Aries in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

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People born in the sign of Aries rarely go unnoticed in whatever social groups they move and in whatever business they engage in.

These are people of action, bold, abrupt, mostly rushing before they even assess the potential dangers that await them along the way.

With the sign of Aries, spring begins, nature wakes up and enters a new cycle, after a period of hibernation. It is for this reason that the members of the sign of Aries are the ones to whom “fate” intended to initiate and make changes in the established patterns, and to lead and motivate others in the direction of changing existing things.

Aries – Meaning

That’s why a typical Aries mostly behaves like a warrior, like a military leader or a kind of Robin Hood who organizes people in the direction of progress or for some positive goal.

The reign of Aries begins on March 21 and lasts until April 20, during which time the Sun crosses the so-called an ecliptic fragment of this constellation (seen from Earth).

Active, full of energy like the first spring bud or a young plant that the heat of the sun helps to, under the snow, come to the surface, and thus announce the process of a new awakening, hitherto dormant and hibernated, life.

Aries is always first in everything, or at least he would like to be, so he leaves the impression of an intruder pushing everywhere, most often where no one has called him.

The competition motivates him to give his best and outdo the opponent, so he will accept any challenge without thinking.

This is a being for whom there is no middle and gray but plus or minus, black or white, nothing in between.

For this reason, he is neither particularly adaptable, and often times, nor particularly tolerant, but spontaneous and honest as he is, he likes clean relationships and clear situations.

These are people of initiative and hard to bear if they find themselves in the role of followers or, worse, obedient. Namely, these are roles that no Aries who sticks to himself will simply agree to.

Each sign of the zodiac expresses its characteristics consciously or unconsciously. When we express ourselves consciously, we feel powerful, stable, confident and productive.

When we function unconsciously, then we just react to the circumstances and we feel like life is living us and we are just dealing with it, better or worse.

Unconscious expression feels like a weight, an obstacle, a feeling of powerlessness over “fate”, that is, life circumstances.

Unconscious expression involves living the “negative” characteristics of a sign, and these disappear somewhat when Aries consciously focuses on his strengths and talents. In other words, when Aries consciously functions, then it expresses positive characteristics.

The focus is on gaining recognition from others for their accomplishments. Aries wants to be recognized as a champion through “first self” behavior. He lacks objectivity, and his approach to life can be quarrelsome and confrontational. He is a territorial and wants to dominate because of a great desire for personal recognition.

Because of his great desire for individual victory and achievement, he can behave in a selfish, uncooperative way, so he is not a team player. He behaves hastily, sometimes aggressively, with a lack of consideration for others. He dominates others instead of leading them.

The focus is on sharing your talents as a brave pioneer and leader with others. The great life energy of Aries focuses more consciously and focuses on the well-being of others, not just its own benefit.

Anger loses its instinctive nature and energy is instead directed to good plans and actions that inspire others. Instead of fighting for territory, he becomes one who corrects injustices and, if necessary, sacrifices himself for a greater ideal. The conscious Aries reveals the meaning of love.

Aries is an inspiration and inspiration to others because he is a natural dynamic leader. The greatest talent is that it can inspire others to be independent, which is also Aries ’greatest desire: to be an independent individual.

He is extremely perceptive and inspiring. His intuition is strong because it is a fire sign, so Aries’ intuitive, conscious mind is the greatest weapon at his disposal.

The Archetype of the Warrior then becomes the Spiritual Warrior because it propagates the spiritual perception of every endeavor.

3rd House – Meaning

Communication, thoughts, everyday life. The 3rd house is all about communication, i.e. how we communicate with others and how we express our thoughts.

Here you can find out whether we would rather pick up the phone or write a letter to let us know. It is also possible that we are so lax that we prefer to read a book and process the information received for ourselves.

The 3rd house also stands for the language and the oral and written expression of our thoughts.

It also shows how we absorb information, process and pass on knowledge. Whether we prefer to listen to the radio, watch TV or read newspaper articles in order to stay up to date and whether we then pass it on immediately or keep it to ourselves.

Here we also find out whether it is rather difficult or easy for us to process the information received, which is why it gives us information about the mental possibilities, i.e. the intelligence of a personality.

It also shows our train of thought and how we express our thoughts. Do we appear more logical or chaotic in our way of thinking and expressing? How do we perceive our surroundings and react to them?

The 3rd house also stands for our intellect. Especially with regard to the assessment of everyday things and which attract our attention. In this way, our decisions are also influenced here on a factual and logical basis.

In general, the 3rd house is also about everyday events. That means how we deal with the immediate environment, i.e. neighbors or close relatives, especially siblings.

Whether the contact is harmonious or disharmonious and how the everyday exchange goes.

This also means what intellectual influence different contacts have on us or vice versa and how we learn from one another and gain experience.

In addition, the 3rd house will be connected with minor changes of location, such as moving.

Aries in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

The 3rd house is that area of ​​life that is assigned to the zodiac sign of Gemini. Here you can see the systems that focus on thinking, speaking and representing yourself Relate to people.

How the 3rd house twin energy manifests in life is especially determined by planets in this house. Saturn in the 3rd house under tension aspects can cause great uncertainty, which leads to reticence in the conversation.

This is often harder to live with, especially for school children. Uranus under tension on the other hand, leads to behavior that can conflict with the environment.

Venus in the 3rd house is a gift in the form of a linguistic Talent (harmonious, beautiful language in writing and word). Also the zodiac sign at the top of the 3rd house has great significance.

People with an emphasis on the 3rd house love conversations and exchanges with their environment. You are interested in everything new and open to other opinions.

The twin energy of the 3rd house drives you to attend as many events as possible, Meetings to attend parties. They are entertaining, can usually portray themselves well and provide entertainment. They often also have a great deal of general knowledge.

This is where the need for communication created in the 3rd house (Gemini / Mercury) connects with a person’s self. The knowledge is used to find one’s identity.

Because their words often come straight from the Hearts come, their feelings for those around them are easily visible. You wear certain- measured their feelings on the platter.

This is where the need for communication created in the 3rd house (Gemini / Mercury) connects with the logical Mercury. The intellect is strengthened through this connection.

This People usually have a gift for communication. When Mercury is in the 3rd house is affected by voltage aspects, this could – depending on the planetary connection – have a disruptive effect on the encounter with the environment (e.g. Mercury square Mars: aspect of dispute, Mercury opposition Neptune: aspect of deception).

A harmonious connection between Mercury in the 3rd house and Uranus would make you Correspond to the intelligence aspect.

This is where the need for communication created in the 3rd house (Gemini / Mercury) connects with the desire for harmony and beauty.

This constellation stands for the ability to present oneself aesthetically as well as for a love of language and education.

People with a beautifully expected Venus in the 3rd house usually have a beautiful language spoken and written.

Because Venus is so dependent on harmony with its environment, she can sometimes find it difficult to face a necessary confrontation.

The danger here is pseudo harmony. It requires a certain amount of self-discipline in order to say what to say. This may be particularly difficult with this constellation,

This is where the need for communication created in the 3rd house (Gemini / Mercury) connects with the desire to assert the ego. This constellation gives the property assert oneself through language.

People with Mars in the 3rd house can often get along well bring them into discussions. If Mars is under tension, that could be one give a sharp tongue that teaches you not to say everything you think.


This is where the need for communication created in the 3rd house (Gemini / Mercury) connects with the desire for knowledge and expansion of consciousness.

This constellation promotes open-minded thinking and tolerant communication.

The expanding Jupiter’s energy, however, harbors the risk of the hundredth in the conversation to get into the thousandth and not to focus on the essentials. Then the conversation could easily turn into a well-intentioned monologue rather than a dialogue.