1018 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Were the existence of people on this planet and their advancement (evolutional progress beyond compare to any species) just a strike of good luck, some unanticipated event, or it was a pre-planned and well-organized event, is the question that we do not know the answer to this day.

But, there is one thing that does not seem like an accident – there are many laws in the Universe, both those that we can feel and others that we cannot (or we are not aware of it at all time) and all of them cannot be an accident.

How can it be that something so perfect, just like the functioning of the human body, as well as on a larger scale, the Universe can be an accident?

We believe that it is not an accident and that everything has its perfect aligning, which both people and Angels are part of.

You will say now that it is impossible because you have never seen Angel alive, in person. But what does this prove? You did not see gravity, but you can still feel it? Or Love? You do not see it, but you know what it feels like.

And when we come to the part of seeing, we are inviting into the world of Angel numerology – where numbers are clear proof that Angels do exist.

1018 Angel Number – Interesting Information

Numbers from the Divine Realm come to the people for a specific reason (even if there is the same number that has come to the different people), and in your case, it is because you are already seemingly very successful in life, self-initiated, always on the move, the one who is often changing ideas, although, in the long run, it seems, it has solid personality.

But why did Angels communicate with you if you are so “good”?

There is always a time and space for progress in a more spiritual direction and not just that; the term success has never been so loose, like in your case.

It is not measured with money on your account, but with the perfect memories that you have in life, it is something that stays.

You have been neglecting such life, focusing on “tangible” things that we’re giving you the feeling of success.

Angels are saying that you must change your attitude toward life, and not be afraid to change – all that you need has already been given to you, but you must continue your evolutionary path, where you will become one with the Holy Spirit (as it can be “read”) in the Angel number 10 (the sublimation of spirit and mater).

Meaning and Symbolism

When it comes to the meaning of Angel Number 1018, we must say that it brings an evolutionary-energy level that explains the degree of spirit you are currently in.

And therefore, we all live in peace, without setbacks, because what is current today, there will be no more tomorrow.

As you can see, there is a number 8, and it shows that everything passes and comes right to the place where all should be.

Also, one lesson that you must apply when it comes to this Angel message is to learn no let go all that you no longer need, release material aspect of your life, and come closer to the “intangible.”

This rule applies to almost everything in life. It means that something better and more beautiful awaits us.

These are just signs. They need to be followed, and if you neglect them, you are neglecting your true nature and moving away from the evolutionary path.

What is good for you will be yours and in accordance with you; what us not it will stay far away.

The symbolical understanding of Angel number 1018 is the sublimation with the spiritual that has never been at your reach as it is now.

1018 Angel Number in Love

The worst thing anyone of us can do, but we still do it(even if we know deep inside that is not ok), is to be jealous and possessive, not because these feelings are bad just as such, but because they are distancing you from the Divine Love that is everything opposite from that.

It is about sharing and giving – Angel number 1018 is in your life for the purpose of taking care of your injured soul, and because of the fact that you do not want to give up your previous ideas about Love and that’  that’s where the problems arise.

It is about the knowledge that Love is not ours; it cannot be individual, it is the force that all of us share, and anyone who feels that it is his or her to give is wrong.

Arise, and enter into the state of sharing, where giving is much important than taking, where you start first being the person who gives others much pleasure and beautiful excitements in life.

Do not ask anyone to give you that, but you are the one who will share it without stopping.

Angels know that these persons, and in the middle, there is you cannot lose their divine path for the sake of a happy way of life.

But, Angel number 1018 speaks of one more thing – how can you enter that state where sharing is as natural as it can be?

Well, by knowing how good a person you are, and after you have learned what is important in life and what is not.

Many do not see them as good, precisely because in order to become good to others first, they had to first see the priority of themselves as a holy being. First to themselves and then to others.

Facts about 1018 Angel Number

Angel number 1018 is made out of two vibrational fields, from 10 and 18, but it can also be seen, in an indirect way, through sum vibration, that is, in this case, 10!

Knowing all that we know about number 10, we know that it speaks of the evolutionary path, regardless of the state you are currently in.

The evolutionary path is long – it is sprinkled with tears, suffering, and a sense of loss.

Such a message asks you to be alone for the time being. Ultimately, loneliness brings peace and insight, and they bring realization and personality development (the evolutionary path).

Silence and contemplation, meditation, not offering resistance to what is about to come in your life, because if you are not resisting, you are allowing the Universe to do its task.

Because of the zero that is also a part of this Angel number, you know that God protects you from all harm; behind every fear, there is a message that we must gather courage and face it.

Behind every tear, there is an insight that we need to change direction. Achieving happiness in those milliseconds one day means encouragement to go the right path.


The key is the exit to the Light, as Angelical beings are providing you in the form of Angel number 1018, you must be ready to follow the Divine rule, and it goes something like this – what separates from you is not for you.

And material “tangible” happiness is one of those things – Angels are not saying that they are harming you, but they cannot be the only ones “responsible” for your happiness.

Stop being obsessed with money and business. Organize better and set priorities so that you can be more successful and achieve your goals, of course, those that are aligned with spiritual laws.

This is one of the main pieces of advice that comes from Angel number 1018, and it is very concrete.

Take time to rest and meditate, Angels are suggesting to you, and of course, as a fighter of Light, conquer fear. It can be dominant in your internal processes.

You can find excuses for everything that happens to you, and that is based on fear. That fear weakens your energy and keeps you away from being happy and fulfilled.

Angels’ advice can be summed up in one understandable sentence: Your highest identity lies in finding a broader picture within each situation, and your true essence is that you are a being that speaks with the words of Love, grateful for all that he or she has.

Because of some experiences that instilled a sense of helplessness, you may have problems.

There is also the fear that you will not have enough resources to survive, which awakens in you a struggle for survival and a lack of energy, you were finding peace in a place where there cannot be found.

Because of the feeling of subconscious helplessness, you can turn to domination, and Angel number 1018 comes to tell you how strong you actually are.

The key to activating the evolutionary path that will give you a sense of inner strength, courage, and the ability to create abundance.

In the end, do not be scared of what is on your path; moments in life are different.

There are ups and so-called “downs,” which, in other words, are called life challenges.

They are there to remind us that we can always succeed.

Try to start this journey, and you must be alone. When you are finally alone, you can exercise the strength of the spirit, to motivate yourself. Life tests put challenges in front of you, which you have to pass.

Although you may seem to fall, also rise and gather pieces of their ashes as a whole; without worry, are you on the right track; letting go as Universe commands it.