Mars in 7th House

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Astrology is a valuable source of data and it cannot be ignored. It gives us valuable information about people and our surroundings we cannot easily acquire.

It can give us information about personalities, goals, interests, preferences, possible difficulties people could encounter during their lifetime, outcomes of situations or relationships, as well as many other questions.

Through the analysis of a natal chart, which is an image of the sky in some moment of interest, the astrologer can discover many details about someone or about some situation.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The creation of a natal chart is the first step the astrologer takes when doing an astrology analysis. In earlier times, this was a time-consuming task, and the calculations often weren’t very accurate.

After the creation of astrology computer programs the astrologers’ job became significantly easier. Now everyone can create their natal chart in a matter of seconds after inserting the required data.

The interpretation of a natal chart still requires a skilled astrologer with a lot of experience and knowledge of astrology.

The natal chart is composed of 12 houses where the planets are positioned. The houses which have planets inside are the most significant for the astrologer, because they give insight about the person’s interests and focus of attention and activity.

These houses can help the astrologer predict details about the person’s life and possible events they could encounter.

The astrologer generally analyzes the natal chart by analyzing the chart rulers (planets rulers of the Sun and Ascendant sign), the house rulers (planets rulers of the signs on the top of the house), the planets in signs, the aspects between the planets, as well as the positions of planets inside the houses and their meanings; there are other techniques which are used in astrology analysis that give more details, but these mentioned are sufficient to answer most of our questions.

The planets placed inside a house influence that house and the areas ruled by that house with their energy and meaning.

Through analyzing the houses and the planets inside them, the astrologer discovers many details about a person, such as their personal traits, behavior, appearance, beliefs, interests, education, family, parents, children, siblings, friends, enemies, neighbors, profession, work, career, communication skills, coworkers, physical condition, health, relationships, partners, travel, finances, social life, etc.

Mars – Basic Qualities

Mars has a respectable reputation. The god Mars was the ruler of war and conflicts, and the planet Mars shares this trait with this god whose name it carries.

It is sometimes called “red” planet, due to the red iron dioxide which covers its surface. It is similar to Earth in some way, which is why some people are convinced that life will be possible there one day; some are even convinced that life was present on Mars sometimes in the distant past.

The planet Mars is the ruler of arguments, conflicts, disasters, violence, and destruction. It also rules energy and fulfillment of goals. A well-placed Mars is a sign of an energetic personality, ambition, honesty, initiative, confidence, honor, strength, perseverance, determination, etc.

When Mars is afflicted, this usually indicates an aggressive personality prone to violence and conflicts. People with afflicted Mars can be very inconsiderate in their actions towards other people who might easily get offended by their behavior.

The planet Mars also rules impatience, dominant behavior, intolerance, criticism, control, scars, wounds, etc. The signs it rules are Aries and Scorpio.

People influenced by Mars are usually very passionate. These people have immense amounts of energy and can seem unstoppable to others. They are focused on their goals, and nothing that comes their way can prevent them from achieving them.

Many of them are inspired by difficulties which only make them more determined to achieve what they desire. They confront any difficulty that comes their way. Mars people are very confident in their abilities and are very ambitious.

Most of them end up exactly where they desire to be in life because they are determined and have the courage to follow their dreams.

Mars people (those with dominant influence of this planet in their chart) often have a controlling and dominant nature.

These people can possess a tendency to tell others what to do and give unwanted advice, putting their noses in the lives of others, but they can be very protective of their right to make their own decisions.

They don’t allow anyone interfering in their business and can be very rude and direct when telling others what is bothering them.

People influenced by Mars can have a tendency to organize other people’s lives and can get angry, if someone wants to oppose their will.

In general, these people have great managerial and organizational skills and people often willingly accept their advice because they sense that their advice is the best they could do in a certain situation.

They often occupy managerial positions. Mars people are competitive and always want to be first. Their nature can be provoking; they enjoy doing and saying things to provoke reactions in other people.

Mars people are usually loud and lack tact. They often have a problem controlling their reactions and can be very impulsive. They are known for their tendency to impose their opinion onto other people.

Usually Mars people are very passionate and people find them magnetically attractive. They are drawn to their enormous energy and desire to be in their company. People admire them and fear them at the same time.

Seventh House Meaning

The seventh house rules partnerships and relationships of all kinds. This house rules our long-term romantic partners and spouses and is the ruler our enemies as well.

The seventh house corresponds to the sign Libra and is ruled by the planet Venus.

The seventh house and its ruler, as well as the planets inside give insight about the person’s long-term relationships and marriage, their choice of long-term relationship partners, and the nature of their relationships.

This house describes the person’s ideal long-term romantic partner or spouse. It also shows whether the person prefers commitment or being on their own.

The 7th house reveals whether the person is likely to have a satisfying marriage life or one filled with conflicts and disagreements. Long-term relationships equal marriage when it comes to analyzing this house.

The 7th is also the house of our enemies, and can give answers to whether the person is likely to suffer from their enemies or they don’t have enemies at all.

If there are planets inside the seventh house they give some additional information in relation to the areas ruled by the seventh house, mostly about our romantic partners and spouses, their personal traits as well as the nature of our long-term relationships.

The 7th house also rules our business partners and other kinds of partnerships.

It is also the ruler of relationship endings and breakups, as well as divorce. It also rules public and our relationships with the public.

The seventh house reveals the person’s behavior in partnerships and it also shows the nature of their relationships. Malefic planets inside this house are also a sign of problems related to partnerships.

The nature of these problems can be understood by analyzing the planets inside the 7th house and their aspects with other planets.

Uranus in 7th house is an especially problematic placement because it is often an indication of breakups and divorce. These people are often marrying more than once and tend to enter marriage and long-term commitment impulsively and thoughtlessly.

The 7th house describes our rivals and enemies. This house can give us insight about the type of enemies we can encounter and from which area of life they come from.

The sign on the cusp of 7th house can reveal a lot of details about our preferred qualities in our partner. Often there are important connections between this point in the chart and the chart of our “significant other”. If there are planets inside, they give additional details to the description.

In some cases, the significant other has the same Sun or Ascendant sign as the sign on our 7th house.

When the planet Saturn is in the seventh house, this is often an indication of a relationship with an older partner, or getting married later in life.

In some cases, this could be an indication of a spouse or romantic partner who has a very serious nature and is not easy to get along with for this reason.

People with Saturn in 7th house could be attracted to partners who are serious and reliable, which they need to be able to feel safe and supported. When Jupiter is in seventh house, this could indicate a spouse who is adventurous and often belonging to different culture than the person.

This could indicate partners who are foreigners or ones that can broaden the person’s horizons. 

Mars in Seventh House Meaning in Individual Charts

Mars in 7th house is often an indication of someone who choses Mars types for their long-term relationship partners or spouses.

These people might be attracted to passionate people who are energetic and confident. They want someone who is ambitious, reliable, and determined to succeed.

Their ideal partner is someone who takes care of their physical fitness and are sports types.

With Mars in seventh house, the person could experience conflicts and disagreements in their married life or long-term relationships, especially when Mars is afflicted.

They often end up with partners they don’t get along with and the fights and arguments with them are frequent and jeopardize the longevity of their relationship.

This position of Mars can be an indication of aggressive partners and violence the person could experience in their married life.

The problems might be caused by the fact that the person has a dominant nature and is prone to controlling their partners. Their behavior might be unacceptable to their spouses or partners, and this can be the reason for conflicts and disagreements.

Mars in 7th house can also be an indication that the person is attracted to partners who have dominant and aggressive nature.

If Mars is not afflicted, this could introduce dynamics into the person’s marriage or relationship and the partners could enjoy a passionate relationship. A person with Mars in seventh house desires a passionate partner or a spouse and that represents a significant part of their ideal mate.

If Mars is afflicted, their partners or spouse/s are likely to be passionate, but they might also exhibit some of the negative traits of afflicted Mars.

When Mars in 7th house is afflicted, this could be an indication of problems maintaining long-term partnerships and marriages. It can be a sign of dangerous and powerful enemies which can make the person’s life unbearable.

In this case, Mars should be thoroughly analyzed, both its sign and the aspects it makes with other planets.

Some beneficial aspects of other planets could help neutralize the devastating effect afflicted Mars in 7th house could produce in the person’s partnerships and marriage life.

This placement of Mars can also be a sign of powerful partners who might be a strong support to the person if they have beneficial aspects, and bring trouble and stress if Mars is afflicted.

This position can often be a sign of conflicts and disagreements with business partners, and ending of such partnerships in “bad blood”.

Mars in Seventh House Meaning in Synastry

Mars in seventh house in synastry is often a sign of a passionate relationship between the two people. There is most likely a strong physical attraction between the two.

The seventh house person could perceive the Mars person as their ideal partner because this person exhibits many traits they desire in their ideal mate.

The seventh house person will instinctively be drawn to their magnetism and energy.

The Mars person might approach very directly and even aggressively towards the seventh house person, expressing them their affection and desire to be with them in a committed relationship. The relationship between these two can be very intense and passionate.

If Mars is afflicted, the Mars person could be perceived as overly intense and aggressive by the seventh house person, and in some cases, the 7th house person could be frightened by this intensity and energy.

The relationship between these two is likely to be dynamic and intense and the Mars person will probably be the inspiring force for the action in their relationship.

When Mars is afflicted, this could indicate the tension the Mars person could cause in the relationship that could lead to conflicts and eventually breakup.

Mars in 7th house in synastry is not an easy placement in synastry because of Mars’s intense nature which the seventh house person needs to accept and adapt to.


Mars in seventh house usually indicates Mars type of partners, either in romantic long-term partnerships or business partnerships. This is also a sign of Mars type of enemies and rivals.

The person is attracted to magnetic and strong personalities with a lot of energy and drive. If Mars is afflicted, this could indicate conflicts and violent endings of partnerships.

The person might get involved with dominant and controlling partners or they might express such attitude towards their partners. This is usually the reason for conflicts and disagreements which jeopardize the stability of the relationship.

Mars in 7th house people seek passionate partners. Their long-term romantic partnerships are usually intense and filled with passion. They choose partners with strong nature and ambition. Sometimes their partner’s nature can be the reason for conflicts.

Mars in 7th house in synastry is often a sign of a passionate relationship between the partners. The Mars person can be perceived as an ideal mate by the 7th house person.