Angel Number 900 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Being guided by the guardian angels is the biggest blessing you can receive from the spiritual realm. The power of the guardian angels lies in their ability to contact us and send us strong messages that we can apply in our lives.

Being close to the spiritual realm is beneficial because it allows us to stay calm and find meaning in this difficult world.

Angel numbers can appear everywhere we look. The goal of their appearance is to direct us to the place of happiness and joy, without leading us on to something potentially harmful. Their vibrancies are going to attract us to them and lead us on to the right path.

In today’s text we will talk about the angel number 900 and the spiritual meaning of this powerful angel number.

Angel Number 900 – Interesting information

Angel number 900 is the number of Karma and retrospect about the steps you have taken in the past.

The law of karma is the same as the law of action and reaction in this world. That means: When I hit my fist on the table, the table hits my hand.

So it’s the consequence of the causes we set in motion in the past, and that means an unpaid bill in the negative sense or positive sense that we call good karma. For example, has anyone done much good in previous lives and so he has a happy life and accompanies him to success, even without making much of an effort, we talk about good karma.

The word karma in Sanskrit means action or action. Karma starts the moment you are born the first time and when you get ego. Ego can be defined as the concept of a separate being. Karma starts to emerge when you have the freedom of choice in your own development.

A dog, a cat or animals in general are programmed in advance. This means that the cat will always react like a cat. The serpent will always respond like snake. And it’s not possible for a cat to react like a dog or vice versa.

As a further stage of development, the human being has the opportunity to notice that one reacts automatically in certain situations, and therefore the subconscious takes over the decisions.

He also has the ability to respond to and to program the subconscious mind (for example, through meditation or hypnosis). That is, he may be born with certain qualities, but he can work on these qualities and change them.

For example, if you are afraid of water, you can still overcome that fear and learn to swim. Or if you cannot communicate well and express yourself, you learn to learn it when you practice it (for example, through Improvisation Theater …). It’s just a matter of will, spiritual development and discipline! This includes self-knowledge, which qualities we have and why we react the way we react.

So karma starts the moment you become a human for the first time. If someone steals something for the first time, something is also stolen from him. In this or a future life. If a man kills someone, he too will be killed in this life or the next, or will he have a chance to return that negative karma in a positive way to save someone’s life. Best of the same soul. This is how Karma comes into being. Like the law of action and reaction. It follows that no matter what you do, it always comes back somehow. That’s karma.

For example, if someone experiences very many unfortunate coincidences in this life, it means that he has bad karma (or he is surrounded by people who negatively influence or harm him!). But he can change that karma at any moment. If you know that you have bad karma, you can outweigh it by the positive karma. Karma says that no matter what we do, it comes back to us.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 900 combines two powerful numbers that can be quite beneficial for your future. You can learn a lot from the numbers 9 and 0, since they are telling us to look back at our past and also to focus on the future.

Angel number 9 is the number of karma and evaluating our past steps. A person may be born with certain qualities, but he can work on these qualities and change them. For example, if you are afraid of water, you can still overcome that fear and learn to swim. Or if you cannot communicate well and express yourself, you learn to learn it when you practice it.

This is the period to look back and think about everything you have done in the recent period, since that can help you find closure or solutions to the problems you are experiencing now.

Angel number 0 appears two times in this number sequence and it represents your ability to focus on everything that can be done and do it. Number 0 allows you to achieve everything or nothing, it all depends on you.

The more work you put into something the better the outlook is going to be so don’t waste any time thinking about what you could have done.

Combine every message behind the angel numbers in this number sequence and you will get the right message that has to be applied in your life.

This is the only way that you are going to be able to reach the spiritual happiness and calmness.

Number 900 in Love

Angel number 900 is warning us about the karma in our love life. What is karma? Where does it come from? What is it doing to me? Karma describes a spiritual wisdom, according to which every mental and physical action inevitably entails consequences.

These consequences not only inevitably have an effect on the present existence, but also reveal themselves in later existences. In the Karma meaning the term stands for a balance principle with cause and effect. Karma works both physically and energetically and is reflected in the cycle of rebirth.

Those who are currently single and are having problems finding the perfect partner could be affected by the past negative karma. What they should do is focus their attention on doing good things in order to correct this karma and turn things around.

Every action is a cause with a later effect that manifests itself in events, circumstances and other resonances. We reap what we sow. Karma is a law of the universe.

Whether good or bad karma accumulates, each person is responsible for his thoughts, words, deeds and habits. In your present life, blockages caused by karma, such as mediation or psycho-sanitation strategies, can be solved.

In the Karma meaning symbols have a high priority. An ancient symbol in all cultures is the spiral. It symbolizes the creation, the infinite movement in the macrocosm and microcosm. The Om sign stands for the harmony of soul and body. The Venus flower as one of the most powerful signs symbolizes love, femininity and beauty in Karma. It describes the dance of Venus with the earth satellite around the sun.

What this angel number is telling you is that Karma can affect your current love life in many ways. If you are in a relationship where you are not being treated nicely, then it is time to move on from this person and certainly not try to get back the same behavior in order to seek revenge. Focus only on the positive and don’t stick around people who motivate you to do bad things.

Facts about Number 900

Year 900 was filled with many important events that shaped the world as we know it today such as Louis IV became the King of East Frankish Kingdom and the Maya civilization reaches an end point, after being one of the more progressive civilizations thus far.


Angel number 900 is the number of karma and endless abilities. Just like we discussed above, karma does accumulate over time and in our past lives, but we certainly have the opportunity to turn things around and become better in every sense of this word. The more good deeds we do over time the better it will be for us, since karma returns everything we do back to us and serves us the same.

Angel number 900 is also telling you to focus your attention to the acts that you are committing since they are going to play a major role for your future.