02:02 – Meaning

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Digitalized era has actually opened to us new ways for getting in touch with mysterious forces of the universe, although many strongly claim that technology and all that comes along has only been carrying us away and away from the spiritual realm.

Well, our digital displays have more secret powers than you might expect.

Mirror hours could be seen exclusively on or digital displays. They trap the time inside, but, what is time at all?

Is time an idea, energy that constitutes the meaningful cycles of the universal journey? Why is the idea of time so important to humans?

If you just pay attention, you will easily notice how we talk in terms that mostly refer to time and all the sub-themes, and sub-terms related to the grand idea of Time. You know, you read this now and now is already the past and so you read further into future.

Confusing? Indeed it is. That is the reason why we invented so many ways somehow to control the passing of time, even though we cannot actually do anything to stop it or whatever else. At least, it seems so.

Organizing time is of vital importance so that our life on earth does not turn into complete chaos. Well, it already seems pretty chaotic, even with time schemes.

We have been recording, calculating, and measuring time since the very existence of time as we know it. The truth is, time did exist before us. Some of our far ancestors had started recording time; the first evidences come from very old, prehistoric era.

What make us count time? What is the cause not simply to surrender to the flow of overall cosmic energy and enjoy it?

The answer perhaps lies in the very fact that our physical life on earth is ultimately doomed. Sounds scary, but it is the course of nature, from at least some of the major points of view.

Our lifetime is limited here, so we have to do the best in our time; we have to take the best from the time given to us At last, we are just tiny particles of sand in the desert of Time.

Measuring Time

Today, we have all sorts of gadgets that measure time and the system of time measuring is well established. The very expression, the term time, refers to many things, but usually we refer to our practical time.

Sometimes, we use it very descriptive, such as in saying that someone was an artist or an inventor or whatever else before his or hers time.

More commonly, we say that it is ‘time to go to bed’, ‘time to eat’, ‘time to visit someone’ and so on. Therefore, practical time is what gives structure tour lives. How it all began? In very far past.

The first recordings and schemes of time were base on observing the cycles of the Sun and the Moon movement and that of stars and planets. Patterns of celestial object movements were the bases of the first calendars.

These changes corresponded also with changes on earth, such as environmental changes.

Periods of floods and draughts, colder or warmer seasons and all other phenomena appeared to repeat and to be affected by what is happening high above. Little by little, people have been recording such changes and made some of the first calendars to be known.

We know that people of ancient Mesopotamia were amazing astronomers and, in fact, they made some of the first mathematical patterns of calendars. Chinese calendar is also regularly mentioned talking about the early calendars.

What about the gadgets to record and measure hours of the day? Some of the first were sundials, based upon the observance of sunshade throughout the day.

What were the first clocks ever made’ Archeological evidence suggests oil lamps were some of the clock ‘prototypes’. These were Chinese oil lamps; the level of the oil reservoir was used as a unit of time passing.

Later on, Chinese also invented candle clocks. Those were basically candles with markings that would be used to measure the passing of time between two events. Neither oil lamps nor candle clocks could in fact tell about the actual time of the day.

There were other types of the earliest devices for measuring or, better to say, marking the parts of time. There were also water clocks or clepsydra, astronomical water clocks, sandglasses or hourglasses.

The earliest evidence of dividing days into hours was found in the Egyptian sundial. One of the oldest astronomical clocks was Egyptian merkhet.

The earliest form of the mechanical clocks were incented in thirteenth century, while the most notable example and still fully functioning is the magnificent Astronomical clock in Prague. Some parts of this magnificent device originate from early fifteenth century.

After these came more accurate mechanical clocks. Today, however, we put time measuring and displaying it on a completely different level.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are to be seen only on our digital clocks, wherever they are. Mirror hour means that the hour digits completely match minutes’ digits, like in a mirror reflection.

Most likely, you would see them on your phone display, but also on your computer or television Of course, if you wear digital hand watch, it is likely you see mirror hours there.

Even other gadgets could show you mirror hours, like time displays on machines such as fridges or else.

The secret is that seeing mirror hours is always sudden and accidental. It is believed that mirror hours are messages from some higher forces, the same way as people would interpret repetitive seeing of, say, a white dove, a feather or else. It has to be unexpected.

You will not invoke any supernatural entity by staring at your display and waiting for numbers to match.

What is the secret behind displayed numbers’ let us only give you few examples to show how it looks like. 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 and so on.

Each time you see it, you probably think how strange it was, even if you are not a particularly spiritual person or interested in strange phenomena or so. One of the explanations comes from Jungian theory of synchronicity.

According to Jung, synchronicity gives meaning. Seemingly unrelated events that simultaneously occur have to make perfectly reasonable sense once you associate them. All of that is part of collective unconsciousness.

That is probably the reason why would you feel inexplicably strange upon experiencing everyday synchronicity, such as, for example, seeing these synchronized digits.

If you think more about it, this synchronicity is an advantage, because it opens up new points of view. Once you make certain associations, things begin to have different, additional sense.

Everything has some reason; it is not a complete chaos. An interesting idea, by all means. However, there are always more mysterious and also attractive interpretations.

Let us see what angelic numerology, astrology and spiritual interpretations in general have to say about seeing mirror numbers.

Later on, we will focus on one in particular. Our today’s observations are about the mirror number 02:02 and other manifestations of these digits.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Now when we got an idea about what mirror hours are, let us see what they mean. What it means to keep seeing, say, 02:02 or other mirror numbers or more of them all the time?

You know, you take a glance at your phone and here it was; switch a television channel and the program shows a mirror number or whatever of the sort. It seems puzzling, if you notice it.

You could get into it by seeing it as an angelic message, see into numerology and astrology or spiritual meanings of numbers in general.

You can combine all the ways of interpretation or see which one fits the best your current situation; you will feel it yourself. One of the popular opinions is that mirror numbers are angelic messages.

According to this approach, all people have their guardian angels. In fact, you could have more than one. Their role is to watch over us and guide us, without direct interfering.

Guardian angels talk to us through mysterious channels; they will choose the one you will most likely notice.

Digital displays are in much use every day and so sending you mirror numbers could be a good way to establish communication. Guardian angels send messages of support, encouragement or warning.

If you face really hard times and keep seeing mirror numbers, your angels want to tell you they support you and that you are not abandoned as you might feel.

They could also simply send you the message of support and guidance or warn you about something dangerous. You have to think in the context of the situation.

Alternative opinion is that mirror numbers are not sent by angels, but by spirits also some entities from the other realm. Most likely, those would be the soirits of deceased people you once new. Usually, those are protective spirits.

By sending you mirror numbers they want to attract your attention. Maybe there was some unresolved business in the past, so they want to make peace. Maybe they only want to show you love and support as they did while they were alive.

The most popular and less mysterious opinion is that when you see a mirror hour it means someone strongly thinks about you.

The more you keep seeing it the stronger are the feelings and thoughts of the person towards you.

02:02 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Now to the main subject, meaning of 02:02 mirror hour. Mirror number 02:02 is that of self-reflection.

This number has the purpose to make you think about yourself as a whole, to take an insight into your own personality, temperament, character and all decisions and doings that come along.

We easily become self obsessed, reckless towards others or ignorant or too self-critical.

Self-refection is a skill. It is something you could learn. Well, the truth is, everybody should do so. Self-reflection does not mean you have to get lost into your deepest thoughts, but also to see yourself as a part of the society, in relation with other people.

If this number occurs very often, it also reflects yourself doubting, your insecurity and should make you think why is that so.

Mirror number 02:02 makes one reconsider and consider, be patient, loving towards themselves, but also towards the world. Self-reflection leads to assertiveness.

It could help you stand your opinion and your ground, without hurting people. It helps making balance between the inner and the outer world. That is what 02:02 is meant for as a guiding sign.

What Does 02*02 Mean Spiritually?

Seeing 0202 is spiritually associated with angel numbers and specifically numbers 0 and 2.

Zero is an interesting one. It has the power to amplify the meaning of the number it stands along and it is the number of possibilities. Zero is emptiness, but also eternity, zero is the circle, the window; it could be whatever you want it to be. Zero implies you could achieve greatness, but you have to work for it.

Number 2 is a number of pairs, bonds, connections and communication. This is a warm number of kindness, love and mutual understanding and respect. This number indicates strong relationships with people and it is always considered a good omen.

Therefore, it could be spiritually a lucky sign to see 0202. It should also remind you of people dear to you and those you care for, especially if it seems that you have neglected them.

0202 in Astrology and Numerology

In numerology, this number is related to the meaning of numerological two.

Number 2 represent understanding, empathy, compassion, social relationship, communication and everything that binds you to other people.

People whose numerology digit is two do not like to be lonely and need others’ company.

This is a number that strengthens social relationships and is especially an auspicious sign for family matters.

What to Do If You See 02:02?

Since this is the number of self-reflection, in the first place and secondly the one about connections, the best thing to do is to combine these two interpretations.

Think about your decisions and actions and how you feel about that.

What does it have to do with others and how does it affect your relationships with people around?

These would be the questions to start with, upon seeing mirror number 02:02.

Quick Summary

Mirror numbers are definitely an incredible phenomenon, although they are not a particularly flashy and alarming in their appearance.

You could see them everywhere, but it happens once you do not think about them.

Seeing the same mirror number all the time should really make you think about the message behind, one you could found in angelic numerology, astrology and other spiritual approaches.

You could also see it as a part of the idea of meaningful synchronicity.