Aries Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Personal natal chart could reveal many things.

Our astrological profile is much more than the ruling sign we were born under. There are many elements to consider and aspects to analyze.

An in-depth analysis of your birth chart is a complex task only an experienced astrologer is capable of realizing.

Today we are going to talk about two vital elements of a natal chart, the Sun and the Moon, so to see how they act in specific positions.

Sun Sign

The Sun is considered an astrological planet, although it is actually a star. However, modern astrology enlists all heavenly bodies of the Solar system as astrological planets.

The Sun represents the core of our horoscope, as seen in a natal chart. It plays dominant role in determining one’s personality, temperament and character.

The brightest of the stars shines upon your destiny. The sign the Sun sits in your birth chart is your ruling sign, the one you say you are in horoscope.

Commonly speaking, people mention only their native sign as a relevant element that describes their personality. Well, there is more to it, but your Sun sign is defining, for sure.

The Sun sign represents individualism, the essence of one’s personality, your potentials, your will, strength, aspirations and ambitions.

It is who you are in the world. The house of the Sun in one’s horoscopes indicates the area of life in which you could express your full potentials.

Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries indicates a personality that wants to be victorious, the first in everything. Sun Aries people are enthusiastic, strong-willed, optimistic and spirited.

They rarely lack motivation and need to be on the move. They are some of the most active zodiac representatives.

Sun Aries ones are known for their stubbornness and sometimes recklessness.

They are very impulsive and quick-tempered. However, their goals are firm and they want stability. People with the Sun in Aries are dynamic and impatient.

They are sensitive to failure and yet strong enough to go through it and move forwards. These people are everything opposite of hesitant. They are independent and self-reliable.

Sun Aries people are brutally honest at times.

They lack tact and they themselves are not particularly emotionally vulnerable. They can do all on their own, but sometimes they overestimate their own potentials.

However, they learn through their own experience. They express through deeds, rather than verbally. Sweet talk is not their style.

Moon Sign

The Moon is also one the astrological planets, although not a planet, but a satellite. It is one the Luminaries, along with the Sun.

The Moon represents the opposite of the Sun, in natal astrology. It is everything that we are in privacy. The Moon is changeable, while the Sun is stable.

The Moon represents our emotional self, while the Sun represents our rational self. To find the balance between the two is the greatest wisdom of all.

In a personalized natal chart, the significance of the Moon is great. The Moon represents the way we feel the world around us and affects our impressions and reactions. The Moon represents our sub-conscious mind, our intuition.

It is something like our inner voice. While the Sun is about motives we are very well aware of, the Moon is about our deep hidden inner motives.

The Moon is responsible for compassion, emotions, sensitivity and sensibility. Without it, you would only be an empty shell. Reasonable, though.

The energy of the Moon represents resources needed to get to the final goal, which is symbolized by the Sun.

Therefore, the two are inseparable. Their relation in a personalized horoscope greatly depends on the signs they are found in.

Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus indicates incredibly creative personality, inclined towards everything naturally beautiful.

These people are capable of creating masterpieces out of the simplest things.

They are also very practical, physical and materialistic, meaning they are not abstract thinkers. They have highly developed senses and want to experience the world through them, particularly through touch.

In Taurus, the Moon is exalted, which gives a particularly caring, warm, protective family person.

These people often develop parentally protective attitude towards anyone they care for. They are gentle and loving individuals, with a goal to provide everything needed for their loved ones to feel safe, secure and cozy.

These people are true artists of life. They enjoy food and are hedonists by nature. They use their energy for practical goals; Taurus Moon would work steadily and systematically, without any rush, in order to provide mentioned.

Their ultimate goal is stability, comfort and coziness. They are some of the most patient representatives of the Zodiac.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Aries Sun with Taurus Moon creates an amazingly creative person, with many qualities. If they manage to find balance between their Sun and Moon energies, these people could really shine.

They have all the energy and enthusiasm of Aries and all the creativity and warmness of the Taurus. They are predisposed for comfortable, quality life.

It is a very good combination. The Sun in Aries makes them entrepreneurial and driven, while the Moon in Taurus makes them soft, controls their impulses and makes them perseverant.

They are motivated enough so that they follow their goals and yet sensitive enough to consider other people and patient enough not to rush into things.

They are sympathetic, but never controlled or manipulated by others. Aries Sun Taurus Moon individuals are rare ones with such qualities of charm and ambition combined with calmness and compassion.

They have a good sense for business, but are not overly obsessed by it.

They care about others, but are not susceptible to any kind of emotional exploit. They strive for material stability, but have enough tact not to make foolish decisions.

Good Traits

These individuals have good predisposition to find balance between their Sun and Moon sign, because these energies are compatible here to the great extent.

Aries gives them drive, enthusiasm, motivation and irresistible charm, while the Moon gives them the sense of compassion, protective and caring attitude.

They are very straightforward, but not that tactless as it could be expected of one Sun Aries.

If aspects are favorable, they will focus on their work, considering the needs of others, in addition to those of their own.

They would enjoy the world by all their sense, but not cross limits. They would find great satisfaction in material possessions, in art and nature, but will remain very rational and entrepreneurial.

Bad Traits

Bad aspects could make this combination troublesome, especially because the Moon is in exaltation in Taurus, meaning Taurus traits get accentuated and too strong.

If aspects are bad, Aries Sun Taurus Moon would lose the balance and they could become tense and moody. It could happen they lose focus and their general steadiness.

This could lead them to making very impulsive decisions, lost between their great ambitions and their intuition.

They are prone to distractions, because they have a lot of Aries’ fire and energy and also strong Taurus’ tendency towards coziness and steadiness. They search for comfort and yet, they always feel restless and as if it is not enough.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon in Love and Marriage

These people are incredibly charming and sensual.

They have qualities of amazing lovers and partners, because they are direct in expressing their intentions towards someone and still they are sophisticated enough tot to be too pushy. They are very physical and warm lovers.

In addition, they posses strong protective energy and would do whatever it takes for a person they care for.

They are devoted partners and good parents. These people would not hesitate to approach someone and would easily win the other by their natural charm. It is good that they have this soft, hedonistic Taurus part.

It means they are bold and direct, but kind, incredibly gentle and loving. They are well aware of their partner’s needs in any sense.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon are active and they do see everything as a battlefield, which is a strong characteristic of the Aries sign.

On the other hand, the Moon softens this attitude. Aries Sun Taurus Moon win their chosen one’s heart by bold and yet classy attitude, with well-measured romantic gestures. They are partners you could rely on.

Best Match for Aries Sun Taurus Moon

The best match for an Aries Sun Taurus Moon would be the one who is classy, elegant and charming who takes interest in art, but who is also energetic and ready to make bold decisions in life.

It has to be someone active; otherwise, Aries Sun part would never be satisfied.

The Moon Taurus part, on the other hand, requires this fine sense of aesthetics, pleasure and physical connection.

Extroverted people who share their enthusiasm for art and business, but who are also kind, polite and classy attract Aries Sun Taurus Moon people.

Old-fashioned, evergreen style is what catches their eye.

They have to see some element of stability and confidence in their future partner. They search for one to enjoy pleasures of life with, in terms of their sensibilities.


Aries Sun Taurus Moon combination is a promising one. It has to good and bad sides, of course, but their development depends on other aspects in a personalized natal chart.

These individuals are highly entrepreneurial and creative, very enthusiastic about life in general.

They have the strong will of an Aries and the strive for being victorious, but they also possess fine artistic taste and delicate sense of a Taurus.

These people are rare examples of the ones who can easily find balance between their executive and rational part and their intuitive and emotional part.

They have good qualities in both. However, the balance could be disturbed and these ones could become distracted and tense, depending on particular case.

The best advice for Aries Sun Taurus Moon is to pursue their ambitions, while at the same time nurturing the need for comfort and coziness.

It could save them from making impulsive decisions and unintentionally hurting other people.

They have great predispositions to do so, if they keep their Sun Aries and the Moon Taurus in harmonious connection.