Sun In 12th House – Meaning, Synastry

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Symbolism of the Sun is present in virtually every tradition and culture in the world. The Sun symbolizes cosmic forces and energy, even if we know that there are many other galaxies and their big stars, over the universe.

Nevertheless, the Sun is central to our existence. In numerous traditions and belief systems, the Sun represents the source of all the existence and life. Well, one thing is true, without it, we would not have the life as we have it on Earth.

The Sun represents masculinity and strength, Yang in Chinese tradition. It is associated with gold, bronze, diamonds, rubies and topaz.

In astrology, the Sun represents many things. It symbolizes status and position. It represents self-confidence, self-management, self-realization and everything that has to do with our essential self.

The Sun is, above all, self-consciousness and self-awareness. It has to do with one’s personality traits, character and temperament.

Throughout human history, tradition, religion and spirituality, the Sun has been associated with divine forces or it was deified itself. For example, Egyptian gods Ra and Horus are connected to the Sun. Greek gods Helios and Apollo, as well. Roman god Sol and Persian Mithra are both associated with the Sun.

In many tribal societies, we would also meet Sun cults. Although it is usually taken as the masculine principle, there are few exceptions.

The Sun in astrology is a personal planet, the first of them. It is directly associated with one’s personality and it is more of a passive principle than an active one. It is so, because the Sun is a constant, everything we have inherited, everything that we simply are.

Planets and aspects and their relation to the Sun would decide upon the manifestation of this our Self. Thus, the Sun represents our ambitions, goals, our will and courage to do things.

The Sun is the manifestation of ourselves as we are. It is about how others see us, so the Sun has to do with reputation. It also stands for figures of power and authority. The Sun is associated with royalty, nobility, valiance, bravery, honor, dignity, generosity.

Of course, one’s unique natal chart would decide upon these qualities; they could manifest in a corrupted state, as well.

This luminary decides upon our ruling zodiac sign. Many people think all of horoscope is about the Sun sign, but it is not true. Your Sun sign represents just a part of your whole complex astrological profile.

If Sun signs would decide upon people’s personalities, well, many of us would be the same. As you know, each person is unique, even people who share many traits and characteristics.

The position of the Sun within the natal chart could reveal many things. In the following paragraphs, we will see how the Sun affects the Twelfth House of horoscope.

Before we move onto the meaning of the Twelfth House and its interplay with the Sun, in natal charts and in synastry, let us learn more about astrological houses. They represent the fields of our experiences within different domains of life.

Astrological Houses – Meaning

Astrological houses are sections one could find in an astrological chart. There twelve such sections and they could vary in size or be equal, depending on what system you use to interpret them.

In any case, astrological houses represent fields of life and our experience related to particular fields.

If you look into a natal chart, you could see planets distributed over these fields. They affect our experience of a particular area of life. We could say they shape up our life experiences.

There are twelve houses, but only ten planets, as astrology counts planets of the Solar system and the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, Earth excluded. In addition, it also does not mean that ten houses would all have a planet within. Empty houses also play their part in our lives.

Their dynamic and our experience would depend on the position of a ruler of the house. To find a ruler, you have to see what zodiac sign is analogical to the house and what planet rules that sign.

Houses with many planets inside will be very dynamic, but the experience of the field depends also on astrological aspects and other element.

Overall, a natal chart is a unique and a complex image that forms one’s astrological profile. All details are intertwined and interlinked.

Each house relates to specific things in life, but they could be also divided into groups. We could interpret them as angular, succedent and cadent houses.

Angular houses are the first, the fourth, the seventh and the tenth field in horoscope charts. These fields are associated with cardinal zodiac signs and they present with such qualities.

These houses are associated with what we do at the present moment and how to we use it. The first house is about your reputation, the fourth about your private life, the seventh about relationships and the tenth is about career and life goals.

Succedent houses are the second, the fifth, the eight and fixed zodiac signs rule the eleventh house and them, so they represent fixed quality, resources that are available to you and your use of those.

The second is about finances and material possession, the fifth is about creativity, romantic relationships, sports etc. The eight is understood as the opposite of the second. The eleventh is about hopes, desires and friendships.

Cadent houses are the third, the sixth, the ninth and the twelfth. Mutable signs rule these and they signify everything one thinks before taking action.

The third is about communication and learning, the sixth about performance of an individual, on both private and professional plan.

The ninth is about spirituality and philosophy and the Twelfth is about everything that is unpleasant, secret, and ominous. We will dig deeper into the Twelfth House in the following section.

The Twelfth House in Astrology – 12th House in Astrology

The Twelfth Hose is the most complex and the most difficult to understand, out of all astrological fields. It represents everything that was hidden, isolated and secret.

Traditionally, the Twelfth House is considered the hose of misfortune, the house of suffering, sadness, hard work, misery and self-destruction. It represents places isolated from the public, such as hospitals, prisons, institutions of a confidential type.

The Twelfth House is associated with enmity, with hidden enemies and everyone that work behind our back. This house also represents everything that is very far away, distant lands, foreign countries, unexplored spaces, islands.

People who deal with espionage, those prone to fraud and criminal, often have planets inside this notorious house. This is the house that describes our psyche, dreams, our personal faith and spirituality.

This astrological house precedes the Ascendant and, as such, it represents everything that precedes the birth of a native.  It is like a limitless ocean from which we came, captured within our unconscious self.

Some people nurture a subtle, fine connection with this part and so they feel as being connected to the Universe, seeing this bond as guidance, a guiding hand. Which way would one chose depends on what we have left at the end of the previous cycle, the previous life.

The Twelfth House is a karmic field. Traditional astrology treats the Twelfth House in a very negative way and the titles could appear frightening.

However, modern astrology takes a different approach and offers another point of view. We could see this terrifying house in a different light. It has amazing ‘bright’ potentials, as well.

This house is the sanctuary of our dreams; in it, the greatest and the most unimaginable ideas are being born. The Twelfth House is the source of intuition, spirituality, compassion, faith…These are not easy to recognize, behind the veil of mystery and darkness.

However, we have capacities to lift the veil and to see its inner magnificence and splendor. This means to bring planets within the Twelfth house into consciousness.

However, under the curtain of characteristic mysticism spread over the Twelfth House, we could easily get lost. Planets inside the Twelfth House rarely present with their true nature, especially if they form challenging, heavy aspects.

They require isolation, retreat, solitude of the native, in order to find something that would awaken their dormant potentials, in this vast and limitless space that holds all the memories.

Therefore, when you meet people with planets in the Twelfth House, it is very likely that you would not be able to understand their true needs.

These individuals are often misunderstood, others may get angry on them because they tend to isolate, because, as such, they could appear cold, avoidant and else.

However, the truth is that they only need their time for themselves, at that very moment or over a period.

Sun in the Twelfth House – Selfless Givers

Sun in the Twelfth House could indicate reactions opposite to Sun in the First House. The astrological Sun represents our ego and self-respect and when it stands in the Twelfth House, it shapes up personalities that feel at their best when they selflessly help others.

Although they need their time alone very often, in order to recharge and rearrange, they essentially enjoy selfless giving. As being the opposite of what it feels like to have sin in the First House, these people prefer background, not the spotlight.

They work from shadows and do not want to be the center of attention. What they do is good, beautiful and useful. They have good intentions and they do not require being put on pedestal for their altruistic deeds. However, their nature requires recharging and rest in solitude.

At times, they would retreat far from everyone else, far from even reality that surrounds them, in order to relax and regain their strength.

These people are extremely compassionate and they would gladly do everything in their power to help someone who faces difficult times.

They would help a total stranger, without any second thoughts. They do not care who you are or what was your status, if you are in trouble, alone, sad or whatever else.

They are prone to self-sacrifice, if needed, they put the other before their own needs. Others typically see them as good persons.

They would rarely admit it, but they do feel satisfaction being respected and admired for good things they do. They are not arrogant but modest. Their self-confidence and self-respect grow through others.

The level of compassion these people present with is unbelievable. It is their most powerful fuel and their greatest motivation. These people are kind, polite and gentle. You should respect their need to be alone at times.

Sun in 12th House – Imaginative Romantics

People with Sun in the Twelfth House tend to look at the world through pink eyeglasses.

They are incredibly imaginative and creative, capable of envisioning the world in which no one gets sad or hurt. They are very prone to daydreaming and fantasizing.

Sometimes, their dreamy nature takes them away from work and daily obligations, which could be somewhat counterproductive. Their sensitive nature often leaves them with an impression that no one would ever understand them.

In such moments, they typically distance themselves from the world and retreat into their realm of dreams. Sometimes they are their own worst enemies, especially when their own personal goals are at the stake.

They suffer from lack of organization and focus, often feeling as if they were incapable of persistence and consistence on their path to a goal. If they could live a life in which they do not have to face reality, they would dive into it.

Nevertheless, they are here, at least partially. In this realm, they express their finest traits and are very kind towards others. They are very generous people and others could recognize that.

A fair amount of people would always return them a favor, without being asked for it, since Twelfth House Sun people simply emit good, benevolent vibes and sympathy for the world. They should enjoy life and love of others, because they certainly deserve it.

Sun in the Twelfth House – Synastry

When Sun is in the partner’s Twelfth House, it is capable of inspiring the owner of the field to develop the whole palette of different interests that could help him or her to reach deeper levels of understanding this life as a whole.

The Sun offers a completely new perspective to the owner of the field, opening up windows and doors the owner could never think of. However, we should be cautious here.

If aspects were tense, the Sun in the Twelfth House synastry overlay bring in great confusion.

It could make the owner of the field turn to behaviors that are in contrast with moral stances. In the best-case scenario, the Sun is a non-forceful supporter that pulls strings from somewhere behind everything (no one actually knows from where!), in favor of the fields owner. In the worst-case scenario, the Sun acts as the destroyers of the owner’s plans.

The Twelfth House owner inspires the Sun to express itself more creatively. The Sun could guess some of the deepest secrets of the owner, as it feels them intuitively. The relationship is itself intuitive, telepathic, and karmic.

If the connection is positively directed, the Sun supports and helps the owner of the field; if it was negatively directed, the Sun virtually destroys the owner.