04:04 – Meaning

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The everlasting mystery of Time and of Numbers has been intriguing humankind through ages of civilizations and history as a whole. Well, the history itself is an account of time, as we have created it.

We will go on a brief journey through the history of time further on. First, let us talk more on time as it is. It has always been a magnetic, interesting subject to all.

Scholars, poets, artists, those spiritual, those religious…all have been amazed by how Time is and was and will ever be. We have always been trying to set some limits to it, because we cannot comprehend it in its totality. We know it is there, but we cannot see it.

A popular riddle asks what is it that bites, but has no teeth or flies but has no wings?

Time, it is; it was and it will be. A poetic approach to a metaphysical subject. Well, our attempts on framing time and organizing it are essential to our earthly life.

That is how and why the first calendars and clocks were invented. In order to adapt to the life on earth, people had to realize how the world, nature, in the first place, functions, in what patterns, what schemes?

Ancient ancestors of ours recognized certain celestial patterns, changes of seasons, movement of planets and stars and the effect of these upon the nature of this world. In our day, it even seems that time, as expressed in units of time is more important than ever.

Contemporary age is often describes as rushed, fast, quick-progressing to the point we, the authors of that progression, cannot get along with.

That time is money is what you have certainly heard many times. Time and numbers have always been mysteriously and openly significant; numbers we use to frame, organize and systematize everything, including Time itself.

One can hardly function out of limits of time as organized by us. Well, perhaps if you isolate yourself from the world and live in a distant nature, without clocks and screens and gadgets, you would perhaps feel relieved from the bonds of this rushing modern life time, but you could not escape it!

You might not see mirror hours in the wild, but you will know your time.

From Early Clocks to Digital Hours

Let us talk about measuring and counting time, since it is good to know how we ended up with having our digital clocks and seeing mirror hours. In the old days, no such thing existed, but some of the first calendars were made.

Later on, people invented gadgets that would help them measure amounts of time that has passed. These were prototypes of the first actual clocks. Chinese oil lamps were some of the first.


They represented reservoirs of time, in a way, as they had reservoirs for the oil supply. The duration of one oil lamp when alighted could be used as a unit of the time that has passed and thus people could better organize their routine.

However, such clocks could not tell about the time of the day nor present with mysterious mirror hours or such. Perhaps they had their own mysterious manifestations.

The first invention to present with hours of the day was an Ancient Egyptian one. This was one of the first astronomical clocks and it could show the time of the day as in the twenty-four hours system we use today. The first mechanical clocks came to be in the Middle Ages.

Now, clocks with hands were something that could present with a mysterious phenomenon similar to mirror hours we are going to talk about.

Matching clock hands are, in fact, the same as mirror hours, only in an ‘old-fashioned’ edition. Such clocks are still widely in use, so both matching clock hands and mirror hours present to us.

Matching clock hands have long been considered ‘a sign’, something that involves forces beyond our imagination or spirits from the other side. Most common belief does not, in fact, include any supernatural forces.

Seeing matching clock hands is commonly interpreted as a sign that someone must be actively thinking about you. The whole system of interpreting specific hours is called love hours and it interprets each one in a fashion that is related to either romantic relationships or relations with people in general.

Mirror hours could be interpreted in a similar fashion, but they are given more dimensions.

Let us see into it.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are a modern spiritual phenomenon, to call it so, resembling the mysteriously interpreted occurrence of matching clock hands. It is modern and contemporary, since we could only see mirror hours on digital screens.

Mirror hours look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 et cetera, but there are also variations such as mirror triple hours that appear like this: 11:12, 22:21 and more. Each of these is believed to carry a message for the one who sees it.

Mirror hours are seen accidently and this is where the magic hides. One could look at the digital clock or a screen or in other places where a time display is found and wait for digits to match. However, it cannot be exactly considered mysterious.

The mystery of repetitive pattern of mirror hours and the same numerical sequence in other forms is what makes the whole thing intriguing and magnetic.

Now, there are several explanations on the occurrence of mirror hours. Some seem even rational, while others are much more poetic and spiritual. One of the theories that could be applied to this phenomenon is the theory of synchronicity.

This theory challenges the idea of causality and claims that there are no coincidences and that all things and events are completely meaningful once put into a proper connection.

The idea behind this theory is belief in collective unconscious and archetypical meanings it consists of.

Mirror hours may seem a coincidence, but once you keep seeing the same ones, see into the possible meanings of the numbers presented, and associate it with your own life and experience, things might become to make sense. An appealing and attractive idea, indeed.

Other interpretations of mirror hours are more in domain of spiritual and supernatural, but still equally interesting.

At the end of the day, it depends on your personal views, attitude and ideas what would you opt to believe in and how you will feel about seeing mirror hours. It is, however, essential to know about other possibilities of interpretation.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Seeing mirror hours is often considered a blessing. Mirror hours are often seen in domain of angelic operation or that of protective spirits that watch upon us from the other side.

According to this angelic interpretation, all people have guardian angels. Those celestial entities are ethereal and immaterial and their purpose and mission is to guide us through our life path.

Their task is not to interfere with our decisions or deeds directly; they are guides and guardians. They would not prevent bad things from happening to us nor would they give us more than we have although both scenarios often seem as they actually happen to us.

Angels operate through mysterious channels and send us messages that would help us use our given potentials the best way; no more, no less.

Mirror hours are a perfect channel, especially in our age, when we all have digital displays all around and frequently watch the time. However, mirror hours we do not see that often. Once we start seeing the same mirror hours repeatedly, it would very likely draw our attention.

While some would still take it a coincidence, many would wonder is there a message behind it.

It, indeed, could be a special message for you. Such messages often occur in moments when we find ourselves at crossroads, doubting our decisions, in the moments of indecisiveness, insecurity, shaken self-esteem, ruined plans, fear and helplessness.

However, it could be the other way around; mirror hours also appear in times when we feel excellent, so to boost our positive energy, our optimism and help us enjoy it.

04:04 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror hour 04:04 is a message of stability, balance, organization and pragmatism. This mirror hour occurs to remind you of the importance of those values and to make you realize their importance.

It is also a message of self-confidence and dedication. Its energy is mighty and meaningful.

Each one of us needs organization in life. Responsibility is a constitutive part of organization and its predecessor.

To be responsible for your own decisions and actions is what makes you a reliable, trustworthy and just person. It also reflects your self-esteem and self-confidence. A person who is capable of reasonable, patient planning is tactful and capable of good organization in life. This represents the dominance of reason in such personalities.

Mirror hour 04:04 send you energy of balance and stability important to make reasonable decisions and take responsibility for all of your actions, without regret.

If you have made a mistake and you found yourself lost in grieving over such decisions, this mirror hour definitely comes to you as a wakeup call. What has been done is done. You should gather yourself up and move forward.

What Does 04*04 Mean Spiritually?

This numerical sequence is consisted of number 0 and 4. Number 0 is associated with infinity, emptiness and wholeness, beginnings and the ends in total, the cycle of existence and life.

In a way, it sends a message that all is infinite and that everything plays a role in ultimate cycle of overall existence. Number 4 is of stable, strict and inflexible nature. It embodies great values, but does not allow for much adjustment. That is where zero steps in, within this message.

Number 4 represents balance, patience, organization, dedication, fixed mind, focus, determination, self-respect, self-confidence, self-control, responsibility and similar ideas, traits and concepts.

This number is of vibration that inspires admiration, respect and reliability. Many great leaders, authoritative, but just personalities were born under the number four.

The combination of 0 and 4 reflects the message of the mirror hour 04:04 perfectly.

Stability, responsibility and self-confidence are essential for having an organized life, being admired and respected by others for your just reasoning and your trustworthiness. What lacks is flexibility, so zero here vibrates with its karmic energy, making the strictness of number 4 smoother.

While 0 usually only amplifies the vibration of numbers it stands along, in this combination it does it in a specific way. It does support the energy of 4, but it balances its strict nature.

In order even better to understand the whole message behind this numerical sequence, let us turn to numerology and see if there were any undertones to it.

0404 in Astrology and Numerology

Once you sum up digits in here, you will get number 8. Number 8 could be seen as an undertone to the overall message of this sequence and of mirror hour 04:04.

Undertones are very important because they do not only give additional meaning, but also create the whole picture of the message and its initial purpose.

Number 8 reflects practicality, pleasure, material values, giving and receiving, passion and compassion.

It stands for personal skills and talents, it inspires warm attitude towards humanity as a whole and it supports relations between people and a good communication. It is exactly what this combination needs.

What to Do If You See 04:04?

If you keep seeing this mirror hour, think about its meaning and how it could you apply its message.

In the first place, you should focus on your decisions and plans and see if your life needs a bit more organized approach.

If everything is fine there, perhaps you should focus on other things, such as social connections and your relations with people in general.

Quick Summary

The message behind mirror hour 04:04 is that of the importance of self-value, responsibility and organization, but not deprived of compassion, sharing and understanding other people.

This mirror hour comes to you either to awake you and make you take up your responsibilities or to loosen them a bit. You will know which side of the message is meant for you, based on your current life situation.