Aries Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrological love compatibility may not be the defining factor in establishing a promising and stable relationship that could possibly lead to a desired outcome, such as marriage, but it could be of much help and use.

Knowing your partner, on both experiential and spiritual level could prevent various problems in a relationship; if you both are keen to know one another through all prisms, the better.

Perfect zodiac matches are actually the best out of what astrological compatibility could offer, on a basic level. Many other factors would decide whether you two are going to be a happy couple.

Zodiac compatibility solely could be a great foundation stone and a good basis to start a wonderful life journey together. If you have a favorable ground, it is very likely you would grow your love stronger, greater and very promising!

Today, however, we talk about a particularly a complicated match; the one that is not seen as convenient as some others, in terms of astrology. Union between an Aries man and a Virgo woman is seen as one of the more troublesome zodiac combinations.

We will give our best to try better to understand this connection, because, it is, of course, not impossible that these two fall in love.

However, the future of their unity requires a lot of effort and understanding and mutual respect, which is quiet difficult to achieve between zodiac signs so different from one another.

Active and energetic Aries man, sensitive, and perfectionist Virgo woman often have many difficulties in trying to make their relationship work.

Aries Man

Aries men are tough, determined and particularly stubborn ones. They could be true macho men, but it could also turn into aggression and failure to understand (or, better, to accept) others’ points of view, needs and desires.

Aries men cannot understand those that are physically not as active as they are, they are easily bored; they are in need for adrenalin boosters and for excitement.

On the other hand, they are sensitive, emotional and passionate.

While they appear tough on the outside, inside they are particularly sensitive; someone would dare to say overly sensitive. In case of an Aries man, this sensitivity is not seen as emotional weakness, but as passion, as burning flame.

They are restless, determined to get what they want, but impatient. An Aries man is not afraid of expressing neither his emotions, nor his thoughts.

Aries man is always on the move; he does sports, goes to gym or else. For an Aries, activity is mandatory. He cannot sit still. These men are usually physically fit, strong and attractive.

Their attractiveness lies in their expressive manliness; their energy is raw, direct and open. Nevertheless, Aries men search for safe ground and stability in life, in spite of their inborn restlessness and impatience.

Most of Aries men would love to have a harmonious family life. They seek to settle down with a partner who can answer their desires.

Aries men seek for women that are independent, strong, who can follow their active and energetic pace. Aries men are fire and they need a partner who can spur the flame up and see to keep it burning.

They are quick-tempered; it is the best that their partners be able to withstand their outbreaks, without freaking out or drama. A perfect woman for an Aries man should be self-confident and tough, but much more tolerant and calm in nature.

Aries men are true Alfa-males, especially when it comes to sex. They are extremely sexual with incredibly strong libido.

If you cannot answer an Aries’ sexual needs, you two are very likely to have major problems in a relationship. Aries wants it all and now; he is not that into love gems and foreplay.

If his woman manages to keep him intrigued enough, she could teach him how to control his flame and make it even more explosive.

Virgo Woman

Virgo women are perfectionists, which has its good and bad sides. They are much aware of what their advantages are, what their position is and what they want in life. However, they are particularly prone to despair and depression, if they fail.

Failure is probably the greatest fear of any perfectionist Virgo. These ladies have a creative mind, which saves them from experiencing failure, in a way. They are sensible, soft and charming women.

Virgo women are idealists; they believe in positive outcome and trust people, even after disappointments and failures.

Yes, they will probably suffer more than others will, but, when you sum it all up, they remain positive and persistent in their search for ideals. That is something no one can take from them.

Virgo women possess special kind of delicate energy; they are usually quiet, but their somewhat mysterious and positive vibes could be felt around them.

These charming, emotional and compassionate women are easy to fall in love with. Others see them as reliable and trustworthy, full of understand; you could always find comfort in their arms.

Virgo women are, for example, great psychiatrists, psychologists, pedagogues or even astrologers. They are, in addition, artistic and have peculiar taste in music, art and literature.

Virgo women are gentle; they enjoy mild physical activity, often something both sporty and artsy, such as dancing. Virgo women are gracious, elegant and tidy. They always try to find a way to improve their own life.

The greatest advantage and, at the same time, disadvantage of a Virgo woman is that she would like everything to be ideal, perfect.

Virgo women are overly analytical and rarely fully satisfied. As all perfectionists, they see things never well enough. In particular, they would often question their own worthiness; they are very likely to think of themselves as not good enough.

Virgo women tend to be reserved, quiet and responsible. If in a problem, a Virgo woman would require much time to cheer up.

When it comes to love and sex, Virgo women are often mistaken for being naïve and chaste, but that is usually not quite the case. However, Virgo women could be analytical towards sex life, just as they are in life in general.

They enjoy details and all sorts of small signs of attention and affection. Their perfectionism is seen in bedroom and it could be particularly troublesome, if she starts analyzing, then doubting her own actions in sex etc.

Love Compatibility

Aries men and Virgo women are a challenging astrological combination, because they are of a completely different nature. They rarely share values and expectations; they are even not a match when it comes to sexuality.

In fact, that is the point at which all their differences are the most accented.

It is a miracle, if a connection between an Aries man and a Virgo woman works out. Fire and earth are not the most promising zodiac match.

This combination is in a great risk for continual disharmony, because these two are much different from one another.

Sometimes, mere understanding of a partner (or, at least, a try to understand) is not enough; these two should be ready to harmonize, even if they do not fully understand one another, if they want their connection to work out.

Bold and direct Aries man should try to inspire his reserved and quiet Virgo to express her thought openly, not to force her to do so.

If they start by building foundations of readiness to communicate, cooperate and try to understand one another, Aries man and Virgo woman have a chance for success.

This relationship will probably never be smooth and without turmoil, but keeping focus on harmonizing needs should keep things under control. This, of course, if these two are so much in love with one another, in spite of all the differences.

Interestingly, but it happens that such opposite characters could feel true magnetism, which is amazing, pretty hard to understand,, but challenging, intriguing and even inspiring, in a way.

The thing is, when an Ares man and a Virgo woman meet, some basic differences will be obvious; if they decide to go over it, it means they have truly fallen for one another.

Everything else is a constant work, development and harmonizing.

At start, it is very likely for a Virgo woman to be distant, cold, reserved, even if she is attracted to temperamental Aries, which could be confusing and partially annoying for direct and impatient Aries.

The thing is, Virgo is guided rather by reason than by heart, while Aries reacts and acts instinctively, passionately, fiery. You could only imagine these differences could be quite problematic in bed.

Marriage Compatibility

Aries and Virgo are, in general, a complicated combination, with not as great chance for successful marriage. Fire (Aries) and Earth (Virgo) do not go very well together; they are irresponsive to one another.

You could shut fire with earth and you cannot set earth on fire. Aries’ deeds often go before his reason, while Virgo carefully plans every single step, hoping for making a perfect path and experiencing disappointment when restless Aries shatters it all around.

Basic personal traits of Aries and Virgo are quite different and any connection between the two requires a lot of continuous effort on both sides.

Aries cannot stand nagging and criticizing, while Virgo constantly grumbles and seeks proves for all claims. They would constantly argue over anything and everything, which brings a lot of tension in a marriage, if they have came to that level.

Their views on love and sex are very different. Aries wants action, he cares not for game of seduction and foreplay, once he is in a relationship; he wants it now.

Virgo is demanding, analytical and detailed, but she is gentle and soft and she does not like raw sex, like an Aries.

Such sexual connection is often quite complex and full of tensions, which eventually leads to a breakup. In marriage, it causes all sorts of other problems that escalate as a reflection of frustrations in sexual life.

Marriage of an Aries man and a Virgo woman has greater chances if they find a way to tolerate one another and find shared values, such as business, for example.

If their life is filled with many obligations and responsibilities, it is more likely the marriage would survive. In later days, fire of Aries could get milder and earth of Virgo less heavy, so they find it easier to get along and be happy together.


This could be an explosive friendship, strong and long lasting, unlike romantic connection between these two. If an Aries man and a Virgo woman become friends, they find great support in one another.

Virgo need to look up at Aries, to get motivated and to realize that occasional lack of control will not to her any harm; on the contrary, it could free her from her own shackles.

On the other hand, fiery Aries could learn from his calm and calculated friend how better to organize his distribution of energy.

They will never agree on subjects about love, romance and seduction, but they could talk about many other things.

Exactly because they rarely share many interests, they could teach one another many amazing and useful things and tricks, as well.

Cool Facts

This couple is, by all means, everything opposite of coolness, but it is interesting to mention some percentages that illustrate these two.

In sexual life and intimacy, they are compatible by only sad 10%.

In emotions, 20%, in communication 30%, in values 50%.

The best connection they achieve in area of trust, which is 70%; in this relationship, jealous Aries has not much ground for his suspicions.

If you imagine them going together for a barbeque with friends, a Virgo woman will be the only one who has did not forget to bring a can opener and all other trinkets everyone usually miss out.

Her Aries would even find it funny. He is already all set up to fire the barbeque, without much preparation and Virgo would probably keep nagging about that.


This zodiac combination is definitely not the best match, if there is any.

Aries men and Virgo women have not much understanding for their differences, not because they refuse to find it, but they simply cannot feel it.

They are of a different nature and they could succeed but only if they both invest a lot of effort and try to get over their own instincts.

For Aries, it means he should be way more patient and tolerant; for Virgo, it means she should stop criticizing and analyzing everything she do, as well as anything that her Aries does.