Betrayal – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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There is nothing worse in interpersonal relations than to be betrayed; in any way.

For many of us, there is nothing worse your lover, friend, or family member can do but betray you in some way.

Even if you are the one who has been betraying others, even non-intentionally, the feeling afterward is devastating. That is a fact.

It is truly a nightmare.

As such, it appears in a dream, very often in fact – still truly unpleasant, but also a place from which you can learn.

It is the symbol that will make us ask ourselves, will a similar situation happen to us in real life, and how would we react to it; would we learn something from it.

What can betrayal in a dream mean, and how can we interpret this motif?

Meaning and Symbolism

This dream is not rare, and for the interpretation of it, you must be honest and relate the dream to your interpersonal connections.

Sometimes we are afraid of them, other times we are curious, one thing is for sure – it is very difficult to ignore these dreams, especially if they happen to us very often.

Knowing what does a certain dream means is always a good idea when dreams bother us for a long time when we have.

Having such a dream and knowing what it means, using the great source of interpretation, you will learn a lot about yourself, your dreams, fears, and feelings, which you are often not aware of.

We must also not forget that although it contains universal meanings of dreams, each dream symbol must be interpreted according to your life.

In a sense, that the betrayal is a major sin, it is universal meaning, but related to our own micro universes, it brings one more layer.

When it comes to symbols such as betrayal, knowing what it means related to your life, taking into account different contexts, is very useful.

Betrayal for any human being, in any stage of life, can be a very difficult situation that is hard to come to terms with.

It most often ends in a breakup of a relationship, a truly painful experience for all who are involved.

If in a dream you see someone is betraying you, telling you lie, and you are finding out it in a dream, such a dream shows that in reality, you can be in a very difficult position.

If in a dream you are betraying someone else, in that case, someone close to your environment will be deeply hurt by some of your actions, which even might be unintentional.

It is a symbol of the humiliation we will experience in the personal or professional sphere – in any case, and it is truly important to wake up and watch your actions, words, along with everything in between, because some of your actions may be from a good place, but in practice are translated to a betrayal.

If in a dream someone is betraying you in some way (and you do not have any evidence, just a feeling), it is worth treating her as a good sign in real life. You will probably finally be able to overcome all the afflictions and solve the problems you have been struggling with for a long time.

And in a version that your current lover is seen betraying you, such a dream shows that it is better to be careful when dealing with other people who are not always in your favor.

Such dreams can also be a sign of impending change and the need for difficult decisions, personally and professionally.

Decoding the Dream about Betrayal

Now, this dream can expand even more, for example, a version of a dream where you are being betrayed by a member of your family like a mother or a father.

In this case, such a dream has a negative meaning because the feelings in a dream itself are very negative. We fear that images from dreams could hint to us that we ​​are more attentive in real life and pay more attention to our relationship with the family.

However, it turns out that the symbol of betrayal in a dream is not necessarily always interpreted in a negative context. It does not have to be as dark as you may think.

Even these dreams can have a positive meaning, and you should not be scared of them in any way.

In interpreting the dream of betrayal, one must consider who is being betrayed and with whom. This will allow us to better understand our dreams.

When interpreting the dream of betrayal, it is very important who is being betrayed in the dream itself.

If the dreamer is the one who made the betrayal in the dream, it can mean big problems that you will have to deal with.

Sometimes we also interpret this dream as a subconscious desire to try something new in life, to go beyond certain limits, which we would never allow ourselves in real situations.

Sometimes such a dream can reflect that your relationship is not going well and perhaps the feelings you once felt towards your partner are less intense today.

When you think about it, would it not be easier to cut the cords that are rotten and pull yourself from an affair that is not doing you good, or to stay there are suffering? We think, and you know that the answer is simple.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

In any case, and just like in real-life, a meaning of a betrayal speaks of the necessity of examination of current interpersonal relationships of the person who has a dream.

It is worth considering the future of such relationships (first think of those that may have been under some problem), whether it is worth continuing it or letting everyone go their own way.

Betrayal in dreams often speaks of your inner need. It suggests that you are maybe, in reality, probably looking for new feelings, you are bored with the old ones, and now you want something new to start your fire, so to speak.

If this dream appears more than once, and you are being betrayed by the same person (known or unknown) – such a dream speaks of the fact that you need a greater sense of security in real life. You are showing much insecurity, or you are trying to hide them, but the dream world is not a place you can fool.

Everything shows its “real” shades; things that you been feeling that are happening, but you did not have the courage to say it at loud.

But, here is the good news. As we have said, this is not a dream that has only a negative connotation since it shows that there is a time for progress. You will probably be able to solve all the problems that we have had a hard time dealing with so far.

The dream about betrayal still suggests an even deeper meaning of this motif.

Such a dream can reflect your low self-esteem and, therefore, subconscious fear of betraying a loved one.

If these dreams occur very often, it pays to talk to your partner or someone you have great trust in about your concerns.

In the end, have in mind that the dream about the betrayal does not always reflect your life 100 percent, but it is useful for finding out the next steps.

And, such a dream does not have to mean the end of the world for your relationship.

On the contrary, such a dream is worth taking as a good sign for your future. We will probably achieve 100% of what we have planned for ourselves, and all our activities will bring a lot of joy and satisfaction.