Yellow Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

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Candles represent wicks which could be ignited.

Wicks are usually placed inside the wax or some other flammable substance.

Once ignited, candles provide light and they often emit odor if they are scented.

A brief history of candles

There are no certain proofs for when the first candles came to existence. Before candles, people used oil lamps to light their rooms.

They also used them to perform rituals and for other sacred purposes.

Candles have a long history and people first began using them as means of illumination, but in time, they gained some other purposes and uses.

According to some known evidence, candles made from tallow were used by the ancient Romans as early as 500 BC.

Also, it is believed that the ancient Greeks produced candles from tallow, but no evidence exists. Chinese made candles made of whale fat during the 200 BC.

The regular use of candles began in the Middle Ages. The producers of candles were called chandlers and they usually produced candles in people’s houses using the fact that the household members gathered especially for that purpose.

They also had small shops where they produced and sold their candle.

There were two types of these craftsmen. The first made their candles from animal fat-tallow, and the other made theirs from beeswax.

The candles made of tallow produced a fowl smell and were much cheaper than the ones made of beeswax. Beeswax candles could only be afforded by the rich and the poor could only afford the ones made of tallow.

Because of that, candle makers of beeswax candles were much richer than the ones who made their candles of animal fat. Churches also used beeswax candles almost exclusively.

Because of the demand for candles and the inability of most people to afford them, the need appeared for the discovery of cheaper materials for candle producing.

In time, these substances were discovered and the price of candles begun falling.

Also, machines for candle producing were discovered which enabled mass production of candles which became more affordable for the majority of people. That also lowered their price.

The discovery of paraffin wax in the 1850s decreased the price of candles even more and also solved the problem of the foul odor which candles often had due to the materials from which they were made. 

The use of candles throughout time

Firstly, candles were mostly used to for the purpose of illumination.

With the discoveries of new ways of lighting the houses, candles began being used for some other purposes, mostly decoration of the space and creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.

Candles were always used by different religions and cultures throughout the world for spiritual purposes.

In some places they were used for time measurement where the candles had hours marked on them and as they were burning they demonstrated the passing of time.

Nowadays, candles often have mostly decorative use or they are used as means to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the room.

They are still used for ritual purposes and ceremonies in churches and other places.

Even today, when the electricity for some reason is shut down, people use their decorative candles to light their rooms until they wait the electricity to come back..

Customs, symbolism, and interesting facts related to candles

There is a lot of symbolism and customs related to candles and candle burning.

Different cultures and people throughout the world have different customs related to candles and the usage of candles.

For example, in many countries and cultures throughout the world when someone dies, candles are lit to symbolically represent the light which should illuminate the path of the deceased person while it crosses to the other world.

During history and even today in some places, the lighting of candles is used to ward off evil entities and dark forces. Lit candles symbolize the light and the ending of a dark period.

They also symbolize resolving problems during the times of difficulty.

Candles are also a symbol of Jesus because Jesus Christ is light itself. In the Christian church, candles have a great importance. Almost all services in the church are performed with candles.

They have more importance in the Orthodox fraction of the Christian church, but also the Roman Catholic Church uses candles during ceremonies and in other important services performed in the church.

Orthodox Christian believers light candles before the icons of their Saints as a sign of respect and as a sign of their faith and belief.

They also like candles because they pray for God’s help and protection.

There are many superstitions as well as beliefs related to the use of candles and they’re different or similar in many parts of the world. Candles are used during different holidays.

For example, during Halloween if someone lights a candle between 11 and 12 o’clock in the evening, and the candle is extinguished, that is considered a bad omen and it is believed that the person is under some spell or magic.

When it comes to candles burnt in the church, in general, they symbolize the believer’s love for God. Many church rituals are performed with candles, such as the ritual of marriage or baptism.

During the marriage ceremony, the bride and the groom are holding lit candles as a symbol of their love for God and their desire to have God’s blessing and support in their marriage.

Also, candles burned during baptism symbolize the symbolic entrance into the Christ church.

It is not known exactly when the use of candles began in the Christian church, but it is believed that the reason for using candles at first might have been the fact that the first ceremonies and gatherings of the first Christians were performed in secretive places and usually during night time.

Christianity was first a forbidden religion and that was the reason why the early Christian believers needed to hide the practicing of their faith. Later, when Christianity was accepted, candles began being used for ritualistic and other spiritual purposes.

Candles are also used in other religions and religious movements.

In Buddhism, they are frequently used and they are often combined with the offerings of food and drinks.

In Judaism, candles are also a symbol of joy a symbol of God’s presence.

They are also considered a reminder of the fragility of life and the need to respect and appreciate every day because no one knows how long their life will last. 

The use of colored candles

During history, candles have been burnt for spiritual reasons. They are used during different rituals and they symbolize the connection between the present reality and the spiritual realm.

Not only white candles are used, but also candles in all colors. Different color candles have different meanings and they are used during different rituals to receive different results.

The knowledge of the meaning of every a specific candle color is essential to know how to combine the candles or which color candle to use for a specific purpose.

Candles have the power to cleanse the energy of a space or a person and they can help a person with some goal they desire to achieve.

They are also used during meditation or during prayer, or as means to connect a person to the angels or the Archangels, or some other beings from other realms.

Candles can also be used to enhance a person’s desire to fulfill some goal and help a person achieve that goal.

In some cases, different color candles are combined to achieve a certain result, or combined to enhance or amplify the energy of a candle to achieve a certain result.

Candles are often used to represent the elements, fire, earth, water, and air, and they are often placed in different corners of a room during a certain ritual.

This kind of use of colored candles is known as sympathetic magic. During these rituals, it is believed that the candle symbolizes the outcome which the person desires.

These rituals are performed using the principle “like attracts like”.

For example, a person can use a red colored candle to attract love or passion in their lives, or a green colored candle to attract money, job opportunities, or career advancement in their lives etc. 

Yellow candle meaning and symbolism

Yellow is a color which usually symbolizes air, and the mind power.

It symbolizes abundance, prosperity, growth, memory, intuition, spiritual, and financial prosperity, as well as financial wellbeing.

It symbolizes intellectual thinking and the mind, insights, higher wisdom, creativity and imagination.

This color is related with the Solar plexus chakra. It is the ruler of Sunday and that is the day ruled by the sun; that is, one of the reasons why yellow is considered the color of masculine and vital energy.

The energy of the yellow color is healing, confident, creative, and playful in some sense.

Yellow colored candles are used to improve a person’s memory, learning powers, and break mental stagnation and blockages.

These candles are used to boost a person’s focus and intellectual capabilities. Burning a yellow candle might help a person improve their wisdom.

These candles are also excellent means to boost a person’s vitality (emotional and physical) as well as their energy.

They are also used to stimulate prosperity and abundance in a person’s life.

Yellow candle in dreams

Dreams about yellow candles often symbolize prosperity, both financial and spiritual.

They might indicate gains of wealth and personal power. They could also indicate improving a person’s vitality and energy levels.

A dream about yellow candles might be a sign of prosperity and abundance coming into the person’s life.