Mercury in Virgo

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Western astrology, the one we are talking about here today, originates from ancient era of some really amazing civilizations. Its roots seize back into Ancient Persia.

Great civilizations and cultures of the past were deeply interested into what is happening in our universe and how do planets affect peoples’ and countries’ destinies. Ancient Persians have known about all but three planets that make our incredible Solar system.

Three planets in question, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are quite freshly discovered, compared to ancient Persian, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and other related lore.

Ever since the first mentions of a discipline that deals with observing the stars and skies and, perhaps, even before, planets were identified with deities. In Persia, for example, Venus was identified with Ishtar, the goddess of beauty and love.

In Greece, the same one was beautiful Aphrodite and so on. In ancient times, astrology was much appreciated discipline and many of the greatest minds of the time were interested in it. It was said that Ptolemy, for instance, paid much attention to this ‘star science’. Roman Empire spread astrology to the Western world. However, the age of Inquisition brought astrology to bad reputation.

It was a forbidden practice, to observe the stars and interpret their positions meanings and else; astrology was put aside and enlisted amongst all sorts of dark, mystical and possibly evil practices.

However, it is well known that some rather impressive scientific figures of the past, such as Johannes Kepler, were astrologers, as well as they were astronomers. Astrology and astronomy, of course, have many things in common.

Astrology, in modern times, is considered a pseudo science. It is not officially recognized as a scientific discipline and many are suspicious about what astrologers actually do. In the world where money and wealth have primate over everything else, as it seems, astrology is seen as another trick to make some money on behalf of the gullible.

However, we cannot avoid the great heritage and the very, very long history of astrology.

There has to be something in there. Well, many of ‘official’ disciplines proved planets, stars, heavenly bodies, energies and entities definitely affect our own planet. They affect overall life on our dear Earth.

Therefore, it is very logical to assume they have influence over individual human beings’ lives.

Individual astrology is based upon analyzes of individual birth charts. Birth charts or horoscopes represent an image of the sky, frozen in time. They show positions of planets in a specifically created and long ago established astrological map, which features twelve houses and takes into consideration many aspects and elements.

Mercury and Horoscope

Planets play major role in each individual’s birth chart. Their positions, at the time of a person’s birth, determine this person’s character and life, to some point.

According to astrology, each planet has its specific energy and it is associated with certain ideas and concepts. Its place in zodiac circle and in your natal chart affects your personality in total.

There are five personal planets and they are greatly connected with the most defining personal traits of a human being. These are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

So, our Mercury is amongst them. Mercury is an important element in each one of personal horoscopes, because it determines the way of thinking and communication. It rules signs Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury orbits quite fast and it changes signs in zodiac circle every three to four weeks. It is associated with restlessness, wandering, searching, exploring and its energy is considered neutral.

Mercury is associated with information, youth, imagination, diplomatic personality, openness, eagerness to learn, eloquence, performing skills. Its main areas are intellect, communication and connection.

The best quality of Mercury is expression, while the worst is restlessness. Mercury is associated with reason, rational mind and literally everything that has to do with communication and with words.

It is very ‘verbal’ planet; Mercury is associated with excellent talking and writing skills, for example. It helps one hear and process various information from the world around.

Mercury connects people and it has to do with commerce, exploration and travel. It inspires curiosity, so people with a strong Mercurial aspect never lose their eagerness to see, learn or discover something new.

Strong Mercury means quick mind, directness, great eloquence. However, all these qualities can turn bad. Bad aspects make people prone to trickery and swindling. They can be too critical, very impatient and restless.

Mercury in Virgo – General Info

Planet Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. What does it mean to have it in its natural place? What does it mean to have Mercury in Virgo?

Since Virgo is known for perfectionism and order and Mercury for intellect and reason, it is clearly obvious that here we have an excellent, analytical mind, in search for the best solutions. In fact, not the best, but perfect.

Mercury in Virgo is sharp, true-seeker and the one who does not like to draw too much attention by talk. Interesting, having in mind that Mercury is planet of communication and verbal expression.

Virgo represents qualities of cold and dry, which are associated with passive movement. This makes Mercury here the quiet one.

Mercury in Virgo gives one impressive analytical mind and genuine love for truth. Mercurial Virgo is honest to the bone. He or she would never try to make things look better or prettier than they are. Mercurial Virgo is not talkative and very sociable, which might be expected of Mercury’s energy.

These people do not like to draw to much attention and they certainly do not see themselves as entertainers and performers.

They are pretty reserved, sometimes shy and of a scientific mind. Mercurial Virgo could possess encyclopedic knowledge, but they do not boast around with it. In fact, many people from their closest environment rarely realize how much they actually know. Mercury in Virgo makes ones communication, intellectual and verbal skills oriented inwards.

They consume knowledge, they analyze and systematically organize it to the tiniest particle, but the world usually remains abridged from it. They are perfectionists, very critical of others as well as self-critical, judging, excellent with details and with organization.

People with Mercurial Virgo enjoy analyzing, sorting, measuring, calculating.

They could be amazing in professions that require quick, sharp mind, great intellect and have to do with numbers. Yes, not the words, but numbers. They have practical ideas and rarely get lost in fantasies. Mercurial Virgos are rarely truly satisfied, because they demand a lot of themselves.

They easily take the blame and always think that they could have made it better. They are suspicious and cautions; mercurial Virgos are not open and very friendly people. They would analyze what someone said to them for days.

On the other hand, they always communicate directly and talk concisely.

They are polite, they choose words very carefully and think much about what they are about to say. You can always hear a kind word from any mercurial Virgo, but do not mix it with sweet talk.

Romantic, gilded, decorated speech is not for Mercurial Virgos. They speak truth and only truth. You can rely on their opinion as an honest one.

Good Traits

Mercury in Virgo makes one a clear-sighted person, someone who seeks for true and who is trustful and honest themselves.

For any Mercurial Virgo, two and two only make four; there are no other possibilities.

These people have extremely sharp mind and they are excellent with numbers. They have natural talent for mathematics and all other disciplines or professions that rely on measurement, counting and calculation.

They enjoy putting things in order and have excellent organizational skills. They do not believe in fairytales, only in facts. They seek proof for everything. Their mind is focused, analytical, and methodical.

He or she always plans ahead and usually sticks to this plan. Depending on other natal aspects, mercurial Virgos could be less or more flexible.

Mercurial Virgos are people you can rely on to tell you their true opinion. They are noble and honorable. Mercurial Virgos have accentuated sense for aesthetics and they truly follow the rule ‘less is more’.

They are very practical and would always choose useful and practical gifts, for instance. They are not particularly romantic, but they are loyal and reliable.

These people are always right on time, their home is never untidy or unclean and their thoughts are never chaotic. They usually stay aside in a large company, but if they have desire to talk, be sure you could hear some practical advice.

Mercury in Virgo makes you focused, constructive and efficient person. You have refined taste and you are purposeful and realistic person.

Bad Traits

Mercury in Virgo carries some rather bad possible traits. Since great perfectionists, people with Mercury in Virgo could become petty and annoying.

They would like to have everything in order and they are sensitive to others’ chaos. They could grumble and nag about your recklessly ironed shirt, your chaotic bookshelf or else, until you get tired and sort it or stay out of their judging comments.

Their constructive, calculated, analytical mind could make them very distant from people, cold and insensitive. Mercurial Virgos are definitely not romantic and there is no place for sweet talk in their dictionary.

They could become every calculated in love, which makes their actions and gestures artificial and robotic. Sometimes they actually plan the whole date, including what you are supposed to say!

They could be too focused on details, so they actually lose the bigger image. They lack the sense of magical, mysterious, fantastical. They are creative and constructive, but they stick only to practical ideas.

They would never go beyond, which could close their big intellectual capacity to some great ideas. They could be very pessimistic and sarcastic, especially towards other’s dreams.

Mercury in Virgo Man

He is either a successful businessperson or a scientist. Mercurial Virgo in men horoscopes makes one a strict, calculated and cold person. He usually does not have many friends and keeps his distance.

This man is interested in statistics and science. Typically, these men were often classroom nerds (not in a negative tone). It is very likely that he was interested in complex sciences since he was only a boy.

While his friends were outside, on the playground, he was reading books, surfing the internet, inventing and making stuff.

He has creatively practical mind and he wants it everything to be perfectly done. He is not particularly judging and criticizing, which is expected from a mercurial Virgo, but he keeps to himself. He could make irreplaceable team member, because of his skills, knowledge and efficiency.

Mercurial Virgo man is not very emotional or, at least, he does not express emotions that much. Do not expect many words of love from him; it takes ages for a mercurial man to say the magical words.

On the other hand, he would never forget your birthday, important dates and else. Mercury Virgo man is never rude, impolite or vulgar.

Mercury in Virgo Woman

Mercurial Virgo woman is calm, strict and focused on her interests.

She is oriented towards practical daily things and enjoys bringing her little realm in order. She is neat, tidy and she does not talk much. She is artistic and creative, but she prefers symmetry to chaotic, wild style.

She is always well dressed, calm and ladylike. Mercurial Virgo woman sees always to leave an impression of someone smart and beautiful, which she is. She would never say to her friend that some piece of clothing, a hairstyle or else fits her perfectly, only to make her feel good.

No, she is a seriously honest one – if she thinks it does not fit you, she would say it. You have to agree it is much better than some potentially harmful white lie. Mercurial Virgo lady is direct if there is something to be said, but she thinks twice before she says anything.

Just like her male counterpart, this lady is not typically girly romantic.

She has probably spend her school vacations reading some interesting books and filling her herbarium than playing with other children. She could be shy, but never naïve.

Depending on other aspects in her horoscope, Mercurial Virgo woman is either very tense about important dates and details or more tolerant.


As we can see, Mercurial Virgos are strict, constructive, intelligent, practical and generally quiet people.

They would prefer writing to talking, numbers over words. They love order and good organization and they are good at it. It is clearly visible in their own appearance and inside their homes.

Mercurial Virgos are generally polite and kind people, but are not very friendly and open.

They do not engage in conversation unless they are asked to or if they have some practical reason for it. However, they could work well in a team.

They are obsessed with details, which, of course has its good and bad sides. Try to keep it moderate!

However, Mercury in Virgo is just one of the cosmic influences in your birth chart, Find out more about your horoscope and see how this stable and systematic Mercury fits with other aspects.