Whale – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Whales are large marine mammals. In fact, they are the largest existing animals on the planet. These animals live exclusively in water and are not able to survive on land. The interesting fact is that they evolved from land mammal species and they are not adapted to breathe under water. They need to get out of the water to breathe air, and with that amount of air, they can remain under water more than one hour.

The biggest of them all are long up to 30 meters and can reach 190 tons of weight. These measures belong to the largest in the family, the blue whale. The blue whale is considered the largest living beings that ever lived on our planet.

Whales are warm-blooded animals, with a thick layer of blubber under the skin to keep them protected from the cold water they usually live in. Whales prefer cold climates.

Some whale species have no teeth, so they feed on krill, small shrimp-like crustaceans and plankton. The whales with teeth, usually feed on fish and squid. Some species have a great developed sense of smell, and some have an excellent hearing, both under and out of water.

Some whale species can dive very deep in their search for food. The whales can travel thousands of miles without eating.

Whales are known for the variety of sounds they produce which they use to communicate with each other.

In some whale species the females are larger than males. Males mate with many females during the year, and females mate once in every two to three years. The baby whales are born in spring or summer and the females are the ones taking care of them. The young whale is nursed during a period of one to two years.

These animals are very intelligent, able to teach, grieve, cooperate and learn. It is even discovered that some whale species have similar neurons with humans. These neurons are related to their social behavior, emotions etc. They presumably play the similar role in whales as well.

Whales are carnivorous animals and are considered predators. They mostly hunt solitary, but there are species which hunt in small groups. These animals don’t have many enemies in nature.

Smaller ones can be preyed upon by the killer whales or orcas, which is a species of dolphins.

Orcas hunt their prey in groups of around 10 orcas. Orcas usually prey upon the young individuals, but they don’t hesitate to attack adult ones as well. Small whales can also be preyed upon by polar bears.

Whales are conscious breathers and they can’t fully relax because there is danger of drowning. While resting, they also do other activities, like swimming, breathing or avoiding potential predators.

What does the Whale Symbolize?

The whale has a powerful symbolism. It symbolizes wisdom, power, strength, emotions, inner guidance, inner wisdom, healing, communication, balance, consciousness, creation, awakening, spirituality, language, nurturing, creativity, intelligence, community, inspiration, speed, understanding, song, imagination, family, care and nurturing, movement, rhythm, and telepathy. 

The Meanings of the Whale as a Spirit Animal

The whale spirit animal has different meanings. Some of them are listed below:

Communication. Whales have different vocalizations. They can communicate with other whales at a great distance. The whale as a totem is asking you to be open about your feelings and emotions towards others and use that to bond with others. The whale reminds you of how important communication is to maintain stable and satisfying relationships with others.

Emotions. The whale spirit animal is asking you to be open about your emotions, and demonstrate your vulnerability and your power. The whale as your totem animal is often a sign of your ability to openly express your emotions and feelings. You are not afraid to be vulnerable.

You demonstrate your power and strength when needed. The whale is a reminder to embrace your emotions.

Care and nurturing. Whale females are very nurturing and protecting of their young. They are the ones taking care of them. The whale as a totem animal is giving you the gift of caring and nurturing towards the ones you love. The whale reminds you always find time to spend it with your loved ones.

Inner guidance. The whale is a symbol of inner guidance. This totem is asking you to get in tune with your inner feelings and find the answers you seek from within. You already have the answers for every of your questions. You simply need to learn to decipher the inner voice from within.

With this animal as your totem you most likely have a well-developed intuition and you need to depend on it more. Your inner guidance will lead you towards the fulfillment of your dreams and desires.

Isolation and solitude. Whales are mainly solitary animals, although they often do things in groups. With the whale as your spirit animal, you are also a loner who prefers spending some time away from everyone else. You need to recharge your batteries in the solitude of your home, your room, going somewhere on a trip alone, or simply sitting on a bench in the park for ten or twenty minutes.

Being alone helps you achieve and maintain emotional balance and stability.

Inspiration. The whale spirit animal is giving you a boost of inspiration to follow your dreams. The whale is asking you to pursue your desires regardless of how impossible they might seem, and don’t let others distract you from that path. Also don’t allow obstacles discourage you.

Know that you have the ability and strength to overcome them.

Movement. Whales move a lot in search for food. This totem animal also teaches you of the need to be agile and move towards your goals. If the whale is your totem, you are most likely a proactive person and you actively pursue your dreams.

Creativity. The whale totem is a symbol of creativity as well. This totem is giving you this gift as well. You must be very creative, but sometimes you might not be fully aware of that. The whale encourages you to recognize that gift and begin using it actively so you can upgrade your life, as well as the lives of the ones around you.  

Whale as Your Totem Animal

The whale as your totem makes you very realistic and present at every moment in time. The whale also gives you the gift of intuition and inner knowing of things. You are most likely aware of the things going on around you.

The whale also gives you the power of enduring pressure, both emotional and physical.

With the whale as your totem, you have a nurturing and caring nature. You are always making sure that your loved ones are well provided for. You also have close ties with your family.

You are sociable person who loves communicating to people, but you also love your solitude and taking time off. You enjoy helping people and you are very generous. You are fun and people being in your company. You are a loyal and devoted friend.

You are creative and you know how to use your creativity to enjoy. You have an optimistic nature and you share your optimism with others. You are reliable and you have fast reactions.

People can depend on your help in times of need.

Having a whale as your spirit animal could sometimes make you aggressive or stubborn and difficult to deal with. You could be a good leader but you are sometimes impatient, which is a trait you should consider changing.

You can have commitment issues because you don’t commit easily. Sometimes you are overly expectant of your partner.

You can also be very independent, which is something most partners wouldn’t tolerate. 

What if a Whale Appears in Your Life?

If a whale comes in your life, that is often an important sign. That is not an animal we often see, and that’s why its appearance has such meaning.

The whale is often a message to evaluate your life, your current goals and achievements. If at the end of that process you realize that you are not satisfied with how things are, try to find out the reasons and then try to change something.

A whale often points out to some repressed subconscious issues, such as hurts and negative emotions. It points out the issues you need to deal with because they are blocking you. The whale often announces a process of emotional cleansing and healing you need to go through.

The whale is asking you to gain the courage and strength to confront the issues you are dealing with.

Don’t force yourself to put up with things which are a burden. Clear the space for something new and better to come into your life.

The whale is often reminding you to begin relying on your intuition more for the answers you need. You need to begin applying the messages your inner being is trying to convey to you.

This totem could also be a calling to seek new opportunities for reaching your goals.

When to call on Whale?

You should call on whale your totem when:

  • You should begin listening to your intuition more;
  • You want to retreat from others and spend some time alone;
  • You need have more time to take care of your loved ones;
  • You want to be more with friends and family; 

Dreams about Whale – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about whales are not very common and that is why they have a great significance for your life. They could often be a calling to begin making some important changes in your life.

It is often a sign of need to listen to your inner guidance. This dream could sometimes indicate being overwhelmed with many duties, and reminding you to have time off to relax.

This dream could also indicate private problems you have difficulties solving.

A whale could be a message from spirit and guidance about the right actions you need to take in some situation.

It could also be an announcement of some significant changes occurring soon in your life.