Dream of Crying – Meaning and Symbolism

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People cry, showing their sadness and letting their emotions run free. This can also take place in dreams, when one processes pent-up feelings in the form of crying.

In the dream interpretation, this is also a signal that something is oppressing you in the waking world.

The dreaming therefore relieves inner tension by crying in the dream.

If one dreams of crying very often, this is a sign in the dream interpretation, that one does not pursue one’s feelings enough in real life.

Therefore, the emotions are then processed in the dream. The dream symbol crying subconsciously processes even bad events.

The tears in the dream indicate that it was still necessary here to deal with the problem or event.

Dream of Crying – Meaning

Whether out of grief, disappointment, worry, anger, pain or joy – when we cry, emotions are discharged. Music, such as from a harmonium, can also make us cry.

It is about feelings that we cannot cope with otherwise, feelings that still have to break out. It is not for nothing that one speaks of an emotional outburst at such moments. Crying is like a valve through which pent-up emotions can drain, and that is a good thing.

Because everyone knows the liberating effect of tears. It is good to let them run wild sometimes. It calms you down when you can cry. Alternatively, maybe you just have the howling misery for no apparent reason.

Even crying in a dream is a discharge of feelings – only that it takes place in the subconscious. The reasons for this can be very different.

Often we dream of crying, but do not know why the tears flowed in a certain dream situation and what they mean for real life. So that you can interpret your dream of crying individually, we have compiled the most common dreams about the dream symbol “crying” for you below:

In the dream world, there are many different contexts in which one can determine “I am crying”. Everyone has surely experienced crying in a dream and there is no reason to be ashamed of the feelings felt.

If tears were played with him while crying, you had to cry loudly and a strong cry shook your body, you feel inwardly the desire to free yourself from a burden in life. Weeping bitterly and crying desperately underline the desire to free yourself from ballast.

It is not uncommon in our dreams that we cry at the grave in the cemetery or, in general, weep because of death.

When someone dies, be it the mother, the father, the grandma, the grandpa or even the own partner, we perceive it as an event that causes sadness in us.

Such dreams remind us that we are about to say goodbye to something. These do not have to be real people; they can also be views and beliefs that we say goodbye to.

In the dream, we cannot only cry because of grief or be sad while crying, but also cry for joy and cry for happiness. Feeling a feeling of happiness while crying in a dream, for example through a new love, symbolizes the liberation from negative thoughts and feelings.

However, it is also possible to cry out of fear, if one perhaps feels a fear of heights in a dream and becomes hysterical in the process. Behind this, there is uncertainty and pressure to perform, which are troublesome in the waking world.

If the parents cry in dreams within the family, this is certainly a stressful situation for the dreaming. Living through a dream situation in which one’s own mother cries and the father also cries can have different causes.

Seeing your mother cry is an emotional experience that you shared with your mother. Since this can have been positive as well as negative, it is important to question the exact dream context. When dad cries and you see your own father crying, there is a symbol of drive and energy behind it.

If the dreaming sees in his sleep that grandpa is crying, he should check how he feels about this male part of the grandparents. Does your grandfather’s wisdom apply to your current life situation? Have you seen your grandma cry too?

Parents, to whom the dream symbol “daughter is crying” appears, very likely feel the need for care at this dream moment. In fact, it is possible that there is a female person in your life, maybe even your own daughter, who needs more attention right now.

If one dreams of the siblings, a dream situation may appear in which the brother cries. This dream image gives the person concerned to understand that after a phase of tension and sacrifice, you should now concentrate more on yourself again.

The assessment of one’s own relationship in the waking world as well as the current emotional state is important when interpreting a dream in which the husband is crying. Tears of joy stand for a happy and harmonious marriage, end tears of grief can herald quarrels and problems.

Did you see your mother-in-law cry in a dream? If so, you currently have the strength to achieve professional and financial success after a long period of various restrictions. Take the chance!

If in a dream, you see your boyfriend crying or you notice that the partner is crying, a new chapter in the relationship is approaching. How this section will turn out depends mainly on the feelings you had during the dream.

Have you dreamed that you are crying and wake up with the occasional tear? This is closely related to your emotions; therefore, we show you five meanings of dreaming about your crying or someone else’s.

Although many insist on showing themselves strong and relating crying with weakness, the truth is that it is a normal condition of the human being, in which the feelings that each person can have for a person, a situation or, are reflected. Even an object;

In addition, the thing is, we talk about feelings in general because, we not only cry out of sadness, even in the happiest moments one or another little tear may appear.

However, although this concept is clear to you in real life, have you ever wondered what it means when crying arises in dreams? Are we capable of feeling even when we are asleep? In addition, if not, why does dreaming of emotional scenes wake up crying?

It is clear that this is quite a dilemma, and although we cannot give you a scientific explanation to what you have experienced at some point in your life, we show you what is the reason for crying in dreams, so you can know if it is a message from your subconscious, a warning from the universe, an omen, among other things; We leave you some meanings, according to the We Mystic portal.

You may have some repressed emotions, due to either fears or situations that generate sadness; therefore, crying in dreams is the way in which your body seeks the balance it needs in your moment of rest.

It is not always about seeing yourself crying in a dream; sometimes it is another person whom you see drowning in tears, like a child. Seeing a minor shed tears while you sleep is not a cause for concern, as it can indicate some surprises in love or in your family life.

Sometimes you can wake up with a few tears in your eyes, regardless of whether you were crying in the dream or not; if this happens and you cannot remember what you were dreaming about, it means that you have repressed injuries or traumas that you have long needed to deal with. You must take stock of your life.

You may be about to make a very important decision in your life and this is a call for you to let yourself be guided more by intuition and learn to listen to the messages that come from your heart; there you will have the answer you need.

We talked about what happens when you see a child cry in your dreams, but what if it is an adult. This can reveal an association that would come soon with a person who will contribute a lot to your life; in fact, it may be a new partner, a new friend, or a new professional relationship.

Dream of Crying – Symbolism

When you cry, it often serves to relieve internal tension. Your feelings overflow and look for an outlet – the tear glands.

Perhaps you have just let go of something, overcome a situation that was very stressful for you.

It is also conceivable that you are still in the middle of an emotional processing phase. Your subconscious then shows you with the tearful dream that the phase will soon be over.

If you did not cry yourself in the dream, but saw someone who was crying, this can symbolically stand for your compassion.

Perhaps there is a person in your waking life that you want to offer emotional protection to. If you cry and wave goodbye to someone in a dream, the dream indicates that you can expect a nice reunion shortly.

The bitter crying in the dream shows, according to traditional interpretation, that great and violent feelings have built up in you. These are now looking for a way outside, so as not to burden your subconscious any longer.

In connection with a dying person, the dreams can be interpreted in such a way that you will soon have to say goodbye to something or someone.

This can also be a move, quitting a job or a friendship that is no longer good for you.

However, it can also simply be beliefs or habits that you want to let go of. Often crying will also appear in the dream when we feel defenseless. Maybe you want to confront someone in a dream and your voice fails.

Alternatively, you want to push someone from you, but you do not seem to have any strength and the pushes do not do anything.

Tears can also appear in such dreams, which indicate your feeling of powerlessness.

What you should do for yourself if you wake up after a very disturbing tearful dream: Consciously take the time to think intensively about possible hurtful events. Face your great feelings in a targeted and courageous manner. This way you can process these emotions better and let go of the burdensome.

Here you will find the most common scenes in connection with a “crying dream”. They can help you to better understand what you have dreamed of:

Someone close to you may need your compassion when you dream of a crying child. This can be someone from your family or your circle of friends. Who could it be who now needs consolation and affection or simply your friendship?

To see a crying child in a dream, according to the general interpretation of dreams, also symbolizes the way into a completely new phase of life.

Many people report such dreams, especially during puberty, pregnancy or even before a wedding. This is to be seen as positive, because everything new may scare you at first, but it always offers great opportunities for good luck.

Probably a strenuous time lies behind you. The dream of a strange woman crying is interpreted in the traditional way that you are now back on the road to success. You have mastered all the stressful things and can now tick it off.

There may even be a great opportunity for you soon, which you can courageously take advantage of. Opportunities in professional life and the relief from burdens are in the foreground here.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, it is assumed that a new level of partnership has been reached when you see your partner crying in the dream.

So it could be that you get married or that you and your partner become parents. In addition, the first common apartment or the big project “own house” can be symbolized by such a dream.

If, on the other hand, it is an ex-partner that you see crying in your dream, the crying in the dream stands for overcoming a phase of grief. This is to be interpreted as a very positive sign, because now you can open yourself up to a new love again. You can find a very detailed interpretation of the ex-boyfriend symbol here.

Here the siblings stand for a part of you that wants more attention. You may have put your own wishes on hold lately in order to be there for others. The dream wants to tell you that your own needs are also important and that you should take them seriously again now.

This dream symbolizes a warning against the falsehood and deceit of a person in your immediate environment.

It is also conceivable that you have the oppressive feeling that you behaved unfairly in a situation.

In addition, according to spiritual interpretation, it can also announce that you are overcoming a misfortune, through which you draw new courage.

If you dream that your tears are bloody, it is sure to be frightening at first.

However, do not worry! The dream is from the perspective of dream research to be rated very positively. Your emotional world is very balanced now, and you live in harmony with your values. The terrifying blood tears mean a real relief in your waking world.

A dream like this means that you have left a great worry behind and are finally looking ahead optimistically again. The relief from this can show in the form of dreams in which you cry great tears of happiness.

This is what psychology says about the dream symbol crying: Dream researchers assume that most dream tears are a good sign. Perhaps it expresses the relief to have overcome a hurdle.

Alternatively, you had to fight for a long time about something that has now led to success.

In addition, psychologists believe that the louder and more powerfully you cry in dreams, the better and stronger you will successfully tackle future challenges.

On the other hand, this also suggests that crying that is suppressed or silent by you can mean slow progress.

Psychotherapists only interpret dreams in which you cry for no reason as a warning. If so, they see it as a sign of great worry in the waking world. You may be in a crisis from which you do not know a way out. By crying, you free yourself from such mental conflicts.

You allow feelings, whereby they no longer burden you and you can look ahead.

In the opinion of psychologists, when you see other people crying in their dreams, it shows that you are a very emphatic, warm-hearted person. Who cares a lot about his fellow human beings?


Often love relationships end in an argument, with tears inevitable.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the dream the ex-boyfriend cries or you see the ex-girlfriend crying.

If the ex-cries, this symbolizes that the dreaming has finally ended with the past love and can look positively into the future.