16:16 – Meaning

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Numbers and time are inseparable and both of them are, at least for a part, our own creation and invention. Numbers have always had special meanings to us, which is truly fascinating, having in mind that we are the original author of the numbers, perhaps.

At least we like to think so. We have been ascribing specific meanings to certain numbers, although the very energetic vibration of the numbers themselves is unfathomable.

It is all very mysterious and intriguing; it creates the magic in the air, the mystery that drives us and inspires us to search for answers, once we have already settled certain explanations to things around us.

It may all seem a little abstract, but this it makes the dynamic of our earthly life more appealing, more enjoyable, if you wish. However, we have always been in need of putting certain limits.

Defining time and expressing everything in numbers is one of our ways to give our own life some sense, a meaning to live by. A cause, even. Our own physical life is short compared to the whole idea of time.

We are aware that it is definite, at least talking in material terms of our physical existence.

What comes after, we do not know for sure. Does the time ends for our souls or not? That is the question that has been haunting us since the dawn of time.

All kinds of interesting and inspiring phenomena come in the form of numbers and are related to the idea of time. The thin lines between the past, the present and the future make it all even more interesting.

Today we will be talking about the phenomenon of mirror numbers and strange repetitive occurrences of specific numbers in our daily life.

If you thought that our digitalized era has gotten too distant from the realms of spiritual forces, you were wrong. The cosmic energies are always there and they are indeed capable of taking any form they ‘like’.

Mirror numbers are, for example, a completely modern phenomenon, although we could find similar patterns and ideas in the past. Let us first begin with the idea of time itself.

The Time Countdown

Does the Time have limits? Does it end someday? We do not know for sure. Geniuses of science have been trying to answer such difficult and complicated metaphysical questions for years.

However, in common talk, our own personal or safe to say ‘human’ time has its limits. We created them, based upon the idea of the definite form of our physical time on earth.

Since very old times, people have been looking into skies and recognizing celestial movement and repetitive patterns.

We connected them with certain natural cycles on our own planet. In order to adjust and to fit into the life of the earth we have started creating ‘structures’ of time. In the days of the first civilizations, the first calendars have been created.

Calendars such as Babylonian and Chinese were revolutionary inventions that still resound in our time. The question of the time of the day took more time to get in shape. The first clocks did not actually show the precise time, the hour of the day.

Some of the prototypes of clocks were Chinese oil lams with their reservoirs marking the certain amount of the time that has passed and Chinese candle clocks.

Neither could tell about the hour of the day. The first ‘gadget’ that could tell about the moment in the 24-hour day was an Egyptian astronomical clock, one of the earliest. Much later, mechanical clocks were constructed and mechanical clocks are still working.

One truly amazing example anyone should grab a chance to see is the Astronomical clock in Prague, an impressive mechanism with parts that originate from the fifteenth century.

Not only that the Prague clock is still perfectly functional, but it is also a true masterpiece of art. Centuries later, we have ended up with our super oft and cool digital display and we started carrying time everywhere we go.

It is interesting to note that a modern human seems as being literally haunted by time, pursuing it at the same time.

Mirror Hours

It is true that our modern urban lives are greatly time-planning dependent. We cannot imagine having a day without knowing the exact hour. That is why vacations are a true bless, that help us forget about time.

However, soon we are back into the ‘racing time machine’ of our urban setting.

Precisely because of the fact that the time and numbers (especially in the form of money) greatly shape up our reality, mysterious cosmic forces choose them as a channel.

Mirror hours are often meant to be sent to us by guardian angels or whatever ‘higher’ entity, if your mind is spiritually opened enough to think in such a direction.

Mirror hours could be seen only in the modern setting, on our digital displays, although the meaning of it is very similar to matching clock hands on mechanical clocks, if not the same.

If you wonder about how these mirrors hour look like, here it is: 01:01, 02:02…11:11, 12:12…20:20, 21:21…00:00 etc., depending on what format of time you use on your display. You can see those basically everywhere you have a time display, but it have to be accidental.

For example, you were reading a book or doing some cooking or walking or whatever and you unlock your cell phone screen in order to check out the time.

And so here they were, mirror hours, 16:16 for example. It could, indeed, be simply a coincidence, but if it happens that you see the same mirror numbers over and over again, it has to be something more to it.

It could be the part of the universal synchronicity, as in Jung’s theory of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings.

This seemingly accidental event possibly has a meaningful ‘pair’ in some event in your own life.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Apart from the idea of synchronicity that greatly challenges the idea of causality, mirror hours or any repetitive numerical patterns and sequences that frequently occur to an individual (you can also dream about them, have certain numbers in mind for no logical reason, hear someone else mentioning them etc.) could be explained from the most spiritual point of view. It is believed they could represent messages from guardian angels.

According to this point of view, each person has their guardian angels that look after him or herself and protect him or her.

Angels are immaterial, ethereal beings that rarely take human form and appear to us.

However, they use many channels in order to communicate with us. They do so, because it is not their task directly to affect our decisions and actions, but only to protect and guide us. Numbers are one of the channels.

Mirror hours are a specific channel; they represent an angelic message with specific meaning intended especially to make sense to you and help you overcome certain difficulties or simply to remind you that you are being loved by the heavenly forces.

It may seem pretty odd to see the same double digits on your display, but you should not be afraid.

Let us talk about the meaning of one specific number, expressed as mirror hour 16:16.

16:16 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 16:16 is related to your emotional self. The message is about processing your emotions and expressing them the proper way.

It happens, at times, that we cannot control our emotions at all and let them overwhelm us and even ruin our rational ideas, being too strong to get along with. Pure reason cannot exist without emotions, but it sometimes cannot ‘survive’ too intense ones.

It does not mean you should hold back your feelings in all possible situations that require reasoning.

Well, all situations require certain degree of reasoning as well as some emotions; it is in our nature. It is the art of handling your emotions that should be learned, not the forceful suppression of emotions, in the name of the Rational.

Numbers found in the sequence 16:16 and this mirror hour explain this meaning in detail.

Mirror number 16:16 is a reminder everyone needs, but it comes to you probably because you went to an extreme, without even knowing it.

Let us see how angelic numerology explains the spiritual energy of this numerical sequence.

What Does 16*16 Mean Spiritually?

Spiritually, number 16*16 or the same one in any other form consists of numbers 1 and 6. In order to understand the full meaning of the message and explain this general meaning, we have to understand the energies of both numbers 1 and 6.

The number 1 represents many things, but people tend to stick to one part of the scale of its meanings. Number one stands for self-confidence, success, power, ambition, the first, the best, the leader, the authority.

However, people tend to forget that number 1 also represents the start, the beginning, the first step towards your goal, which is what we would like to avoid, desiring instant success.

Well, success requires effort; otherwise, it is pretty shallow, even if it does not appear so. The energy of number 1 lies within us, but if too strong, it could consume us. If we surrender to our emotions related to the concepts associated with this energy, we are doomed.

That is where the energy of 6 steps in. Number 6 resonates with the energy of understanding, tolerance, unconditional love, compassion, peace, balance, justice, but also self-expression, individualism, kindness.

Number 6 makes the striking energy of number 12 more humanized, more compassionate.

It awakens the need for nurture and care and perfectly smoothes the energy of 1. That is how one becomes socially and emotionally intelligent, but also aware of the own qualities and value.

We could say numbers 1 and 6 make a harmony needed, so that is why it comes to you; you have to return into such a balance or to find it.

1616 in Astrology and Numerology

Number sequence 1616 could be seen as number 16 repeated. When you sum up the digits, you get number 7. If you sum up all the digits in the whole sequence, you end up with the number 5 (1+6+1+6 equals 14 and 1+4 equals 5).

These two ‘new’ numbers in the sequence could be understood as undertones of the whole message and could be of a great help in understanding the meaning of it.

Number 7 has always had specific meanings in different cultures.

It resonates with spirituality, with the power of faith, it is associated with psychic abilities, mental processes, philosophy, education and learning, the inner strength, persistence, the purpose and many more.

This number is powerful and it gives everything a deeper meaning. This number supports one’s intellectual development and the journey of spiritual enlightenment.

As a part of this message, it supports the rational part, but also the deeply spiritual one. It is different from the emotional we have been talking about, but inseparable from it all.

This energy gives you additional dimension, the deep one that would help bring it all into balance.

The other ‘undertone’ number is 5. Five supports creativity, free thinking, the need for independence, it is related to activity, vitality and decision-making.

It would help you not to lose your vigor on the account of too intense emotions.

What to Do If You See 16:16?

If you see mirror hour 16:16 you should slow down and think about your current emotional state in the first place and see how it affects your reasoning, your decisions, your relationships with the people around you.

This number message is complex, considering of how strong individual numbers it is consisted of.

However, that should also serve as a message; your whole being is a marvelous complex you should nurture from all sides.

This is the main point of perhaps all mirror hour messages – to find the inner balance.

Quick Summary

Numerical sequence 1616, spiritual 16*16 or mirror hour 16:16, seen in real life, in dreams, heard about in a conversation or associated with for any other reason, carries a message of the importance of both the conscious and reasonable and unconscious and emotional.

This message usually occurs when the emotional m part takes you over and clouds the reasoning part.

As you could see, each segment of this sequence has the purpose to remind you of the importance of valuing every part of your personality and find the inner balance.