11:15 – Meaning

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One of the greatest mysteries of the world is that of our existence and the Universe as it is.

Mysterious phenomena spark up our imagination, lead us to new doors of perception and help us see things from different angles, although not providing us with exact meaning of the things we would gladly like to know.

Sometimes, it is enough to belief the magic exists and the magic of existence is probably the only real one. It is a very intriguing field of study and debate, yet so artistically and spiritually inspiring.

Numbers have always played an important role in understanding the world. Thinking about it, the ideas dissolve into a great confusion. Were numbers there first or we invented them? Be it as it may, all things we could express in numbers.

Therefore, many interesting ideas are related to specific numbers. One of the excellent examples of how numbers could and could not be magical comes from an interesting humoristic, yet profound science fiction novel.

In his book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams gives the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, Universe and everything, as he calls it. In fact, it was the task for a super computer. It has spent ages in calculating the result. It finally offers one and it says 42, nothing else and nothing more.

Millions of readers have tried to offer some profound meaning to this mysterious numbers, although the author himself claimed it was more of a joke.

Nevertheless, dedicated researchers and enthusiasts associated number with mentions of the same one in the sacred texts, with binary codes, mathematics, physics and more. It does not tell us 42 some kind of enlightening number, but what it does tell us is that numbers definitely have meanings beyond what we think in everyday life, when we do not pay much attention to them, since used to operating through and by numbers.

This was only an interesting example on how great concepts, such as those of existence and universe are associated with numbers, in minds and soul of a human being. Time, as another great and ineffable concept is also presented in numbers.

It seems as we have done so, because the vastness and infinite nature of Time itself had needed to be bound, organized, systematized. It is so, because our own time is limited.

Our physical, material time, at least. People have invented calendars and time counting gadgets in order to organize time, in order to adapt to living in this world and take the best out of it, knowing it has an end. It has been a long road from prototypes and first clocks to modern ones.

Ages have passed since using Chinese oil lamps and sundials to use of digital ones we have all around. The magic of time remained.

Mirror Hours

Our latest super portable and all present digital screens hide magic within, although we often think of our hi-tech world as deprived from magic and mystery, at least in common terms.

Mirror hours, a specific phenomenon we are going to talk about, are closely related to digital clocks. In fact, you could see them only on digital clocks. Mirror hours are somewhat similar to matching clock hands, in terms of beliefs related to the phenomenon.

However, mirror hours could take other forms, could be seen elsewhere and there are variations such as triple mirror hours, which is what we specifically refer to in here. What do they represent and how do they look like?

Mirror hours appear like this: 12:12, 01, 01, 21:21 or else, depending on the format of your time widget. Triple mirror hours look like this: 11:12, 11:13 or 22:23, for instance. Each is composed of certain digits and these digits all have specific meanings. Combined, they send a message.

In mirror hours, you could see only two digits or one, if you get to see combinations 00:00, 11:11 or 22:22. Mirror hours are, indeed, simply hours of the day, but their occurrence and the way a person sees them matters. You cannot force them to occur; they will eventually occur if you stare at your clock, of course.

However, in this case they are exactly only hours of the day. The thing is they happen accidentally.

More precisely, it appears so. If you see them accidentally and keep seeing them over time, it is more than a coincidence.

Moreover, if the same numerical sequence keeps appearing in other forms and places, you should check it out. It is not a must, of course, though it could be of use.

Mirror hours are never meant as a harmful or ‘evil’ message. Their purpose is to serve as some kind of guidance.

Mirror Hours and Numerology

Numerology is a very ancient discipline that would greatly help us understand the meaning of the message behind mirror hour 11:15. Numerology is essentially the science of numbers or, as it is called, a pseudo science, since it is not officially recognized and acknowledged in modern day.

Foundation of numerology is the principle of numbers as constitutive part of everything that exists. The essence of all things could be expressed as numbers.

The smallest particles that make the world are numbers; of course, it is a very abstract idea, not a material one. Every number has vibration and thus all things emit certain energetic vibration.

This vibration is, in its essence, the energy of universe, cosmic energy. It is interesting to note how we express everything in numbers, in order to make our own existence and our own world meaningful.

We speak about the age of human beings, the age of living things, the periods of existence of material objects, life expectancy, expectancy and expiration dates, we measure, calculate, count everything.

We have units to measure temperature, length, depth, time and so many more. See? Numbers are everywhere or, everything is numbers. According to numerology, peoples’ destines are also written in numbers.

Each person, according to numerology, has their life number, number they were born under. It is, you guess right, a single digit calculated from your birth date. You sum up all the digits, until you get a single one.

This number is both essential and descriptive; it partially decides on one’s life path, but it is not set in stone. In other words, it speaks about your potentials, but it is up to you and up to other factors how the things going to work out in the end.

Let us return to mirror hours. Mirror hours are specific moments in time and you notice them, for a reason, in specific moment in your own life, a phase of life et cetera. The vibrations of the numbers involved are meant to send you a message.

Cosmic energies try to tell you something. It could be seen as a part of cosmic balance, universal cosmic law or a more mysterious and romantic phenomenon, angelic messages.

Angel Numbers and Mirror Hours

Angel numbers are basically the same as numbers in numerology.

The only difference between numerology as it is and so to call it angelic numerology is that according to the latter, it is believed that mirror hours (or other repetitive numerical sequences or numbers alone you keep seeing) come to us from angels or, more precisely, guardian angels.

Guardian angels are immaterial guarding spirits that are our celestial guides.

Angels operate through different channels and send us symbolic messages we are to decode.

They do so, because it is not their task to make decisions in our place, to act in our place, to prevent us from doing something, to prevent things from happening to us or anything of the sort.

They are beings without actual free will and their only purpose is to guide us and watch over us. They rarely take any physical form, so they converse with us through the world of symbols.

Numbers are, perhaps, some of the most powerful symbols we could think of. As we have said, each one has its vibration and therefore specific meaning. A numerical message one get through mirror hours is meaningful.

It is not a catastrophe if you do not rush to check out the meaning of course; nothing bad would happen because of you skipping it. However, it could be useful and interesting to take the gift.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Mirror hours could tell us a lot about who we are. They are never meaningless. They could also be seen through the perspective of the theory of synchronicity that is, we have to admit, less magical than the story of angelic messengers.

In any case, theory of synchronicity sounds very appealing and, as a matter of fact, it has certain philosophical ground. Carl Gustav Jung has proposed it.

According to this theory, each event is meaningful once associated with another; thus, seemingly non-related and meaningless events, phenomena, experiences and else become perfectly meaningful once associated.

The theory is based upon the idea of archetypical meanings stored in the collective unconscious.

Therefore, seeing mirror hours is not an accident! You can relate it to something that has been happening to you, once you get the meaning of numbers.

Seeing mirror hours is meant to point out certain things in your life or to make you wonder about certain things regarding your own person, your relation with people around, attitude towards the world and more.

It often happens that they occur in the time of crisis or in times when we feel at crossroads or wondering about how to proceed, when we are in search for purpose or feel curious and/or lost a biz.

11:15 Triple Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

This triple mirror hour sends an important message and it is that you should build u your own world gradually, step by step, without rush.

It speaks about your incredible creative potentials, but warns you to keep at least some focus. It often happens that incredible enthusiastic and creative individuals get lost in all the genius ideas they have.

This mirror hour sends a message to take it easy. You probably dream big and your ideas might be fantastic.

However, you should keep in mind that success does not come overnight, regardless of what you deem success. This mirror hour speaks about potentials in the sphere of the creative, whatever you own sensibilities and affinities are.

It also suggests you are probably a versatile person who has visionary ideas. This is a true gift, though it has risks of being sidetracked all the time, by your own ideas.

What Does 11*15 Mean Spiritually?

This sequence consists of two digits, 1 and 5. As you could assume, number 1 dominates, which is both a good side and a downside.

Number 1 is number of extremes, since it tells about beginnings and ends, about start from fresh and full success, about great ambition and accomplishment, but in its essence, it skips everything that comes in between.

The risk of strong vibration of number 1 is that a person does not value steps along the way, only the great result.

See how in this sequence number 1 comes in a row? That is on purpose. It speaks exactly about the systematical approach we have discussed above.

Number one resonates with energies of courage, leadership, ambition, fame, strength, success, self-confidence, new opportunities, new start, fulfillment, moving forward, independence and more. This sequence thus suggests all those things could come, but only through dedicated, systematical work.

Number 5 represents creativity, sensibility, artistic genius, pleasure seeking, sociability, curiosity, adventurousness, adaptability and versatility, individualism, non-conventionalism.

It is what you essentially strive for. It perfectly fits with number 1 and together they make a wonderful message that should support your creative energy and focus it better.

1115 in Astrology and Numerology

This numerical sequence hides another number within. Once you sum up the digits, you get number 8. Number 8 is an undertone.

It is essential to the combination, since number 8 is about stability, materiality, being down to earth, reality, truth, consistence, control, but also inner wisdom, patience, giving and receiving, professionalism and executive abilities.

In other words, it perfectly balances the previous ones in gives their energy stable ground.

What to Do If You See 11:15?

If you keep seeing this mirror triple hour or the sequence, focus on what you find the most exciting and inspiring, having in mind that not all things could be accomplished at once. If you have many interests, do each one at a time.

You can even dedicate your time to more than one, but you have to be well organized.

Quick Summary

Triple mirror hour 11:15 and numerical sequences that resemble it are a message of positive approach to your own potentials and especially creative ones.

This message says you should do things systematically, in terms not to let every fantastic idea gets you sidetracked. It does not mean you should be inflexible, because that is not in your nature.

However, stay with your feet on the ground and find a balance between imagination and reality, expectations and current abilities. There is, in fact, time for everything.