15:15 – Meaning

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The magic of numbers has always been intriguing to humans, fascinating, seducing and amazing, in all regards. It is so very interesting, since we were the ones to invent numbers in the first place.

Have it combined with our idea of time and you get the ‘real magic’ in this earthly life. The truth is, many things we take for granted are so very enchanting in their nature. Of course, it would be insane to go around and be fascinated by everything all the time.

However, a little reminder on wonders of this world, even abstract ideas that make it wonderful, is never a lost cause.

Today we will be talking about the magic of numbers and time, combined in the phenomenon of mirror hours and repetitive numerical sequences that very likely hide some special meaning.

The time as a concept is already fascinating in its own nature. Can you imagine the world without time?

Yet, on the other hand, time is something we cannot see or touch, something abstract and often hard to comprehend. We do take it for a constant that help us organize life.

Did we invent the time itself or the Time already existed? It is hard to tell for sure. Perhaps the answer is a bit of both. Giving the time at least some boundaries make us the creators of our own time. Moreover, in order to ‘catch’ time, we need numbers. Numbers are just another mean to help us give our own existence sense. We are physical beings, and conscious beings.

We are aware that our own physical life is definite and whatever we might believe about it, we cannot guarantee about the afterlife or tell what comes after we are gone from the physical dimension, at least. That is, perhaps, the main reason for creation of time as a concept and numbers as an ‘organizational tool’.

Since we started counting this and that, we have been noticing patterns, phenomena that repeat, similarities, all sorts of natural rules and cosmic ones. Great deal of all this we could express in numbers and in units of time.

Moreover, the magic of it also hides in imperfections in exceptions that confirm the rule, as in finding a four-leaved shamrock, in the sea of three-leaved ones.

Repetitive patterns manifested in time also seem meaningful on another level, not only the earthly one. For example, you start seeing the same motif for hundreds of times in all the odd places.

Numbers have their own magic per se, based probably on all those patterns and phenomena we have recognized in the past. That gives numbers in time more specific meaning.

The Meaning of Time

Before we analyze our today’s mirror number 15:15 and its other numerical manifestations, let us talk about the time itself; more precisely, about the counting of time. The earliest traces of time counting could be found in very ancient history, even prehistory.

However, the first calendars similar to our today could be found in old Mesopotamian cultures, in Egypt, in China.

Babylonian calendar, for example consisted of twelve months of thirty days each. In the early days, people have noticed how celestial phenomena, patterns of the Sun and the Moon, the stars and the planets affect the life on our own earth.

In order to adapt to given circumstances we have started counting time, creating useful patterns to live by. It is truly a fascinating thing. We still do it today. Our progress makes us feel as if the time runs up faster or maybe it really does?

Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine life without counting, measuring, time planning in the loosest form at least. It took a long road up to inventing gadgets that would ‘catch’ and mark the time of the day so to make our time even more structured.

The prototypes of the first clocks were to be found in the ancient China. Those were Chinese oil lamps and candle clocks.

However, neither of those could tell about the exact hour, the time of the day. What these could show was the amount of the time that has passed, which was, indeed helpful.

The first astronomical clock that could present with the hours of the day in the 24-hour pattern we still live by originates from the Ancient Egypt. The first mechanical clocks were medieval inventions.

One of those old mechanical clocks is famous around the world. It is the majestic Astronomical clock in Prague, Old town. This amazing machine still has parts made in the early fifteenth century and the clock is still functional.

In addition, it is wonderfully decorated, an attraction all Prague visitors should never miss out. Time and divination were inseparable since antiquity.

Well, divination and predictions are meant to inform us about what might happen in the future, but also to take us back into time. They allow for time travelling, in a specific way. The uncertainty of future is what makes want equally to know or not to know about.

All kinds of signs connect us with higher realms and, whether we wanted it or not, inform us about things important for our own destiny.

Mirror Hours

That is precisely the purpose of mirror hours. Mirror hours are not unusual phenomena, but it is important to understand them well. Otherwise, you might miss out precious info and guidelines that come from another realm. What are mirror hours in the first place?

Although you perhaps have never expected such an answer, but mirror hours are fully a contemporary phenomenon. Our modernized, fast and hi-tech world is not deprived of heavenly mysteries at all.

Mirror hours could be seen exclusively in contemporary setting on digital screens that show the time of the day; digital clocks.

Mirror hours look like this. 01:01, 02:02, 03:03…10:10, 11:11…23:23, 00:00, depending on your settings and the time format.

You can see it anywhere, from your mobile phone screen, your lap top or some clock on the street to gadgets that are not exactly meant to show time, but still have the time display.

The thing about mirror hours is that you have to notice them on chance. You can sit here and stare into the corner of your computer screen, waiting for numbers to ‘mirror’, but if it was ‘forced’ in this way, it does not carry any specific meaning.

Mirror hours should come uninvited. Where they come from?

There are different opinions on that. One of the widespread beliefs is a simple superstition; it says that if you see matching clock hands or mirror hours, someone must be thinking about you.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

There are other explanations, from scientific to completely spiritual ones. One of the interesting ideas is Jung’s idea of synchronicity based upon the idea of collective unconscious and archetypical meanings that lie in it.

According to the rule of synchronicity, seemingly unrelated phenomena and events are actually not coincidental; together, associated, they make meaning to each other and so both have purpose.

Mirror numbers are synchronized even in their appearance and associated with something in your life, as the one who saw them, they could make perfect sense. The other opinion is more spiritual.

It says that mirror numbers and similar type s of signs come to us from our guardian angels or caring protective spirits, usually those of people dear to us who are gone.

These numbers would easily catch our attention, because of their strange synchronicity in the first place.

Well, if a mirror number such as 15:15 has been occurring all the time in all kinds of places, it had to grab your attention. Now you might simply cast it away and even think about it as a (strange) coincidence, but it would be most helpful that you search out for the meaning of those numbers.

Guardian angels might have sent you this mirror number order to encourage you, to give you hope, to support you, warn you or simply to show heavens love you no matter what.

They would choose such a channel, because it is, indeed, something you would probably notice. The same is with messages from the other side.

The purpose of mirror hours is never bad intended; you should not be afraid because of seeing them all the time.

However, it would be good to find the meaning of the numbers and see how the message fits into your current situation and how it might be helpful.

15:15 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

The general meaning of the mirror number 15:15 is that of self-nurture, which eventually reflects beautifully on your whole life, including the people around you.

This mirror numbers comes to remind you to be gentler towards yourself and less self-critical. Too high expectations make you too self-centered and too hard on yourself, which cannot be good.

This does not mean you should not nurture your ambitions, but you have to value each step more.

This will also help you to better see and experience the world around you, as well as to generate more compassion and empathy, which would enrich your life for sure. You are probably a perfectionist, perhaps not yet aware of the downsides of it.

Perfectionism is good to some point, but it actually leads to self-restriction and many limitations.

It prevents you from thinking out of the box, if you create too strict and probably too perfect rules yourself, no human could actually follow up.

Being too hard on yourself would only lead you to feeling miserable and disappointed in life. You should become aware of that possibility, if you do not already experience it. The number 15:15 is a reminder of the downsides of perfectionism, in this regard.

We will explain now what the numbers in this sequence mean and how this mirror number presents with such a message and why this message is precisely meant for you.

What Does 15*15 Mean Spiritually?

The number sequence of 15*15 seen either in a form of mirror numbers or other could be best understood through angelic numerology. We have mentioned the mirror number 15:15 is about reminding you to stop being too strict on yourself in the first place. Well, this number is consisted of numbers 1 and 5.

In angelic numerology, which is important for understanding numerical sequences as heavenly messages, numbers 1 and 5 both have specific meanings.

Number 1 means being the first, the authoritarian, the one in charge, the best, but also it means fresh start, new beginning, the very first step of the way that would possibly lead to being the best.

The problem is people usually focus solely on the first meaning and stick to it, forgetting about the entire road they have to walk by. There is no success without the starting point, right?

Therefore, do not expect to be the first and the best instantly, nurture your talents and skills, help them grow.

Do not judge your attempts and failures too hard and appreciate even the smallest success.

Number 5 comes to help with that. Number 5 represents creative potential, eagerness, friendliness, openness. Number 5 is your creative force unrestrained, free, and independent in all aspects of your existence.

Its vibration is intense, but warm, compassionate. Number 5 stands for individualism, versatility and curiosity.

This number however resonates with sociability, understanding, vivacity, but also with competitive spirit and learning through experience. It liberates the strictness people tend to ascribe to number 1.

Therefore, number 15*15 stands for your liberated spirit; it should give you hope and energy to pursue your goals, without putting yourself into chains of perfect expectations. It also reminds you of those around, it opens you towards the people.

You could always learn new things from others, if only you let yourself open to such an idea.

Do not be too proud of yourself and arrogant. Do not forget 1 means a start, not only the goal. Number 1 and 5 together make for a perfect combination and in the sequence of 15*15 or as a mirror number, this energy is doubled.

1515 in Astrology and Numerology

Number 1515 could also be understood as the sum of the digits, which is what numerology seeks for in numerical sequences often. This sequence is, indeed, number 15 seen two times.

Digits 1 and 5 together give the sum of 6. Now, number 6 is also an interesting one that could give a specific undertone to this combination. Number 6 resonates with energies more oriented towards others, which makes you empathic and caring.

Number 6 stands for protection, nurture, love, peace, justice, honesty and all similar values and balance, but also supports individual curiosity and idealism. Its vibration should exactly make energies of 1 and 5 more balanced.

Finally, summing up all the digits in the sequence, we get number 3 (1+5+1+5 equals 12, 1+2 equals 3).

The energy of number 3 is that of optimism, friendliness, spontaneity and enthusiasm, amongst other ideas, so it is an additional ingredient to this overall combination of energies.

What to Do If You See 15:15?

If you see mirror number 15:15 you should think about if you were too hard on yourself recently. Perhaps you have been very self-judgmental lately and you feel a bit disappointed.

This number should remind you that not all things in life should always be taken that seriously.

Of course, it is good to have structure, plan and principles you hold on. However, do not underestimate everything else on behalf of only the best result.

Quick Summary

Mirror number 15:15 and its other forms represent the message of encouragements and stand as a reminder of the need to be easier on yourself.

This number usually occurs repeatedly in people who are very ambitious, but often fail to recognize the value of little things in life.

The number is a message that says everything is important; there is no success without a start.

In order to maintain the energy to pursue it, feed it with positive affirmations of each little step you take.