Aries Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Zodiac compatibility could be the first step towards a happy and harmonious relationship, because it could serve as both a motivation and a useful guideline.

Knowing your starts and your partner’s astrological characteristics could help you better understand one another and your connection on a higher level. Astrological compatibility of zodiac signs reveals the nature of a connection.

If your signs do not match on a basic level of interpretation, you should not fall into despair, but go into a deeper analysis.

That way, you would discover more easily what are all the pros and cons of your relationship. That way, you could both work through all of the challenges and overcome your differences and disagreement. It is not necessary that your starts match one hundred percent.

What matters more is that you two are ready to work on your relationship, to design this amazing bond you have your own way, trying to harmonize one another’s desires, dreams, values, goals, emotions and everything else.

It may sound complicated, but if you love one another enough, it could be a driving challenge.

Today, however, we talk about an astounding zodiac combination of two fire element signs.

We match an Aries man with a Leo woman; this is, indeed, a promising combination. These two fiery personalities have much in common.

Connection of these two could move rocks. Let us find out more about both of the signs and their combination.

Aries Man

You would easily recognize an Aries man in a group of his men friends; he is possibly the loud one who tries to dare others to take some crazy action. He is all about physical challenges, sports and competition.

He is probably a passionate fan of a sports’ personality or a team, but he is surely himself a player. Aries men embody the idea of raw masculinity and they are proud to show it.

Aries men are never easily distracted from their goals, but they are easily provoked and dared to try something many would think of as insane.

They love sports, running, extreme disciplines and everything that sets their physical strength at test. They are dedicated, focused determined and courageous in everything they do, including both professional development and emotional life.

That said, these tough men are very emotional. They are intense, full of passion for everything, stubborn and energetic, which could make them hard to control their behavior.

They could be aggressive and difficult to get along with, if you do not possess enough tolerance for their overwhelming charisma and spirit.

Aries men are easily bored and they feel restless if they are not on the run. However, they are steady in nature, meaning they are always active, but their efforts are focused on one goal.

They seek stability and harmony, which they commonly find in starting a family. Family matters to an Aries a lot. While he is quite self-reliant and independent, he does not want to spend his life alone.

Aries men are said to be great lovers and they are popular amongst women. They easily get attention of ladies, although their attractiveness does not come from gentleness and beauty, but from their obvious masculinity, strength and openness.

Aries men know what they want and they are daring. If they want to win a woman, they will be straight to the point, even intimidating to softer women.

In sexual life, Aries men want it badly and they want it now.

They are not into foreplay, long love games of seduction and flirt, but they are direct. They are extremely sexual, their libido immense. Aries men are known as fiery in bed.

He loves to be dominant, but he also needs a partner who is as almost equal in demands and energy.

Leo Woman

Leo women are not actually Leos, lions, but true lionesses, in every sense possible. They are simply breathtaking and hard not to notice. These ladies are fearless, brave and determined.

Leo women are natural born leaders; they are born to rule everything in their surroundings.

These ladies break all the barriers and walls; they are unstoppable.

Moreover, they are relaxed in what they do, because their self-confidence is immense.

Lioness ladies rarely experience surprises; they are not easily shaken or disturbed. They are excellent planers. These women hold all strings in their hands. They rarely ask for help, because they rarely need it.

These women are masters of their own destiny. They naturally know what is needed for success; they feel it and they use it.

Leo women would rarely fall for somebody who is greatly more successful than they are.

They love to be the first in everything and being equal to a lioness is a hard thing to do. If it happens that way, a Leo woman would put all of her efforts into trying to be as successful as her partner is.

Leo women do not like to mix professional rivalry with pleasure in general, but it is not an impossible scenario.

“I am a lion, so hear me roar” is a phrase you could literally read from any Leo personality, especially women. Leo women love spotlight and attention, they are swank seductresses; they are the spirit of any party and occasion.

They are commonly the loudest and they most astonishing in looks. They love luxury and are quite fancy ladies.

Leo woman is passionate, playful, energetic and bold; she strongly believes she deserves every attention she could get and she enjoys it. To win a lioness, you have to be a true gentleman, to please her needs and to fulfill all of her expectations.

Leo women are extravagant, intelligent, proud and simply irresistible. They are cats; elegant and beautiful predators.

Love Compatibility

Fierce and all-about-action horn-headed and proud and gorgeous lioness, are they a good match? Well, for sure there will be fire. However, the question is whether it is likely to be an eternal flame or a majestic, but devastating wildfire.

The truth is, this could be a wonderful, fulfilling and amazing love match. Both are fire element signs, both are full of life energy, but, what is more important is that their sensibility is almost the same.

Aries and Leo are amazingly compatible signs, so connection between an Aries man and a Leo woman could be a great success. Powerful lioness is capable of following the energetic pace of active Aries and vice versa.

They both love challenges, they love to prove themselves to their own intimate expectations and they could find many things in common.

Aries men and Leo women have many similar interests and they could talk about everything.

Their initial communication is fiery and direct. Both are passionate, emotional, strong and open. They might experience minor disagreements at first, but interestingly, they would settle their differences quickly, because there are not that many.

The major difference is perhaps that an Aries men is a bit more easily provoked, compared to a proud lioness.

Their fights only feed up the flame they have. That said, you could only imagine how a good match are these two in bed. They are two flames and they share sexual and intimacy preferences.

Aries is fierce, with a tremendous libido, but Leo does never stay behind. Both love to dominate, but cat-like Leo would let her tough Aries please her, as he desires. She is completely fine with that.

The major problem could be their strong Egos, but it rarely happens that one in such a combination has major self-confidence issues, which could affect their relation in total. These two also rarely have trust issues.

Yes, we know Aries could be very possessive and jealous, but powerful Leo is one of the rare ones who can persuade him to trust her. They share too many things that their relationship could fall apart because of distrust.

Aries and Leo have almost one hundred percent compatibility when it comes to emotions.

Sun rules their emotions, feeds their passions and their energy and playfulness. They understand one another; they are at the same emotional level. Perhaps, Aries men and Leo women could be said to be the best emotional zodiac combination.

Their emotional compatibility successfully heals all possible issues that could bother their relationship as it is.

Marriage Compatibility

Aries men and Leo women connection has all potential for success. Their marriage compatibility comes from their general compatibility, which is more than about 80%, which is surely promising.

Basic features of their characters and temperament are the same, with both of them being fire elements.

Moreover, their eros is the same; they rarely have problems in sexual life and intimacy. They are almost a perfect match in bed.

Interestingly, these two proud and fiery personalities are harmonious when it comes to everyday tasks, duties and routine in general.

They share values and ambitions, so they find it easily to support one another in that sense. They usually have well-organized household and it is perfectly known what each of them has to do. They are organized and cooperative.

Aries is full of energy and Leo is completely up to it. They are an amazing match, because a Leo woman is the rare one who is able to force Aries’ energy into a right direction.

Together, they could move mountains. In addition, their similar energies and sensibility help them make everything fun; no job is tough for these two.

They are passionate, caring and protective parents, both. They provide for their children the best they can and are harmonious in raising them up.

What is perhaps the most important; they are fully committed to one another, never tired of one another, very loyal, loving and caring. Aries men and Leo women marriages are rarely turbulent and instable.


When it comes to friendship, the story is a bit different. If they are not in love, Aries men and Leo women get competitive towards one another. Both are energetic and love action, but Aries is more impatient and Leo more relaxed.

They could drive one another crazy, especially when bragging around what each of them succeeded. They compete as equals, regardless of sexes.

However, an Aries man and a Leo woman friendship could be the one for life. If there are no love sparkles between them, it is likely they would be faithful friends. They could also be an excellent professional tandem.

Just as in love life they could do amazing together, in professional sense they could literally rule the world if united. If they unite their energies and cooperate, they could do amazing things.

Cool Facts

Everything is cool about this fiery combination. It is fiery, but not destructive and explosive.

It is a flame that keeps burning, an eternal fire, fed by the energy of the Sun. Aries and Leo emotional compatibility is 99%, their values compatibility is 95% and their sexual preferences match at 90%.

Everything else is remarkably higher than 50%. Overall, this is an excellent combination, with minor and easily settled differences.

You could easily recognize an Aries and Leo couple in a city walk. While Aries would try to drag Leo around to see this or that, Leo look for the best café, with a perfect view, where she could garb all the attention, rest and enjoy.

Aries would want her to walk around, but she would pretend to be tired, for example.

Aries know that, but he is ready to make some compromise to please his demanding lioness.

If they are only friends, the argument could last much longer. Amazing lioness women we all know are Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Halle Berry. Famous Aries men are James Franco, Eddie Murphy and Hayden Christensen.


Aries and Leo make an excellent match, in almost all spheres of life. We dare to say, their marriage could be almost perfect.

These amazing, charismatic, fiery people are not easily overlooked and ignored; seen together, they make an incredible inspiration for many other people.

Both Aries and Leo are passionate, energetic souls, full of positive energy. If united, no one can crush them down. This is a connection that promises a lifelong relationship and a happy, fulfilled marriage and family life.

This couple would never lose its liveliness and vitality; it is pointless to advise them to be calmer and gentler.

On the outside, their connection might appear too fiery and too loud to others, but the truth is, they love it that way. These two are never discouraged fighting for what they want and they would never give up on one another.

They are faithful and fully committed to their relationship.