Aries Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology could give us many useful guidelines, if not exact answers on what bothers all of us, at least occasionally.

It is very useful to know details about your own and your potential or current partner’s birth chart, in order to study which aspects work in your favor and which are not.

While some people swear into the accuracy of astrological prognosis, others completely deny even the possibility it could offer some answers.

We have decided to remain somewhere in between; while birth charts, zodiac compatibility and astrological prognosis could be powerful and helpful guidelines, we must never forget our personal, deeply intimate traits and characteristics that cannot be found even in the most detailed natal chart.

In order better to understand your relationship with someone, seen through astrological prism, bear in mind the experience factor, in the first place.

When it comes to love, marriage or friendship compatibility, astrology could help us a great deal.

While each individual is characteristic and unique, it shows that zodiac signs really have similarities; there are basic traits that fit each zodiac sign almost perfectly.

It reflects on how each sign would act or feel towards another. It is particularly interesting, when it comes to love life.

Today, we will match fiery Aries man with mysterious Scorpio woman.  You could only imagine how explosive this combination could be.

Indeed, these signs are very different one from another, but they possess almost equal amount of energy.

This relationship is dramatic, intense and full of sparkles. I could be the best and the worst one.

Aries man

He is temperamental, active, strong and energetic. Aries man is all about taking actions now; he does not like to wait, hesitation is an abstract thought in his mind and the importance patience is something he has hard time understanding.

He wants all, as soon as possible.

Aries men love to dominate, to lead, to rule. They might be tough and raw; however, Aries men are honest, loyal and just. They love to play the role of a guardian and protector.

While they are generally all about action and moving around (they enjoy sports; commonly extreme sports, as well), Aries men have a goal that is all about stability. They are family men; they would love to find a good partner and start a family.

This is where a lot of their enthusiasm comes from. If they have set such a goal, be sure they will do everything in order to reach it.

At younger age, Aries men love to experience many new things, to experiment and have a lot of fun. While on the outside it appears as if they do not care much about future, it is exactly the opposite.

An Aries man has in his mind a picture of a happy and harmonious family. He is quite charming and breathtaking because of his manly energy; he is very popular with ladies.

Aries men are guided by mars; they approach to love the same way as they would enter a battle. Love is a battlefield for an Aries and the one that would prove him victorious. He is a conqueror on all fields.

His weapons are a breathtaking smile, well-chosen compliments and an invisible aura of danger that surrounds him. Aries men are tough, macho, daring and self-confident.

Moreover, they are never discouraged by failure.

In fact, an Aries man sees failure as a part of his challenge. He is stubborn and he does not give up easily. Aries men believe true love is possible, ideal love. An Aries man is not easily discouraged when he finds a woman he considers perfect.

He is direct, open in his intentions and he falls in love instantly.

Even if a woman he is in love with is, for any reason hard to get, he dares to take all chances to reach her.

Scorpio woman

Scorpio women are said to be the sexiest, the most mysterious and the most exotic of all zodiac ladies. She is dominant, inclined towards success in all fields, manipulative, irresistibly charming and seductive.

Scorpio women feed on control over their own life; they rule over their desires and needs and never let others decide anything in their place. Success is extremely important for a strong Scorpio woman. She loves luxury and money; she is a true hedonist.

Scorpio women are their own bosses, in work, in life, in love. It is hard to be a partner to a Scorpio woman; there are not many options, besides to leave all the dominance to her.

Scorpio women are usually talented for both arts and sports, but they would most likely choose the one that is payable. Scorpio women know their work is precious and they would never hesitate to charge for it.

However, it does not mean Scorpio women are selfish; the love to have enough money so they can afford whatever they want and also to buy quality gifts to others. Scorpio women are never to be taken for granted.

They are intelligent, clever and cunnings, like cats. They fail to see grayish tones between black and white.

They have dignity and are proud; it is very unlikely you will see a Scorpio women looking weak and fragile in public. Sadness and despair are to be shared only with very few of the closest ones in her life, if so.

While she could fall apart from the inside, no one could see that on her impeccable, beautiful, a bit icy and tough outside. She despises weakness and that is where all her frustration comes from.

When it comes to love, a Scorpio woman is an avalanche of emotions. She is passionate, fiery, even if her element is water, gentle and raw, at the same time. She is possessive, she loves to dominate, she likes love games, seduction, flirting and manipulation.

Her true intentions are hard to read. A Scorpio woman in love is irresistibly seductive, attractive, magnetic and mysterious.

Scorpio women are known to be masters of love art, seductresses. They easily draw attention of the opposite sex and are like a sweet poison to men; a Scorpio lady is always hard to resist.

While she enjoys flirting and all the attention, once she enters a relationship, a Scorpio woman is fully devoted and loyal to her partner. When a Scorpio woman loves, she loves to the fullest.

Love Compatibility

This is definitely one of the toughest zodiac combinations, filled up with tense energy.  At the same time, it is the one that could rule the world.

Aries and Scorpio are both extremely strong signs, regardless of sexes; both possess almost inexhaustible supplies of energy, but channeled in a completely different way.

While Aries is definitely more extroverted, Scorpio is usually introverted. They distribute their energy in a different manner and are born to drive one another crazy.

However, this combination has great potential for success, if these two manage to direct their energy well. Both are dominant, hard to resist, hard to give up their opinion and extremely reluctant to make compromises.

Scorpio woman needs a partner who would dare to resist her, but who will still understand her dominant nature. Aries man, on the other hand, needs a strong, dominant woman who can get along with his energy.

These two are both energetic. They share equal enthusiasm for sex and that is where foundation stones of their connection lie. They are both extremely sexual, they need it often, they are physical and they enjoy it to the fullest.

The difference is that Aries is more direct, while Scorpio loves playing games and manipulating. However, her exotic, magical attractiveness and inborn sensuality could hold Aries’ instincts at bay and even shape them according to her needs.

Both of them are very self-confident and they would never let others control them, while they try to control others.

They are competitive and they are at the same time partners and rivals. They compete even in sex, which could be incredibly inspiring and amazing, but also destructive. They would argue over solutions and causes of problems, constantly.

While Ares would considered a problem settled, once it is settled, Scorpio would bring it all out again, trying to dig up why it was problematic in the first place. These things drive Aries’ mad.

In addition, they have the opposite perceptions of values. While for Aries courage is something bright, knightly, Scorpio seeks it in the darkest of places. Aries is bright sunshine, glorious and divine; Scorpio is the deepest darkness, velvety and mysterious.

This combination is extreme in all aspects, but it could work out well, if these two manage to find a common tongue, which is difficult and hardly imagined. If nothing else, they would definitely inspire one another to challenge their own values, to grow personally and develop.

They would definitely have the most amazing sexual experience ever, if nothing more.

Marriage Compatibility

It is more likely these two would have a love affair, rather than enter a marriage. They are too extreme, too competitive and too stubborn to maintain a relationship long term.

They are the most aggressive example of a combination of a fire and a water zodiac sign, especially in this particular match, where Aries is a man and Scorpio is a woman.  Their connection is physical, sexual, fiery and breathtaking.

They are capable of bringing out the worst and the best in one another; it depends on other factors, of course. They have potential to succeed, but there could be a lot of drama. They do not share the most important idea of a perfect life.

While Aries definitely seeks for stability, seen in starting a family, Scorpio is more inclined towards personal, individual needs. S

He needs freedom more than anything else and is not considered to have strong maternal instinct. If these two manage to handle their differences and get married, it will not be a harmonious, steady marriage.

It will be turbulent, sometimes exciting and amazing, but it is very likely they would get tired of one another.

Their opposing bit equally strong energies could be too much. This marriage has fifty-fifty chances for success,


If you wonder whether these two temperamental personalities could be friends, the answer is yes. However, just like their love affair, a relationship or even a marriage are likely to be turbulent, explosive and dramatic, their friendship could be like a dormant volcano.

They are like a cleansing agent for one another; they inspire one another to do their best, but, at the same time, they provoke the worst traits in one another.

Their friendship is a constant battle, full of challenges. They dare one another to try or do this and that. It does not even matter that Scorpio is a lady; she does not give a thing about that, even if the challenge is something physical, sporty.

An Aries and a Scorpio could be a team number one, when it comes to social activities, competitions or so. They, however, do not have many understanding for one another, even if they could talk about many common things.

The thing is, while they could be interested in same subjects, Aries’ point of view appears shallow for a deep, dark Scorpio.

They would argue over everything and anything. They are both intense and it happens a lot that each one says what he or she has on mind in short time, so they have nothing to talk about more.

They exhaust each other, constantly, but their need to challenge one another is like glue for their friendship.

Cool Facts

An Aries man and a Scorpio woman couple is easily recognized. He is physically fit, tough and so manly, while she is elegant, well dressed and dangerously feminine. Both emit an aura of self-confidence and dignity.

In company, they would never provoke one another, they would act as a team. You could imagine them as actors that play some classy, irresistible classy fraudsters.

Famous Aries men were some of the people that left mark on society, such as Charlemagne, Adolf Hitler and Vincent van Gogh. Famous Scorpio women were Marie Curie, Hedy Lamar and Grace Kelly.

Of contemporary personalities, Aries’ are Gary Oldman, Robert Downey Junior and Alec Baldwin. Famous Scorpios are Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore and Aishwarya Rai.


It comes to our mind this connection might work. However, it really needs a lot of work.

More likely, an Aries man and a Scorpio woman would enter a short-term love affair that both would definitely remember.

They are one of the best sexual matches in zodiac, with all that flames and waves.

In addition, Aries men and Scorpio women could be friends, but only to the point at which they would drive one another crazy, so they will need time to cool down and literally to recover from one another.