Aquarius in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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Aquarius are attractive and interesting people and it is easy to recognize them by that. They are an intellectual sign, who is constantly thinking.

They know a bunch of people, but sincere friendships are sporadic. They often isolate themselves arbitrarily and in that loneliness indulge their imagination and visions of the future.

Their thoughts and ideas are sure signs of the time to come in the near future.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

Most Aquarius men enjoy experimenting, and the more enigmatic the subject of interest, the more interested they are.

Their ideal is a woman who is above all a friend, without unnecessary emotional demands and with a handful of interests.

No sign avoids the decision to marry so skillfully as Aquarius, and then, of course, he does it suddenly. One thing is for sure with him, expect the unexpected.

Aquarius women look very interesting and unusual. They are recognizable by their hair; let’s just remember Jennifer Aniston, whose hairstyle has been considered the most famous hairstyle for years, or Paris Hilton, whose curls are as unpredictable as her personality. They are usually shy and charming, but always be ready to transform her personality.

They are afraid of restrictions on freedom and can disappear from your life at the speed of Uranus. The line between friendship and love is often very blurred for an Aquarius woman, and that is exactly what can lead her to the situation of being everyone’s, and nobody’s.

Independent by nature, Aquarius enjoys owning their own company. They like to participate in group projects, in which they will have a leading role.

As lovers of knowledge and truth, they are easily found among historians or scientists associated with the electronics industry. They have an exceptional sense of aesthetics, beauty and balance and are often expressed through music or some other form of art.

Aquarius feels comfortable in disciplines that contain an element of air and movement. They enjoy unusual activities, such as aviation, parachuting or skiing. With Aquarius, the joints are a weak point and, whatever they train, warming up is mandatory.

They prefer to eat in restaurants with a rich menu or takeaway food, rather than cook for themselves. Fresh fruits should be present in their daily diet, as well as foods rich in potassium and calcium, such as cheese and milk.

Due to the tendency towards poor circulation, especially in the legs, the addition of salt in their regular diet is also recommended.

Due to the pronounced mental activity, Aquarius is sometimes surprised when their body warns them that it exists and that it needs care and sleep.

As with Gemini and Libra, Aquarius has health problems primarily due to nervous exhaustion and excessive activity.

Their blood flow is sensitive, and exercises that stimulate circulation are beneficial for them. They may suffer from swollen joints and gout. Internet search is widely used by them and serves to gather all the information they need and help them overcome phobias.

7th House – Meaning and Info

Enmity, friendship, partnerships and family life are the areas of responsibility of the 7th house in the horoscope.

Located opposite the first house, which is responsible for the personality, the seventh becomes something like a mirror of the human ego.

In other words, it shows who the surrounding people are for the native, while the first house demonstrates the essence of a person’s personality.

The 7th house in the horoscope is ruled by Venus and Libra, and it itself is angular. By analyzing the influence of planets and signs, you can determine what kind of relationship a person seeks to build with others.

In our article we will talk about the influence of astrological factors and give recommendations for working out this house.

The 7th house in the horoscope characterizes the entire spectrum of human relationships, from friendships and love relationships to the behavior of an individual in society and in clashes with enemies.

These constructs are not formed at birth, but are formed under the influence of human actions.

To determine what kind of relationship will develop in a particular person, you should study the characteristics of the house and understand what qualities should be developed.

The 7th house of the horoscope reflects what the individual strives for in relations with others, what characteristics he is trying to find from others, what is most valuable to him. That is why the connection with some feels incredibly warm, while others are rejected.

The sexuality of an individual is influenced by Venus, the ruler of the 7th house in the horoscope, whose position turns out to be decisive in relation to the ability to experience and express feelings of love, to be charming, beautiful, to be in harmony with oneself and to build successful relationships with the opposite sex.

To understand the influence of certain qualities on interpersonal relationships in a family or marriage, it is necessary to carefully study the natal chart, because it is the closest people who are influenced by those characteristics that we deny in ourselves.

Therefore, understanding the work of the 7th house in the horoscope leads to self-improvement through the acceptance of others.

Also, this house is closely related to the relationship in marriage. To understand how the marital union will turn out, whether the individual will be happy, whether family life is suitable for him, it is required to thoroughly study the special characteristics of the horoscope.

This also allows you to find out who will be in close proximity and the person’s need for strong friendships and marital relationships.

The partner may also have financial talents, practicality, love creativity, or possess some kind of skill.

The characteristics of the 7th field are also important when drawing up a business horoscope, since business partners also walk through this house.

A native with a strong 7th field can be open for cooperation and actively expand the list of their contacts. The latter is especially true when this field is influenced by an energetic planet (for example, Mars or Jupiter).

The meaning of the house in the analysis of compatibility one of the most common phenomena in the dynasty is the falling of the planets of one partner in the 7th field of the horoscope of the other partner.

It is good for family life if good planets (Sun, Jupiter, and Venus) are in the field of relationships in this way.

Such marriages are characterized by a relationship of patronage and mutual assistance. They have not only love, but also a desire for creativity, personal growth and experimentation.

Partners strive to find prosperity and through marriage to expand their opportunities in life.

The moon in the 7th field indicates mutual understanding in the union and the care of the spouses, as well as their desire to create comfortable conditions for each other in everyday life.

There will be many changes in such a marriage. Thanks to emotional support in the family and an excellent ability to adapt to changing conditions, the union of such people has every chance of being durable.

Aquarius in 7th House – Meaning and Info

If the plan is in the seventh, then it affects the rest of the ancient houses. Switching on the first time will injure the child. So, how the house concentrates not on the inner world, but on the outside.

And then the little one decides to go out of the comfort zone and provides that a dangerous and unpleasant activity is growing around, which is not very pleasant.

The world can turn into an enemy, just as a child is accustomed to the fact that the whole world is creeping around him. And it turns out that the force is more important.

So, from that moment on, you have to learn to build the right relationship with an unknowable environment. With inadequate development, there is confusion.

Man defends himself and starts a fight with the world. But here is the main principle – equality. If the seventh house is to understand incorrectly, then we begin to live in a world where every enemy is another. But the highest goal is cooperation.

We all live in the same world and do the same thing. It is important to understand that life is not a battlefield. When you turn on the house, you should pay attention to the person’s attitude to the communication.

Moreover, the focus is on opposition. So the seventh house for the spouses is not activated in the harmony, but when the mutual prescriptions appear. Here are the open and enemies.

The problem is that we transfer all human malice to one specific personality and protrude into the pole of a knight.

Work will help to understand that it is necessary to fight against world evil, but it cannot exist in one person. Be able to separate these concepts. Your delusions, stereotypical thinking, lack of information and ignorance are becoming a matter of delusion.

The Seventh House of the horoscope belongs to the corner houses, and this indicates its special significance in the analysis of the birth chart.

The seventh field describes the native’s partners and how he knows how to build relationships with them. This house is also traditionally associated with competitors and open enemies, and this is no coincidence.

The seventh field is opposed to the First house, which represents the person himself, and this opposition describes the opposition of the native and the world around him, his clash with other people’s interests, positions and views.

Openly and boldly stepping towards his opponent, a person gets to know himself better and understands what personal qualities he lacks for successful functioning in society.

The 7th house is compared by many to a mirror in which we can see ourselves. It is no coincidence that certain partners come to a person. They bring out qualities that the native lacks.

Communicating with their soulmate, a person learns a lot. He understands his uniqueness and at the same time realizes that his partner in the same situation can act differently, but no less successfully. Partnership relationships can provide both psychological comfort and discomfort.

It depends on the signs and planets in the 7th field. On the one hand, the native feels good when his ally complements him. A partner can easily perform work and functions that the owner of the horoscope does not succeed in.

This topic causes a lot of discussions, there are opinions that all unregistered relationships go under the signification of the 5th house, and 7th – only that which is issued in the registry office.

This theory has not so few supporters, and everything would be fine, if not for one significant “BUT”. In Europe, registering marriages with government agencies began only at the end of the 18th century.

Of course, before that there were Church marriages, and even before that – marriages in the form of ceremonies, rituals. But the fact of the matter is that the modern approach to the process of legalizing marriage in our country does not recognize religious marriages.

Somewhere in undeveloped countries, the tradition has been preserved to this day to conclude marriages by conducting appropriate ceremonies and nowhere, in any “civil registry books”, not to sign.

So it turns out that following the logic of those wishing to attribute only registered marriages to the 7th house, the astrologer still needs to arm himself with the family code of the country where his Clients are registered or live (or even both and at the same time study the legislative framework for the existence of conventions and agreements between countries in the field of family law).

Thus, within the framework of our research, we will refer to marriage as all relationships in which the native lives with his companion under the same roof, leads a common household with him, and has children.


One of the most important topics for any person is the topic of marriage, which is described by the 7th house.

It should be noted here that the 7th house is all types of partnerships – these are both business partners and co-authors.

Here are very close friends who are valuable in themselves, regardless of territorial proximity (which is typical for relationships in the 3rd house – neighbors, friends in the yard, classmates, classmates, etc.), or on common hobbies (which is typical for 11 at home – like-minded people), here the value of the person himself is already important.

This is the home of open enemies, which includes direct enemies, rivals, competitors and opponents in court, and so on.

But of course, all these topics are secondary for most people, and are inferior to the most important topic of the 7th house – marriage.