13:13 – Meaning

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Mirror hours are an interesting phenomenon many would call simply a coincidence. Our technologically advanced age made us distanced from spirits of the universe or at least we believe so.

Science can answer many things, but not all. In fact, science supports some rather mysterious things, only it is hard to connect it all and interpret that way.

Take mirror hours, for example. They are ‘possible’ only in our digital world.

These are matching digits that could be seen only on digital displays. How many times did it happen that you take a look at your display and se mirror hours?

If you keep seeing the same one all the time, it surely got your attention. You might think it is not a big deal, but understanding this phenomenon could actually be of great help.

Well, since ancient times and perhaps even before, we have been ascribing incredible meanings to numbers, especially if those are related to the idea of time.

Time is a mysterious realm, to say so. We cannot touch it, we cannot see it, it never ends and it is all around. However, we could say we feel time. At last, our own physical time on earth could be described as definite.

We have lost the infinity after that unfortunate event with, safe to say, charming snake and its sweet words about the delicious apple. The definite time gives us relief, but it also frightens us.

Perhaps it was the reason to find a way to organize time, in order to live it out the best we can. Our calendars and clocks have been helping us to do so.

The subject of time and our human time has always been complicated. Here, we focus on one particular interesting phenomenon related to it, the mirror hours and specific number sequences that occur to us as signs from other realms.

Numbers and time are tightly connected.

Time Counting History

The history of counting time is rich and complex. The idea of time has always been inseparable of the whole ‘setting’ of the universe we would often call the continuum of time and space.

These are extremely abstract ideas and difficult for a human to fathom. However, we have always been doing our best. Some of the first structured times came after our observation of skies, starts, planets and their motion.

Constellations and their patterns were the first solid thing to base our ideas on time on. Our early ancestors have connected the changes on earth with events upon the skies.

The seasonal changes and all sorts of nature phenomena are in close relation to what is happening somewhere up there. These patterns helped us ‘tame’ time and adapt to the life on this earth.

Some of the first calendars come from ancient Mesopotamian cultures, who were brilliant astronomers of the day. Some of the first clocks come from ancient China. Throughout the long development of time counting, we have finally reached the digitalized form of time.

The first clocks could not exactly tell us about the time of the day and surprise us with mirror hours, though.

Those could tell us only about certain amounts of time passed, which was helpful in organizing life, of course. Astronomical clocks were the first to tell us about the hour of the day. Mechanical clocks as we know them today came much later.

They could offer us an equivalent of mirror hours in form of matching clock hands.

Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are a contemporary phenomenon, but its nature is similar to any other ‘strange’ phenomena from the past. The most similar phenomenon are matching clock hand, when hour hand goes over the other one.

People have been either indifferent or superstitious about it. The most common superstition about mirror hours or matching clock hands is that it means someone was thinking about you.

One of the interesting ideas that could possibly explain mirror hors on even a scientific basis is Carl Gustav Jung’s idea of synchronicity. According to this idea, simultaneously happening events that seemingly have no connection make sense once you associate them.

It sounds loose, but the thing is that we have archetypes that lie in collective unconscious and that actually make all such phenomena meaningful.

Mirror hours illustrate this idea well; not only that these doubled sequences (01.01, 02:02…13:13 and so on) already represent some kind of synchronicity, butte could also symbolically or, even better, archetypically, respond to something else.

Other opinions on seeing mirror numbers tell those were likely messages from guardian angels or some sprits.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

According to alternative, more spiritual beliefs, mirror hours come to us as messages from other realms. It could be a message from a guardian angel. According to this interpretation, we all have are heavenly protectors who watch over us without directly interfering with our decisions and actions.

Guardian angels would most likely never appear in front of us, but they would send us messages of love, support and warning.

They would choose channels that are likely to catch our attention, such as numbers are.

Numbers make the greatest part of our lives, if you think deeper. Organization of time, as well. No wonder angels would choose to talk to you through mediums that display time.

If you keep seeing the same mirror hour over a long period or you happen to see the same sequence elsewhere, it must be that those numbers carry some deeper meaning.

13:13 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

What does it mean if you see mirror hour 13:13 or if you see the same sequence, only in another medium or form?

The secret lies in understanding the meaning of numbers we can find here.

As for the basic interpretation of mirror hour 13:13, this message is about making changes and being more creative and active in your endeavors. This mirror hour comes as a wake-up call; you should stop making things difficult by procrastination and hesitation.

The message does not mean you should jump up right away and radically change things. It comes to shake you up about what you are already doing. Numbers 1 and 3 are about ambition and creativity, amongst other things we will mention in the following paragraph.

This mirror hour should make you wonder about your goals and decisions. Do you feel as if you are stuck in this moment?

It is perfectly natural and fine, but it should never last for too long. That said, you should re-consider your current ideas and plans. Think about if what you are working on is what you are really into; of course, we all have doubts.

This question needs careful and thoughtful observation. Maybe you just got tired of working on the same thing, even though if you actually feel it was the right thing.

We all lose motivation and inspiration from time to time. This mirror number should encourage you. People give things up easily and search for another goals that would perhaps be more inspiring.

However, maybe the thing is not about the goals, but about paths you thread in order to reach them. You should have patience, but also to be enduring.

Mirror hour 13.13 should boost your self-confidence, since it comes as a reminder of your own value. Do not let failures discourage you or the lack of acknowledgment. Since number 13.13 comes to you, you are probably a person who dreams big and believes they were worthy.

However, the nature of this world is that many times others’ will not see it. Think about great artists or scholars of the past.

Do not be lazy because of the lack of motivation or lame and sorry for yourself, because others’ do not recognize your value. It all takes time, but also energy and effort. Do not surrender to sorrow once you lose your edge, but take an advantage from it and use it to recover your inspiration.

Do not become indifferent and lame about things that are not your primary goal, because they could be a powerful source and base finally to bring your dreams into realization.

What Does 13*13 Mean Spiritually?

Let us now think about spiritual meaning of these numbers. Number 13*13 has powerful spiritual potential, just as we have mentioned above. It is best seen through the perspective of angel numbers.

Number 13*13 and its other forms is, in its essence, the powerful combination of numbers 1 and 3. It could also be interpreted as the double 13, which carries the same meaning. When digits are multiplied heir energy only grown greater.

Number 1 is, well the number one. It stands for the first, the best, the glorious and victorious.

Number one is the beginning of things, the ambition and great potential. In individual case, it represents one’s potentials, especially one’s creative capacity, bravery, courage, endurance and goals. Number one resonates with the glorious energy of a desire to be the best.

On the other hand, it simply represents start. No achievement comes on its own, even if sometimes it might appear so.

The number 1 is the first step that you make on the path of bringing your own fate into realization. Number 1, seen as a motif in angelic numerology, in dreams and such should always give you hope, encouragement and boost your self-confidence.

Number 3 is a tricky addition. This number stands for inspiration, imagination, creativity, energy and adventurousness, openness and friendliness, enthusiasm and youthfulness.

Number 3 supports open thinking and freedom of mind; it boosts one’s desire to explore, learn, experience and discover. Number 3 is restless and energetic. It is even associated with psychic abilities.

Together, 1 and 2 could make an astounding or fatal combination. Most likely, you have both principles in your character and personality, so this number comes to remind you of both sides of the scale. You should take the best out of their vibrations and let your creativity flourish.

However, you will probably have hard time finding inner peace and equilibrium within.

1313 in Astrology and Numerology

Fortunately, numerology comes in with a ‘safe kit’ in form of numbers 4 and 8. If you sum up 1 and 3, you obviously get 4; double it or simply sum up all the digits in the sequence and here you get 8.

Number 4 is somewhat strict, stiff one, but very needed in this fiery combination of 1 and 3. Number 4 resonates with realism, pragmatism, rational thinking, constructive mind, stability and focus. It resonates with traditional and conventional.

Number 8 is somewhat different and perhaps more oriented towards personal achievements, but not in a hasty and somewhat risky manner of 1 and 3 together.

Number 8 is for patience, endurance, self-development, skills, talents, authority traits, decisiveness, making plans, executing plans etc. It also gives stability to one to whom it occurs. Here, the vibration of 4 and 8 is subtle; nevertheless, it is still present.

Now, number 13 is also an interesting one. It has always had a bit dark and rebellious connotation. Number 13 often stands for something that was not planned, that was extra, that was unwanted or simply, something that was wrong.

The thirteen pig is the most common association, as well as the date of Friday the 13th.

However, number 13 could also represent something that is exceptional, unique, out of all rules, because of its special energy.

Speaking about astrology, there is the thirteenth sign, which is that of the ‘snake-bearer’, Ophiuchus, the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. In this regard, it also supports the symbolism of 13 as something mystical, unplanned, hidden for any reason.

If you are more interested into the snake-bearer, the thirteenth sign, we warmly advise you check it out. It might give another dimension even to your mirror hour of 13:13.

What to Do If You See 13:13?

Mirror number 13:13 might sound a bit tricky from what we have learned about its vibrations. However, that does not have to scare you, only to make you think.

First things first, do not get discouraged and lazy because your work was not appreciated enough, so you have lost motivation to do it. Second, if you are in fact very intense about things you do, try to control yourself a bit.

All that enthusiasm and ambition are just the other side of what we have first described.

Fortunately, numbers that are hidden within this sequence give this vibration a smoothing effect. Spirits and energies that want you to realize all of it, for your own good, sent you this number.

It might be a slow and gradual process of self-recognition and inner awakening, but you are never alone in it.

Of course, any additional symbolical interpretation of these numbers could be of great use.

Quick Summary

Guardian angels would choose specific numbers, in order to send you specific message. You could also take the idea of synchronicity as a basis for the interpretation.

In any case, mirror hour 13:13 and other occurrences of the sequence all carry similar meanings. This mirror hour is a message of taking action and nurturing your own creativity.

These numbers reflect a character that is lively, imaginative driven and creative, but very likely to lose attention, motivation and courage and become lazy and dull.

This message comes as a wake-up call for you to take your life into your hands and do not let others discourage you.

You should work on your patience and try to be more relaxed in thinking, but more intense in making decisions and taking action.