Aquarius Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Looking to find out more details about the person who interests you or whether that person likes you, can be exhausting and worse, disappointing. You can get some wrong conclusions along the way which might give you false hopes or worse: make you think that this person is not into you at all.

Astrology is a good means to find out about your compatibility with a certain person, as well as about their personal characteristics.

If you have their birth data, you can make their astrological natal chart and compare its planetary placements with the planetary placements in your natal chart. You need to find the aspects between your planets and determine their meanings.

If the meanings of the aspects are positive, this indicates a possibility of a lovely and harmonious relationship between the two of you, while if the meanings of the aspects are negative in nature, the relationship between you two is not likely to be harmonious and lasting. It will probably be filled with conflicts and issues which will cause its end.

If you can’t make their natal chart, you can do another astrological comparison, by comparing your horoscope traits. Every zodiac sign has some special traits which are shared among the people born under the same sign.

When you compare your horoscope traits to theirs, you will get a general picture of your compatibility.

Also, their horoscope sign traits can give you more details about their personality.

In this text, we will compare the horoscope traits of an Aquarius man and a Libra woman to determine their compatibility and relationship potential.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is an extraordinary being, and often appears as if not from this planet.

These men (like Aquarius women) often have an entirely different view of life matters and things in general. People either consider them weird or they admire them for their ingenuity.

These men can often be genius, and are often visionaries who have the ability to look ahead into the future. One of the reasons for that is their planetary ruler, Uranus. This planet, which rules the extraordinary, among other matters, gives them their unique and unusual nature, as well as their superior intellect.

These men are often into Uranus professions, such as aviation, it, technology development, inventions, electricity, etc. They are creative and above all original. They don’t like to be influenced by anyone, and don’t like authorities. These men are often rebels who oppose authorities of all kinds.

They want to be different than others, and they don’t like to be compared to anyone. These men are successful in everything they choose as their profession.

Aquarius men love excitement and every activity which raises their adrenaline. These men have great confidence in their abilities and can defend their opinion with great persistence.

They often chose extreme sports and activities as their hobbies. They are often fireless and like to test the boundaries of their fears and weaknesses. Their reactions and behavior often shock people who are more convenient than they are.

These men often have unpredictable and shocking reactions and don’t care about other people’s opinion about them. They behave as they feel and don’t let other people’s opinion and comments influence them.

These men are easy-going and open, but they need time to relax in someone’s company and show their true face. They can sometimes be timid and reserved, or appear that way. Some people consider them distant and cold.

This behavior could be a result of their need to protect themselves from getting close to people they don’t have a desire to be around at all, or people they want to know first before getting close to them.

Although they appear absentminded (and often are absentminded) these men don’t have many thoughtless reactions. They can act suddenly, but they don’t do it hastily. They usually think before they act.

Sometimes they can shock people with their sudden outbursts of honesty. They never intend to hurt anyone, they are simply themselves.

Aquarius men don’t care much about the rules of society and the conventional way of behavior. They don’t aim to please anyone but themselves. They are tolerant of other people’s differences and dislike when someone is telling them how they should behave and what a proper way to behave is.

These men are true humanitarians and have a genuine love for all living creatures. They often do things which benefit many people or living beings. Often these men are involved in some humanitarian cause or work for an institution which somehow helps others. They are loyal friends and would do anything for their friends and the people who are close to them.

These men are also ready to selflessly help even complete strangers. That part of their personality is truly admirable.

A typical Aquarius man values his freedom more than anything. They are very independent, usually since a young age, and they take a lot of time and consideration of many facts before getting close to a woman and committing to her. He needs to be certain in his feelings about her to decide to change his life and give up on his freedom to be with her.

Even when they are in a serious relationship or even marriage, these men want to keep a part of their freedom and their woman needs to be full of understanding and supportive of that desire.

These men are all about accepting the other person’s personality and not trying to change anyone.

Their woman needs to be very intelligent and free-spirited as they are. She also needs to be very independent and have her own areas of interests besides him, and not expecting him to always be by her side to keep her entertained. He can’t stand pressure and clinginess, and that is something you should have in mind if you like this guy.

His woman must be inspiring and helping him grow and learn more. If she is simply beautiful with no significant inner content, he usually won’t be interested in being with her even in a friendly relationship. These men are excited by someone’s eagerness to learn and create, and women who are occupied solely by the way they look won’t stay long in their mind.

When they love someone, they are loyal and devoted and don’t have the need to look for pleasure elsewhere. Keep that in mind if jealousy begins striking you during his little escapes when doing his own thing.

This man can’t stand possessiveness and that could only drive him away from you. 

Libra Woman

Libra women, even if they are not physically beautiful (and they usually are) are very sweet and nice to be around. These women are under the influence of Venus, their ruling planet, and the goddess of love and beauty. This planet colors their whole personality with a desire to be surrounded by beauty in all forms.

They love physical beauty, but also the beauty of things, nature, to create beauty, etc. Venus also rules art and gives these women (Libra men as well) talent for different forms of art and the creation of art.

These women are often musically talented, or they are talented for painting, designing, and other forms of creative expression.

The sign of Libra rules justice and equality. That is why these women are usually very righteous and thoughtful towards other people’s feelings, doing their best not to hurt anyone with their actions or words.

They often exaggerate in their attempts to please everyone and they end up exhausted and disappointed because they realize at the end that it is an impossible mission to make everyone happy.

In the end, usually no one is satisfied so they end up with a sense of wasted effort.

They need to learn to say “no” to other people’s demands and learn how to protect themselves from being manipulated by others. Having a kind nature and being ready to serve others often is a magnet for people with bad intentions to try to use them or manipulate these women for their own selfish causes.

Libra women can stand injustice and often oppose when someone is unfairly treated. They are often brutally direct and openly confront others with their bad behavior.

These women are very feminine, and they express their femininity both through their attitude as well as their style. Libra women have a natural talent to make the most of their looks and know how to use clothing and other beauty accessories to create stunning effects.

They are usually admired by other women for their looks and style. They have a gift to combine different details into a perfect combination. These women are usually well-mannered, polite, and measured.

With a prominent sense of justice and will to fight injustice, these women (Libra men as well) often choose the legal profession as their main occupation. They often choose to be in the art and creative field as well, but even if that is not the case, they usually keep their creativity alive through their different creative and artistic hobbies.

These women can be very indecisive and that is one of their main negative traits. Their indecisiveness is often a result of their insecurities and fears of doing something wrong, or making the wrong decision.

Because of that, they tend to take a lot of time and consideration before making a decision or taking action, and even after deciding they tend to question their decisions and to change them afterwards if possible.

These women often ask people for advice on what to do in a certain situation, and that doesn’t just refer to the significant matters in life. The typical Libra women tend to spend a lot of time deciding the simplest things, such as eating chocolate or vanilla ice-cream.

Many Libra women have these traits which are well-known to the people who are close to them.

Because of that, Libra women usually seek supportive and confident men who can help them overcome their insecurities and become more decisive. They also seek a man who can help them become more enduring in pursuing their goals because they tend to give up sometimes even before starting.

These women are usually not very passionate and they prefer tenderness to passionate lovemaking.

Their mild character desires balanced and calming relationships with people, especially men they are dating. They don’t like men who are aggressive and overly dominant, although they don’t have a problem with a man’s leading role in a relationship.

These women love going out and love action. They are not into extreme activities and rather chose the ones where they can both enjoy and be active at the same time, such as traveling.

Love Compatibility

The Aquarius man and the Libra woman are both air signs, and they don’t have a problem with getting along well. Their personalities are not conflicted although he might surprise her with her unexpected actions and reactions.

These two don’t have much in common and usually have a different approach to life. This man is very independent and knows what he wants, while she is often confused and indecisive about the right actions she needs to take.

He is usually not the right person to give her a boost of confidence and help her fight her natural sense of insecurity. He might get bored by the constant questioning of her actions and decisions, and she will feel that she can’t rely on him to help her overcome her weaknesses.

They can be a good couple if they have some other mutual compatibility in their natal charts. If not, this relationship is not likely to last. 

Marriage Compatibility

The typical Aquarius man and the Libra woman are not a good marriage match.

The marriage between these two doesn’t have a chance of being a lasting one if these two don’t have a desire to be tolerant to each other’s differences and meet in the middle with her interests.

That usually doesn’t happen and these two end up the marriage. This marriage is often not likely to happen. 


An Aquarius man and the Libra woman don’t have much in common, and their interests are different.

These two usually don’t recognize each other as potential friends and this relationship usually don’t start.

There are no conflicts between them, just lack of interest in spending time and doing activities together.

Cool Facts

The Aquarius man is usually not at all interested in his personal style and the clothes he wears.

He only wants comfort and non-restriction, and these are his only requirements when it comes to dressing.

On the other hand, the Libra women (Libra men also) can be obsessed with the clothes they are wearing.

They have a lot of clothing items and spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Their personal style is often admired by others.


The Aquarius man and the Libra woman are usually not interested in spending much time together.

He can consider her interests shallow, and the can be overly extreme for her taste. Their relationships are not likely to last.