Juno in Cancer

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Juno is an asteroid discovered in 1804 by the astronomer Karl Harding. It is the third asteroid discovered after Ceres. Like the other asteroids, it was first considered a planet, and later reclassified as an asteroid.

The name Juno comes from the ancient Roman goddess Juno, who was the queen goddess and wife of the king god Jupiter. Juno was respected for her unimaginable loyalty and devotion for her husband, although she knew of his infidelity.

She was the goddess of marriage, childbirth, as well as women’s sexuality. She was the ruler of the marriage rituals. Juno was the ideal wife and a model of how a wife should be.

This goddess was the patron goddess of Rome and a protector of the state.

In astrology, Juno symbolizes commitment, relationships, marriage, relationships that require balance or effort to maintain stability. It also symbolizes infidelity, compromises, betrayal, etc. It indicates areas in our life which we need to balance or correct.

Juno has Libra/Scorpio or Venus/Pluto energy. Its placement in our natal chart is very important and it indicates the areas where we have the potential to empower ourselves.

It also demonstrates the way to make the most of our relationships and indicates the areas where we want to be respected by others.

Those with a strong placement of Juno in their natal charts can be prone to multitasking and are very capable of it. This asteroid mostly rules marriage connections and commitments, and it gives information about the traits of the best partner for us.

When Juno in one person’s chart has strong aspects with the planets in another person’s chart, and assuming that they are romantically interested in one another, this is a strong indication of a possible marriage connection between them.

The influence of Juno is very important for relationships and marriages. In the charts of soulmates their Juno’s usually have strong interconnecting aspects.

The goddess Juno was a devoted wife to her husband but she was under constant pressure and fear of his betrayals. She was very insecure and lacked confidence because of her husband’s behavior.

One of the traits which a negatively aspected Juno brings into a person’s life is a tendency to be jealous, suspicious, insecure, and exhibit similar behavior patterns in relationships.

Juno’s placement in our natal chart can describe the things and situations which could provoke jealousy or insecurity within us.

Juno can also describe the behavior we consider abusive, the deal-breakers in a relationship, the things we are ready to tolerate, which might prove as a wrong choice and in time cause the relationship to be toxic and end due to these reasons.

The asteroid Juno can describe accurately how our future partner should look like and the traits he or she should possess. Juno is not about looks as much as it is about personality traits we appreciate in a partner we consider a good match for a long-term relationship.

It also describes the future of our relationships and marriages and the prospects of them being long-lasting ones.

It is important to note the main differences between Juno traits and its influence, and the influence of Mars and Venus on a person, regarding their romantic partnerships. Mars and Venus describe the physical and emotional qualities we look for in our partner, but a long-term partnership is much more than that.

These two planets describe what we need to satisfy our physical and romantic needs, but not essentially the needs we have in a long-lasting partnerships such as marriage.

That is why we need to consult Juno when we investigate details about our ideal romantic and life partner.

Juno describes the qualities that person should possess in order for you to be able to spend a lifetime by their side in harmony and joy; that should be a person who finds you wonderful without the need to change you in any way, and you feel the same way about this person.

The asteroid Juno also describes our ability to be patient and wait for something to happen.

It’s important to take note of Juno in your chart and note the message it is bringing into your life.

If you follow its guidance, the chance is that you will know exactly how to recognize and choose your ideal life-partner.

We shouldn’t become blinded by admiration or physical attraction because they might blind our senses and make us overlook some major red flags about a person.

Not all the people we are attracted to make our perfect partners. We need to consult Juno for the final judgment, not just Mars and Venus.

This asteroid helps us in discovering all the details of our ideal mate, which are not simply passionate or romantic in nature.

Juno reveals what we deeply need in a partner, and understanding that fact can help us prevent making mistakes when making our relationship choices.

Juno in Cancer Man

Men with Juno in Cancer can be very emotional and exhibit some feminine traits such as neediness and clinginess in relationships.

They need constant confirmation of their partner’s affection towards them. They might appear weak and emotionally unstable.

They seek a partner who desires a harmonious home and family life and can get very disappointed and hurt if their partner isn’t showing them enough appreciation and love.

They love demonstrating their affection for their partners, especially nurturing and pampering them.

They need to work on strengthening their confidence and self-love instead of waiting for their partner to make them happy and secure.

Juno in Cancer Woman

Women with Juno in Cancer are very emotional and sensitive beings.

They seek a partner who can adequately respond to their needs for attention and deep emotional attachment.

These women are often needy in relationships and request a frequent demonstration of affection from their partners.

If they don’t receive as much affection and attention as they believe they deserve, they might become moody, distant, accusing, etc.

They might use emotional manipulation to get what they desire from their partners.

These women need a man who is nurturing and protective because they need to feel secure by his side.

They desire a happy and stable home and family life and they are devoted and loyal to their partners.

Good Traits

People with Juno in Cancer are caring, nurturing, devoted, loyal, faithful, long for a stable home and family life, seek deep emotional attachment, trustworthy, reliable, etc. 

Bad Traits

People with Juno in Cancer might be prone to emotional manipulation to get what they desire.

They can also behave dependent, clingy, moody, depressed, detached, or accusing if they feel that they don’t receive enough love and appreciation from their partners.

They can also be weak, reliable, and emotionally unstable. 

Juno in Cancer – General Info

People with Juno in Cancer desire a relationship where there is strong emotional attachment and connection. They want a nurturing relationship where they will feel nurtured and protected.

Their partner needs to exhibit these qualities and be very emotional and patient.

These people desire to have a relaxed, stable, and calm family life and they seek a partner with similar desires.

If their partner doesn’t share their interests and desires and is focused on other things rather on their relationship with this person, they become moody, depressed, detached, or begin acting clingy and dependable.

These people are very sensitive and caring partners and seek partners with such qualities.

They dream of stable and secure home life. Their partner needs to be a person who is reliable, trustworthy, faithful, and has monogamous preferences.

These people can become very possessive and attached to their partners.

People with Juno in Cancer usually cannot become intimate with someone they don’t feel a deep emotional attachment to. They love pampering their loved one and enjoy preparing delicious meals for them.

When Juno is badly placed and creates bad aspects to the planets in the natal chart, especially with the personal planets, the person could become dependent on their partner or use emotional blackmail to get what they desire.

They could be prone to manipulating their partners emotionally. They need to be pampered and nurtured by their partners and if they don’t receive such a treatment, that will surely disappoint them and cause them to sulk and be depressed.

These people desire the most to be in a long lasting committed relationship. They are very loyal and committed partners.

Some of them feel whole only when they are in such a relationship which could be an issue if their partner isn’t as fascinated with the idea of a romantic partnership as they are.

They need to learn to enjoy life on their own, without having a partner instead of on relying on their partner to bring them happiness and joy.

They need to work on their need to receive a lot of attention from their partner because it might jeopardize their relationship.


People with Juno in Cancer are very sensitive and emotional.

They need a partner who can satisfy their need for a deep emotional attachment and is caring and nurturing.

These people need a lot of attention from their partners and they should watch out not to become overly dependable or clingy which might scare their partners away.

They can also be emotionally unstable and weak.

These people desire to have a stable and harmonious family and home life and want a partner who shares their desires.

They enjoy caring for their partners, nurturing them and pampering them but they also desire to be nurtured and pampered by their partners.

They can be easily disappointed if they don’t receive enough love and expression of emotions from their partners.

They should work on building their confidence and self-love and not relying on their partners to fill that gap for them.