04:44 – Meaning

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Most people are only aware of the reality they can see and touch. They don’t accept the fact that other realities exist and they ignore any signs of such possibility.

These people usually have a hard time realizing that they are being contacted by beings from these other realms of reality through various signs and symbols.

Guardian angels are such beings. They are present in anyone’s life and their main role is to guide us and protect us from harm. However, they seldom interfere in our lives unless they consider the matter of outmost urgency.

They appear in our lives in times of difficulties, uncertainty, fear, worries, doubts, inability to make the right decision, danger, indecisiveness, etc. They bring us messages which can help us solve the issues we are facing. We only need to be open to their presence and welcome their messages.

For those who don’t believe in their existence, this talk might sound insane. Nevertheless, even these people can eventually change their mind and embrace their guardian angels’ influence.

When they consider that it is important to seize our attention, our guardian angels can be very persistent. They usually communicate with us through signs and different symbols. They appear in person only to few chosen people, mostly because their presence could be considered shocking and scare people.

The angels carefully choose their signs to match the situation we’re in and help us in the best possible way. Upon deciphering their message, people are usually amazed how well that message fits their life.

They repeatedly show us the same sign, such as make us see the same number or hear the same song frequently, and they do it often enough for us to realize that it cannot be coincidental; when people begin experiencing that at first it seem frightening and disturbing because they usually don’t know what it means.

People realize that it has a meaning related to their lives but don’t understand it; that is when they start looking for the meaning, which is something you were probably doing when you found this article.

The guardian angels usually use numbers or hours as their means of communication. They are a suitable means of conveying their messages because they all have a specific meaning they use as a message.

They repeatedly show us the same number sequence or number, or they make us look at our watches at exactly the same moment. They often choose mirror hours to convey their messages to us.

04:44 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hours are hours where the numbers of the hour mirror the minutes. If one number appears three times this is called a triple mirror hour. These hours have a powerful message because of the heightened energy of the number appearing three times.

If you are currently seeing the triple mirror hour 04:44 very often and you wonder about the meaning of these occurrences, the first thing you should know is that there’s no reason to be afraid or worried.

This is the hour your guardian angels and the Universe have chosen as a way to communicate their message to you. By deciphering the meaning of the hour you will get through to the message.

The triple mirror hour 04:44 speaks about responsibility, patience, dependability, groundedness, etc. It is an encouragement to put in the efforht to create a stable foundation for your future and prevent any fears and financial concerns from arising.

When this hour appears in your life, it is a calling to pay attention to your thoughts and be aware of their content because they will manifest into reality if you keep thinking about them enough.

If they are good, you won’t mind them manifesting, but watch out for negative thoughts and expectations. You don’t want to attract unwanted things and events. You need to be optimistic about your future and only expect the best outcomes of your activities. 

What Does 04:44 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour 04:44 resonates with the energy of the guardian angel Hariel. He is the angel of belief and deliverance. With this mirror hour, Hariel is informing you that he will help you recover your lost faith and fight against evil and all your bad habits.

Hariel will also help you develop your ambition and help you achieve professional success.

Expect new opportunities to improve your career and expect to find some new ways to do things which will help you in your profession. He will especially help you if your profession is in the field of art or science.

This guardian angel will help you regain your purity and innocence. If you experienced something that disturbed your conscience and made you feel dirty and inadequate, Hariel will help you overcome these feelings and help you purify your conscience and thoughts.

He will help you find strength to forgive yourself and clear yourself from any feelings of guilt, remorse, etc. that were possibly blocking you from moving forward towards your goals. Hariel helps you forgive and find peace.

For people who have issues with addictions, such as drugs, medicines, alcohol, or tobacco, Hariel will aid you to overcome these addictions and get rid of them for good.

He will release you of the need to develop any addiction and teach you how to rely on yourself and your strength when the situation is difficult instead on relying on outside remedies to help you solve your problems.

He will make you realize that these remedies are only helping you ignore your problems while creating new ones.

Hariel will help you get rid of all your bad habits and make you see your life from a different perspective. He will help you devote yourself to the development of your spirituality and realize that the spiritual side of life is equally important as the material one. 

04:44 in Astrology and Numerology

The mirror hour 04:44 is a combination of energies of the numbers 0, 4, 48, and the number 3, as the sum of all the digits (0 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3).

The number 0 in astrology is the number of Pluto, and the sign of Scorpio which Pluto rules.

The number 4 is the number of Uranus and the sign of Aquarius ruled by Uranus. The number 3 is the number of Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius which it rules. These numbers carry some of the energy of these planets and signs.

The number 0 rules infinity, eternity, cycles, phases, endless things, never-ending cycles, openness, potential, wholeness, completeness, endings and beginnings, spirituality, God, the Universe, Universal Spiritual Laws, development of spirituality, opportunities, choices, etc.

This number contains the energy of all other numbers and amplifies the energy of the number it stands beside.

The number 4 has the energy of the Archangels. In this case this number appears three times and that indicates strongly their presence in our lives.

This is the number of responsibility, honesty, reliability, integrity, efforts, traditional values, foundation, drive, patience, focus on our goals, passion, diligence, determination, hard work, etc.

The number 48 is a sum of the numbers in the hour and minutes section of the triple mirror hour 04:44 (0 + 4:4 + 4 = 4:8 = 48). The number 48 confirms guidance from our guardian angels to the path of achieving our goals and desires.

They also influence our thoughts and feelings and help us get rid of any negative content. This number indicates success through effort and hard work.

It teaches that regardless of the help we could receive from our guardian angels, we also need to put in the effort and achieve our desires. We need to be determined and have a balanced approach to our decisions and actions.

The number 3 is the number of the Ascended Masters, creativity, increase, progress, growth, communication, optimism, happiness, joy, adventure, individuality, freedom, self-expression, expansion, etc.

As a combination of energies of all these numbers, the triple mirror hour 04:44 is a message to be patient and determined, while putting in the efforts to achieve our dreams and goals, at the same time maintaining our hopes and optimism, expecting the best possible outcome of our actions.

What to Do If You See 04:44?

Seeing the triple mirror hour 04:44 frequently, is a great message from the Universe and your guardian angels. Trust that you are being guided in the right directions and follow your dreams.

Don’t be afraid because this number is a confirmation of your future success. You are being guided and helped in creating your financial stability for the future.

Keep an optimistic outlook on the future and expect only the best to happen. It will require patience and determination, as well as hard work, but you will eventually be able to accomplish all your goals and plans.

Quick Summary

Seeing the triple mirror hour 04:44 is an encouragement from the Universe and your guardian angels about choosing the right path.

You will receive the help and support from your guardian angels in the pursuit of your goals and desires.

They want you to know that things won’t fall into your lap and that you will be required to put in some effort, but you will eventually be able to reap the fruits of your labor and be content with how things turned out at the end.