Aries in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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It is easy to distinguish the Arians, it could be said that they take the world ahead. They will seldom hesitate when making a decision or feel weak when faced with a challenge, they have Mars that gives them courage, strategic thinking, daring and the ability to learn from mistakes made. Shyness is reserved for others, Aries does not hesitate, and stands stoically on the front lines.

Aries goes in search of unknown paths, with the curiosity that his childlike spirit gives him. Brave, intelligent and self-confident, they can take advantage of their talents to create projects and companies, generating ideas and breaking new ground.

Aries – Meaning and Info

Their leadership spirit makes them strive to be the first and best in everything they do. More than money, what interests them is admiration, the pleasure of the challenge and the satisfaction of success.

Tireless workers, by force of will and determination, they always manage to achieve what they set out to do. The money burns in their hands and they use it for the most diverse purposes. They know how to treat themselves but are also generous with their friends and loved ones.

He runs happy, smiling and without fear towards his wish, although it would be convenient to give himself a space to plan his finances and savings. With an enthusiastic spirit, Aries stands out for being quick, outspoken, and energetic.

In the event of having an exchange of ideas with an Aries, it will be necessary to cover oneself with a cloak of patience since, although their courage and audacity are contagious, at times they can become irritable, abrupt and reckless and hurt sensibilities with their improvisation and verbal combativeness. It is that they are pure passion, first they speak or act, and then they reflect.

As a “baby” of the zodiac he is aware only of his needs that he wants to see satisfied on the spot. He is interested in the world insofar as he relates to it and that will not upset the other, because his naivety and optimism will make others forget his selfishness and simply admire them. Possessing the image of a child full of wonder and admiration for things, Aries is guided by curiosity.

Full of drive to explore and discover the world, he constantly shows that he is able to resist and stay strong in the face of adversity with simplicity and sensitivity. He acquires a sincere and charming attitude, a reflection of a supposed innocence or the admiration generated by the constant rediscovery.

Hot and fiery, they are sincere in their displays. Aries will never say “I love you” if he doesn’t really mean it, he will do it from the heart.

12th House – Meaning and Info

The traditional meaning of House XII is one of the most disturbing. It is said to be the house of hidden enemies, long trials, secrets, isolation, serious illnesses, voluntary or involuntary confinements such as stays in hospitals, prisons, convents and other places of retirement.

When you stick to that enumeration, it’s scary. When you analyze its chart and see planets in the 12th house, you start to fear the worst, to believe yourself doomed to life’s worst nightmares without understanding their meaning.

House XII is the last house in the theme. It represents the end of a complete life cycle, the ultimate experience before the end of a life and the transition to something else. In fact the deep meaning of house XII is that of the retreat house.

The 12th house represents that particular moment in life when what has been accomplished can no longer be continued, can no longer grow, and can no longer develop without a phase of self-reflection. Like the ebb and flow of the wave, we act on the world and pull out of it when the time comes.

During this phase, when the wave recedes, you have to accept that you are no longer an actor in the world, but only withdraw peacefully.

In everyday life, when something significant happens in our 12th house, we are retired. We must accept that we can no longer act, but only enjoy this moment of pause.

In retirement, our abilities are less, but our freedom is greater. We have time for ourselves, no obligations except what we impose on ourselves.

We no longer even have the obligation to work in order to live, life and society provide for it. We have accomplished our task and we are now helped, supported by a retirement pension, a family, a neighborhood, household help…

The moment of retirement no longer requires us to do things, but to be. This is the time to breathe life, to relax, to resonate with the natural rhythm of life from which our work, our activity, our responsibilities, our commitments, our creations and our projects had taken us away.

The retreat analogy applies fully to the 12th house and everything one finds and experiences there. If we are so afraid of this house, it’s because we are afraid of being left with nothing to be able to do.

The XII house is described as a calamity when people who have a strong XII house could identify with people whom life would retreat very often.

But instead of seeing the good side of retirement, we only see the bad, the suffering, the stillness, the confinement. Perhaps because in our current society, we no longer know what to do with the elders.

If your XII house is strong, tell yourself that you are lucky to have a life where you can retreat from whatever the XII house means. Think of it in terms of opportunities more than in terms of deprivation and frustration.

See in yourself the old one who does not need to have experiences, but only to internalize them, to take stock of them personally, and to enjoy not having to relive it all again, as a thing of the past. Imagine your toes fan-shaped and away from all the hassle of the energies of your XII house, instead of seeing only frustration.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you put an end to the trials about it. Because if you are struggling to try to conquer and control the energies of your house XII, you will then meet the trials, the afflictions, the hidden enemies and all the plagues that will force you to be away from the object of your restlessness.

House XII asks you to fan your toes, learn to take a nap, retire, and spend time alone with yourselves. House XII is the retreat house which is to be understood in the sense of withdrawing from the world.

Unlike House VI, which is opposed to it and which asks us to be strongly involved in the turmoil of the world to find what our talents and our creativity can be used for, in House XII, we serve no one and nothing. Outside of oneself. It is the home of the well-deserved pastis of the aperitif, the nap, the rest, the relaxation, the relaxation, the meditation, the inspiration that comes from a moment of nothing.

Aries in 12th House – Meaning and Info

His virility, his desires. In this case, we can reconnect to this energy through inner meditation work.

Relaxation, relaxation helps to feel within oneself what our XII house contains. This is how you can experience a 12th house without suffering. It should be understood that one does not need to experience the manifestation of what it contains, but that one can feel all of its content inside.

Living the contents of one’s 12th house consciously and serenely consists in accepting to retreat from the energies it contains, which means accepting to no longer seek to manifest them in one’s life outside of oneself through actions. You let go and instead of trying to create through action, you feel inside yourself in moments of pause and meditation.

The energies of the 12th house are energies that one should feel within oneself and not seek out through action on the world.

When we do not consciously understand this need for retirement linked to the energies of the 12th house, life subjects us to trials that force isolation and retreat.

It can be a disease that prevents us from acting or even immobilizes us in the hospital, it can be hidden enemies that come to light and cause us to be locked in prison.

These extreme cases of the 12th house which are often cited correspond to extreme experiences. Don’t get confused that this will happen to you.

Most often the 12th house is experienced as something that we cannot achieve, as relationships that we do not have or that we did not have and which can create pain and sadness.

For example, if we have Cancer in the 12th house, we risk experiencing family trials. If we seek emotional security through a protective family when we have not given ourselves kindness and protection, we will be denied it. This emotional security must be lived inside of you without expecting it from the outside.


The content of the 12th house is manifested as if we had acted sufficiently in the past on these energies and that we should now not add any more and rather try to feel internally to what our experience corresponds to, what we are feels it deep inside us.

Now is the time to sip by the pool and reflect on what you’ve been through instead of embarking on new adventures.