22:22 – Meaning

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The Time and Numbers, two ever present concepts that constitute our civilized life for a great part. Since very ancient times, both of these have been fascinating to us, even though we tend to take both for granted, since they are simply being there.

We have invented concepts of both time and numbers, regardless of their existence that perhaps has nothing to do with us. It is one of those ineffable things making our lives more interesting.

If you stop for a little while and start thinking about the idea of time, you might very soon become confused and lost wondering about many questions. The same could happen with the abstract idea of numbers.

However, there are things everyone could easily catch; we live and think in numbers and according to time. According to our organized time, at least.

Modern world seems drowned in time unites and numbers, of course, mostly money related numbers. We speak in terms that express amounts, lengths, duration and so on. Just think about one of your regular days.

You get up at certain hour and you job starts at another. You spend some time getting ready, pass certain length of the road to get to your work and spend some hours at workplace.

You earn certain amount for your work and all related to your job is expressed in numerical units; the position, the salary, vacation days, working hours et cetera. You meet a friend at certain time, take this or that amount of ingredients to prepare lunch, count calories, perhaps, and so many more.

This was only an example and a little portion of it. Naturally, it is associated with counting time, numbers and keeping track of hours of the day.

It means we do check time on our clocks very often; digital clocks, mostly. Now, it is a regular thing.

However, matching digits we call mirror hours are surely a curious thing. It is something that you will remember, especially if it starts happening very often.

Why, when, say 22:22 is just a time of the day? Well, there could be more in it. Otherwise, it should never inspire strange feelings and curious ideas.

Measuring Time

Before we move on to mirror hours’ interpretation and focus on our hour for the day, 22:22, we will briefly introduce you to the history and phenomenon of counting time in the first place. It has begun in very ancient times.

Our prehistoric friends have certainly had an idea of the passing of time. First calendars, however, originate from the age of the early civilizations.

People have long ago noticed how celestial patterns affect the life on Erath, how seasonal changes are connected with planetary movement and else. They had a need to organize these patterns into systems that could help people organize lives and better to adapt to their current conditions. That is how some the first calendars came to life.

Worth of mentioning are all Mesopotamian calendars, Egyptian, Chinese and else. The first one resembling much our modern calendars was Babylonian; this one was divided into twelve months of thirty days each.

Day hours and the first clocks are another interesting subject. Some prototypes of clocks were found in China; Chinese candle clocks and oil lamps.

These were more of ‘reservoirs’ of time than an actual gadget that could present with the exact time of the day. They could show the amount of time that has passed.

Other important inventions in this matter were clepsydra, sundials, sandglasses and more. The first to show 24 hours of a day was an Egyptian invention. Mechanical clocks were invented much later.

Mirror Hours

It was not until our time that time got digitalized. Today, we look at our digital screens to see what time it is.

Moreover, those displays seem to be all around, featured on countless number of devices that are not primarily meant to show time.

However, our modern lives got fast and busy; we have to keep track of time, all the time. What is more important for our today’s story is that mirror hours could be seen only in digital form.

Their symbolical equivalent could be matching clock hands; the meaning is quite similar, which is what we are going to discuss and analyze. Mirror hours look like this: 01:01, 02:02, 03:03…00:00, depending on the format used. You could see them everywhere, but not all the time, of course.

For some reason, they attract our attention, especially if one keeps seeing the same combo all the time.

Why is that so? Well, the symmetry of these hours is what amazes us. Mirror hours represent a unique moment of perfect symmetry and we know life is not perfect. That is the reason why we believe mirror hours could hide some higher messages.

There are many ideas on where these messages come from and about their meanings. Let us see into it.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

If you keep seeing mirror hours or a particular one, it might be more than a coincidence.

However, it appears as a coincidence to look at your screen and see these symmetrical digits. It should be accidental.

One of the interesting theories that could be applied to mirror hours’ interpretation is Jung’s idea of synchronicity. It is based on the concept of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings.

Things become meaningful once brought into association. While it might sound simple, it is not always easy to connect things. Seeing mirror hours could be associated with your current phase of life.

Once you look up for the meaning of the numbers involved, things might start to get sense. It could be a helpful discovery.

Apart from this scholar idea, ones that are more romantic believe mirror hours are messages that come to us from our guardian angels or spirits that watch over us or want to get in touch with us for any reason.

The reason why would celestial or otherwise spiritual entities choose mirror hours to talk to us is simple. It would easily catch our attention, considering how obsessed with time we are.

Moreover, repetitive numerical patterns, symmetrical ones, are a rare phenomenon in comparison to ‘regular’ hours or numerical sequences. Guardian angels would love to help us do our best and so they send us these messages as guidelines.

They would never interfere with our lives directly; they are protective, caring and guiding. Their messages could be precious.

22:22 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Let us now explore our mirror hour 22:22. Well, this one is, indeed, symmetrical and powerful in its energy, considering here we have number 2 seen four times.

According to general mirror hours’ interpretations, this one is a message of personal strength and self-confidence and the balance between these concepts and your attitude towards the world around.

This means you should nurture your qualities, positive traits, talents and skills, but you should be careful about becoming too self-centered. You should think about other’s needs and always have in mind that a human is a social being.

Regardless of how introverted by nature one might be, he or she is still a part of the community of people, at least on a global, universal scale.

It is essentially important not to forget who you are and what you want, though. It means you should always nurture tolerance and understanding for others, but also have some limits.

Any extreme is dangerous and this mirror hour is exactly about the balance between extremes of this sort.

In order even better to understand its message, let us see into its symbolical numerical part.

What Does 22*22 Mean Spiritually?

We will best understand this mirror hour through the angelic numerology. It does not have to be only the mirror hour, but the same numerical sequence in another form. Now, this one consists only of number 2.

Number 2 is an extremely powerful one in (angelic) numerology. This number resonates with energy of balance, understanding, peace, love, diplomacy, cooperation, friendliness, sociability, selflessness and kindness.

At the same time, number 2 emphases the importance of self-care, decisiveness, personal will and mind, flexibility, caution, faith, justice, rightfulness and trustworthiness. It is an even number, a number of pairs, a number that inspires balance and stability. Its energy is incredibly strong, especially when you got it multiplied, as in here.

However, it does have a negative side, which is important to note, since here we have only 2 and not any other number that would affect its vibration.

Downsides of this powerful number are opposites of all mentioned above, which might happen when one has so much of one digit, as in here.

Negative aspects of number 2 are indecisiveness, hesitation, lack of compassion and empathy, stagnation, lack of flexibility, pessimistic thinking and dependency.

2222 in Astrology and Numerology

Fortunately astrological and numerology aspects could help us find a positive ground that would help balance both sides of this powerful number and thus make the message clearer.

The undertone, obtained through numerology of this sequence 2222, is the number 8 (2+2+2+2 equals 8). Number 8 is a number of pragmatic mind, stability, material fortune, self-value, constant, control, leaning through experience.

It also inspires compassion, exchanges, insight, reliance and self-reliance. It is the number associated with karma and universal cause-effect law. It is a perfectly balancing vibration in between two sides of the energy of 2. It confirms the meaning of the message stated above.

One should take good care about oneself, nurture their talents, ideas, and pursue their goals, without neglecting others.

This mirror hour or this numerical sequence is a clear message that should encourage you to pursue your goals in a patient and understanding way. What is very important is that its energy is steady, calm, without any panic, burst outs and such.

The only risk is to go to one of the extremes that come from the energy of number 2; one could become too self-focused or the opposite, completely dependent on others.

What to Do If You See 22:22?

If you see number 2222 or the mentioned mirror hour and keep seeing it, this means it is the time to think about your current position in life and especially about your social relations.

Think about your relations with people at your workplace; see if there are people whom you become too dependent on or ones that influence your opinion and mold it according to their own. You should work on your self-confidence and stand out for your own causes.

It also applies in any other area of life. What is very important to note is that the message 22:22, 22*22 or 2222 is not about a rebellious attitude towards others ideas, actions, decisions et cetera.

Not at all, it is about understanding or trying to understand others’ causes. It is about the possibility of compromises, as well. Sometimes, compromises are not an option, yet tolerance and respect should remain.

Seeing this number could also mean you should perhaps change your attitude towards the people around you, those who support and care about you.

Your guardian angels or whoever sends you this message wants to awake your empathetic nature, your social nature, friendliness and opens. They want you to be more flexible towards others and also more loving.

It does not have to be your exact case, of course. However, think about your loved ones; maybe you have, indeed, neglected their needs, being too focused on your ideas of success and the work that comes along.

If you keep seeing this number, make sure you check out about all the proposed; we are sure you will find a fitting explanation.

Quick Summary

At the end of the day, if you do not find anything problematic, to say so, in our current situation. This number should be encouraging. It does inspire positive energy and positive thinking. It means you are doing a good job, being balanced, patient and calm.

This mirror hour resonates with energy of universal harmony, balance and overall stability. It contributes to universal peace through your own case. Let its positive energy guide you and enjoy your life as it is.

Mirror hour 22:22 often occurs in people who are generally stable and patient in life, focused and generally organized well.

This number comes in times when their self-confidence gets shaken, when they start doubting their values and start thinking that others might know better than they do, about themselves.

This mirror hour is a reminder that it is you who knows what could be the best, but not without considering people’s opinions.

It also tells that it is not you who know what is the best for other people. You should be tolerant towards their dreams, desires and ideas, as long as these are not harmful, of course.

This mirror hour is, indeed, about mutual understanding, the exchange of energies of the universe and those between people.

Just a miraculous message about things we commonly lose an idea about, even though we live according to these ideas.