Cancer Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our Sun and our Moon describe parts of our personality. While the Sun describes our rational side and the way we tend to present ourselves to the outside world, the Moon describes our irrational side, our inner being and subconscious mind.

Their content is only known to us and the people who are closest to us.

When a person has both the sun and the moon in the same sign, the influence of that sign on the person is heightened and strongly affects that person’s personality.

People with Sun and Moon in Cancer are usually extremely emotional and sensitive. They are usually very reserved and shy, and don’t let people get close to them before knowing them well.

They are afraid of being hurt and that is what they often attract into their lives. These people are often insecure and their feelings are easily hurt.

Their insecurity often causes them to expect attacks, betrayals, or any other unpleasant behavior from other people, and that makes them snappy and attacking and accusing people for no apparent reason.

This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be a very awkward experience. It often happens that these people attract the behavior they fear from other people.

They don’t forget insults and mistreatment and can hold it against that person for a long time, sometimes even a lifetime.

People with Sun and Moon in Cancer are often very creative and have many skills and artistic talents. They often choose some arts and crafts for their profession. They can also be very talented painters.

Many of them love to cook and enjoy preparing meals for themselves and others. They enjoy making people happy and are usually selfless when it comes to helping others. They help both financially and through their work.

They can be great gourmands. These people usually love to eat, which is often visible on their physique. Many of them struggle with being overweight and are often on some kind of diets and dietary regimes.

They have a problem when it comes to their attitude towards food. They really enjoy eating and cannot control themselves when it comes to food.

These people are usually very interesting and possess a great sense of humor. They enjoy making others laugh, and many of them have acting skills or skills of impersonation as well.

They can either be shy (usually), or they can be very open and approachable. Both these attitudes hide their inner feeling of insecurity and desire to be accepted as well as fear of rejection.

They are kind and gentle beings, who sincerely love other people and love helping them.

In combination with their fears and insecurities, that makes a person who is prone to frequent mood changes, which are sometimes unexplainable to them as well.

They love being of service to others, and for that reason they often choose a profession where they can do that and make a living. They are often in the restaurant business, or tourism.

They love the security which money provides them. They are good at saving and investing money. They are also good at making them. They have a good sense for business and investing in the right opportunities.

These people are home types. They love water and often have their homes near water. They could also have a water home.

They love investing their money in real estate and often manage to accumulate a lot of material possessions which give them the much-desired security they desire to have. They are usually successful and financially well-off.

They love spending their time at home and enjoying its comfort. They love people and their company; usually the company of selected people they know very well and love spending time with them as well as the company of their family members.

They are excellent hosts who enjoy entertaining their guests and preparing delicious food for them.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer:

– gentle, kind, good sense of humor, sensitive, emotional, selfless, helpful, enjoy making people happy, interesting, good sense of humor, excellent hosts, financially well-off, responsible, good with money, family and home types, tender, considerate, protective, nurturing, etc.

Bad Traits

The good traits of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer:

– insecure, overly emotional, clingy, needy, dependable, shy, reserved, afraid of getting hurt, moody, overprotective, etc. 

‘Cancer’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with their sun and moon in the sign of Cancer are usually emotional and very sensitive, traits which they often try to hide. Their sensitivity requires a partner who is also very emotional and can understand their need for affection and demonstration of love.

They can become much attached to their partners and behave needy. They are not a good choice for a person who is not tolerant to such behavior.

People who love their freedom and independence and don’t want to spend all their time in the company of their partners are not suitable for a person with this placement.

They prefer tenderness and gentle expression of feelings rather than raw passion. These people are very delicate and should be treated with care. If they are hurt by their partner they might become very bitter and retreat in their shell.

They will remember the betrayal for a long time and it will most likely scar their future relationships.

These people love their home more than anything. They enjoy spending time there, decorating it, hanging around with their friends, raising their family, resting, etc. Their ideal partner is someone who shares this love with them.

They are not very sociable and often choose partners who have similar preferences. Their ideal scenario is the two of them snuggling at home, watching a movie or preparing some food together.

They have a traditional outlook on relationships and prefer to formalize their relationship by saying the marriage vows. They dream about marriage ever since a very young age and often marry young.

Another thing these people often dream about is a big family. These people are very attached to their family and usually desire to establish their own family as soon as possible.

These people often marry young in life and become parents at a young age. They are caring and gentle parents who do everything to make their children happy. They are very attached to their children and their family is the most important for them.

As parents, they can be overprotective and smother their children with their care. Some of these people (both men and women, but usually women) are prone to put their nose in their children’s business and make them talk every detail of their lives and the things that happen to them.

Although that doesn’t have to be a bad thing and is intended to protect the children’s safety, it can still be overwhelming for their children who feel that they are being controlled and don’t have their own space and privacy.

These people are good providers. Both men and women with this placement have the capacity to earn and save money. They are also good at investing it, usually in real estate.

Many of them have one of two houses to spare, just in case. They need to feel financially secure and that makes them relaxed.

Some of these people (usually women) can be prone to dependent behavior and rely solely on their partners for their existence. Their partners are their sole providers and they are quite comfortable with that fact.

Usually that isn’t the case, and they participate along with their spouses in the costs of mutual living and raising their family.

Best Match For ‘Cancer’ Sun ‘Cancer’ Moon

People with Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer need a partner who will understand their emotional nature and their sensitivity.

They also need someone who will understand their moodiness and tendency to react awkwardly in some situations which is caused by their natural insecurity and feelings of inadequacy.

Their partner needs to have a strong and confident personality and be supportive of them, encouraging them to overcome their natural shyness and build their confidence.

The best partners for this person are born in earth and water signs. They can be capable of understanding them and sympathize with them.

Fire and air signs might not be a good idea, unless these people don’t have some fire or air influence in their natal chart, in which case their personality will be a bit different from the one we have described.

If that isn’t the case, these signs are not a good match for a person with Sun/Moon in Cancer because they don’t have enough compassion and sensitivity to understand and support their nature.


People with Sun and Moon in Cancer are very emotional and sensitive.

They have a delicate nature which is easily hurt, and that is why these people are very cautious about relationships with other people. They don’t let people get to close to them before they get the chance to get to know them well.

When someone hurts them, they tend to carry their wounds for a long time and can be afraid to relax and be in a relationship again.

That is why they are prone to retreating and distancing themselves whenever they are in an unfamiliar situation.

These people need emotional support and someone who will understand their moodiness and frequent mood changes. They can be very insecure and refuse to admit that. They are not very sociable and tend to hang around their family members and a close circle of friends.

Their ideal fun is doing something they enjoy in their home.

They love cooking and eating good food and often make that as a hobby or a profession. They enjoy cooking for themselves and their loved ones.

These people are loyal and devoted partners and great parents.

They are usually not very passionate and prefer tenderness. They are good providers and often manage to provide more than enough for their family.