North Node in Scorpio

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If you follow astrology pages, you have surely seen that they mention the lunar nodes or nodes of karma. Here we explain what they are and why they are so important.

The lunar nodes are taken into account for any natal chart and even any planetary transit. These points of the natal chart are not planets, but rather energetic points.

As we already know, the Earth revolves around the sun, and furthermore, the moon revolves around the earth.

North Node – Meaning

The lunar nodes are then the intersection between the orbit of the Earth and the orbit of the Moon. There are two intersections and that is why they are called “South Node” and “North Node”

Regarding their astrological meaning, both nodes are known as “the nodes of karma” because they show what we must overcome at the karmic level, behavior patterns that we must stop repeating, and new energies that we must incorporate.

In planetary transits this energy is taken as the energy that all humanity must incorporate. That is why they are given special importance every time they change their sign (They are currently in Cancer and Capricorn).

This node talks about what we have already learned in past lives and where we feel comfortable, an energy that is familiar to us and that we tend to cling to out of fear of change. Show a place of refuge and repetitive patterns that we have already learned and it is time to let go.

The sign and the house in which the south node is located in the natal chart is of the utmost importance as it will show us what energy we are familiar with (sign) and which is the area of ​​life in which we have already learned everything. We should (home).

The energy of the north node is of vital importance for the unfolding of consciousness. This node is about what we must incorporate into our life in this incarnation.

It is always in exact opposition to that of the south node, so it will be an energy in which we do not feel comfortable and that it will be difficult for us to familiarize, especially in the first years of life.

Knowing the location of the north node in a natal chart can go a long way to see what the individual must go towards to evolve.

The sign in which it is will mark the energy to manifest, and the house it is in will mark the area of ​​life where we will have the greatest challenges.

What did you think of the note? Tell us where you have the lunar nodes in your natal chart, if you don’t know where they are, you can calculate them here.

Scorpio– Meaning

Scorpio is a sign ruled by Pluto, planet of intensity and passions. The men and women of this sign have an absorbing personality and want to encompass everything. They are tenacious and very demanding of themselves and also of others.

However, he will never demand more of others than he demands of himself.

Scorpio will always be interested in the mysteries of life, love, passion, the sexual, the mystical, the magical and the esoteric.

In the sentimental sphere, the Scorpio man is reserved, what he does not manifest through his body, he does manifest through his eyes. He has a strong and penetrating gaze. He is always eager to know everything and the mystery is what seduces him the most.

He will be seduced by a woman who has enough emotional intensity to contain him but she must also have enough independence not to succumb to the strong personality of the Scorpio man. He has a great capacity for persuasion and uses it in her favor, in this way he will always try to get the couple to do what he wants.

The natives of this sign are very intense, not very demonstrative through words and yes through deeds. When the Scorpio man gets involved, he does it seriously. He is possessive and jealous.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, it has a strong physical resistance that is why romantic evenings are very intense. He is an insatiable man on a sexual level although of a romantic nature. He likes to share a lot with the couple, he is very reserved and will never flaunt his conquests, and he respects the feminine and the woman a lot.

With a Scorpio man the relationship will be all or nothing. Women who are looking for light relationships, should not look at these types of men.

They feel very intensely, and that intensity is the biggest problem you have to face in your relationships. His need to become one with the woman he loves is often very suffocating to his partner. Intense, passionate, energetic and not very demonstrative.

Everything he feels he feels inside, sweet and dreamy. He finds it hard to open up. The woman who wants to seduce him will have to use mystery, dark colors, also indigo or dark red.

The relationship with a Scorpio man is complex but pleasant and forever modifies the life of the woman who begins this relationship.

On her part, the Scorpio woman is excessively passionate, highly emotional, intuitive, perceptive and receptive. She mysterious, with a deep and penetrating gaze. They are women who always attract attention for their magnetism and for their special aura.

She is very perceptive regarding those around her think or feel. She is cunning and insightful. She endowed with a strong sexuality, she needs a man who can satisfy her. When she gets involved she is all or nothing, she is never half-hearted and hates lukewarm relationships. .

Scorpio is the sign of extremes. The woman of this sign needs a relationship where her partner is present continuously, showing her how much they love her and how much they need her.

She seeks stable long-term relationships. Despite her intense passion, she is extremely faithful to the man she loves. She will never forgive treason or deception. She will give everything but she will expect everything in return.

Scorpio is a fixed and water sign; his power and emotional energy are unique in the entire zodiac. He has a lot of imagination and intuition, as well as a great capacity for analysis, willpower and firmness, although he is also very sensitive and emotional with himself and with the environment.

A Scorpio is immensely energetic and his character can give rise to great advantages or no less great dangers for others.

In fact, his negative points are aggression, jealousy and resentment. He does not bear disloyalty and does not forgive an offense; What’s more, he will surely seek revenge … and he is a very bad enemy, so be careful not to hurt him.

Scorpios are very sensual and passionate people; for them the act of love is something spiritual: they feel emotions that other signs cannot even approach.

The intensity of their feelings makes their love relationships deep, magical, and sometimes, unfortunately, fatal.

North Node in Scorpio– Meaning and Symbolism

If you were born with the north node in Scorpio, part of your learning in this life is the encounter with the hidden part of reality, the management of emotions and fears.

Depending on your sun and your ascendant, this overcoming of fears, this exploration of the unconscious will have one end or another.

For example, for a Sagittarius with these nodes it would be learning to move within the hidden and then give it light and transmit it to the world, possibly as a teacher.

That is, learn to overcome your fears and then be able to guide others to overcome them. Or, learn about fields still unexplored and then be able to transmit it to the world.

It is one of the most complicated soul corrections, it is possible that in your past life you were a Taurus.

If you are now Taurus again, your south node coincides with your sun, so things get more complicated, you have to act again as you did in the other life, to make the same kind of decisions, and in a more unconscious way.

Your south node in Taurus is an invitation to detachment. Possibly in another life you were a person with a large house, with many luxuries, who adored food and the pleasures of life, well established socially. You may have lived away from meaningful experiences just out of fear of losing your comfort.

Because of your stubbornness you could not learn from others and because of your attachment to the material you possibly lost someone important.

In this life the influence of the south node is still active, we all have the influence of what we were in another life, and the younger we are, and the more active it is.

That is, the younger you are, the more you tend to act as you did in your past life.

This is also the way we act when we are living on “automatic pilot”, that is, when we don’t think much about what we we tend to act according to our south node.

In your case, it is possible that when something does not work in your life you try to fix it by buying something.

Sometimes it can be buying something that could help you solve the problem and other times it is simply because you feel better, in any case you tend to have material attachment.

For example, a person with these nodes and an ascendant in Pisces (their environment affects their emotions a lot) could tend to buy things to improve their environment (such as decorating their house, for example) when another aspect of their life does not work (their relationship is not going well, his work does not fulfill him …).

Another case is that of the person with these nodes who, in the face of economic difficulties, get angry with their friends, family … for not helping them with the economy or for not taking care of material goods, becoming too demanding, and run the risk of being left alone because of their attitude of excessive attachment to the physical. In fact, one of the risks of these nodes is this, losing everything.

Fate can make these people lose everything they are attached to so that they can be reborn in life, that is, to reorient their priorities and finally do the learning they have pending.

They may tend to fill their voids with material things, try to fix problems by acquiring possessions. And this is unconscious and can even make sense, such as buying things for a house that is messy and clean and putting it in order.

However, if the problem is that the person does not have good habits of cleaning the house or getting up at the right time or the people who live in the house get on badly, it will be of little use to buy anything.

It would be necessary to see what is not working in his life, for example, to see if the problem is that he is depressed or low in spirits because his work does not fill him and if that is what makes him in a bad mood with those who surround you.

Now you have everything you need to repair yourself. You need to let go of the rigidity that guided you in another life. Allow yourself to act spontaneously.

Dare to have deep relationships, become aware of the actions that damaged your spirit, let your safety and comfort be threatened.

If you can abandon the fear of loss, you will surely be able to increase your capacity to receive both the spiritual and the material. You will have deeper relationships as you are able to be more empathetic and value people for their worth as human beings, not for the material.

The Taurus – Scorpio axis is the axis of the economy. Having the north node in Scorpio implies that the person must share what they have or even let go of control of some personal resources.


In your previous life, you were persistent, jealous, materialistic, and practical. He valued money, rest, sensuality and materialism as the most important element. He was you, linked to nature. Money and security were decisive for you.

He had a certain immobile attitude, with fixed ideas. It was difficult for her to modify his criteria. He was you, an excellent cook, and appreciated good food. In his house there was always a good plate of food and some money.

He valued her life and his self-esteem based on her assets and his economic power. He loved the land and probably had a direct relationship with horticulture or nature.

In this life, the spirit has programmed for you to learn the opposite. It is about you not being obsessive, materialistic, heavy, jealous and nickel-minded, to become more transcendent, deeper.

The spirit tells him that he has to learn to see below the superficial. This is why he will delve into esoteric studies.

In his previous life it is possible that he died by drowning or hanging. This is why your throat, pharynx, larynx, thyroid and cervical are problematic for you, in equal measure he had problems in the prostate or in the uterus whether he was you, male or female. He takes care of these organs in this life, since they will give him war.

The spirit tells you that the effort, the struggle, the renunciation and the emotions of suffering and pain, will make you wiser, deeper and more transcendent.

You have to learn to enjoy sexuality, not sensuality. You have to stop dribbling and investigate. You have to stop being so tiresome to change criteria. You have to learn from effort and not fall asleep in immobility. You have to understand that life is not obsession, materialism and immobility.