Mars Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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In astrology, Mars is associated with the masculine active principle. He is responsible for the manifestation of a person’s will, the desire to fight and the desire to win. The orbital period of Mars around the Sun is approximately 687 days.

According to its characteristics, the planet is close to the Earth. A man of the Martian type is always active, he is used to acting, and it is difficult for him to sit still.

Mars is responsible for the manifestations of passion, strong desire, makes a person assertive, sharp in communication.

Mars – Meaning and Info

This planet controls the active sexual instincts of people, is directly related to the manifestation of male sexuality. In its highest manifestation, it is a planet of knights and heroes, people who are enthusiastic, capable of feats.

However, there is another side of this planet that is much less attractive. Mars is responsible for the manifestation of the instinct of a predator, aggression, rudeness, rudeness, violence and cruelty. Its extreme negative influence is the love of blood and sadism.

This planet is associated with wars, armed conflicts, firearms and melee weapons. It controls fire and is responsible for the occurrence of fires. Mars controls the occurrence of fires, fire, weapons.

The professions associated with Mars are the military, intelligence officer, metallurgist, firefighter, heavy industry worker, mechanical engineering. This also includes a surgeon, butcher, executioner, and athlete.

People with a strong influence of this planet tend to divide the world into opposites, good and bad, often not distinguishing between semitones and nuances. They are decisive and quick in their actions, merciless towards themselves and their enemies, irreconcilable and stubborn in achieving their goals and defending their interests.

The highest Martian is distinguished by chivalry, the desire for an honest fight with the enemy, the desire to protect the weak, and the ability to sacrifice oneself for the protection of people.

Such a person knows how to measure his strength in the fight, shows condescension to the defeated enemy, and is guided by clear concepts of honor and dignity.

It should be noted that this planet is the most significant for men, since it is responsible for the formation of masculine qualities. In the female horoscope, Mars often indicates the type of man who is attractive to a given woman.

Mars has the greatest influence in astrology in the signs of Aries and Scorpio, where he is in the monastery. The strongest position of Mars is in the sign of Aries, where this planet clearly manifests all its qualities. Mars is strongest in Aries.

Here a powerful pressure is manifested, the desire to act ahead, intransigence in the struggle.

People with this position of Mars are born warriors. They are pioneers, fearlessly forging new paths. They are capable of a great concentration of will and energy.

The manifestations of Mars in Scorpio are more rational and less impulsive. Here he most of all influences the intellectual sphere, giving the ability to restrain himself, to wait for the right moment for active action.

Scorpios study their opponent, trying to sting him in the sorest spot. Mars in Scorpio has a very strong influence, it is clearly manifested in the intellectual sphere.

Strong manifestation of Mars in Capricorn, where this planet is in exaltation. Here stamina, unbending will, the ability to achieve goals at any cost are manifested. People with such a position of Mars know how to correctly distribute their forces, wear down the enemy, saving energy for a decisive blow (Genghis Khan).

Mars in exile in the signs of Libra and Taurus. The fall of this planet in the sign of Cancer. For representatives of these signs, Mars is hidden inside, and its external manifestations can take on somewhat unusual forms. Mars in Libra gives a person hysteria, such a person quickly loses his temper, trying to prove his innocence.

He tries to show himself as a strong personality, starting a business, often quickly burns out, immediately grabbing onto a new business. It is difficult to count on the word given by such a person, for he has seven Fridays per week.

North Node – Meaning and Info

Patience, duty, honor, obedience, conscience, is taken to solve many problems of the doctrine.

The main part of Albubater’s aphorisms related to the Nodes is focused on their interpretation of unfavorable Houses – for example, the following statement about the North Node with other planets in the XII House.

And your success in the desired achievement can be assessed by the transit of the Nodes of which, the Houses they are now.

The strength increases with each passing year, when the individual slowly throws out from his consciousness everything that oppresses.

This position should be used for capital investments and financial transactions, it gives chances for success and prosperity in business, and money related, material or spiritual values.

They prove that our lives are greatly influenced by karma and that we had specific intentions even before we entered our present life. The throbbing career reached a position and calmed down, then went up again.

And if a woman goes through the pregnancy period correctly, then this is the best period of her life. Only if Rahu and Ketu act in an exalted manner can we overcome our karma.

Considering these compounds, I take a fairly small Orbis, usually three degrees. The sun, being the energy of recognition and achievement, can be beneficial on a personal level in fellowship with the Head of the Dragon.

Early childhood experiences greatly influence the further development of the personality. At the same time, Rahu is considered more pernicious than Ketu, and often turns out to be the source of the most malevolent influences in the horoscope.

As he grows, he will begin to focus on ideas rather than words through which ideas are expressed. Mars Cancer Uses energy for protection and acquisitive purposes May have undercurrents sexually sensitive.

People who have the North Node near or connected to the Ascendant are characterized by more extroverted relaxed behavior and greater self-confidence, while the South Node in this position leads to introversion and a person’s exposure to stress, fears and suffering due to low self-esteem.

With an accented V field, an individual can easily fall under the influence of other people and participate in affairs that do not correspond to his interests. With an accented X field, the professional interests and activities of the individual do not always correspond and harmonize with his talents and abilities.

Striving for comfort, coziness, a well-furnished home, love and care from parents, peace for family and home, in the worst case, an irresponsible attitude to domestic problems, a type of parasite and a creep in peaceful relations. Reflection of someone’s influence, often their parents lead them to a high post of life.

Mars Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Perhaps this is due to the fact that this case was not so beloved by Pluto of mass unrest and hostilities. Since it is difficult to prove the existence of karma and divine purpose, we can convince ourselves of them by applying the principles described in this book.

In the past life, the strongest individualism, egoism, selfishness triumphed. Sometimes the appearance from a certain period ceases to change, as it were, freezes, like in Dorian Gray’s Oscar Wilde Proserpine to Virgo.

In social terms, a person can connect his profession with a karmic task, for example, become a school teacher or university teacher. For a long time he gathers with the spirit, psychologically preparing for new contacts and enterprises.

Now these ideas must be viewed through the prism of their own views, desires and goals. During past lives, an individual has climbed too high, now karma forces him to descend from these heights. North Node Libra, South Node Aries needs to learn patience, objectivity, do not cut off the shoulder, do not yell.

He continues to make his work more difficult than it really is, and can in no way cope with the responsibilities and obligations of the current life. The individual’s North Node in the first house now brings him the realization that he has lost his identity.

If we multiply 12 by 400 thousand the number of levels of human consciousness, we can understand what the minimum number of incarnations we need to get out of the world of virtual reality. Gives obstacles, a feeling of tension arising in expressing one’s opinion, relations with other people, especially relations with colleagues, brothers, and also neighbors.

Disharmonious association, connection with sick people. Raised in a disciplined home, surviving his parents’ divorce at a young age, Denzel Washington began moonlighting as a teenager.

The nodes of the Moon are astrologically closely related to the Moon, they indicate the type of often unconscious attitude of a person to social currents and problems of their dynamics, and the North node concerns the new, which has appeared recently, and the South node concerns the old or, at least, the familiar. Adverse influences are also the four Saturn, Mars, Sun and South Node.

The owner of the North Node encourages the owner of Mercury to express himself and makes sure that the ideas of the latter are recognized – thus, the owner of Mercury can gain a lot from this communication.

Looking back at some period of your life, you will notice that now your emotional energy may manifest itself in a completely different way than before.

With the element of Water, the cosmogram and connections with the Moon, Mercury and Pluto gives the disclosure of occult abilities, the deepening of occult traditions, self-affirmation to occult sources.

Here are a few people with this aspect Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Mark Spitz, Barbara Hutton heiress to the fortune of the owners of the supermarket chain Woolworth, Carmen Electra, Doris Day, Isaac Hayas and Janey Mansfield.

Quicons of the Sun will, initiative 19 ° 56 Aquarius with Pluto power, globality and Uranus ingenuity, reforms 17 ° 51 and 18 ° 43 Virgo gives her the ingenuity and power of her wills and initiatives.

The sun is often associated with a monad, a spark of God, a kind of spiritual center of human nature, which travels, reincarnating, from life to life, accumulating some kind of experience in each life.

In a past life, the individual was an unreliable partner, he could be too weak-willed, passive, and completely dependent on the opinion and will of other people, and especially on partners in marriage or business.

Now it is necessary to defend personal and spiritual freedom, fight for independence and independence, fearlessly make this or that decision, without outside advice, act actively, decisively, independently, and if required, aggressively.

Study to learn how to diplomatically resolve issues and take into account the opinions of other people. No, sextile is a favorable aspect, but its influence, in relation to the synastric aspect of a planet with a Node, is weak.

The symbol of the Ascending Node of the Lunar is an overturned vase, which indicates something with our thoughts and good deeds, we will have to fill this cup and turn it over, so that there is something to present to God when the time comes.

If Jupiter of one of the partners forms aspects with Mercury of the other, this enhances the manifestation of the best qualities of these planets. In the end, he begins to realize that his whole existence consisted of playing out his dreams, to the point that he became a puppet of his own fantasies.


Aspects representing the realms that you have allowed yourself to go astray in past incarnations.

If the North Node is located in the X House with Jupiter, Venus, or the Moon, it means great luck. Men with Mars on, like a magnet, attract to themselves.

Aspects formed by Venus in the horoscope of one of the partners and Uranus of the other indicate their attraction to each other.