Dreams About High School – Meaning and Interpretation

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People often dream about school. That doesn’t have anything to do with someone’s age. Such dreams are not only dreamed about by the ones who are still in school. Dreams about school often reflect past memories which for some reason have come back into our lives.

These dreams are often a sign of insecurities, doubts, worries and concerns we have regarding some situations in our lives.

Possibly something disturbing is currently happening in your life and that evoked some memories and parallels with your school years. Maybe the dream is averting your attention on something you need to be careful about.

People, who are not in school anymore, tend to dream of high school more often than about their primary school. The rule is, the higher the level of the school you dreamed about, the more serious the issue the dream refers to is.

For example, grade school is a minor issue, while a dream about a university indicates some major issues you are dealing with.

Dreams about high schools also symbolize important issues in your life. That is because high schools are very important period in every person’s life. They are a major turning point when we make significant decisions which reflect the rest of our lives.

Mistakes made during this period could cost us severely in our later age. High school marks the beginning of your mature age.

Our high school years are the ones when we meet people who then become our friends for life. These years are the ones remembered for the pleasurable and relaxed times spent in the company of our closest friends and other classmates.

Everything was simpler then and we didn’t have to worry about important life matters, only about studying and going to school.

These years are also the ones when we gain our first knowledge and lessons about the world and the way it functions. High school prepares us for the rest of our lives, regardless of the fact if we choose or not to continue with our education.

Because of such importance of high school in our lives, dreams about high school are very important. They can be provoked by many everyday situations.

We often dream about high school during periods of adjusting to some new environment, like going to a new school, moving into a new apartment and being worried about our neighbors, changing jobs, etc.

These are all situations when we are worried about being well accepted by the new people we encounter in the new circumstances we are in.

These dreams often reveal your anxiousness and desire to be perfect in some situation, usually in finishing some project or endeavor you are currently engaged in. Dreams about high school often reveal your satisfaction because you are learning something which interests you a lot or something difficult.

We often dream of high school when we are upset with something in our lives. Maybe you are worried about your upcoming romantic date with a crush, or something at work bothers you.

You might also be concerned about someone’s feelings in some situation. You could also be afraid of someone’s reaction related to something you said or did.

Often dreams about high school reflect our worries about possible mistakes we have made in some situation, or desire to be perfect in something.

These dreams could also be a result of painful memories from your high school years, caused by your parents’ surreal expectations about your education and direction in life.

Possibly you are afraid of something and that situation is going on for a long time. This dream is a also a sign of anxiousness you feel about some situation in your life, or some problem you cannot resolve so you keep thinking and worrying about it.

In some cases, dreams about high school reveal some hidden and unresolved issues from the past, especially your high school years.

It is possible that your subconscious has brought you back to the past to help you confront these issues and deal with them. You need to leave the past behind you and that is why it is important to confront these painful memories.

It is possible that you had a dream about high school because some life event reminded you of that.

For the ones who are still in school, especially high school, this dream is a mere reflection of daily events.

Dreams About High School – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of needing to go to high school again – If you dreamed that you needed to go to high school many years after you finished it, that dream is usually a sign of warning. You could be questioning your achievements and the goals you have. Possibly you feel that you didn’t fulfill the expectations others, especially your parents, had from you.

It is possible that some recent event evoked some repressed insecurities and issues you have.

Dreaming of going to high school again – If you dreamed of going to high school again, that dream could be a reminder of some lessons you have learned while in high school. It is possible that the current circumstances in your life are asking you to apply some of these lessons.

Sometimes this dream happens because we have some new lessons and matters to learn.

Dreaming of a high school corridor – If you remembered your high school corridor in a dream, that dream is a sign that you are very concerned about some major issue in your life. It could indicate going through some transformation you are going through. Possibly you are making some important decisions, choices and changes and that stresses you a lot.

Sometimes this dream can symbolize some memories related to that corridor.

Maybe something bad happened there, or you were always worried about other kids’ opinion about you and your subconscious brought these feelings back for some reason.

Dreaming of taking an exam in high school – If you dreamed of being in high school and taking an exam to receive your diploma, that dream reveals a lot about your inner state. You could be demonstrating a different personality from the one you actually have.

Maybe you are fooling others that all is well in your life, while in fact you have many problems you have a hard time dealing with.

If you often dream about high school exams, they could reveal some issues you have and need to deal with.

Dreaming of failing high school – If you dreamed of failing a high school exam, that dream is a warning sign, indicating that you are questioning your success and achievements.

Dreaming of a high school reunion – If you dreamed of having a high school reunion and meeting again with old high school friends, that dream is often a sign of repressed memories and hurts reemerging. You could be thinking that other people, especially your high school friends have all had better lives and have accomplished more than you in life.

This dream often reveals your jealousy and rivalry towards others. Sometimes they could indicate having a superiority complex. You might be feeling that you are better than the people you went to high school with.

Often such dreams indicate that you have problems to let go of the past. Possibly something happened in the past, related to your high school and friends from that period that you still cannot forget and let go of.

For some reason these memories are emerging again through your dream of a reunion.

This dream could also be an announcement of arguments with your friends and possibly family members. It often indicates comparing your success with the success of your friends and acquaintances.