Aquarius in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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This is something that perhaps characterizes Aquarius the most. She doesn’t follow the crowd.

Everything works on its own and is not influenced by the opinions of the environment.

He often has a relaxed or atypical way of life – these are people who most often become vegan, live an eco-friendly life, do not pollute the planet, and sew their own clothes and the like.

Aquarius – Meaning and Info

Aquarius is generally very close to nature and it needs that connection for a balanced life.

But the originality of Aquarius is by no means forced, it is not a pose, but authentic, Aquarius really feels that way and is true to himself.

He is not trying to oppose the crowd in a planned way, but it is happening spontaneously.

Also, he never evaluates others on the basis of the first impression, but tries to penetrate into the essence, to get to know and understand people well.

They hate injustice, they fight desperately against it and they fight with passion for their ideals. Their thoughts are fast, they often change interests, and they fly from one thing to another, not staying on anything for too long.

Thanks to that, they are often ahead of others, visionaries, who have revolutionary ideas and opinions.

Unfortunately, because of that, they are often exposed to misunderstanding of the environment – it takes some time for others to accept what Aquarius has known for a long time.

At the same time, they like to spread knowledge and ideas, and try to see and understand every problem from all angles.

Aquarius is a freelancer, she values ​​freedom and she needs it. But not in the same way as Sagittarius, who is afraid of being tied up – Aquarius is not afraid of that, he can’t even be tied up. She simply lives a lot of life in her head and does not stay in one place for long. It allows others the freedom to live as they please, but they expect the same in return.

Aquarius so idealists, ready to fight bloodily for their truth and principles at the cost of their lives. Aquarius has a lot of plans and goals.

Unfortunately, it is so volatile that it rarely achieves them. Aquarius is able to talk about his big plans all evening. But in five years, they will still be just plans. Aquarius does not cope well with the practical side of things.

It would be ideal for him to be the leader of the team, who comes up with ideas and plans, and which the more practical members of the team implement. Born dreamers, Aquarius are often philosophers of life, artists, and creators of theories.

Aquarius absolutely does not tolerate monotony, dry work, bureaucracy, paperwork. Dealing with such things, she suffers physically.

That is why they usually do not find a job in official positions, but rather seek self-realization in the field of art and creativity. If you live with Aquarius, be prepared for the family budget and administration to be your concern.

Aquarius also hates deadlines and precise schedules. The radio leaves options and an open door for exit.

There is no point in forcing Aquarius to routine tasks – her thoughts will run away so much that she will not be able to do anything well. Aquarius is always in the process of change, so no state that would force her to last long.

Aquarius loves secrets and is happy to reveal them. Mystery is what fascinates her in nature, in science, in religion, and in love. He loves everything that is unusual and unconventional, he likes to experiment and discover new things.

They are fascinated by love and spirituality, they are often religious and believe in something bigger than themselves. Idealists and humanists, Aquarius are extremely original and colorful personalities.

8th House – Meaning and Info

The first third house: material values ​​of the assistant; inheritance, business and a good name of close people, the suspicion of the sick to some kind of religious conference, and their material values ​​of closeness, uncanny.

The second third house: the end of life and its causes, extraordinary events, odd events and negative global phenomena, a career that blooms at the expense of the death of people; behest; small travels of colleges and knowledge of this related; colleges of close teachers.

Does an emphasis on group ethics, that is, behaviors in the world and in specific situations that raise the collective. It penetrates into such tonic structures, like psychology and ideology.

Often a person does not even notice that it has turned on, as we concentrate more on the material than the cultured world.

Bright representatives can be political principles, propagandists, dissidents, ideological cars, non-formal co-leaders, etc. In such situations, public opinion arises.

Therefore, a talented financials who owns a gigantic corporation may appear. And for ordinary people, activation will also take a toll, but in the usual scale. A strong home is developed in individuals who feed the group’s weakness. These are sportsmen, diplomas and stars. Spiritual values ​​are also here.

The training is possible at the expense of group psycho-logical exercises and training.

Moreover, an interruption occurs only after that, as you miss the mark of your personal suspicion and go to those programs that are answered in the general public.

Aquarius in 8th House – Meaning and Info

The first thing that comes to mind, personally to me, when talking about Uranus or Aquarius, in the context of dangers, is electricity and everything connected with it.

This is a danger from electrical voltage of any type – here are electrical appliances, and sockets, and cables, wires. Here – natural electricity – lightning, thunderstorm. Here “electricity” in our body is all nervous activity, the transmission of electrical impulses within the person himself (and corresponding diseases).

Interacting with Mars, Uranus creates a fire hazard as a result of a faulty electrical wiring, or, say, from a lightning strike.

You should be more careful with procedures (including cosmetic ones) based on the influence of electrical impulses. I have heard about complaints when, after cosmetologically exposure to “current”, people felt numbness, twitching, “pulling” the left side of the face, etc.

Perhaps there was nothing “dangerous to life” in this, with which it is customary to correlate the 8th house, but if paresis of the facial nerve occurred, there would be little pleasant too (and all paresis, neuritis, paralysis, etc. – this is also Uranus).

That is, the 8th house of the horoscope gives a person a chance to change for the better. Perhaps the path to personality transformation will be quite difficult. But here knowledge of astrology, at least basic, will come to the rescue. You just need to learn how to interpret them correctly.

For a given house in the natal chart, the main values ​​are those that are acquired by a person in the process of being in society.

Self-knowledge, the possibility of transformation, the rejection of complexes that previously hindered the development of an individual are associated with these planets.

Pluto contributes to the rebirth of the personality, so the native constantly has to look for new qualities in himself for transformation.

Often, hidden features are revealed in the intimate sphere. If a person manages to meet a soul mate, together they achieve the highest pleasure in sexual relations.

The 8th house in astrology has to do with experiences of a psychic nature. The fact is that against the background of emotional outbursts, there is a continuous transformation of the personality.

If a person does not break down in a critical situation, he becomes more morally stable. Through competent work with his own complexes, he achieves purification.

Such changes are very beneficial, for example, for businessmen, as they become attractive in the eyes of other people.

Natives with the 8th house in the chart attract with their firmness, the ability to go to their goal, not paying attention to the existing difficulties.

Separately, it should be said about the occult side of the 8th house in astrology and its meaning. It contains a dark, unbridled, destructive force. In order not to become a victim, you need to realize its presence and curb it.

What does the 8th house traditionally mean in astrology? He talks about loss, legacy, resources of others, sexual energy and occult sciences. Much more interesting is the modern interpretation:

The legacy of ancestors, that is, the need to create a family, accumulate funds, purchase property, real estate, as well as inheritance.

Of course, this can be a literal symbol of physical death, but in most cases we are talking about changes in the personality. It is this house that reflects the most serious changes in a person’s life.

The 8th house reveals all the unresolved problems from early childhood. This can be a relationship with parents, needs that were not met for some reason.

All this will be revealed during the construction of new relationships by the native, and only through competent study can one achieve the transformation of the soul, its purification, and the correction of karma.

This is a sign that a person is in the center of events, he only gets better if he decides to test himself for strength.

That is why such an individual can unconsciously go on all sorts of adventures or have a tendency to extreme activities, for example, in the corresponding sports.

On the high levels of consciousness, the combination of the Sun with the 8th house in astrology provides the qualities of a good leader in dangerous situations.

In astrology, it is generally accepted that the Moon in the 8th house is a difficult combination.

Such a native is relaxed, even being in the cycle of events and experiences. In difficult situations, he is able to worry about others, emergency situations awaken his intuition.

The moon in the 8th house, superimposing on tense aspects, can cause difficult relationships with close women, namely with mother and wife. In this case, it is wiser for a man to refuse legal marriage, preferring cohabitation.

Such a combination gives its owner a sharp mind, insight, especially when there is no aspect with Neptune. A person easily reveals secrets, so he will be successful as a tax inspector, auditor, or be able to serve in law enforcement agencies.

When it comes to Venus, the question often arises of what is responsible for women in the 8th house in astrology? In general, this is a difficult combination for most natives, regardless of gender.

They need a passionate relationship with screaming, smashing dishes and beautiful reconciliation. It is hard for them without crises, clarification of the relationship.

As an ideal partner, such an individual considers sports people who are not afraid of risk, for example, who are engaged in investments.


People do not think as a unit, but they are transformed into a mass that gives out one idea. For those who have a gas in the house, such inclusion will bring only joy.

Because they will feel the unity, the connection with everyone, as it is, they are part of something more.

If there are problems, then the person is pushed away, feels reluctant to the current person and perceives the group as a hostile object. The house also controls money.