or not deciding ones, insecurity, problems in communication with people, intolerance of any criticism.