15:51 – Meaning

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Even though many of us are unaware of that, we are surrounded by an invisible world of angels who serve as our guides and protectors from evil and harm.

We are taught to believe only in the things we can see and feel, and the idea of some invisible beings with a helping role in our lives usually seems impossible and hardly acceptable to most people.

Regardless of our beliefs, these beings exist and are always ready to help. They stay aside making sure they don’t interfere in our lives, respecting our free will, unless their action is absolutely necessary.

When they do decide to contact us, they usually do it through signs and symbols. They carefully choose their messages and the signs they will use to convey them to us. Then they make sure we see the sign or symbol enough times to realize that there’s more to it than just coincidence.

Most of us have experienced similar events and many of us didn’t give them much thought. The unfortunate thing is that many people refuse to believe that there is a meaning behind the strange coincidences they are experiencing.

Our guardian angels often use numbers and hours to attract our attention. The main reason is that numbers have a specific meaning which they use as a message to us.

When you begin seeing the same numbers everywhere or looking at your watch at exactly the same time day after day, it is normal that you ask the question whether these events have some particular meaning for your life. They do, and you shouldn’t be ignoring them even though you might be frightened or confused about what is happening.

Our guardian angels are persistent and they won’t give up if we are taking our time to listen to their message. They keep showing us the same sign until we give in and start looking for its meaning.

Sometimes that lasts weeks, months, and even longer. The message you will receive soon is there to help you and not to harm you. You will be surprised by its precision and necessity for your current life circumstances.

They appear in our lives whenever we need guidance, support, advice, a warning, rescue from danger, and in some cases only an encouragement to continue the path we have chosen.

If you keep seeing the hour 15:51, in your case, that is your sign from the angels and the Universe. You found the right page. We will clear the fog for you and answer many of your questions. 

15:51 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

The hour 15:51 you keep seeing these days, or maybe longer is a so-called reversed mirror hour.

These hours have the same numbers in the hours and minutes, mirroring one another, only in this case they are reversed and not mirroring each other exactly. These hours have a great power and are a significant message from the Universe and your guardian angels. They are trying to answer some of your questions, or avert your attention on something.

Sometimes they only want to make their presence known to you and make you aware of their protective role in your life.

In case of reversed mirror hour 15:51 the message is about love, freedom, optimism, happiness, philanthropy, humanitarianism, etc. The mirror hour 15:51 could be a sign of some major changes happening soon inn your life.

The angels wish you to know that you will have their support while going through these changes and with all decisions you will be forced to make.

This mirror hour could appear in your life during times you feel lonely or depressed because of the bad choices you made in the past. It encourages you not to worry about that and enjoy your present circumstances as much as possible. You have your freedom and that is more than many people could hope for.

This mirror hour is a message from your guardian angels to look forward for the good things in the future but also enjoy your present moment. We are all creators of our destiny and we should be able to accept the responsibility for our actions that have brought us where we are.

Whatever our current circumstances are, the mirror hour 15:51 is a sign that we shouldn’t be obsessing about them, but happily embrace them and try to enjoy in them and make the most of them.

Being angry, depressed, or experiencing some similar negative feelings will only keep you in an endless circle of negativity.

The only way to do leave this circle is to be happy and optimistic where you are and with what you have. No one could be responsible for your happiness or unhappiness.

You need to make yourself happy. You need to willingly choose that state.

What Does 15:51 Mean Spiritually?

The mirror hour 15:51 brings the message of love as well as intuitively feeling what will happen. This hour is ruled by the guardian angels Mihael, the ruler of love and premonition.

This guardian angel will help you gain or develop the power of seeing into the future and clairvoyance. You will be able to have an insight into the future whenever you need some information.

This mirror hour is also a sign regarding your intimate life and relationships. This mirror hour announces long awaited changes in this area coming to your life. You can expect love, harmony, peace, balance and stability in your love life.

For those who have been single for some time this sign indicates that someone new will enter their life. For those who are in separation from their loved one due to a quarrel or misunderstanding, this hour announces reconciliation and resolving all disputes.

The mirror hour 15:51 is a sign of growth, birth, fertility, reproduction. It could mean the expansion of your family and giving birth or becoming a parent. It brings passion in the relationship with your partner.

This message could be a sign to imagine the outcome of your desires as if they have already materialized. This will help attract them into your reality. Your vibrations will help you manifest your desires.

Make sure you only imagine the best possible outcome and stay away from negativity in all forms. With that, you will clear the space for your desires to enter your life. It is essential not to overwhelm yourself with your past, especially if it is painful.

If you do that, you will keep yourself stuck in the past preventing yourself to get what you truly desire. Whatever we think about the most tends to materialize in our reality, don’t ever forget that.

The guardian angel Mihael is sending you the reversed mirror hour 15:51 as a sign of his support and encouragement to dream big. Have faith that you are able to achieve whatever you can imagine.

And you will. You will have the support of the Universe and the angels on that quest.

15:51 in Astrology and Numerology

Our guardian angels and the Universe often choose numbers and hours for their communication with us and the main reason is the fact that it is the easiest way to convey their message because every number has a specific meaning.

The reversed mirror hour 15:51 is a combination of the numbers 1, 5, 15, 51, 66, and the number 3 as the sum of all these digits (1 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3).

The number 1 is a number of success, progress, initiative, ambition, leadership, independence, freedom, individuality, new beginnings,

The number 5 is a number of changes, especially major life decisions and changes, choices, resourcefulness, freedom, individuality, adaptability, independence, adventure, etc.

The number 15 is a number of family, nurturing, care, protection, service and serving others.

A person influenced by the number 15 is often family oriented and protective, but has a dose of adventure and independence, and loves to keep a part of their freedom. They want to enjoy life to the fullest which is why they try to make their life as interesting as possible and often their family is part of that adventure.

The number 51 is a number which symbolizes responsibility, resourcefulness, innovation, family, care, and protection. It also symbolizes curiosity. This person has a tendency to care for others and is concerned more for the wellbeing of others than their own wellbeing.

The number 66 is the number of family, humanitarianism, community, gratitude, faith, trust in the divine and unconditional love. This number is a sign to trust the Universe and its help and support. This is the support of your guardian angels in achieving your greatest desires and goals.

The number 3 is the number of increase, optimism, skills, expansion, communication, courage, creativity, faith, manifesting, hope, intelligence, enthusiasm, talents, open-mindedness, stability, etc.

The number 1551 is a combination of these energies. It indicates the need to remain optimistic regardless of the current circumstances. No matter how hard things might seem now, nothing lasts forever because change is the only reality that exists.

Everything changes including us. It is important to find your peace and harmony in life, balance it as much as you can.

Focus on yourself and your needs and stop worrying about tomorrow. What is important is to live now in this present moment and be completely fine with what you currently have. It is alright to have desires and goals you want to fulfill but the lesson of this number appearing in your life is to be happy now in this moment.

This number asks you to release all negative content and only focus on what inspires you and make you happy.

You need to become optimistic and only expect the best. This is a number of manifestations of your desires into reality. You only need to trust that they are possible.

Believe in your ability to possess in reality what you only dream about. If you manage to sustain this belief and attitude very soon you will see material results of your efforts.

This number reminds us to respect the true values in life, ourselves and our family and close community. It inspires feelings of love and compassion. It is often a sign of serving those you love.

Sometimes this number is announcement of love entering your life, or establishing harmony in your relationships. It is a sign that you need to put all your worries aside and just enjoy life as is, trusting that everything will be alright.

What to Do If You See 15:51?

If are seeing the reverse mirror hour 15:51 very often, that is a good sign and nothing to worry about.

Your guardian angels are contacting you to deliver you a message of optimism, happiness and the fulfillment of your desires. You need to be patient and only think positive and optimistic thoughts regardless of your current life circumstances.

This mirror hour appearing in your life is a sign that you will soon begin experiencing your desires manifesting into reality. 

Quick Summary

The reverse mirror hour 15:51 is an excellent sign from the Universe.

It is a sign of good fortune, happiness and manifestation of your desires. It reminds to release negativity and only focus on the good side of things.