11:11 – Meaning

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While doing your job or simply enjoying your spare time or practicing some routine activities, you take a glance at your phone screen or digital clock and there they are – mirrored hours. Your displays show them all the time and it has to appear just a bit ‘suspicious’.

Are you curious to find out what these numbers mean? What they occur so often? If you are intrigued by the idea of spiritual phenomena, numerology, angel numbers and other explanations that go beyond the ordinary, join us on this fantastic journey.

What did you just saw? This phenomenon of seeing matching numbers on your digital display is characteristic only for our digitalized, tech world.

An older equivalent to the same phenomenon would be seeing clock hands matching (hours hand and minutes hand are in the same line, one over the other). If you thought that our technology and our obsession with digitalization have turned us away from the mystique, you are wrong.

Although most of the people living fast, busy and digitalized lives in urban areas rarely think about mysterious phenomena, cosmic energies, whatever you might call them, always find a way to assure us of their presence.

Numbers are what we have been living by for long; cosmic energies are all-powerful and easy on finding the proper way to communicate with us here.

You could think of this energy as of God or guardian angels or you might have another spiritual approach. Either way, the result is the same. Something unusual happens in order to draw our attention.

Human technology progress is truly fascinating, although we tend to see it both as a bright path to the future and a complete disaster likely eventually to ruin our own world.

However, spirits of the other realm, whatever they might be, see to guide us through our endeavors. It was all meant to be so, perhaps. All our discoveries, inventions and new knowledge about the world lead us to the point where we now stand.

Our modern world is marked by extensive digitalization. The thing is that energy that is beyond our comprehension is still there; it may even be the essential part of our own progress.

Be it as it may, strange and intriguing phenomena continue to happen on both micro and macro plan. Mirror numbers are just pieces of the puzzle. Does it happen to you to see them? Have you thought about it?

Some people would tell it is a coincidence, but, if it starts repeating, they start wondering if there was something more about it. Let us try to explain this.

Numbers and Time

Why numbers matter that much? If you just look around, you will easily realize that you see everything through numbers. You take metro line number one in order to get to work, for instance.

It takes approx twenty minutes for you to get there. Your working hours count, say, eight hours. You will earn certain amount of money; what you want to buy costs certain amount, as well, all represented in digits.

You have to buy one kilogram of certain veggies in order to make lunch; the recipe requires, say, thirty minutes to get done. You will meet a friend at five o’clock for a coffee. You need eight hours of sleep et cetera et cetera.

You see? All is being counted and scheduled, expressed by numbers and established time values. Why we do all that?

It was in order to make our time meaningful. Organization of time has always been associated with the progress itself.

Before we enter the mysterious side of numbers and time that related to the phenomenon of seeing mirror hours and, specifically, seeing 11:11, let us go briefly through the history of counting time.

It would help us better to understand the importance of it, as well, as mystical meanings that could be found in it. How did people first start counting and recording time?

In the early days, people started looking at the sky, noticing certain patterns of constellations, planetary motion and brining those in correlation with the events on our earth.

Seasonal changes, natural cycles were all mysteriously associated with the patterns above our heads. In order to adapt to the world, we started counting and organizing time by creating calendars, schemes of time measuring, inventing all sorts of devices to help us and so on.

The history of counting time has always been tightly bound with astronomy, astrology, numerology etc. Mythology and religion has always played a role, as well. Some of the first and impressive astronomers were Mesopotamian cultures.

Babylonian and Chinese calendars are always worth of mentioning as great examples from the past. The division of day into hours was a major breakthrough in history of counting time as it is.

The first ‘clocks’ did not tell about the time of the day, but they marked certain amount of time passed, which was of great help, of course. The first traces of dividing time into hours was found in Egypt; their invention of merkhet, which was one of the earliest forms of astronomical clock.

From there on, we take a day for a period of 24 hours. Now when we have it, let us see what our digitalized mirror hours represent!

Mirror Hours

First things first, mirror hours are fully a result of the modern world’s digitalized era. You can see them exclusively on a digital display, anywhere you have one.

It could be your computer, your mobile phone, music player, a tablet, even your fridge, microwave or other gadgets with not intentional purpose to show time in the first place. It does not matter; if you see digits matching like this. 01:01, 02:02, 03:03…10:10, 11:11…23:23, 00:00; these are all mirror hours.

If you wonder if there were any specific circumstances for seeing mirror hours, the answer says both yes and no. It is ‘no’, because you could see them anytime anywhere. The answer is ‘yes’, because it have to be accidentally.

If you stare into your phone, waiting them to match, well, it is forces and not quite magical. It is something you expect and know to happen as usual. If you see them accidentally, there could be another force sending them to you.

Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychologist, offered an interesting idea that could perhaps help us understand the mystery of the occurrence of mirror hours.

The idea of synchronicity, which challenges the idea of causality, brings into connection events that happen simultaneously, at first appearing to have nothing to do with one another.

If you associate them, both make sense. The sense comes from collective unconscious, based upon certain archetypes we are not aware of all the time.

Mirror numbers are definitely synchronized and they might be associated with seemingly unrelated events; they could be a manifestation of this synchronicity.

Besides Jungian idea, mirror hours are typically seen as a supernatural phenomena associated with spirits of guardian angels or spirits of someone from the ‘other side’.

The exact meaning of specific numbers could be found in astrological and numerology sources.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

If you see 11:11 or another mirror number and share it with others, everyone would likely tell you that it means someone was thinking about you. Alternatively, someone was talking about you.

This is the most widespread belief related to seeing mirror hours, the same as with seeing matching clock hands. Mirror hours are also seen as so called ‘love hours’ and there is a guide through each one of them as seen as specific messages regarding someone’s love life.

People also tend to see mirror hours as secret and special messages that come from some ethereal, mysterious guiding force, such as guardian angel. According to this belief, each human has his or her own heavenly guardians, one or more of them.

Angels are not material and physical, although they are able of taking perfectly physical form. They do that rarely and rather communicate with us through specific channels, such as numbers.

They do so, because their task is to guide us, not to change our lives out of our own doing. They use channels that would draw our attention. In modern world, electricity and numbers are the best choice, perhaps.

We think in numbers and see them everywhere however, the perfect symmetry is rarely seen, so matching numbers, such as mirror hours, especially if the occurrence is repetitive is very likely to intrigue us.

Each mirror number has its specific vibration and meanings.

You could search for it in astrology, numerology or any other source dealing with symbolic meaning of numbers. You have all the freedom of choice and here we will gladly offer some explanations on mirror number 11.11 and its derivatives in other forms.

Let us find out what this ‘message’ hides within.

11:11 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror number 11:11 is by all means a sign of some special spiritual presence in your life, if you are inclined towards spiritual beliefs. This number reads four times number 1 in a sequence, which definitely has a strong meaning.

The first, the best, the one that stands out, the winner, the victor, all these have always been represented through the number one. Number 1 is a powerful spirit number.

These digits were very likely sent to you for a reason. It could be your guardian angels trying to communicate with you and offer you guidance and encouragement.

See if there were some other unusual signs that could make you think of angelic presence, such as flickering lights, sudden temperature changes or else, at the time you saw mirror hours.

It could also be spirits of people who have passed away try to talk to you. Do not be scared, since it is usually a good thing. Someone still protects you, even if they are not around you in this physical life anymore.

In any case, if you keep seeing hours 11:11 or the very sudden event of seeing this time had a great effect on you so that you clearly remember it, seek for the meaning behind these numbers.

What Does 11*11 Mean Spiritually?

Now when you had this strange experience, you certainly wonder about the meaning of it.

Surely, it seems as important, but what does 11*11 actually means? Angelic numerology possibly explains this the best. This number, 11*11, represents number one multiplied.

Number 1 is a strong number in angelic numerology, one with intense spiritual potential, especially seen as multiplied as in this case. What does number one represent?

Number 11*11 resonates with the power of number 1. Number 1 represents being the first, the best, being motivated, having goals, being refreshed, ready for new opportunities and courageous.

Number 1 stands for bravery, courage, creativity, ambition, pursuit of dreams, but it does not always appear as only an auspicious sign for what you are currently at.

It is also a symbol of completely new beginning, rebirth and fresh start. In all of it, number 1 encourages the self, as in self-development and self-awareness.

Number one stands for creating your own reality. If you keep seeing it everywhere, such as in 11*11 in any form, your guardian angels or protective spirits wants you to have in mind that your life is within your own hands.

You have to believe in yourself. It is interesting to see this number as an alarm, it is as a number of self-awakening.

It will likely happen that, upon seeing number 11*11 or as in mirror numbers 11:11 and getting its message, you will start seeing other numbers from the same sequence.

This number represents the start of a deep spiritual and self-awakening journey. I angelic numerology, this row of number 1 in any form is sometimes called the ‘awakening code’, as guardian angels send it to you in order to help you better to know yourself and, thus, use your potentials the best way.

Think about the moment in which you saw the number. Maybe it answers your current situation and questions you might have.

It could help you awaken from confusion in which you might find yourself into. This number opens the eyes and the soul. It will help you find your path.

If you keep seeing it all over again, it means your heavenly protectors are determined that you eventually find the answers, the ‘truth’ about yourself. The road to self-awakening is not easy and it is a journey for a lifetime.

Number 1 resonates with great self-value, which is an important notion you should take from it.

1111 in Astrology and Numerology

Besides these meanings associated directly with the number 1 and its multiplied and amplified energy that comes from this sequence of digits, number 1111 could also be seen as resonating the energy of number 4, since the sum of the digits gives number 4 as a result. What is the vibration of number 4?

Number 4 is associated with pragmatism, endurance, security, self-control, stability, good organization, balance, realistic point of view, discipline and so on.

Number 4 is spiritually a strong number that offers a good basis, since it resonates with quite well balanced ideas. Number 1 is ambitious, brave and courageous, sometimes even too daring, perhaps; number 4 gives it the touch of safety, reasonability, strong, firm ground.

The negative side of number 4 might be the lack of adaptation ability and even laziness.

However, in this sequence, it cannot be the case. One is too strong, while four simply gives it good ground to flourish.

What to Do If You See 11:11?

If you see number 1111, 11*11, 11:11 or this sequence occurs in any other form, think first about your current circumstances. You are never alone and there will always be forces to guide you through life.

In the most difficult times, just as in the most joyful ones, mysterious energies are on the run.

Seeing this number should make you wonder. It should make you re-question your own ideas or confirm they were right.

This phenomenon should never worry you. Seek for meanings of each number you find there and see into its spiritual message.

Quick Summary

Mirror number 11:11 and its other manifestations are overall a good sign; any of these numbers are, if you read them well.

Number 1111 resonates with strong energy of number 1, which stands for self-development, self-awakening and self-realization, in the first place.

Number 4, which occurs as the sum of 1111 gives it a firm base and does not let already strong and daring 1 to dominate to overly ambitious extent.