Aquarius Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our sun and our moon represent two parts of our personality.

The sun sign side reveals our personality and the way we tend to present ourselves to the outer world, while the moon sign side represents our inner being and the content of our subconscious; which is a side we tend to keep to ourselves or we share it only with the people we consider close.

People with sun in Aquarius and moon in Libra have a character which is a mix of two different air element signs, which gives this people airy and light nature.

These people are usually people lovers and are always in a quest to make others happy and be of service to them.

They consider all people as equal and they don’t make differences between people in regards to their skin color, gender, nationality, personal preferences, culture, education, or any other differences which can exist between people.

They have fast reactions and sometimes they don’t think enough before they act, which often brings these people in some awkward situations and even danger.

Regardless of that, they often have the ability and charm to get away from many of these situations where they have put themselves, usually through talking and charming people.

These people really have gentle and kind hearts and they really enjoy helping others. They are often born humanitarians who consciously devote their lives to fulfilling some goal which will benefit many people or even the humankind.

People with this sun/moon combination are usually very creative and they love art. They usually prefer Modern Art and some more eccentric ways of expressing one’s creativity.

They are often good-looking and pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance, way more than an average Aquarius.

The moon in Libra gives these people a special kind of sensitivity, which makes them susceptible to other people’s emotional states and their emotional state is often dependent on other people’s reactions to them.

These people can often be people pleasers, wanting to make everyone happy. During that process, they often neglect themselves and their needs, failing to understand that they cannot be happy and satisfied if they first don’t attend to their needs.

When they realize that they cannot make everyone happy and begin focusing on themselves and their needs, the situation changes and other people begin respecting them more.

Until they do that, they often experience situations where others take them for granted and don’t appreciate the efforts that these people put in to make them happy or help them in any other way.

People with sun in Aquarius and moon in Libra can experience problems with decision making. The main reason is the fact that Aquarius people often don’t put in much thought before making decisions and often react impulsively and without thinking much about the consequences of their actions.

On the other side, Libra is prone to overthinking and considering to many details before making a decision, thinking about all the possible consequences, which makes the process of making a decision incredibly long. In turn, that often causes them to make the wrong decision and changing it afterwards.

These people can act differently in different situations, but they can often struggle with indecisiveness and at times they can make irrational decisions.

They need to work on creating a balance in their decision making process and finding a middle solution where they will consider the possible consequences of their actions, but they won’t allow the process of making the decision to last too long.

People with this sun moon combination often choose creative professions. They usually choose something that will inspire them and will be dynamic enough.

These people need to be in constant movement and they need to have changes happening. They often choose some artistic or creative professions ruled by Aquarius and Libra signs.

When it comes to money, these people might experience some issues.

Because they love beauty and beautiful items, these people might be prone to spend money on buying nice things which don’t have other value than just being beautiful and pleasing them with these attributes.

They can be prone to recklessly spending and jeopardizing their financial security and many of them need to work on establishing control over their spending and finding a way to better manage their finances.

These people are usually not very ambitious and they usually rely on their good luck to achieve success. They often make some risky moves, but they often end up being successful because they usually believe in the positive outcome of their actions.

They can be lazy and have a tendency to procrastinate, which is another issue they need to work on controlling.

Although they might be prone to imposing their opinions on others, these people in general are prone to making compromises and they want to accomplish agreements with other people that will make all participants happy and satisfied.

Their nature is harmonious and balanced and they strive to establish such relationships in all areas of their life.

These people have a harmonious nature and have a tendency to bring people together and create harmony where there is discord. They are talented for resolving conflicts between people and they’re often called to be mediators between conflicting parties.

Good Traits

The good traits of sun in Aquarius and moon in Libra:

harmonious, balanced, helpful, kind, tender, gentle, beauty-lovers, talented for resolving conflicts, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of sun in Aquarius and moon in Libra:

– indecisive, rash, impulsive, thoughtless, reckless, overspending, overthinking, people-pleasers, not very ambitious, lazy, tendency to procrastinate, etc.

‘Aquarius’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Aquarius and moon in Libra are usually good-looking and often seek partners who have similar traits. They are inspired by beauty and they love everything beautiful, which includes people. That is why physical beauty also inspires them.

These people have a sensitive nature and they seek partners who can properly respond to their needs.

They can also be indecisive and lack confidence in their abilities, which is why they need a partner who will be supportive and help them overcome these issues.

They need someone who will support them in pursuing their goals and developing their talents and using all their potential.

These people are tender and kind and they’re not very passionate. Overly passionate partners might intimidate them. They seek friendly and tender approach from their potential partners, which enables them to relax.

People with this sun/moon combination are partnership oriented. Unlike many other Aquarius people, these people enjoy being in a relationship and often need a partner or spouse to feel complete.

They also need someone they can rely on and someone who will support them in their actions whenever they feel insecurity.

These people desire a partner who will look good and has enough confidence  and patience to put up with their character and help them overcome their insecurities. These people love action and love adventure, which is why they love travelling and all outdoor activities.

They can be prone to extreme activities of all kinds, especially extreme sports. Their partner needs to be someone with similar preferences with whom they will enjoy these activities together.

These people are not home types and they like all outdoor activities. They consider their house a place where they sleep and do some necessary activities, but in general, they always like to be somewhere on the move, which is why they need a partner who has similar life requests.

A partner who is a home type and expects them to spend all their time there with them, without much contacts with other people is not a suitable match for these people.

These people are very sociable and they easily make contact. They enjoy being surrounded by others. They always need some action and loner types of people are not attractive to them.

In general, these people are commitment types and they usually don’t take long before making a decision to commit or marry. Because of their active lifestyle, they could take some more time to think before establishing their family.

When they have children they are carrying parents who can at times be overprotective towards their children. They can also spoil their children by being overly complacent to their desires.

If their sun has bad aspects with planets like Uranus or Mars, they could be prone to attracting aggressive types of partners or conflict and breakups in their relationship life.

Their partner needs to be someone who has a balance character and who will be a stabilizing factor in their partnership.

They need balance and harmony in all life areas and they cannot get along well with someone who has a conflicting personality. 

Best Match For ‘Aquarius’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon

The best match for an Aquarius sun and Libra moon is another air sign.

They could also get along well with signs from other elements, providing they have a lot of air element influence in their natal charts.


People with Sign Aquarius and moon in Libra usually have a balanced and harmonious nature.

They might have issues with decision making because they are prone to overthinking on one side, and irrational and thoughtless actions on the other side.

They are partnership oriented and they enjoy being in a relationship or marriage. Because of their indecisiveness and often lack of confidence, they desire a partner who will be supportive and give them a boost to pursue their desires and goals.

They love beauty in all forms which is why they love beautiful people as well. Their partner should also be good-looking. They are not very passionate and have a more of a tender approach, which is why overly passionate partners can intimidate them.

They’re not very ambitious and often rely on their good luck to achieve success.

They can be overly complacent parents and can easily spoil their children. These people are selfless and sincerely enjoy making others happy.

They need to learn to control their spending habits, as well as learn not to be people pleasers and put other people’s needs before theirs.

When they learn to do that, others will begin respecting them more and stop taking them for granted, which is a common issue for this people in relationships with others.