Aries Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Compatibility of zodiac signs, especially when it comes to love and marriage, has always been a subject of many debates.

There are people who do not give a single thing about horoscope in general and who are convinced astrology is only a commercial trick.

However, if you do a little research, you will find out that astrological practices are very old and rooted in some of the greatest of civilizations.

There are people who swear into horoscope, which is another extremity. Perhaps we would to best to find ourselves somewhere in between.

We should be rational, but it is useful to understand a bit more about our astrological backgrounds and our predispositions, in that sense.

The most interesting area of astrology is, of course, astrological love matching.

In today’s zodiac analysis, we will try to figure out how good is an Aries man and Taurus woman combination. Are these two a good match?

If you and your partner are those signs, you are definitely intrigued to find it out.

We will go through both Aries man and Taurus woman astrological profiles and then see how they get along. Let us begin.

Aries Man

Aries man is a man of action; he has to channel his incredible energy through constant activity and movement. He is executive, leading, courageous and very self-confident. Aries men are born to lead, never to follow.

They are stubborn and they find it hard to admit they were wrong. Aries men do not accept failure, neither in professional and personal interest aspects nor in social, family and love life area.

These are what could be called ‘manly’ men. They are irresistible charmers and they are determined to win, against all odds. They usually take the main role in any social circle. Aries man is adventurous spirit, always in search for excitement.

He is daring, bold and direct. Aries men are likely to be interested in extreme sports or occupations that include public appearance; everything that requires certain type of courage.

Aries people are macho; they easily seduce the opposite sex. They are quite direct in their intentions and they seek a stable, self-confident and equally strong partner. It could happen that such a combination has a magnificent start, but that too strong energies act too explosively together.

However, it is something that could be managed.

These men are romantic; their enthusiasm reflects on their emotional side. Deep inside, they are sensitive, sensing and extremely physical.

They could be real gentlemen in love; they are honest, loyal, loving and lovable. They are quite popular amongst women, so be quick if you fall for their purely masculine aura.

Aries men are not easily discouraged by failure. They posses incredible strength. If they face hard times, they go through them bravely. If their partner goes through difficult times, or their friend, they will be there to support them and offer help.

Aries man would never leave his woman without explanation, nor he would cheat on her or else. If he loses interest or if anything else happens, he will speak up his mind aloud.

Taurus Woman

Taurus women are tough, strong ladies that leave impression of unfaltering personalities.

Just like Aries women, they are also considered quite stubborn, but the fact is it is in their nature to have firm opinions about everything. It is not easy to change a Taurus woman’s mind!

Taurus women are unlikely to give up their cause, at cost of everything, because they simply cannot deal with failure.

These impressive ladies are very independent and they like it that way; many of them are successful in private, self-owned business. Taurus women are determined and when they set their mind to something, you could consider it done.

If a Taurus woman experiences failure, she becomes quite hard to deal with. Taurus women could be obsessed with money, career, success etc.

These women are talented for business, but also for art and sport. They often chose to mix their interests with work and thus achieve amazing personal success. In love, they are gentle. They are indeed demanding and unlikely to make compromises. They search for a reliable, understanding and caring partner whose character should be a bit stronger than theirs.

Taurus women enjoy being seduced; they love the game of flirt and seduction and they do not rush into relationships.

It often happens that flames of passion fade away, before they even start a relationship.

When it comes to seducing the opposite sex, Taurus women most powerful weapon is their cheerfulness. These women appear positive, always smiling and never complaining.

Taurus woman prefers to search out everything about her possible partner; someone would call it stalking. She does not mind; she would do what it takes in order to make sure another one is trustworthy.

In addition, these amazing ladies are reliable and trustworthy themselves. Taurus women are ready to fight for love; they are extremely protective of their men.

Love Compatibility

Love compatibility of Aries man and Taurus woman is high. Although both of them could be characterized as stubborn, determined and unlikely to give up what they have set their mind to, they could establish base for an amazingly firm love relationship.

They are both aware of their advantages and self-confident.

Their characters are extremely strong, only Aries is perhaps more competitive and intense, while Taurus is more steady and maybe less impulsive.

However, both Aries man and Taurus woman find they like to have a strong partner by their side. However, Aries man could be very jealous and possessive, especially in this combination.

Taurus women are cheerful, playful and they definitely leave an impression. This could drive their Aries partners mad, because they have their inborn need to be dominant on one side, while on the other side they could get worried about their Taurus women sexiness.

In addition, while Taurus women enjoy to play love games and prefer to take more time before entering a relationship, Aries men are impatient and direct.

However, if these to decide to start a relationship, it could be a wonderful, exciting journey.

When it comes to sex, these two are unstoppable. Taurus women demand satisfaction, while Aries men are born to make to please them. For Aries, mutual satisfaction matters the most, which makes this combination great.

However, he should work more on the art of seduction and prelude to sex.

Marriage Compatibility

When it comes to marriage, we should pay attention to different aspects these two neighboring signs represent. While Aries is all hot and fiery, Taurus is earthly and cooler.

Taurus woman is less likely to act impulsively, she is patient and paced, while her Aries partner is rushing and quick-tempered. That is the main and the most important difference between these two.

It often happens that these two’s relationship does not reach the level of marriage, because of the difference of their pace. Aries man wants everything here and now, while Taurus woman enjoys flirting, foreplay and she has more patience in general.

These two could get along very well, if they learn how to adjust their paces to one another.

This is not easy, considering both are strong and stubborn. The essence of their connection is sex; they are both passionate and they just love it. If they are determined to harmonize their energies, it could be a top match!

The main problem with these two is that they possess quite the same amount of energy, but it is differently distributed.

Both are unshakable, determined and self-confident, only Aries is always dynamic and Taurus does not rush anywhere. Their other differences could be of a great use in marriage.

Aries is more jealous and less tolerant in comparison with Taurus. Aries eats quickly and little, while Taurus is true hedonist and enjoys food and drink.

These differences could lead to disaster, if these two do not come to a good organization.

They really have to develop a lot of understanding for one another, if they want their marriage to work out. Marriage of an Aries man and a Taurus woman has its good and bad sides, just as any other.

However, they have great chances for success, if they are determined enough. Their differences could also serve a harmonizing effect, but both of partners have to give their best to control their energy and do not let it turn against their union.

If each has planets in the sign of another, it is particularly a good omen for a turbulent, exciting, but overall happy marriage.


Are Aries men and Taurus women good friends and does the friendship factor play an important role in their connection?

Of course it does. However, these two usually have hard times getting along with one another, especially because it is a connection of unusual roles. We speak about what is commonly supposed to be.

Here, Aries man is the one who initiates drama, while Taurus woman is calm and non-hasty.

Commonly, it is the opposite. These two have chances for success, if they do become true, understanding friends, before their erotic energies fire up. Otherwise, they are likely to fight all the time. This connection is conflicting in nature.

If Aries would listen o what Taurus has to say more and if Taurus do not criticize Aries over being restless all the time, it is a road to a steady, amazing relationship. The very basis of each friendship and, thus, a stable relationship, is trust.

Aries man has to learn to trust his beloved and astonishing Taurus woman more. In addition, Taurus women are known to be loyal and trustworthy, so Aries should have that in mind.

If we talk about pure friendly relation between these two, it is unlikely to stay on that level, because these two have incredible erotic potential and are attracted to the energy of another.

It is very likely that, at the some point of their friendship, they will fall for one another, in erotic terms, even if they do not continue into a romantic relationship. Moreover, they could have an affair and maintain their friendship afterwards.

Cool Facts

As for interesting info about astral connection between Aries man and Taurus woman, we could say these two match up at 63%, according to some astrological compatibility analysis.

These two have 90% same values in life, which is a key to stable and harmonious relationship, in spite of all their differences. The second best connection they achieve in sex and in trusting each other, although Aries man could be a bit more suspicious.

They also match well when it comes to emotions, but communication is not their best. They argue about minor things, because they have different paces. They really have to put much effort into understanding one another in terms of everyday things, which could be quite distressing and exhausting.

Aries man and Taurus women share values, but they do not share interests that well. Aries is always on the run, Taurus loves pleasure and slow pace. They are commonly involved with different professions and different spare time activities.

The match is at about only 40%, which good and bad, at the same time.

They risk to get distant, if spending too much time apart. On the other hand, these two are at best if they do not mess up with work of another. Typical image of an Aries man and

Taurus woman couple vividly portrays their greatest differences in pace and temperament.

You could see Aries man hiking, surfing, cycling and so on while on vacation, while his lovely Taurus lady lies in the shade, with fancy sunglasses on, enjoying a juicy cocktail or staying in a cozy cabin log, having some cookies and hot wine.

Her partner tries to convince her to get outside right away, but she prefers to do it in her own pace. At the end of the day, they meet under their sheets and make love until dawn.


Aries man and Taurus women might not be the best astrological match, but this couple surely has its advantages. The good thing is both signs are strong, self-confident and pretty independent.

Neither Aries men nor Taurus women love their partners to be too soft and fragile. They are both born to lead and not to follow. Both are very sexual and erotic, which is important for any relationship.

This couple has great chances for having happy marriage or they could maintain a steady friendship, with certain sparkles of lust and desire.

Overall, although they would argue over minor things all the time, it is not that likely that it would lead to a breakup. The thing is, both of them have a lot of energy and are not easily exhausted or discouraged.