North Node in 4th House

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Authoritarianism and the tendency to isolate oneself in a position of superiority must be overcome; it is necessary to reconsider one’s roots, be reborn through emotions, and accept the importance of family ties.

In the course of one’s evolution, it will be necessary to be able to observe oneself in relation to parental acquisitions, exploiting them to expand one’s qualities, without losing one’s identity.

North Node – Meaning and Symbolism

A bad Mars may imply that your home is “hostile”, a source of fights and confrontations and, therefore, the need to emancipate quickly to avoid unnecessary headaches or receive more flip-flops than necessary.

With Jupiter, it usually indicates an abundant, large, jovial, spiritual house, even foreign roots or that one of the parents was born or lived a long time outside the country.

The key is to release the desire for achievement and public recognition. Focus on the recognition, love and appreciation that your family and close ties will give you.

Venus encourages love, harmony, artistic bent at home, and even quite graceful family members.

Saturn in the 4th house can indicate deficiencies at home, excessive responsibilities and a tired and overly authoritarian father in childhood.

The 4th house also tells us about how our last years of life will be, therefore, whoever has beneficial planets in this house such as Jupiter, Venus or the sun, can be almost sure that when they are old they will not end up in an asylum.

The north knot is also referred to in astrology as the ascending or northern lunar knot or as Rahu and, as an exception, is not a solid celestial body.

It is the lunar nodal axis, which marks the astronomical intersection between the sun and lunar orbit and is in different zodiac signs depending on the date of birth.

Incidentally, the northern lunar node is always opposed to the southern, descending lunar node. This symbolizes our past: the characteristics we were born with that make us the person we are today. We usually hold on to this southern lunar node for a lifetime.

However, in order to find one’s true destiny and to develop further, one should always consider the importance of the North Node.

This symbolizes the life tasks, energies and properties that are intended for us and should still be developed.

Often these feel totally strange or unsuitable, but those who let themselves be inspired by the astrological determination and leave their comfort zone will quickly find out that they can be used to develop wonderfully and that new strengths and great qualities that are hidden somewhere in us can be created.

4th House – Meaning and Symbolism

The FOURTH HOUSE or FC is opposite to the TENTH HOUSE and is symbolically associated with the sign of Cancer.

It indicates our past, how our childhood developed, the protection and emotional nourishment we received from parents, the autonomy achieved or emotional dependence, as a result of the psychological conditioning suffered in the family from which we come.

You may be lucky enough to be born into a quiet family and have a happy, peaceful and peaceful childhood, but we may also have been abandoned from an early age or have experienced atmospheres full of tension, fear or anger.

From reading the theme, our family background is often evident, what we have captured in the atmosphere in which we were born and lived is contained in the sign or in the planets that are in this house.

These will indicate the type of experience lived, whether a protective and warm sweetness has prevailed or if the mere memory still brings out painful traces of trauma or nostalgia charged with an unsatisfied need for affection and tenderness.

It is clear that in adulthood, whatever positive or negative we lived and experienced in childhood, will be the thermometer of our independence and autonomy.

We will have to deal with our family psychological heritage, a decisive “imprinting” to establish what kind of person we have become when “grown-ups” and if, once we leave the parental home, we are able to walk alone in the world and reach one’s own individualization or perhaps success in life, and of which we will have confirmation in the opposite tenth house.

Let’s try to give examples: if in our birth chart, in the fourth house there is Saturn or the sign of Capricorn, we have probably perceived the family environment a bit cold, devoid of affection and restrictive, or we have experienced a discipline too rigid and with too strict rules.

The situation is different with Venus or Moon or Cancer in the fourth house, which instead denotes an atmosphere full of love and warmth, which has enveloped us since early childhood.

With Uranus or Aquarius, always in the fourth, we could even have felt like strangers in our family environment, and the detachment has been so strong that often, those who have experienced it, wonder why it happened in that particular family.

It will also be important to verify where the MOON is when we analyze this house, because in our Zodiac this luminary symbolizes the principle of the feminine par excellence, that is the woman, the mother, the womb, childhood, protective sweetness and the warmth necessary for the child’s survival (obviously it also has other meanings that you will find while reading the planets).

In this regard, there are several schools of thought that associate the fourth house with the mother figure and, in its opposite, the tenth house, with the father figure.

Since, however, in astrological practice, it is not at all easy to identify these two parental figures so important in our life, it is preferable to formulate hypotheses by speaking directly with the person.

The maternal warmth and the image of the child who, tight to the mother’s breast, is nourished with love and affection, immediately provides an image of well-being and tranquility, a feeling of “being safe”, which as adults we will also associate with our home, the house we live in.

From here, the zodiac sign on which the fourth house rests, is indicative of the type of home we prefer, if we consider it a warm and comfortable place to feel good and feel intimately protected, or just a kind of “den” essential for sleeping but where to stay as little as possible.

And again, in a very stimulated fourth house with Moon and Cancer equally strong, it is not unusual to find professions connected precisely to the concept of “home” such as, for example, those of architects, interior designers or surveyors.

Finally, expanding the concept of mother and sublimating it a little, we can arrive at the “Great Motherland” which is one of the fundamental and dear values ​​to the sign of Cancer or to those who have a fourth house with many planets; a great symbol of belonging within which one can feel protected or that in case of danger, one must protect from the enemy.

North Node in 4th House – Meaning and Symbolism

He comes to life thinking that everything is below him, he considers himself to be the center, and he brings the power of command from his past incarnations so he takes advantage of the weakness of others to take charge. He presents himself as a protector and feeds by putting himself in a high place to all those he has been able to dominate.

He is lonely, since due to the mission that he has imposed himself, he does not allow others to know his real self.

Due to his desire to dominate, he comes into conflict with the people around him and experiences certain situations that make him come down from the place where he is.

It will also be important to verify where the MOON is when we analyze this house, because in our Zodiac this luminary symbolizes the principle of the feminine par excellence, that is the woman, the mother, the womb, childhood, protective sweetness and the warmth necessary for the child’s survival (obviously it also has other meanings that you will find while reading the planets).

These people have had demanding parents who have taught them that they have to place themselves in the highest position in the world, despite this they are always dissatisfied since they always find little that they achieved.

The karmic lesson is that you must overcome that urge to give up what you have to achieve more. This need is so strong that they sometimes commit suicide, for not getting what they want, since they believed they had a great destiny.

He must choose between what he wants for himself and what others want, also to mature, because they cannot solve their own emotional problems despite their strength. In these nodes the relationship with the parents is important, since it will try to free itself from them despite knowing that it also needs them.

He also understands that this need to organize the lives of others is nothing more than to cover his own disorder. His soul brings the residue that everything he does is to receive recognition from others, in this house he must learn that every act is for his own reward.

Once you let go of this need to show yourself to others, you will only reach the maturity you are looking for. The sign at the north node shows you how you overvalue your own self and the one at the south node will show you ways to let go of your previous life tendencies to achieve self-esteem.

With this Node, the first learning of the soul is to connect “inward”, to its emotional world. Connecting with his introverted, sensitive and vulnerable side. His “internal child”, learning to listen, shelter and contain their needs. In order to build an “internal temple”, a place of personal connection that is a refuge.

The second soul learning is to focus a portion of your energy and time on your home, your family, and your intimate bonds.

This often has to do with having children and starting a family. It is important to look at the ancestors and the family lineage, to heal and resolve many of the issues that come from there.

Less time “outside”, working and dedicating to projects. More time at home, in your intimate relationships and family.

This may be something that costs them, since their South Node is in House X (or in Capricorn). In the past your soul had authority and power.

Feeling more comfortable at work and meeting goals in the world. They focused on the “outside” and did not connect with their emotional world.

The key is to release the desire for achievement and public recognition. Focus on the recognition, love and appreciation that your family and close ties will give you.


If your house 4 is not very good, let’s say, be patient … it will be very difficult, for example, to become independent from the house early … I hope you have taken the best room.

The 4th House in astrology, which is related to the sign of Cancer (the crab with its shell: the house on its back) is the one that tells us about our home, and gives us clues from where we come from, our origins, our roots.

It also represents the family, our country, and especially the father (sometimes the mother), and the image we have of him.

In this house then we can see what our family environment and relationships were like and will be, but also what the type of home we would like to have and build in the future is like.

Home represents shelter, tranquility, consent, harmony … in a few it is the place where we feel safe.

This is why, in some way, it will also tell us about our “internal” home, our emotional needs and the changes we can have in relation to this area of ​​life.

If your 4th house is loaded with many planets, there may be a taste for the old, being well home, or have many unconscious attachments, roots and customs that bind you.

It can also mean a complex emotional life.