Aries Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Astrology offers many answers official disciplines are unable to offer. It is, indeed, an alternative discipline or a pseudo science, which makes people skeptical about its information.

However, we have to bear in mind that astrology is almost as old as our civilization is.

Therefore, it must be something in it, something more than speculation and a work of a fortuneteller.

Horoscope is what most of us are interested in. In common talk, people regard only one’s native zodiac sign as his or hers horoscope, which is greatly inaccurate.

The native sign is just one element of the Zodiac and of astrological charts, natal charts, in particular.

What are those? Natal charts or birth charts are a base for one’s horoscope.

Birth charts represents planetary positions, astrological houses, signs and all relations these elements create amongst one another at the exact time of a person’s birth. According to astrology, these affect one’s personality and shape up his or hers destiny.

Of course, it is not that simple. Astrological charts give you an insight into who you are and what you might become.

All elements that constitute a natal chart play a role in here. However, it takes great knowledge and practice for an astrologer to analyze and interpret meanings of planetary positions and zodiac signs.

It takes even more wisdom and effort to understand this and actually use information given.

The purpose is to fulfill your destiny to its full potential, as it is suggested in a natal chart.

Sun Sign

Two of the elements in a natal chart are of great importance and they are the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. They are personal planets, meaning they explain your personality traits, character and temperament, for a great part.

Let us find out what it means to have them in particular zodiac signs. Today we talk about the Sun in Aries with the Moon in Libra personality.

The Sun is the base of a natal chart and your horoscope. When people ask you about your horoscope, you actually give them answer about your Sun sign. The sign the Sun matches in your birth chart is your native sign.

Therefore, if the Sun was in Aries, at the time of your birth, then you are an Aries. The Sun is your manifesting personality, your active and conscious principle.

The Sun is related to the element of Fire, golden, orange and yellow color and it is of a masculine principle.

In horoscopes, it also represents the figure of a father. The Sun represents the life itself; it always has been ultimate symbol of light, vitality and life. The Sun’s energy is powerful, glorious and bright. It represents your essence and core.

The Sun affects the way you present yourself in the world and the way you act. It shapes up your ambitions and supports your will for life.

The Sun is associated with nobility, generousness, glory, ambition, warmth, personal strength and self-development. Let us briefly go through the meaning of having the Sun in Aries.

Sun in Aries

Having the Sun in Aries makes you an Aries person. What are Aries people like?

They are known as some of the most energetic and determined in the entire Zodiac. Aries people are bold, courageous, daring, even foolishly rushing.

They do not waste time on reconsidering odds given for uncountable number of times, but they boldly act. They are focused on achieving victory in any field of life.

For an Aries, the life is a battlefield. They are competitive and easily provoked to enter a challenge. An Aries has inborn need to prove him or herself, primarily to themselves and then to the world.

They are greatly positive and optimistic people. They rarely listen to others advices and could be remarkably stubborn. They have to experience both winning and failure on their own skin.

Aries are fiery, executive and direct. They are straightforward in any area of life and not particularly gentle. Depending on aspects in a personal horoscope, they could even become aggressive.

They have incredible amounts of energy and are often very healthy and physically strong. Aries people dare doing things, they are impatient, but focused on their goals.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents everything that is outshined by bright sunrays in one’s personal natal chart. The Moon is what others cannot see that well and neither can you, at times.

The Moon represents your sub conscious mind, your deepest desires and feelings.

It is who you are behind the shiny façade. The Moon is all about emotions. Unlike the Sućn, this Luminary is of transformative, changeable character.

It rules over our dreams, imagination and intuition. It balances our logical and reasonable self; without emotions, raw intellect and common sense actually do not mean much. The Moon makes you flexible, adaptable, compassionate and gentle.

It supports your intuitive self, which is of incredible value. The Moon sign is, thus, very important.

Your Moon sign affects the way you absorb impressions from the world around you. It also affects the way you react to different circumstances, situations and people. It forms your emotional relations with either people or different concepts in your life.

It affects you as an emotional being and decides the level of your emotional openness and vulnerability, as well.

Moon in Scorpio

This is definitely an intriguing and favorable combination, if aspects are good, because Scorpio is already greatly an emotional sign. Ruled by the element of Water, which is also the element of the Moon, Scorpio is the sign the Moon favors.

However, it also makes one at risk of being over sensitive and emotionally distinctively vulnerable.

The Moon in Scorpio indicates a deeply emotional being, typically complicated. Moon Scorpios are mysterious and they lock themselves inside, especially in emotional terms.

They often appear exotic, intriguing and above all unreachable. People tend to see them cold and dark, while inside there is a volcano of emotions. They have magnetic aura.

Scorpio Moon people are enigmatic to the outer world and irresistibly attractive in an inexplicable way.

They are intuitive and guided by emotions and intuition. Their perception of the world is painted by emotions and impressions, often idealistic and fatalistic. They tend to be obsessive, possessive, ecstatic and passionate.

They are hard to approach for real, but they love to the fullest, once they let you in.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

These are some of the most intriguing personalities of the Zodiac. Aries Sun Scorpio Moon are unique and mysterious, but fierce and daring at the same time.

We could say they live on the edge, especially in emotional terms.

They possess incredible energy; they are dominant and demanding. These are also some of the most individualistic zodiac profiles.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon definitely cannot get away unnoticed. They do not even need to try to catch the eyes or attention of others, without saying a word. They are proud and ambitious.

Aries wants to be the first in everything; Scorpio has intuition to follow. Aries is fierce and straightforward, Scorpio is deeply emotional and obsessive. These qualities make almost a fanatic personality.

When Aries Sun Scorpio Moon want something, they will not hesitate daring.

They are self-confident and intrigued by mysteries. They want to know more, in order to achieve more.

They would dig deep, cross limits and forget about taboos. They are very intelligent, analytical and creative, but also direct, eager to risk and compete. They want to be the first, as Aries, but known for their exoticism, like Scorpio.

Good Traits

These people are very intuitive and creative. They have strong imagination that is supported by strong energy and a daring spirit.

It makes them create wonderful things and make an impression. They are naturally magnetic to the people around, without even trying to grab attention.

They are obsessive, which could serve as an advantage when it comes to their interests; it drives them to know more, to learn more and to develop their skills and talents.

They are secretive by nature, which saves them from trouble. They usually maintain their mysterious reputation and smoothly develop what they are good at.

They are not the most approachable people, but to the few chosen ones, they are faithfully committed. These people are loyal, trustworthy and reliable, if they let you in their world.

Bad Traits

Every trait of an Aries Sun Scorpio Moon becomes tragic and dangerous if brought to extremes.

The thing is, these people like extremes and it is hard for them to keep the balance.

They are either incredibly driven or desperate. They tend to be very possessive, jealous and hard to deal with if it comes to that.

Their secretive nature also makes them skeptical and suspicious of everything and everyone, at times. They are inflexible and believe no one knows things better than they do.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon in Love and Marriage

Love profile of an Aries Sun Scorpio Moon is quite predictable. They are fatal in every sense.

They easily seduce and win over a person they are interested in. They intrigue, they flirt, but not for long.

They are decisive and determined to seduce and have a natural gift for it. In love and marriage, they are committed to the fullest; their love is fatal, total, extreme, deep and unquestionable. They are ready to sacrifice for love.

Best Match for Aries Sun Scorpio Moon

The best match for such intense people would be someone who can soften their edge, but at the same time keep them intrigued and amused.

It should be someone with similar sensibilities, but a bit less intense.

Their perfect partner is honest, direct and reliable.

They have good intuition and they would not easily be tricked by solely good looks and romantic gestures. They need deep commitment and emotional connection.


Aries Sun Scorpio Moon are fatally intriguing representatives of the Zodiac. These people have magnetic aura and are respected and admired in a specific way.

People find them interesting, attractive, but not easily approachable. They are of secretive nature and have distinctive tendency towards being obsessive.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon are people who make the world remember them for their uniqueness and individuality.