Aries Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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When someone asks you about your horoscope, most likely you eagerly answer by your native zodiac sign.

However, there are far more details about one’s horoscope than that.

Your ruling sign, the one you were born under as the Sun was in its place at the time of your birth, is only a piece of the puzzle that is your astrological personality.

Astrological analyses indeed offer much more information.

According to astrology, each person has his or hers unique astrological ‘identification card’, to say so. It is your birth chart.

This chart is a diagram that presents planetary position at the time a person was born.

The planets match signs and houses and create various aspects.

Each element has its place and its purpose in an individual horoscope.

By analyzing such a chart, you could learn more about yourself.

The horoscope does not offer concrete answers and guidelines you must follow, but give information about your potentials and very likely possibilities.

By knowing yourself better, you would know how better to use your potentials and fulfill your destiny and it is meant as one of astrological possibilities.

Sun Sign

As you probably know, the Sun represents the core of your astrological personality. The sign the Sun matches at the time of someone’s birth is that person’s native sign.

The Sun is the crown of any horoscope, being the center of the astrological system, as seen in modern Western astrology. It is the first of so called ‘personal planets’ and the basis of one’s personality profile.

The Sun represents yourself; it is about your Ego, in the first place. Sun Sign explains your nature, for the greatest part; it is your manifesting nature.

The Sun symbolizes vitality, health, strength, personal power, ambition, goals, bravery and else. If it is in good aspects, you will shine and your qualities will perform nicely.

If it is in bad aspects, it turns the other way around. It depends on particular relations between elements in an individual’s birth chart. It is never as single element that decides on what kind of person you are going to be, although the Sun sign is the core of it.

The Sun is your birth, visible side. It is about your attitude in life, your motives, the way you act and else.

Sun in Aries

When Sun is in Aries, the person is born as an Aries. Aries people are known for their determined character and quick temper. They are extremely active and executive people.

They need to do things, without spending hours thinking about it. Sometimes, they cat thoughtlessly, which could prove foolish. They learn exclusively through their own experience.

Sun Aries people dare. They are inclined towards impulsive reactions and they are bold, straightforward and direct. They are impatient and do not like to waste time on things they find useless.

They are not interested in projects that lead nowhere, in terms of actual, practical achievements. Stability is very important to them, even if they are restless

We could say they are restless about achieving that stability. They are strong willed, fierce and not very sensitive people. Aries people express their intentions by doing things; they are not particularly verbal type of people.

However, if they want to make a statement, it would be almost cruel honest.

They are not tricksters and they hate playing games. The say what they say and, more importantly, do what they do.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents everything you cannot see from the shiny rays of the Sun. the Moon is our sub-conscience and our emotion. This mystical Luminary rules over memories, nostalgia, feelings and moods.

It is of a changeable, turbulent nature, unlike the Sun that is fixed and stable. The Moon is characterized by certain amount of mysticism.

It is closely related to nocturnal activities and we could perhaps connect it with the world of dreams.

The Moon symbolizes our intuition and imagination. It is associated with our deepest desires and needs, particularly those we are unaware of. The Moon is related to the element of ever-changing Water and it rules over the sign of Cancer, known as one of the most emotional signs.

The Moon is a wanderer, a romantic, a dreamer. It makes us compassionate and caring, but also flexible and adaptable. It greatly affects our personality in terms of the nature of our impressions.

It is the Moon that affects our way of feeling things around us, responding to certain outer circumstances and reacting to people and their behavior and attitude towards us and in general.

Moon in Virgo

The sign the Moon matches in one’s natal chart shapes up the way one reacts to the world around. The field it occupies in a natal chart is the area of life in which one is greatly susceptible to emotional and sensitivity in general.

With the Moon in Virgo, one develops intellectual sensitivity.

He or she is prone to rationalizing of their emotions, more than any other zodiac representative rationalizes.

The Moon in Virgo indicates strong inborn need to analyze emotions. Moon Virgos have to explain every single feeling they have in a rational way; otherwise, they feel nervous and insecure. Their emotional self is intellectual and rational, which does sound quite a paradox.

However, they function that way for real. It is very important to them that everything is sorted out and aligned perfectly; so do the emotions.

They are extremely cautious about relations with people, all so that they could avoid unpleasant situations that would shatter down their ideas of perfect emotional state.

It often leads to skepticism and makes them quite cold and reserved.

They are extremely analytical, organized and strict perfectionists, guided primarily by logic and reason.

Aries Sun Virgo Moon Personality

What are Aries Sun Virgo Moon people like? This combination offers a bold combination of executive nature and impulsive temperament with reserved and quite strict logical thinking nature.

The two could make good balance and allow this person achieve amazing things in life, especially in terms of career and professional development.

On the other side, they may lack compassion and warmth.

It is an amazing and promising combination of intellect and instinct; people with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo are entrepreneurial and ready to grab opportunities by impulse, but also quite cool-headed when the situation requires so.

The Moon in Virgo gives them certain seriousness and strictness that control instinctive, rushing and impulsive nature of Aries.

They do take risks, but, undoubtedly, they would calculate the odds and decide the best way to proceed. They are not hotheaded, but still possess that incredible drive and motivation that helps them go through the most difficult situations in life.

They are focused on success and they have that perfectionist trait of a Virgo. They are capable of making a good plan and sticking to it.

Failure greatly annoys them and they are very rigid about their opinions. They accept nothing less than a perfect outcome, so they really struggle actually to feel satisfied in any area of life.

They are, perhaps, the most difficult people to make happy and to please. They are, however, determined to find the perfection and they actually never lose hope it does exist.

Good Traits

Although these are personalities of seemingly contradictive traits, they could achieve amazing things if aspects are favorable and they manage keep the two sides of their personality in balance.

If it is so, these people become focused on their goals, motivated to achieve them, bold to take risks at times, but clever enough to evaluate the situation and patient and analytical enough to make a good plan.

They are persistent in their search for perfection and working on it. These people are diligent and hard working.

It is good that they are not satisfied with small things in life. They believe they are capable of great things.

Optimistic, executive Aries soften skeptical Virgo. Reasonable, calculated Virgo controls fiery and impulsive Aries.

Bad Traits

Aries Sun Virgo Moon could be unbearably hard to satisfy and please. They are too suspicious of everything and they trust nobody but themselves.

This distrustfulness does not come from fear, but from their firm belief that they know everything the best. They do underestimate other people and lack tolerance.

They could be extremely stubborn, rigid, very cold and reserved people who do not let anyone in.

Aries Sun Virgo Moon in Love and Marriage

Well, as we have mentioned, Aries Sun Virgo Moon are not very emotional and sensitive people.

They are not particularly empathic or soft. In love life, they are also guided more by reason than emotions.

It could be very confusing, if their Aries-Virgo energies are in greater imbalance. It happens that they make an impulsive decision about staring a relationship (or even a marriage) and then start analyzing everything and finding flaws to it.

Best Match for Aries Sun Virgo Moon

The best match for these demanding individuals is hard to find.

They really need someone to fulfill at least some part of their perfect expectations. They idealize the idea of the perfect partner and accept nothing less.

They would eventually decide to get married because they think it is the right thing to do, but you still need to match up to their standards.

They need someone intelligent, well organized, determined and straightforward. Too much romanticism does not buy them and they are not much into love games and flirtation.

The one to win their heart has to be one hundred percent determined to win it. It should be someone they find trustworthy and who offers them stability.


Aries Sun Virgo Moon are people of contradicting nature, because energies of the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo are different, even opposing.

However, if they manage to find the balance between them, they could achieve marvelous things.

They are well organized, bold, analytical and executive, which are qualities to admire. The best advice to them is to try to be more flexible and less reserved. They should trust people more and perhaps try to admit that imperfect things have their charm and value.