11:13 – Meaning

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The mystery of Universe has been one of probably the longest debated themes throughout human history.

We have achieved many amazing things over the course of civilization, discovering fascinating things about ourselves, the place we live in and something about the wider space that still allures us with its infinite beauty and – mystery.

However, it is mystery that is awe-inspiring, wonderful, sometimes scary. We have never been able to answer the question of our existence.

It is the Ultimate Question and perhaps we will never know the actual answer. Perhaps we will. In the famous fantastic humoristic book from Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, super computer that has spent ages in calculating the right answer finally provides one; it is (what a surprise!) 42.

It seems absurd in the first place and many readers take it so or they understood it as our inability to fathom the roots of our existence.

However, those inspired ones have spent many sleepless nights trying to undercover the meaning of this number, although Adams himself has said that it was a joke. Not everyone was convinced.

The answer to Ultimate Question of Life, Universe and everything seems to hide in itself many meanings.

Binary interpretation of the number, spiritual, religious, mathematical…many ideas have been proposed over time as being of significance.

As a matter of fact, number 42 frequently occurs in the Bible, for instance, the book that is supposed to give some answers to the believers.

Be it as it may, this interesting story sparks up our interest in numbers, time, universe and everything. It makes it clear that numbers really mean a lot to people.

We in-read the meanings to them or they already posses some essential meanings? It is very confusing, though truly inspiring, especially when we add the notion of Time.

Mirror Numbers

Today we are going to talk about a very special phenomenon that combines both the mystery of numbers and that of time. Time is, by all means, another mystery to us. We live in time, we live time and we are, de facto, affected by Time. It is such a grandiose concept that is beyond our comprehension. It would devour us, if we do not organize it.

This is the reason why we invented systems of counting and measuring time. It makes our lives structured, organized and meaningful. We would probably not need to do so if we were immortal.

Our physical bodies, at least, are not immortal. What happens after our bodies reach its final day, no one knows for sure. Our time on earth is limited, so it was the best to find a system that would help use it the best way possible.

It works, although many times it appears to us that we live in a complete chaos. What about mirror hours, then? What are mirror hours?

Mirror hours are a modern phenomenon, although they have old-fashioned equivalents, to say so. Mirror hours are when your digital clock presents with specific digits pattern and especially when you keep seeing the same sequence repeatedly.

Significance of the phenomenon is even stronger, if you keep seeing the same numerical pattern in other forms and formats. Mirror hour 11:13 is more specific one. It is so-called triple mirror hour.

Typical mirror hours are doubled digits that appear like this: 10:10, 01:01, 11:11 et cetera, depending on the digital format you opt for. Triple mirror hours appear like this: 11:12, 22:21 et cetera.

There is no specific difference between meaning of double hours and triple mirror hours, only the former ones are more eye-catching. However, to both apply the same ‘rule’. You cannot see them on purpose, forcefully. Well, you could, but then they will have no meaning.

The secret behind mirror hours, double or triple, is that they possibly carry specific messages for the viewer.

To put it simply, they are ‘signs’ and they fall under the category of metaphysical. They occur seemingly accidently, when you do not expect them. For example, you took a glance at your phone and there they were.

Of course, it is very likely that you would simply cast it away as a coincidence.

However, if the session keeps repeating and if you even start seeing the same digits in other places (in newspapers, on walls, in dreams, hear about them in talk etc.), there could be something more to it. The Universe is trying to tell you something.

What does it try to inform you of? In order to discover the meaning, you have to get familiar with secrets of numbers.

Mirror hours and Numerology

Numerology is essential to understanding mirror hours, double or triple, it does not matter. Numerology is the (pseudo) science of numbers.

According to this fascinating approach, the whole universe represents a system of countless elements, broken into smallest particles and the basic ones would be numbers. We could express everything in numerical forms, it seems so. It is one of our ways to understand the world better and organize our own existence.

Numbers are believed to resonate with specific vibrations; combined they create a complex of vibration and give meaning to things they constitute. Thus, a person has the birth number that is calculated from the digits that constitute their date of birth.

This calculation is simple and it is how numerological meanings are to be found out. All digits are summed up and the last one you get is the life number.

What does numerology have to do with mirror hours? Well, digits you keep seeing have special vibrations and special meanings. By understanding the meaning behind the digits, you could understand the message of the mirror hours.

Once you get it, you will be able to associate it with the situation in your life and, thus, the message would be of a great help.

Mirror Hours and Angel Numbers

A special spiritual approach is even more interesting when talking about mirror hours. It is angelic numerology. The principle is the same, but it is based on more ‘romantic’ grounds. It is believed that these mysterious numbers and hours are messages from guardian angels.

While the meaning of the digits alone remains the same, the point is that celestial powers care about your well-being.

That said, mirror hours should never be taken as a bad, threatening sign, so one should not feel anxious about seeing the same sequence all over the place. It could be a sign of warning, but the intention is good.

According to this belief in guardian angels, they are celestial entities that are ethereal, immaterial.

They could use physical form, if they wish so, but they would extremely rarely do so. They do not want to interfere directly with our life; it is not their mission to mold up our life path according to their taste.

In this approach, they do not have such form of free will. Angels watch over you and they would help you use your own potentials and capacities to the fullest.

By sending specific mirror hours, they want to point out some things you should take care about, they want you to realize certain things you seem to miss out, or they just want to encourage you and assure you that you are loved by heavens above. In other words, you are never alone.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Believe in angels or not, mirror hours appear strangely appealing and intriguing. There is an interesting theory that could explain seeing mirror hours, regardless of your belief in celestial powers or not.

It is Jung’s theory of synchronicity that proposes rather reasonable and interesting explanation. According to synchronicity theory, all things and events that take place are meaningful, once we associate them with one another.

In other words, there are no random events. Although many times it seems to us that some things are unrelated, the line of association could probably be found and it would give the perfect meaning to both.

This theory is based upon the concept of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings. Next time you see mirror hours and keep seeing them, think about this.

Of course, it would be of essential use to understand the meaning of the numbers as in numerology. Once you discover the meaning of digits you keep seeing and their combination, it is highly likely that you would be able to associate it with certain things happening in your life.

This way, mirror hours really serve as guidance, a waking call and a message of precious meaning.

11:13 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

What is then the message of 11:13 about? This is a triple mirror hour and it sends a message of responsibility, organization and patience. It suggests that you should slow down just a little bit, since you have probably being acting chaotic and too impulsive lately.

You are probably convinced that you would miss out something if you were not engaged in everything, but that is not true.

The result of rush and haste and taking too much upon yourself, without entering deeper into anything of it, will be exactly the opposite. That is not the way to achieve something. It is very likely that you dream big and that your ambitions are high, but the problem is that you overestimate your human capacities. You simply cannot do everything at time.

This is also a message about deciding on priorities. It is very good that you are a person of many interests, versatile and enthusiastic, adventurous and a curious one. However, not all of your interests can take place at the same time, at least not in the same amount.

This is a message of self-organization. You should decide on priorities, for a time. It does not exclude other interest! It only means you should patiently work on them all.

What Does 11*13 Mean Spiritually?

Triple number 11*13 sends the message above, which is clearly visible from its composition. Here we have sequence of three times number 1 in a row and one number 3.

Number one dominates the combination. Number 1 is a number of success, ambition, achievement, being the first, about authority, self-esteem, leadership, taking initiative et cetera.

However, it has its other side, which is about beginnings, fresh start, being new, being inexperienced. In other words, it embodies the starting and the final points of the road to achievement.

In this sequence, it literally represents the step-by-step approach, a ladder, stairs, if you wish. It implies one must do things systematically, not in a rush, not without dedicating proper time to each step and valuing each small achievement.

Number 3 sparks up the enthusiasm and gives one optimism along the way. Number 3 is youthful, creative, imaginative, restless a bit, friendly, optimistic and lively.

It prevents one from taking things too seriously and from being to success-obsessed in the raw, senseless way. It relieves tension and helps you go with the flow at times, without losing your focus.

1113 in Astrology and Numerology

Number 1113 hides an undertone to this message. It is the vibration of number 6. If you sum up all the digits, the result is going to be 6.

Number 6 sooths the tension that comes from success oriented 1 and sometimes too enthusiastic 3.

Number 6 represents balance, harmony, compassion, understanding, openness, helpfulness, tolerance. It balances these energies and makes you realize that there are other people around you.

What to Do If You See 11:13?

If you keep seeing this triple mirror hour, you should definitely sit down and think about your current activities.

You should take it easy and not be afraid of slowing down; the world will still be there and all the things that interest you are yours to keep and work on. In order to make the best out of them, you should not do them chaotically.

You have to organize your time and go step by step. Some things have to be put on delay, but they will not disappear.

Quick Summary

Triple mirror hour 11:13 is overall about better organization, better sense of your own interest and the world around you.

The pressure of rush is all present in contemporary world, while there is actually no need for it, especially not in areas one enjoy simply because of their own interest and enthusiasm. Take it easy and go at your own pace.

Moreover, this new approach would help you defocus from yourself and the chaos you have created.

It would help you reconnect with the people around. It does not mean your connections are awkward or non-existent, but you are probably not involved in them with your heart.

Your dear ones would be happy to have you fully present in their lives and it would enrich your own and possibly even spark up your good enthusiasm about things you love to do.