Aries in 4th House – Meaning and Info

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The fourth field of the horoscope is the most personal and probably the most sensitive house, because it represents the embryo of the nets, its family, roots, genetics and its entire heritage.

It describes long-deceased ancestors, what family he came from, about the legacy left by his ancestors, whether it was his father or mother or some older ancestors.

The fourth field describes the house, homeland, character, hearth, deep, personal feelings and personal injuries. It talks about the end of life or the grave, private business, and in the male horoscope it describes the mother, and in the female horoscope the father.

Aries – Meaning

If they enjoy what they do and love their job nothing will stop them from achieving their maximum. They are characterized by enormous energy and perseverance, so they always strive for leading positions. They do not miss opportunities that is the time when they show themselves in their full splendor.

Energetic, determined and confident, Aries openly show their feelings and will not hesitate to go to the most unfavorable places in search of love.

With them, the partner always knows what he is up to. It goes best with other passionate and active characters. They are never satisfied with half-baked solutions.

He is very flirtatious and loves flirting like a real hunter. You can expect such characteristics to continue in marriage as well. Constantly seeking attention when they are in a relationship, neglect can seriously extinguish it.

Open and direct, he does not hesitate to take the initiative and approach the person who attracted his attention.

It wins with a classic direct and fiery approach without circling. The key to winning Aries is independence so he is always looking for a strong partner who will challenge him on a mental and physical level.

Take care that Aries are the ones who choose and who need to take the first step, otherwise they lose interest and run away.

He is prone to attractive and appealing people who stick to their looks. He loves being in the role of a hunter and trying to win his “prey”.

Because of their rebellious and wild spirit, they often have a lot of sexual experience. Aries loves to experiment by bringing love and sexual fantasies to the limit, so sex with Aries is never boring.

Their passionate nature and willingness to explore makes them interesting lovers. They love to try out sexual poses in which they can show their dominance. In bed, they focus on themselves and often don’t think about their partner.

Women born in this sign are just as passionate and conquering as Aries men. When they spot their prey without too much fuss they will take the initiative and do whatever it takes to show their open sexual nature. You can expect women of large sexual appetites to show this when the time is right.

They are not typical women when it comes to sex, they are aware of their sexual urge and can be quite insensitive in a moment of physical intimacy. It is absolutely unacceptable for them to have a relationship that does not meet their sexual needs.

A woman in the sign of Aries is looking for the right man who will know how to tame her. They expect their loved one to initiate and respond to love and flirtation.

If you have fallen in love with an Aries woman then you are a very brave and happy man. Women in this sign eternally long for their prince on a white horse. If she feels pressured, run away with her head no matter what.

4th House – Meaning

Since the 4th house is especially sensitive, astrologers forget to treat it as malignant. It is basically very dangerous, because it talks about the way of death as well as the place of the grave.

As this is a water house, it has occult properties and a special energy that is often not revived and sanctified.

For that reason, it should be treated as malignant, with its maleficent being far weaker than the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

If there are malefic planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), the person comes from a very busy or burdened family, which shows that there were warriors in the family, conflicts, clashes and hatred, speaks of ancestral struggles, and nets in this life is not easy and simple, nor does it treat others that way.

He can also talk about losing a home (someone was killed in the house or it happened in the distant past), he can talk about family accidents or that the person was adopted by someone (if there is a connection with series 12).

A lot of bad planets in the fourth house indicate an unhappy childhood, bad living conditions during growing up, unrest in the house, illness of parents or their disagreement. Nat’s himself is not comfortable in his body and in his skin, so he can grow into a difficult, closed and introverted person.

More good planets in the 4th house indicate happiness and gain through family, good family relations, peaceful and happy childhood, and beautiful end of life, popularity and popularity towards the end of life as well as the gain of a house or family inheritance.

Of course, in addition to that, the position of the Moon, the planet in the sign of Cancer, as well as the connection with Saturn and the 8th house, play an important role. I am writing all this, so that someone would not trivialize astrology, and on the basis of only one good or bad planet in the 4th field, make assumptions and conclusions.

Astrology is an art that requires the skill of understanding and connecting things. People who are quite withdrawn, sensitive and need to retire, and the 4th house is inhabited by good planets (through position and aspects) can find all the love, happiness and pleasure in their family or home.

If there are multiple planets in the fourth house (either in good or inharmonious aspects), the person can be a channel for spiritual forces and is often clairvoyant.

The fourth house is origin and family. It manages your home life – past, present and future. It points out what kind of house you had as a child and what was your relationship with your parents. Fourth house scope includes what you inherited from our ancestors.

This defines the accommodation that you create for yourself. Under his auspices you give your current interior as well as you own the structure and land. This home runs well protected the last years of your life as you seek old age.

The fourth house – one of the most mysterious in your natal chart as it reflects the fact that it protects and isolates you from the rest of the world – the place you call home in physical and emotional worth.

After all, this house – the center of the lower hemisphere, that part of individual space that is directly under our feet and is directed in the center of the earth.

Perhaps, in his actions, we go nervous from the unconscious belief systems or patterns.

Therefore, as a result we get an interesting couple situation: security requires suffering, torment requires security, security requires sacrifice security non-satisfaction of needs in all requires (including the need that the very security) etc. Why this happens – gradually becomes clear.

However, it is not clear how this situation can change life into one.

However, a careful study of the 4 house can be a source of understanding how to correct the destructive paradoxes that exist in the home, the family, in the area of personal safety.

Studying at home, which shows how our boys relate to the situation of our evolution, we can learn how to change the stamp, offer alternative ways to integrate these contradictions in our lives, as a result of the experience of being in the middle of the universe becomes more graceful and consistent. The fourth house determines the zodiac sign Cancer and the moon.

Aries in 4th House – Meaning and Info

This is a very nice Venus position that should create a lot of closeness between you, regardless of the nature of your relationship.

But especially if you live together, you will certainly be able to set it up very comfortably and comfortably and give your home a tasteful touch. Your partner is likely to be your new family at the same time, whether you are married or not.

You both have the ability to form a strong bond and give yourself completely to the other. You also like to pamper and are happy when you enjoy your little attentions. You probably treat each other very lovingly, as a harmonious and well-kept atmosphere at home is very important to you. You can’t stand rough tones.

Perhaps when you first met, you felt like you had known each other for a long time and had no inhibitions about talking about your past.

You love to make your privacy as comfortable and cozy as possible, and you don’t necessarily need a large circle of friends or frequent pub crawls for that.

It gets tough when really serious disagreements arise because you may both be so conflict-averse and concerned for your safety that you find it difficult to speak openly about your differences.

After the first house, the next with such strength and importance is the fourth house, because it is nets in its original form.

Through the fourth house, a being is born who has just entered a family, is deeply connected to his mother, and that connection naturally determines him and gives him a destiny for the rest of his life. All other houses will later emerge from this one.

Man resembles his ancestors, has their characteristics, and therefore the fourth house, as the beginning and end of life, and speaks of the quality since it was made. It is a great happiness if the parents are of good quality, if he has good genetics because that gives support in what he will create next.

The primary goal of man is at ten, where man creates his family. In other words, the fourth house is like the South Node of Nat’s – that is its origin and there are its ancestors, while the tenth house is the nature of its descendants. With a partner, nets creates his story in the tenth house, but finally as life goes on, nets returns to what he was made of.

He created his family, gave the opportunity to extend the species, gave it to the North Node and the tenth house, and returns to what it came from. That is why four is the beginning and the end of life that is destiny.

Mars naturally likes to go to ten to exalt, to make life strong, and to have good energy.

However, if he returns to the fourth house, there is a reduction of that energy, which eventually the disposer of the ruler of Ask can extract, but one in four is not a natural flow.

Everything related to the fourth house, the sign of Cancer and Capricorn, is always an indicator of genetic karma – things that are inherited from ancestors.

Man’s destiny is defined in the first days of his life – all secondary progressions occur in just a few months of Nat’s’ life, all tertiary progressions in the first few years.


The difference between the fourth and the first house is that nets becomes the first house only when he becomes a conscious person able to make decisions, in the formal sense it happens when he becomes an adult, when a person who has his own self is already formed.

Before that, he was only a part of the family, and his parents were responsible for him.