1023 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are beautiful non-physical beings, spirits if heaven. Angels are without Ego creations and they follow the heavenly law, carrying messages between our, human world, and that of the divine; messages from the Creator.

Indeed, the term angel translates into ‘a messenger’, meaning a messenger of God.

The word angel comes from the Greek angelos and Latinized angelus, while the original term comes from Hebrew. The Greek word is simply a translation of the Hebrew word; the meaning is ‘a messenger’.

Angels are good, pure spirits, they have free will and they have chosen to follow the path of light; the story of the angelic rebellion proves angels could choose what they like to.

However, angelic beings we are to talk about are those of the heavenly host, our guardians.

Angels are ethereal and they could take up any form they like, although they would rarely walk amongst human beings.

If we look into sources that mention angels and their contacts with humans, we would realize it was never a common practice. Some say that, in old times, humankind and angels were closer to one another.

Belief in angels and protective spirits is old; in almost every system, religion or spiritual path you are likely to discover a similar concept, although it could take many forms. We usually associate angels with Abrahamic religions.

Angels have hierarchy and some of them have specific roles. We know several angels by their names, as well.

Where do guardian angels enter the story? Who are guardian angels and how do they work? Many people believe angels watch over us and guide us; with their help, which was, essentially, the help from God, we go through various phases in our individual lives.

Let us talk about guardian angels and their guidance, with a focus on angel numbers.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are angels on a special mission, if we could use such terminology.

In other words, guardian angels do not represent a specific order in angelic hierarchy or they were a specific class of angelic beings, or whatsoever.

Guardian angels could come from any of angelic orders, with the role of a guardian being their office.

These beautiful ethereal and divine beings watch over us, follow us and guide us throughout our lifetime. We say beautiful, because angelic essence is beautiful in its core, although angels would rarely appear in front of our eyes.

If they ever do so, they would use a splendid form we could comprehend; the splendor of divine essence is still incomprehensible to our being.

Guardian angels are assigned to all human beings, regardless of what you believe into or how zealous you were. It does not actually matter; angels care about all humankind.

However, it is more likely you will have use of their guidance if you pray to your angels and thus talk to them, in a way. Angels do not neglect us, but we often neglect angels.

Heavenly guides are good spirits and they would never want to harm you, on the contrary. However, their task is not to prevent bad things in our lives from happening.

Angels would not do things in your place; you have to do everything on your own. However, angelic guidance was precious; your guardians would help you to find out your way, discover your inner strength and, above all, to believe in yourself.

Angelic Messages

You probably wonder how guardian angels help you, if they do not appear before you and actually offer you guidelines. Well, angels work through different channels and mediums.

They work through messages; at last, angels were messengers from the divine source. Their messages are indirect and we have to recognize them and often to decode them.

Angelic messages are sometimes only signs that should encourage us, signs that would assure us we were not alone and abandoned, if our spirits were low and we need something to light up our inner flame.

A white butterfly, a feather, a dove, a smell or a sound or whatever else that leaves us pleasantly surprised is often a sign sent by guardian angels.

Other signs are usually to be interpreted in detail, such as specific words, symbols, numerical sequences.

The latter are our focus in this article, angel numbers. Angelic messages come through different channels and are always meaningful.

Sometimes, angelic messages correspond with our current life situations; other times, they are more general.

Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

Angel numbers are a specific form of angelic messages. Numbers have specific vibrations, each one.

Numbers carry the energy of cosmos or, some would say, numbers are the energy of cosmos. We could express everything by using numbers.

On one side, numbers appear magical; on the other side, we use the magic of numbers to define exact, quite scientific, rational things.

Each number is, thus, associated with symbolic meaning, with specific vibes and energy.

Numerology is very old and here we do talk about numerology combined with angelic influence. Angels use numbers to send us messages.

Now, if you wonder if those were some specific numbers, the answer is yes and no. Any number could be angelic.

However, the number was angelic if it was sent to you by angels. How would you know about that? Well, some people were in closer touch with their guardian angels, through prayers or a long practice of listening to angelic guidance and else.

Some people have naturally strong intuition that would tell them a number they saw was somehow special.

Commonly, angels would send you an angel number in repetitive patterns. That is, a number would likely start appearing in your life very often and in unexpected places.

For example, you would start seeing the same numerical sequence in books, on a bus, on streets, someone would likely mention it, you could have a dream in which the number occurs and so on.

Angels would always do their best to draw your attention and make you wonder. Once you start wondering about the unusual and potentially even distressing occurrence of the same number, the best thing you could do is to try to understand it.

The thing you should always bear in mind is that angels never send a harmful message; angel numbers are guidance.

Angel Number 1023

Angels have sent you number 1023 and now you wonder what that particular number was about. When you look at it, well, it does not appear special.

Number 1023 is just another four-digit number that reminds of a historical year. If you were a history fan, it could be useful to look into that year! If nothing more, it could enrich your knowledge; however, it is likely it would mean something special to you.

In any case, if number 1023 was your angel number, there was a reason for your heavenly guides to choose this one.

Since this is a complex, multi-digit number, it would be the best to analyze it systematically, in order to reach all layers of the angelic message.

Each segment of the number means something. Together, they would make sense and serve as guidance.

Angel Number 1023 Composition Meaning

Let us begin, then. Angel number 1023 consists of four digits, numbers 1, 0, 2 and 3.

Each of this number is important and this visible, obvious layer makes a great part of the message.

On the second level, we could observe this number as two numbers, which is a common practice when four-digits were in question. In that sense, we have numbers 10 and 23.

Since this type of analysis works by summing up the digits until you get their core, a one digit number with its specific vibration, when we do that with 10 and 23, we get numbers 1 and 5.

When we sum up all digits that constitute number 1023, we get number 6. There were sort of three layers of this angelic number.

Number 1, the beginning of the sequence, represents beginnings themselves, the start, a fresh start, but also the goal, an aim, aspiration, victory, success. Number 1 represents yourself and your inner strength, ambition, courage, independence, being the best and the first.

Number one is related to optimism and fearlessness and its vibe could get corrupted into arrogance, aggression and insecurity.

Number zero is alpha and omega, all beginnings and all endings, infinity and eternity; zero is the source of all energy, of all potentials, of all opportunities. It is the number that represents everything and nothing, the number of the divine source.

Zero strengthens the vibration of numbers it appears with and gives them more power.

Number 2 represents balance, harmony, peace and diplomacy. Number 2 stands for tolerance, understanding, compassion, care, friendship, partnership, connection, bonds, relationships. This number has an incredibly positive and warm vibration, in this regard.

Number 3 stands for the child within. Three is the number of enthusiasm, youthfulness, curiosity, adventurousness.

Number 3 stands for communication, movement, travel, for pleasures, joys, laughter and humor.

Number 5 represents uniqueness, the unconventional, freedom, openness, creativity, individualism, optimism, experience and life lessons, sensuality, expansion and invention. This is the number of liveliness, versatility and adaptability.

Number 6, the base of this message, represents nurture, care, harmony, peace, selflessness, humanitarian attitude, reliability, family values and home, parenthood and guardianship, protection, security, unconditional love and self-sacrifice.

As you can see, this angel number oscillates between clearly individualistic values and those of bonds and connections.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1023

Overall, it gives an impression of good balance. This angel number is guidance towards what you should strive for, in order to feel good in life; it is very likely that you were already half this way, so your guardian angels would love to remind you of all the good sides of the path you already thread on.

If not, they want to show you the beauty of the opportunity you have in your life.

This angel number puts an accent on the self, but also on the importance of harmonious relations with people around, both close ones and people in general.

You have a lot of humanitarianism and love within; you just need to balance it with your sense of self. You are very likely an independent thinker, an original individual, versatile and enthusiastic.

On the other side, you clearly have a good sense of others and of the importance of exchange and sharing.

Angels remind you of these qualities, because you should maintain them or bring them back into balance, depending on your situation; you will recognize it yourself.

The core meaning is clear; do not neglect your aspirations and dreams, equally nurturing your relationships with others.

Angel Number 1023 and Love

You could find great support in your family and from your romantic partner. Perhaps you were missing it out, being too self-focused.

Value the gift you have, the blessing of a warm-hearted, loving and caring partner or/and your loving and caring family.

You have a good sense of respect and admiration of family and relationship values; do not get spoiled for any reason or another.

Mine your courage from loving relationships and follow your dreams. You should probably realize that your loved ones support you even if they cannot understand everything you do; with such an individualistic, enthusiastic and imaginative personality, you probably master knowledge or skills they could enter truly understand, but they still encourage your endeavors.

When angels send you this number, they would like to remind you of the love you already have. Look around you and you would easily recognize it; it is close to you.

Sometimes, being very independent is actually a mask for emotional insecurity, which causes imbalance.

Therefore, do not be afraid to love, that is what angels warmly advise.