Aquarius Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Wondering if you are compatible with someone you like and whether you two would make a good couple can be overwhelming at times.

You might believe that the only way to find out is actually be with this person, but in reality there is another way. You can use an astrology analysis to discover your compatibility with this person.

If you want precise details you need to have their natal chart as well as yours.

You can discover your compatibility with another person by comparing the planetary positions in each of your natal charts and determining the aspects your planets are making.

If your planets are making positive aspects that is a good sign, indicating that the relationship between you can be a stable and lasting one. If the planets make bad aspects, that is not a good sign, and usually indicates conflict and disagreements which will eventually lead to the end of this relationship.

To make a natal astrology chart, you need to have the precise birth data (exact time of birth, date and place of birth) for the person whose chart you are making. If you don’t have such data, you can also use their horoscope sign for comparison, only with slightly fewer details.

To do a comparison based on horoscope signs, you need to compare your horoscope signs traits and see how compatible you two are.

All people born under the same horoscope sign, share many mutual traits, and in some cases you will manage to determine your compatibility in great details, providing that the person you’re interested in dating and you are typical representatives of your zodiac signs.

In this text, we will compare the horoscope traits of the mail Aquarius and female Leo.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man can often appear absentminded and out of focus. They often are, but more likely is that they only appear like that. These men are often in their thoughts, thinking about things that are of great importance to them.

They are very creative and usually occupied with projects which will somehow benefit a lot of people. These men are kind souls, ready to help anyone in need, although they might unjustly be perceived as being cold and distant.

Aquarius men are often shy and reserved and need time to relax before they open to people.

They often feel different from most of the people and the fact is that they are different. These men are usually ahead of their time with their ideas and beliefs, and not many people can understand them and accept them as they are.

These men are visionaries which can often see the future and imagine things way before they become a reality.

A typical Aquarius man is very intelligent and very interesting. These men can be very direct and times and have unpredictable reactions. One moment you think he is a shy or absentminded guy, and in the next one you hear him speaking and realize that he is completely opposite than how you have perceived him.

The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which is a planet of destruction, sudden changes, extravagance, technology, and unpredictability, and gives the people born under this sign these traits.

They are prone to sudden reactions which often surprise those around them. They can also be very straightforward in their comments to others. They are truthful and honest and don’t mind a lot about hurting people with their words. They don’t have bad intentions behind and simply do it because they openly speak their mind and have no restraints.

Sometimes their ideas and beliefs are so awkward to people from their surroundings that many of them begin considering them weird or even avoiding them. These people don’t care what other people think about them.

They behave as they feel and don’t have constraints or concerns about social rules. They can be somewhat of a rebel and enjoy behaving opposite of the accepted social norms.

They often oppose authorities and end up quitting their jobs or making a complete turnover in their lives because they don’t agree with someone or something. They hate injustice and often fight against it even at their own expense.

Aquarius men are helpful and at service to anyone who needs their help. This man will come to your rescue in the middle of the night without saying a word. They are selfless and true humanitarians. They are often involved in some charity organization or some other institution aiming to help.

Aquarius men love extreme activities, and are often into some extreme sports or extraordinary professions where their adrenaline is pumping. These men are often pilots or test drivers. They are also interested in technology and often choose some profession related to technological development.

These men often have difficulties relaxing and trusting someone, especially women. They need time to get to know a girl before they decide whether they want to date her or not.

They are often not very emotional or they have difficulties expressing their feelings. Aquarius men are often friends at first with a girl they later date. They don’t like to be pressured into a relationship and like to take their time deciding.

One of the main reasons for that is their fear of losing their freedom and independence which is something they value the most. They need to be completely sure about a woman to decide to commit to her. That is why it is important not to put any pressure on him because he might give up and leave.

They are known for their unpredictability and tendency towards ending things abruptly.

Aquarius men love intelligent women and that is what truly attracts them. They don’t care about looks as much as they care about wits. They need to admire a girl’s mind to decide to be with her. If she is only beautiful and has nothing meaningful to talk about he will get disappointed and usually won’t try anything with her.

They need to be intellectually stimulated and physical stimulation comes later.

When they fall in love with a woman, they become devoted and loyal. They need to keep a part of their freedom even when they are in a serious commitment, and they can only be with a woman who understands that part of their personality.

If a woman is not able to accept that, they will have difficulty maintaining the relationship with her and will eventually end it. A woman who is constantly nagging, criticizing and is clingy is not a good match for this guy, and she most likely won’t have a chance to be with him at all.

Leo Woman

The Leo woman is often a power woman. These women can be full of themselves and annoy people with their attitude, but they often have remarkable qualities and their pomposity is often well-deserved.

These women are focused on success in every area of their lives, especially their careers. They strive to provide themselves with financial security and they often manage to acquire substantial wealth due to their own efforts.

They don’t care about obstacles when they make up their mind about something. They will do anything possible and impossible to achieve their goal. These women are very ambitious and they don’t let anything stand in their way. They usually manage to raise their social status even when they come from a modest background.

Leo women love success and wealth, but they also love the lavish style and the luxury they bring into their lives. These women enjoy spending money and buying expensive things. Many of these women (just like Leo men) truly believe that they are better than the rest of the people and that they deserve to be treated as such.

They want only the best for themselves. The quest to have a luxurious lifestyle and expensive clothing and things, brings many of these women in financial jeopardy and often causes great damage to their finances.

Their desire to show off to people with what they have is so strong, that many of them forget that it is a lifestyle they are not able to afford. Such behavior brings them to financial disaster and sometimes bankruptcy.

These women are very passionate about everything they do. They often have loud personalities who love being in the center of attention. Many of them have a superiority complex.

Their man needs to be very successful and ambitious, like they are. Although these women are usually capable of providing for their luxurious and pleasurable lifestyle, they expect their man to be able to provide all of that for them, and more.

They are not attracted to men who are not interested in the future and don’t have the ambition to succeed in their profession or business.

Their self-centeredness can cause them problems in relationships with men and people in general because they have a tendency to focus on themselves and their needs and desires.

No one wants a person who cares only about them and doesn’t pay attention to the needs of their partner. These women are often unaware of how focused they are on what they want and need and forget about everyone else.

Their dominant attitude and need to be always right can be irritating to most men, who tend to avoid her. She needs to learn the art of compassion and to pay attention to others, for a change. Not every Leo woman is the same, but many of them have these negative traits, and they need to work on getting rid of them for their own good.

These women love passionate men because they also are very passionate. Intimacy is very important for them, and they want their man to be good looking. They pay a lot of attention to the way they look and love to attract attention with the way they dress and their personal style, and they prefer their man to have similar traits.

Although sometimes hard to deal with, these women have kind hearts and are usually ready to help people.

Many of them brag about that afterwards, but there are Leo women who help exclusively out of the kindness of their hearts and do it selflessly, without expecting anything in return. Many of these women are true buddies, humorous, and fun to be around.

They are very capable and manage to organize well both their private and professional life. 

Love Compatibility

Aquarius man and Leo women are usually not a compatible as couples.

They have different personalities and interests. While he is not interested much in the material aspects of life, she can be obsessed with material things and gaining wealth.

He doesn’t like loud and self-absorbed people, and she can be very loud and very self-consumed and selfish. This man is not the type she would be proud to be seen with, and he isn’t at all attracted to her bragging behavior.

These two are likely to get in conflicts and disagreements and their relationship is likely to end because of that. If they are typical representatives of their signs, the relationship between them is not likely to begin at all.

Marriage Compatibility

An Aquarius man and a Leo woman are not marriage material either.

These two have opposite personalities (Aquarius and Leo are also opposite signs in the Zodiac) and they disagree on most things, unless they have some other influences which neutralize the bad effects of their signs incompatibility.

They have problems finding mutual understanding about the organization part in the marriage.

She will annoy him with her tendency to dominate over him and impose her will upon him, and he will likely try to avoid instead of fight her; usually, when things become unbearable for both sides or just for one of them, the marriage union ends.

This marriage is not likely to happen in the first place. 


These two are not likely to be friends either. Her personality is overwhelming for him, and he often finds her heavy and sometimes obnoxious.

She will usually consider him weird and hard to understand. They don’t have similar interests and often don’t even notice each other.

Cool Facts

The Aquarius man has a unique personal style, which often means that he doesn’t have a style at all and he doesn’t care about clothes and what he is wearing, and only minds about being comfortable.

On the other hand, the Leo woman might spend a fortune to create her style. She is often obsessed with clothes and the latest fashion trends.


The Aquarius man and the Leo woman don’t make a good match at all.

Their differences are often so big, that they cause conflicts between them. It is better to skip on one another.