01:01 – Meaning

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Seeing mirrored minutes on your digital clock or clock hands matching one another has at least once in a lifetime made you wander if it was some kind of a secret message, especially if you had been seeing the same hours over a period.

Well, the mystery of time has been intriguing the humankind since the dawn of time. See? We even use expressions as the ‘dawn of time’, although most of us have no actual idea when this dawn was.

We invented all sorts of principles, rules, devices and all only to measure time, to but limits to this never-ending flow of eternal…time.

Really, no better word than that. People use to say that the ‘time will end’ one day, but we also have no idea if it will be only the end of times as we know them or the very idea of time will be scattered across the universe, grind to the tiniest particles that make no sense to limits of today humans’ understanding.

Time gives our lives meaning or, better to say measuring time does so. But what is time? A metaphysical category? Energy? An illusion?

Well, it depends on how we define it. In common talk, people refer to time as the time measured by people. You know, having ‘enough time’ means having sufficient amount of time (expressed usually in hours and minutes) to do this or that.

Our own time is our lifetime, after which we are gone.

At least in a physical and probably conscious form, we are gone and that is the point where at least one part of time is over.

It is all very complex, because certain phenomena that represent time, in terms of time cycles or whatever you like to call it, existed long before we did. Day and night, seasons, periods marked by specific characteristics have all been here before us.

In modern day, it seems time goes faster. Is it real or is it only our impression? Did we make our lives appear so fast or our universe speeds up in a weird way.

Note that scientific resources say that our Earth actually slows down. Interestingly, but there are cultures having no category of time in their language, such as is in mysterious tradition of Hopi Indians.

Measuring Time

Today we will be talking about mirror hours, the phenomenon of seeing double figure hours, on a digital device that shows time. Before diving deeper into the specific topic, let us guide you on a brief journey through time.

We talk about the history of measuring time, because it is interesting and very useful in understanding of how important the very practice of measuring time has always been to humans.

The first measuring time habits started when humans recognized repetitive patterns of the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars that accompany it. People measured time before civilization was born.

Archaeological findings suggest that phases of the moon were measured and recorded thirty millennia ago, which was quite long before our time, indeed.

Some of the earliest events that could be taken into consideration as markings of time happened in cosmos, but they eventually led to patterns of seasonal natural changes on earth. People have noticed such patterns and adapted to them.

Gradually, they started recording the changes and organizing their lives according to such changes (e.g. draughts, floods, rainfalls etc.).

Soon enough, people noticed how movement of the Sun affects the length of the day and what consequences it all has over a human being and the environment. People started watching shadows and measuring time by sundials.

It was possible to do once astronomers established the idea that the Earth travels through cosmos around the Sun, in an ecliptic path.

Stars have also been an important feature of time measurement. The oldest starry sky patterns originate from prehistoric times and it was the constellation of Orion. Orion is made of the brightest stars in southern winter sky of the northern hemisphere.

Phoenicians and Egyptians took Orion for a deity. Borana people, eastern Africa, made a very detailed calendar based on watching the Orion constellation.

Babylonian invented mathematical base of astronomy around 700 BC. They had a calendar of twelve months with thirty days each one.

The oldest Chinese calendar found originates from 2000 BC; Chinese calendar also had twelve months, but sometimes the mysterious thirteenth was there as well. Chinese recorded the phenomenon of precession and formed first calendars that took it into account.

Mirror Hours

Today, we have been long road from the first recordings of time and the first gadgets designed for measuring time. It was all so very long time ago. In modern day, we mostly use digital clocks.

They do not have hands, as you know, but simply show digits of hours. What interests us here are so-called mirror hours.

What are they and what secret meanings possibly hide behind mirrored digits we will further discuss. What are mirror hours?

Mirror hours are a modern phenomenon, for those could be seen exclusively on digital devices that have time showing display. You could see it on computer, your hand watch, television, anywhere around the town or so.

We came to think that our technologically organized world bears no magical secrets and that forces of the divine and mystical abandoned us. Well, cosmic energies will always find their channels.

Simply put, mirror hours are double figure hours you see on any digital time display. Examples of mirror hours would be 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 etc.

If you start repeatedly noticing the same mirror hours in your surroundings, it could make you feel a bit strange, as if it should be something meaningful. If you keep seeing the same combination of hours all the time or simply keep seeing any mirror hours, there has to be something more to it.

Mirror hours mean that the digits that display the hour time matches the one that displays minutes on the digital screen. Mirror hours mysterious potential is rooted in astrological and numerological explanation.

This phenomenon is strongly linked to the idea of synchronicity, which was first presented by the famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. Jungian theory tells about the inevitable synchronicity that gives meanings.

According to the idea, seemingly causally unrelated events that occur simultaneously make perfect sense once associated with one another. This idea of synchronicity is, according to Jung, a part of collective unconsciousness.

The collective unconsciousness is based on the existence of archetypes. What is very interesting to notice about Jung’s observations is that he noticed how certain people have their lives defined by dreams, time and what he called themes.

It is interesting to think about how this synchronicity affects our daily life. It greatly challenges the causality idea, since it allows us to see the world from the different point of view.

In fact, it opens up new channels. Everyday synchronicity is all around us and it just suddenly strikes; you cannot predict it or make it happen. It is just there!

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Okay, but why do you keep seeing certain mirror hours? Each mirror hour, starting from 01:01 and ending with 00:00 has its specific meaning that could be understood as an angelic message, interpreted through astrology and tarot or by numerological calculation.

Let us explain what mirror hours could possibly mean. The first interpretation says it could be a message from your guardian angel.

Those who study angelic phenomena and our connection with those divine protectors from higher realms believe each person has its own guardian angel or more of them.

Angels are immaterial, celestial entities and they rarely walk around the earth or take any visible physical form. They do not directly interfere with our daily lives, but watch carefully over us.

Instead of talking to us directly, angels use mystical channels. In our time, they use channels we are likely to notice, such our digital display are. Mirror hour seen repeatedly could be a sign of the guardian angel.

It does not have to be related to any specific meaning of the particular mirror hour, but it is the way for your angel to say that you are being protected.

If you are very sad or feel hopeless, it is a sign that should encourage you and make you realize you are never alone. It could be also a warning sign that could save you from danger.

Either way, angels care about you and send you signs you will notice and pay attention to.

One of the less magical, but also interesting interpretations and widespread one is that matching clock hands or mirror hours mean someone was thinking about you.

Seeing the same mirror hours all the time means you are very often in thoughts of the person; someone misses you greatly, perhaps. Mirror hours are also considered a sign from any mysterious entity, a spirit that tries to reach you.

It is usually associated with the idea of the deceased person trying to communicate with the world of the living, for any reason.

01:01 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Let us start with the first of the mirror hours, 01:01. What does it mean to see this digits combination?

First, you have to see it accidentally; it does not apply if you sit there, staring at your display, waiting for digits to match.

Now when we had this clear, let us see what secret hides behind the mirror hours 01:01 or, better to say, what message.

Mirror hour 01:01 represents trust in two basic senses. On one side, we talk about trust that is related more to the idea of belief, while, on the other side, there is trust that is of practical values and more related to reliance.

Therefore, this mirror hour is about believing someone or relying on someone.

Usually, both types are connected and seen together. Well, hardly you could rely on a person who is distrustful. Mirror hour 01:01 should make you think about trusting people.

What Does 01*01 Mean Spiritually?

In spiritual sense, we have to focus on digits this number combination is made of, that of 0 and 1.

Both of these digits are directly associated with powers of spiritual realm. In that sense, the phenomenon of 01*01, to call it so, is a message from another realm.

This is related to the interpretation represented above, about communication with guardian angels.

Digit one, in whatever combination seen, represents ‘the first’, as if in being the first one in this or that.

Therefore, number 1 suggests success, leadership, glory; it is an auspicious sign and thus a positive angelic message.

Zero amplifies it, as zero represents all and nothing, an eternity. However, zero suggests you should focus and try hard, so that what you do turns into something and not become nothing.

0101 in Astrology and Numerology

This numerical combination is usually interpreted as number 1 solely. This is the basic number and it symbolizes energy that is very self-sufficient; number one is in close connection with the Sun.

Number one represents brilliant intelligence, creative abilities, intensive energy and dynamics. It is similar as above; number one is about being the first.

Downsides of numerological 1 is too strong ego, narcissism and the illusion of greatness or obsession with it, over-ambition and sch.

The best way to make great is to control the impulses, be more patient, try to see the world from perspectives of other people as well.

Number 101 symbolizes intuition, as well, and number 0 before it only amplifies the energy of 101.

What to Do If You See 01:01?

The best advice would be to try to find explanation in any of the sources above. See what fits your situation the best, in order to understand the meaning.

Your life circumstances would give you a good direction to where to search for answers.

Seeing this mirror number or the combination of digits in any other form is not a thing for concern, but the one that should inspire you to search answers deep within yourself and in the world around.

Quick Summary

Let us conclude with where we started. Think about how trustful and how trustworthy you are yourself.

Do you suspect someone was lying to you, do you have hard times relying on other people? Where this all come from?

Usually, people do not trust others out of very simple and very human fear of being hurt or, at least, disappointed. This is closely related to the idea of expectations. Have you experienced any off this ‘dark side’ of trust lately?

This mirror hour occurs to remind you of that or to warn you against trusting too much.

Some people simply trust everyone; they are considered naïve. The key is the balance, like in everything else.

Mirror hour 01:01 that marks the idea of trust comes to you to make you ask yourself about the trusting issues and clear things up, so that you could be at peace with your own decisions in relation to connection with people around.