North Node in 9th House

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This is the story of the knots of the moon, of the threads deeply woven into the tapestry of life. Their meaning penetrates our subconscious, bringing us an intriguing story about ourselves.

On Tuesday, May 9, the North Node enters the sign of Leo, and the South moved to Aquarius. Fate shuffles and deals cards again…

The North and South nodes are the points where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Sun’s apparent orbit around the Earth.

Where the South Node is in the horoscope is an area that is familiar to us, in which we get along well and we tend to follow the line of less resistance.

North Node – Meaning

It also represents the heritage from the past life that we bring to the present, while the astrological house into which the North Node falls is our potential, talent, something we may not even be aware we possess, and when we realize it, we embark on the path of personal growth and progress. Times. Nodes occupy opposite points in the horoscope.

For example, if your South is in Taurus, your North will be in Scorpio. These are areas that we have to balance, we have to lose something in order to gain elsewhere, overcome the fears and doubts that keep us in place and embark on new achievements, whether it is love, work or inner transformation. “South” represents our shadow, that is, those qualities of ours that get us into life’s problems.

For example, if your south node is located in Cancer in the seventh house, you are addicted to others, so you often agree to everything to keep the relationship, regardless of the consequences you suffer, you lose in the relationship as long as you think it is to be in a relationship. Or marriage more important than yourself.

In order to overcome the fear of loneliness and adults and begin to rely on your own strength, you must learn to become independent, authoritative and efficient, which are the characteristics of the North Node in the sign of Capricorn.

This way you gain confidence in yourself, open your heart and have the opportunity to achieve a better and healthier love relationship.

They have not only a strong influence on our personal horoscope, but also on our everyday life. Their ‘journey’ through the horoscope takes place backwards and lasts for 18.6 years, as long as they need to cross the spaces of all twelve zodiac signs.

How we will experience their return will depend on how actively we approached life and accepted new experiences, with the goal of achieving a satisfied and fulfilled life. Between the ages of 18 and 19, we become adults and enter the world of adults.

We are wondering what to do, which faculty to enroll in, for the first time we hear the call of the North Node more clearly (achievement and progress) and we are moving towards the unknown.

At the age of 37, we are somewhere ‘halfway’ between the beginning and the end. The challenging aspect of transiting Pluto to natal also occurs in this period.

Often situations lead us to a great crossroads in life. It is clear to us that the existing situation is becoming unbearable, that there is no going back, and that we must make a decision and embark on new experiences.

The idea of ​​aging and mortality is becoming more and more real in this period.

During the year 55, we are entering a golden age. The accumulated life experience opens the door to wisdom and calm.

9th House – Meaning

After passing through House 8, the House where we evolve from relationships with the world and with others, House 9 offers us a renewed perspective on life.

With difficulties, we grow, learn, and reinvent ourselves. Now, we are renewed and we get a broader view of who we are and how we interact with others.

Traditionally associated with the planet Jupiter and the sign Sagittarius, the 9th House faces a mature personality, with a long life experience.

For this reason, the “I” is ready to reflect and begin to draw conclusions about the purpose of its passage on Earth.

The 9th House indicates our mission in life, what we came to this world to do. It is linked to religious, philosophical, mystical and esoteric matters.

Higher-level academic studies, such as master’s and doctoral degrees, also appear in this House. The “I” now seeks the answer to the great questions of existence.

After a certain moment, human beings try to know the meaning of things. They need to guide their role models and understand the ideals by which they are governed. When we don’t find the meaning of things, everything seems trivial and meaningless.

To move forward, we need objectives, set goals, know where we are going and why. Without goals, there is no hope.

Regardless of whether we believe that it is our duty to create our own meaning of life or if it is in the hands of a deity or on a higher plane, the challenge of the 9th House lies in the search for lines of conduct, goals and purpose in life. .

The facts collected in House 3 are now subject to analysis and conclusions are drawn. Everything is organized, systematized and categorized. We outline models and standards and try to understand the message they are trying to convey to us.

This House is also known as the “House of Philosophy” or the “House of God”. The positions of the planets, signs and aspects in the 9th House suggest the nature of our relationship with the divine, as well as our philosophy of life.

The presence of Mercury or Venus suggests an intellectual understanding of God, while Neptune and Pisces suggest a devoted acceptance of the divine. Venus has a tolerant approach to this problem, and Mars a dogmatic and fanatical position.

The formed image of God is also displayed in this House. Saturn and Capricorn conceive an austere, punitive, critical and paternalistic God, to whom blind obedience is owed. Neptune and Pisces, for their part, see God as a compassionate, loving and kind figure.

The 9th House takes us back so that we can see the events from a distance. This setback allows us to gain a new perspective. Therefore, this House is linked to long trips. These trips are not only physical, but also spiritual.

The long roads that the “I” travels while looking for a meaning for its existence. It is reflected in the desire to learn, broaden horizons, deepen and solidify knowledge. In the action of meditating and questioning to go deeper and deeper into the issues.

The call to investigate, to understand why things are happening. A constant questioning of the laws of life and worldly things.

In physical terms, traveling allows us to get to know other cultures. See the same things, but from different perspectives. Teach us tolerance, to recognize the truth in the truth of others, even if it is not our own. Life has immense possibilities. An event can be interpreted from different perspectives, all of which are equally valid.

This confrontation of cultures, ideas and values ​​allows us to always question and, from there, develop concepts, ideas and find innovative solutions. Seeing from afar, from a distance, helps us form the big picture.

North Node in 9th House – Meaning and Symbolism

From the information of each North Node applying Evolutionary Intelligence, which our species HOMO SAPIENS has been developing generation after generation, we are going to CREATE an audio using the technique of “quantum simulation” to help the nodes evolve.

We can explain this process between both lunar nodes and the human brain as follows: a part of the brain stores what is innate and instinctive, which serves to maintain the organism.

However – the cerebral cortex – constitutes a more recent evolutionary acquisition, it governs all the higher psychological capacities of human beings, such as thought, imagination and the organization of experience.

With the development of the cerebral cortex we are no longer limited to coping with life instinctively and automatically, but we have gained the ability to CHOOSE.

To get through the door of the house of the north node, we must first overcome the tendency to remain anchored in the realm of life or in the way of being that the house of the south node suggests, which is the realm of already cultivated capacities we are drawn instinctively and by habit.

Sagittarius: Learn about abundance, the expansion of being, the search for truth, trust, intellectual synthesis, internal vision…

House 9: accesses the realm of experiences of discoveries, travel, exploration, higher academic studies, beliefs, religions or philosophies of the individual.

House 9 is the area where we dare to leave our borders and discover a new world. It is in the 9th House where our consciousness is expanded.

While in House 8 we face darkness, fears, conflicts, prohibitions, in House 9, we have energetic availability to go to other distant places that is why this house has always been called in traditional Astrology as that of travel long.

The sign and the planets located in the 9th House indicate our interest in traveling, in knowing other countries, in learning from the customs of others, in leaving our usual living area.

On the other hand, House IX indicates what is our way of thinking, the way of looking at the world. Here are our beliefs and value system, if we are dogmatic, if we are open, if we are intolerant, if we are lovers of life.

As the house of Sagittarius, it is the place of the teacher, the teacher, the guide who teaches others through his wisdom. It can mean being attracted to gurus or people whose thinking is shaped by a strong direction that gives meaning to life.

It is the house of abstract thought (both Jupiter and Sagittarius have a broad vision of reality). If knowledge is used to manage others instead of to be transmitted, we have the abuse of power and drag typical of certain leaders with charisma; the Fire and passion of House IX is used to convince.

In the 9th House there is an interest in finding the meaning of things, in looking for the why of reality. It is the typical house of philosophers and eternal seekers who investigate religions and everything that moves us human beings.

I like to travel? Does it attract me to know the habits of the inhabitants of distant countries? Do I investigate and seek the truth of things?

To get a better idea of ​​this House, here are some brief interpretations of the planets in House 9.

The logic to apply in the interpretations is that this Planet wants to have long trips and expand, and is open to contacts that broaden its gaze. The Planet located in House IX indicates my way of growing and reaching wisdom.

House 9 is the person who has a special relationship with travel. He may be a tour guide, run a travel agency, or constantly on the go to experience the sense of freedom that comes out of known boundaries.

A Moon in the 9th House feels enormous confidence when interacting with people from other regions. It is there that it opens up and takes home. A Mercury in House 9 is a good student. He encourages everything to learn.

Mars in the 9th House is the search engine par excellence. She will always have places to visit, books to research, things to pass on.

Venus in the 9th House is someone who is especially attracted to the foreign person.

Jupiter in the 9th House is the person who has great faith in something, be it in God, in a religion, or in a particular way of thinking.

Saturn in the 9th House represents the rather dogmatic individual, whose truth he strongly defends and is almost immutable.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 9th House provide a person with profound talents to find answers to collective enigmas. They can be excellent researchers or thinkers.

If to the information of the Planets in the Signs we add the interpretation of the Planets in the Houses, we understand many of the experiences of the individual that without it would escape us.


The 9th House represents all that is known as the “higher mind”.

In front of House 3, the House of the concrete mind, now it is the turn of abstract thought and the intuitive process. Meditation, introspection, and deep thinking are part of this process.

While Mercury (natural ruler of Houses 3 and House 6) is an accumulator of facts, Jupiter, natural ruler of House 9, expresses our ability to create mental symbols and the tendency we have to assign a meaning or sense to all the things that happen.