21:11 – Meaning

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It was just a normal day, as any other. You have taken a glance at your mobile phone to see if the time was to go or to do something you have planned for the day.

Suddenly, there were matching digits or a particular combination.

Doubled digits would be more likely to draw your attention, but the others could have also left you with a strange feeling.

However, you discard the notion and mind your business as you have planned.

In a while, but not too distant from that moment, you see the same digits again or the same numerical sequence in other place. How awkward, you might think.

The event starts repeating and suddenly you realize you have been seeing the same numbers all around, in different situation, be it your daily business or some specific occasions. Now you start wondering what it might be.

If oddly repetitive numbers come appearing all around you, it could be a mysterious sign cosmic forces would love you to notice.

You might be a strict skeptical who does not believe in some supernatural forces of the universe or such ideas greatly inspire you.

Either way, seeing doubled, matching or simply the same numbers and hours all over again should raise at least some suspicion.

There is no need to worry! These numerical phenomena are usually good or neutral signs; they are not meant to do you wrong. The phenomenon that most often draws people attention are mirror hours or, in this particular case, triple mirror hours.

We are going to discuss them in detail, in the following paragraphs. What are mirror hours, then?

Triple Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are interesting phenomena that occurs in modern times. Yes, you have heart it correctly. If you think that our super technological world is deprived of all magic and is all scientific, you are mistaken.

Well, most of us are also aware that it is not exactly that super advanced, but that is not our point here. We want to say that there is still magic in the air. Loads of it, in fact.

It depends on your personal view on phenomena of this realm we inhabit, of course.

However, some interesting things we cannot understand or explain are always present. Mirror hours are one such example.  Mirror hours could be seen on digital screens.

They are pretty similar to the phenomenon of matching clocks hands, but up-leveled, to call it so. Mirror hours are basically when you see doubled digits on a time display.

Those doubled digits are easy to draw someone’s attention. They look like this: 10:10, 22:22, 09:09 or something of the sort.

Triple mirror hours are more difficult to recognize, since they are not so symmetrical. Triple mirror hours look like this: 11:12, 21:11, 00:01 or something similar to that.

However, if, say, 21:11 were the hour you keep seeing all the time, it is likely it would draw your attention.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

There are different explanations on why mirror hours or triple mirror hours happen. For those more inclined towards scientific explanations, let us discuss the theory of synchronicity.

In brief, this theory claims that all events are interconnected through collective unconscious and archetypical meanings that are stored within. Events that seemingly have nothing to do with one another have an archetypical correlation that, in fact, gives them both meaning.

In this regard, we could say there are not coincidences. The theory challenges causality and similar principles.

Therefore, mirror hours (or anything from the domain of inexplicable) should make perfect sense once you find their ‘pair’. In other words, seeing mirror hours explains something else that has been happening to you or around you and vice versa.

In other words, it is not a coincidence. The theory of synchronicity makes everything meaningful, so there are no empty spaces or things that happen without any cause. All is intertwined.

One of the greatest and the most famous psychologist of our time, Carl Gustav Jung, originally proposed the theory. However, it means nothing, if you do not get to understand the meaning of the exact hours/numbers.

Numerology, Astrology and Mirror Hours

This is the place where numerology and astrology step in. Astrology we will not discuss in detail, since numerology is the primary source of understanding mir5ror hours, although astrology is often combined in getting answers related to personalized numerology.

By personal numerology, we mean analyzes related to what is called personal life path number or birth number.

Numerology is the science of numbers, categorized as one of pseudo sciences, since it has never been officially recognized and acknowledged. It remains within the domain of alternative and spiritual, esoteric.

Numerology tries to resolve mysteries of the world through understanding meanings of numerical vibrations.

According to it, everything is constituted of numbers or everything could be expressed in numerical forms.

Numbers are the first and the last constitutive particle of all things that exist. The universe is consisted of umbers and numbers contain universal energy that sets the world into motion within. However, their vibrations are different.

That is why all things are different and all emit specific energy. Such are mirror hours, somewhat especially concentrated numerical messages from the Universe itself.

Therefore, if you are interested into deciphering those mirror or triple mirror hours you have been seeing for some time, you first have to get into numerology and see what specific numbers mean and what their vibrations are.

One interesting approach explains the phenomenon or mirror hours and their meaning through the activity of celestial forces. It is angelic numerology.

Angel Numbers and Mirror Hours

Angelic numerology is the same as numerology alone, although it ascribes the activity of sending numerical messages to guardian angels. If the theory of synchronicity satisfies your skeptical mind, maybe angelic activity is not exactly your things.

However, the two could be combined or you are one of those to believe there has to be some guarding spiritual force that watches over humankind. In any case, mirror and triple mirror hours could be seen as angelic messages.

According to this approach or, better, belief, angels are immaterial, celestial spirits that do not have free will (needless to say, there are beliefs and traditions according to which angels do possess their own will).

They act out of universal force, the need for balance and goodness. They are guardian angels, in fact. Each person has his or her own guardians throughout the lifetime.

Now, these guardians do not appear in one’s life ‘in person’; angels extremely rarely take up material form, although they could do so. They do not directly affect your life but send you mysterious messages you have to recognize.

It is very likely you would recognize them. Your guessing was right; mirror hours are angelic messages. They were sent to you as guidance.

If you are interesting into understanding what the message was about, you should look out for meaning of certain numbers and see how their vibrations combine.

Once you get the meaning of the numbers and digits combos, you try to connect them and associate with your current life phase, your emotional state or whatever else. Soon the pieces will come together and things will start to make sense.

21:11 Triple Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Let us discuss this specific triple mirror hours. The message behind triple mirror hours 21:11 is that of self-value and self-respect.

It is, in fact, a message of self-revaluation. It often happens that we put others before us, which is not always a bad thing, of course. Self-sacrifice is a virtue in many cases, but it should not be a rule, something we live by.

This message is about understanding priorities, about understanding yourself and valuing your own needs, not at the cost of others.

The message is basically about pacing yourself down from being there exclusively for others to being there for yourself. We could interpret as walking upwards, towards your own goals.

It is as if you have come down from one hill and now you start climbing the impressive mountain before you.

At the top of the mountain are your dreams, desires, things you truly wish for. The message does not mean you should forget everything and everyone else; on the contrary, it is a message that should teach you how to value both others and yourself.

It is a message about the balance within yourself, regarding personal needs and those of other people.

What Does 21*11 Mean Spiritually?

This numerical sequence is consisted from two digits, 2 and 1, and number 1 is the dominant.

However, the combination starts with number 2. Number 2 represents diplomacy, charm, friendliness, love, receptivity, adaptability, kindness, devotion, duty, cooperation, serving the divine purpose, selflessness and sociability.

All of these vibrations are, in their core, positive. However, this message says you probably gave them priority, not in a way that is good for you.

It means that you have probably focused more on others than on yourself. Therefore, number 1 comes in a row.

Number one represents leadership, authority, self-respect, ambition, self-confidence, openness, the power of will, achievements et cetera. It also stands for fresh start, new opportunities and new beginnings.

You have it three times in a row and it represents some kind of stairs, both those that lead you down the hill and up the mountain.

2111 in Astrology and Numerology

This sequence hides another number within. It is number five, since the summary of all digits equals five.

This number, as an undertone of the message, represents creativity, adventurousness, openness, kindness, artistic spirit, enthusiasm, pleasure, invention, motivation, experience and life lessons.

It paints the message of 2111 in magical shades. It should encourage you to change your self-perception in the way we were talking about.

What to Do If You See 21:11?

If you keep seeing this mirror hour, you should start thinking about what is it that really makes you feel good.

You have probably lost yourself in supporting and helping others. It is a good thing; altruism is by no means a quality worth of all praise. However, you should also be good towards yourself.

Noble deeds that make others’ lives better will enrich your soul, but you should spare same time on yourself.

Of course, if it was your call to be the one who helps others, things are all right, but that does not apply in all cases. We do not speak about doing charity work, working in a socially engaged institution or else, but about sacrificing all of your personality o support others.

Some people get to naïve and eventually others mistreat them, exploiting their good intentions. This is what you should pay attention to.

Quick Summary

Triple mirror hour 21:11 is a beautiful message that should make you re-think your actual needs and desires and start focusing on yourself more.

It should help in finding balance between what you really wish and what others around you wish from you that between personal needs and needs of others.

This message tries to open your eyes and make you realize if some wants to take advantage of your good will and benevolent nature.