Aquarius Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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If you are trying to discover facts about the person, you’re interested in, and whether the two of you are compatible or not, you have found the right page.

By now, you have probably done all the researches of their social profiles, looked through their pictures and statuses, and possibly got some confusing details about them and their lives.

Trying to figure out about a person’s life and personality just by looking at their pictures and posts they write on their social media can be quite disturbing and often leads to wrong conclusions.

Also, people tend to portray themselves and their lives in a better light than it is, and that is why using someone’s social profile to figure out details about them is often the wrong approach.

At least, it shouldn’t be your only source of information.

One of the most accurate means you can use to determine the potential of a relationship between two people is an astrology analysis. The most precise one is done by comparison of the natal charts of two individuals and determination of the aspects between their planets.

Positive aspects denote a possibility of a good relationship with this person, and predominantly negative ones usually indicate conflicts and disagreements which can cause the end of the relationship, indicating an overall bad match with this person.

The important data you need to have to make the mentioned analysis is the birth data (time, place, and date of birth) for yourself and that individual. If you don’t have them, you won’t be able to make your natal charts.

Encouraging news is that you can use your horoscope signs, to do a similar analysis, although not as precise. It is done by comparing the traits of your horoscope signs, and determining whether you two are compatible or not.

It is important to note that a person’s natal chart, but their horoscope sign as well, can give you a lot of data about their personality traits and preferences.

In this text, we are comparing the traits of an Aquarius man and an Aries woman to discover how compatible they are.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man can often appear distant and reserved. These men are very intelligent and sometimes even genius in their field of work. They can be very unpredictable and reactions, surprising other people. These men love people, but can appear shy and unfit in many situations.

One of their main traits is their originality and different approach to things. These people are often pioneers who create things that benefit humankind. Not all of the Aquarian people are capable of changing the world with their actions, but most of them make changes in their communities by helping others in every way possible.

These people are true humanitarians and are ready to be of service to anyone in need selflessly.

Aquarian men are very independent and freedom loving people. They also have adventurous spirits and are always ready for some action. They are often interested in extreme sports and all extraordinary activities.

Their love for the unusual and awkward has its roots in their ruling planet, Uranus, the ruler of discoveries, the future, unpredictable events, originality, technology, aviation, sudden changes, disasters, breaking the rules, revolutions, new things, abrupt endings, creativity, nuclear energy, etc.

Like their ruling planet, these men are focused on the future and are focused on the creation of something new, and ending with the past. These men have a problem with commitment because it means giving up on their freedom and independence.

They tend to keep a relationship open and often in a friendly zone until they realize what they really want. They can be loyal and devoted to one person, but it takes time for them to make up their mind and commit.

These men often have a problem in expressing their emotions, both in words and in action. One of the reasons might be their inborn shyness and difficulty relaxing. They can be prone to unexpected and sometimes aggressive reactions.

These men need to gain confidence in a person before opening up and trusting them enough to demonstrate his emotions. Even if they like someone, they often don’t show that and treat that woman as a mere friend. It sometimes takes detective work to realize if that man has a crush on you or not.

He can appear cold and distant, or he can make jokes with you just like you were his best buddy and not an attractive girl he might fancy.

They are not easy for people to understand them. Their taste in women, just as with everything else, can often be weird and uncommon. They are highly intelligent and have a lot of interests, and they are most attracted to women who have similar traits.

If a woman happens to share some or most of his interests, she has a good chance of winning his heart.

Even if she wins his heart it might take a while for him to realize that, and make a move towards commitment.

These men can appear superficial at times, but they are capable of deep and committed friendships which last a long time. They can be very loud when defending their opinion and are not very tolerant of the ones who don’t agree with them. These men don’t make differences between people and consider everyone as equal.

Although they love changes and new things, they are a fixed sign, which sometimes might make them reluctant to make the first move towards change. They are also a big technology fan, and tend to follow all the latest trends. These men often have professions in the IT industry or some similar field, where their intelligence finds its best application.

They are not overly passionate and are stimulated mostly by clever talks and women who have a lot of knowledge on various subjects and have what to say. If a girl is only beautiful and that is her only asset, they quickly get bored and disappear.

A woman should possess a lot more qualities than good looks to impress this man, who is not into physical as much as he is into intellectual attractiveness.

When they find the woman they fall in love with, these men are capable of deep commitment and loyalty. They are not possessive and jealous, and allow a great amount of freedom to their women, and they require the same in return.

Their relationships are built on trust, and if a woman is possessive and jealous, that means that she doesn’t trust this man. Lack of trust is something that is a treat to this relationship, and a woman who is interested in this man should always be aware of that fact. 

Aries Woman

The Aries woman has a powerful will and a strong personality. This woman is not easily distracted from her path. When she makes up her mind about something, it is a matter of time when she will accomplish it. Like the Aries man, the Aries woman is very determined and persistent.

They don’t let obstacles and challenges put them down. Instead, difficulties seem to make their will to succeed even stronger.

These women are super-confident and often very direct. They don’t have a problem speaking their mind, but they can sometimes be considered overly aggressive and loud. They can be quite bossy as well. Many people, men especially don’t like when a woman is dominant and tells them what to do.

It offends their masculinity and makes them lift their guards and defend themselves. This is something these women should work on if they want to maintain their relationships with other people, especially the men they care about.

An Aries woman is often very self-absorbed and has a high opinion of her values. She often behaves as she is the smartest one and knows all the answers. These women don’t take critic easily and usually have a hard time admitting that they are wrong. But they love bragging to everyone when they are right about something.

One of the main issues with their personalities is their ego, and some of these women have an enormous ego.

These women often have erupting temperaments and they have difficulty controlling their reactions. Their reactions are often exaggerated and they don’t mind if they hurt someone’s feelings with them.

They need to learn how to react in conflicting situations and don’t allow their fiery temperament to be out of control. They usually don’t have bad intentions in mind, but often end up hurting others without being aware of that fact or wanting it.

People could start avoiding them and having bad opinions about them if they don’t do something about their behavior.

Aside from their somewhat aggressive personalities, these women have good souls and kind hearts, and are ready to help anyone. They are very honest and just, and can’t stand liars and cheaters. They are usually ambitious and aim to be successful in their chosen profession.

Many of these women begin working and earning money at an early age because they love the feeling of independence it provides them.

These women love to have their own source of income and don’t like to be dependent on anyone. They desire a man who is equally successful and ambitious, and able to provide financial security because they value him through the success he has achieved so far. They often inspire their men to push their boundaries and achieve their maximum of potential.

Aries women are usually very successful and have prosperous careers and are usually adequately rewarded for their work efforts. They have leadership qualities and are often in managerial positions.

The Aries woman is very temperamental and often has some masculine traits. Their sign ruler, Mars, is often the one responsible for that. Mars is the ruler of masculinity, but also aggression and war.

That is why these women are often prone to conflicts and resolving issues with arguments. It is very important for them to work on developing their feminine traits and calming their temper.

They are passionate and seek men who are passionate as well. These women enjoy physical intimacy and it is an important part of their relationship. They desire men who have strong personalities like theirs, but due to their dominant character often end up with someone who is weaker than them.

Aries women are often realists and not very emotional.

They are loyal, well-organized and perform well all their duties as mothers and wives. They also manage to finish all their duties at work because it remains a very important part of their lives even after they get married and establish their own family.

Love Compatibility

An Aquarius man and an Aries woman can be a good match.

They are both independent beings with a great appreciation of their freedom and independence. They love adventures and often experience them together.

The Aries woman can sometimes be prone to outbursts of jealousy, possessiveness, and exaggerated reactions, which can be bothering for him.

They are both temperamental, and can enter in conflicts from time to time, but they have compatible characters and usually their arguments last short while and they are back to normal. 

Marriage Compatibility

Their marriage is likely to be an organized union, where everyone knows their duties.

She will likely be the one to organize things, but he doesn’t have a problem with performing what he is asked to do.

He will be an interesting dad, who will spend a lot of quality time with his kids, and she will make sure everything is in order.

They will both give and enable each other the necessary time to devote it to their careers, which they usually find very important.

This union is likely to last, unless there are some negative influences between their natal charts.


An Aquarius man and an Aries woman are good as friends.

They share many interests in outdoor activities, and are often found doing things together. They have similar energy and drive and enjoy each other’s company. 

Cool Facts

Both the Aquarius man and the Aries woman are ruled by two powerful planets, Uranus and Mars.

These planets have a similar area of ruling, and both rule aggression, violence, destruction, force, and abrupt changes.

Both of these people are under the strong influence of these planets, and often experience such events in their lives, through their own actions or through external forces.


The Aquarius man and the Aries woman have a compatible nature in general.

They are not immune to conflicts and disagreements, but they usually manage to overcome them. The good qualities of their relationship often prevail.