18:18 – Meaning

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Throughout the ages of human civilization, numbers seem to have developed special powers, to say so.

It is such an exciting notion, since we ourselves invented numbers in the first place; or perhaps it was not us? Well, be it as it may, numbers have been important to humans since very old times.

Not only that numbers help us investigate and organize our world, but they also take us on a journey to realms of mysterious, unknown, magical and spiritual.

From a spiritualistic point of view, all elements that constitute our world vibrate with certain energies or it is one energy that flows through all things, and all ideas. Numbers may be abstract; yet, they have become inevitable for our busy lives.

Time is another mysterious concept that has been around since old days. We function according to time or, better to say, thanks to the concept of time.

Time is extremely hard to define, which is so strange, considering that we use units of time all the, well, time. Counting time is important to us, especially in the modern world, as it seems.

Counting time is where the magic of numbers and idea of Time come together. It is, indeed, their meeting point. Apart from the pragmatic value in terms of daily organization, numbers and time open to us some other portals.

We express everything and anything through concept of time and numbers. Modern urban people cannot even imagine leading life without these concepts.

We would need great amount of time to adapt to the world without those concepts, but we would still use them, to certain degree.

Say you leave the city and go to live in a cottage in hills; you would still count days and other, even if you perhaps will not use the conventional units.

Today we will be talking about an extremely interesting spiritualistic aspect related to ideas of time and numbers, the so-called mirror hours and repetitive numerical patterns, commonly associated with the display of time of the day.

Before we dive into this mysterious world, let us talk a little bit about the history of time counting.

Time Counting

People have been counting time since the earliest days. Some very old evidence could even be found in prehistoric communities.

One of the first well-established calendars was that of the Babylonians, an impressive empire of the ancient days, known not only for its glory as a great force, but also after its astronomers, priests, deities and much more.

In other old Mesopotamian cultures, astronomy and time counting were amazingly developed for the day.

Calendar of the Ancient China is worth of mentioning, as well. Egyptian, Tibetan, Sumerian calendars are also important points in the history of time. Our far ancestors have first started observing the patterns of planetary movement, that of the sun and of the Moon, associating them with seasonal changes and all else.

It was essential to note how and when the world ‘functions’ in particular way, so the take the best out of it.

Calendars helped people organize life much better and take the best from the earth’s offerings. Many spiritual ideas have emerged from these concepts; worship of certain deities associated with seasonal changes and phenomena.

Numbers have always been incorporated in these ideas. Today, it seems to us that times go really fast. On the other hand, perhaps we do.

No one could tell for sure, but Time does stay an absolute we live by. It will not wait for us; it forever flows. Regarding our mirror hours, we should talk about the time of the day. It was in ancient Egypt that people invented some of the first clocks to show the hour of the day.

It was one of the first astronomical clocks ever and it was called merkhet. Prior to this invention, there were other attempts.

However, most of those failed to show the exact hour of the day. They could only present us with the unit of the time that has passed, which was, of course, of great help. Such clocks, or proto-clocks, were Chinese oil lamps and Chinese candle clocks. Mechanical clocks developed much later.

One of the astounding examples is certainly the Astronomical clock you could see visiting Prague.

This masterpiece of not only mechanics, but art as well, still functions. Thousands of tourists from all sides of the world come daily to see this amazing clock. Some parts of the Astronomical clock originate from early fourteenth century.

Now, as we have briefly traveled through the past, let us now enter the magical ream of mirror hours.

Mirror Hours

What are these mirror hours exactly? You could, perhaps, be surprised to know that mirror hours are, in fact, a contemporary phenomenon, strictly associated with the modern, digitalized world.

How so, one might ask, when we live in the world (seemingly) deprived of the magical and spiritual. It is not exactly true. Spirituality ‘never dies’, to use the common phrase. It has always been around us, even if we do not notice it.

Mirror hours are phenomenon of modern era and of modern digital time displays. It means they could not be seen in other places, but on digital clocks. The older equivalent would be matching clock hands.

Mirror hours mean that the digits on the time display, those that show hours and minutes, ‘mirror’, reflect one another; simply, they are the same ones. It looks like this. 01:01, 02:02, 03:03 at cetera.

The same patterns of numerical could be seen in other places, only not presented in the form of time units. You could keep seeing the same digits all around, have dreams about those, hear about them in a conversation and else. If that was so, it has surely drawn your attention.

Now you might wonder if there was something more behind it or it was only a coincidence.

Seeing Mirror Hours Meaning

Well, the opinions are divided. To those non-skeptical and more open to different views on life, mirror hours could mean many things. One of the interesting views could be associated with Carl Gustav Jung’s idea of synchronicity.

According to this theory, seemingly unrelated things and events make full sense, after you associate one with another. It challenges the idea of causality and makes the world a meaningful place, rather than a chaotic one.

The associations come from the collective unconscious, based on the existence of archetypical meanings. Thus, when you see a mirror hours, say this we will be talking about, 18:18, and associate it with something that has been happening lately, all things could start to make sense.

Of course, in order to understand this, you have to know more about the meaning of the numbers involved.

Ones that are more ‘romantic’ associate mirror hours with the realm of spiritual beings, such as spirits and angels.

To many, seeing these matching digits means a sign from a spirit of a person who has passed away, but cares about us and wants to protect us or from one’s guardian angels. In each of the scenarios, ethereal forces operate through digits of time.

One of the common, to call them folk beliefs, states that mirror hours (or matching clock hands) mean someone was thinking about you or talking about you.

Often, this interpretation is associated with romantic feelings and matters of love. In that regard, there is another interpretation of mirror hours as love hours.

Whatever your point of view might be, it will be useful to learn about the meaning of the exact numbers-

18:18 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

Mirror number 18:18 is a challenging one. This mirror hour is associated with letting go of the negativity in our lives and especially with saying goodbye to people or to certain things and ideas in life.

This is the number that should make you switch focus to yourself and your own good.

It is the time to say farewell to someone/something. Hour 18:18 is related to the process of mourning. While it could be associated with solemn, sad situations such as when someone we knew has passed away, it could be associated with ‘dying off’ of certain ideas or, perhaps, our plans.

These are all hard times for an individual, one that restricts your capabilities, keeping you tied up in the mourning phase. The mourning phase and feeling sorry for certain things is inevitable and good, but only to certain point.

Number 18:18 comes to remind you that all is not lost and that you should focus on yourself and move forward.

This mirror hour is like a waking call; it should take you out from the personal darkness and open new horizons to you. If you have experienced any of the above lately and you keep seeing this exact mirror hour, it could be a sign for you to move on.

What Does 18*18 Mean Spiritually?

Since mirror hours are greatly associated with angels and guardian angelic operations, they are best understood as seen from the perspective of angelic numerology. If you keep seeing digits 18*18 in any form, they perhaps have a very useful, guiding meaning for you.

This sequence consists of numbers 1 and 8. Both these number carry strong spiritual energy.

Number one is the number of beginnings, birth and rebirth, start and start again, something new, a first step towards a goal. However, it also embodies the essence of the goal, the ambition, being the first, the best, the famous and the glorious.

Number one embodies both ideas of the beginning and the end of a quest, crowned with success. It does overlook what is in between, making for extremes.

In this combination, number 1 stays for the ‘outline’ of your personal path; it represents where you are now and where you would like to be. That is where number 8 steps in.

Number 8 is a very positive number that fits perfectly into the meaning offered and stands boldly besides number 1. Eight stands for self-confidence and pragmatism. This number is associated with ideas of matter, financial, wealth and abundance in every sense.

Number 8 represents problem-solving attitude, executive ability, authority, the sense of organization and control. It is not too strict in its energy, but allows for all of this in a peaceful, calm, reasonable approach.

Number 8 greatly contributes to self-development, without neglecting others. It is associated with sociability, trustworthiness, justice, patience and peace.

Together, these number makes for a perfect ground for an individual to become conscious about the current situation and to peacefully, without panic, determine where he or she would like to go.

Angelic numbers 1 and 8 come to you in this form so to remind you to think about your dreams and desires, while also to be cautious, patient and stable in it. Your guardian angels mean only all well to you.

1818 in Astrology and Numerology

There are other potential meanings that could be seen in this sequence, if we look at it from the numerological and astrological point of view. Those reveal undertones of the sequence.

This undertone resonates with the energy of the number 9, since digits 1 and 8 sum up as 9, while also all the digits summed up give numerological 9 (1+8+1+8 equals 18 and 1+8 equals 9). What about its vibration?

Number 9 is a magical number, associated primarily with the spiritual aspect of a human being. This number is associated with enlightenment, spiritual awakening, arts, eccentricity, freedom of mind, sensitivity and more.

This is such a fine number that also stands for philanthropy, humanitarianism, self-sacrifice, sharing, love and caring. It also resonates with the Divine, mystique and understanding.

It is just what the former combination requires, a sense of love, community compassion, obligation, spiritual and divine.

These numbers together make for an optimistic message and ultimately positive guideline, especially if we take that they are associated with the mirror hour reserved for the phase of stepping out from the negative feelings and the phase of mourning over someone/something.

What to Do If You See 18:18?

Having all of the above in mind, mirror hour 18:18 makes for a promising and encouraging message.

If you keep seeing it, be sure some higher, invisible forces might be thinking of you, trying to guide your way and help you see out of the darkness.

Even if it seems that everything is fine in your life (you have no apparent reason to feel sad or solemn), this mirror hour should be inspiring to you and help you better see where would you like to go and which path you would like to thread on.

Quick Summary

Mirror hour 18:18 or any other form of this numerical sequence is a positive and encouraging message.

It is, indeed, associated with some gloom feelings in the first place, but the purpose of this numerical message is exactly to help you change your views, move on with your life or perhaps step into something completely new.

This mirror hour gives hope, brings joy into one’s life after the period of sadness or simply an undefined phase.