Biblical Dream Meaning of Passport

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The term Passport, of course, did not appear in the way we know it today, but here we are speaking in symbolical terms and what does the Passport represent.

First, when we take a look at the symbolical meaning of the Passport in real life – those who have it are blessed that they can travel, to see to expand and to grow, mature, learn.

Also, another aspect of Passport is the idea of identity – all over the world, in numerous world countries, this is the only proof of your “existence”; it proves that you exist.

As a motive in a dream world is not as common as you may think.

In fact, it is rare; but before we tackle its meaning, it is a good idea to reconsider what the Passport means to you. What is the first association to it -?

It is freedom, and you mostly use it for work or joyful trips?

The dream may also reflect your waking interactions or fears of losing your real Passport; after we reveal the common symbolism behind the dream about Passport, then we will tackle its connection to the Holy Book.

Meaning and Symbolism

As we have mentioned, the most common meaning of a passport that appears in a dream world is that it is the representation of your own identity.

Depending on other circumstances in a dream, such a dream shows your origin, the place you came from, and all passageways to your future.

In some cases, the dream about the Passport speaks of the personal strength to travel (not only in literal ways but also in spiritual ways) and approval to go through different situations.

If you are dreaming that you are holding a Passport and that you are using it for travel, then such a dream indicated that in close time you would earn a diploma or license document, and what will follow this event is the feeling of freedom to do what you want and what to practice and be wherever you want to be.

If you see yourself in a dream on a border or airport, in that case, such a dream may be the symbol of missing out on some truly meaningful chances, with a possibility to grow into something better, if not at least into something different.

If you have a dream that you are just about to get a passport, or you see a process of approving it, such a dream is the symbol of a demand that comes from some power.

This conversation may come from the fact that you asked something from that authority, for example, a vacation or a raise.

The dream implies that you will soon get the confirmation to proceed with your projects.

If in a dream you are looking for a passport and you are desperate, trying to find it, such a dream shows that right now, in reality, you are passing admits the change of individual identity.

This is the moment when you are searching for your true self in this world, and such a dream depicts the new direction you are taking from now on.

One dream that is very common and it is related to the Passport is the one where you lost it.

Such a dream shows that you have probably, in reality, have worked so hard, and now there are some things from the outside that is stopping your progress.

It seems like your plans are now under the question mark.

Now, in the dream world, there are some other versions of the Passport – there is one where you see a muddy or wet passport.

It is said that such a dream is a very bad sign – it comes as an indication that you are constantly presented with negative impacts.

It is the time where you are under major stress and do not know who you are; everything seems so blurry.

Some say that this dream could be an indication that some form of a disease will because you pain and that you need to be extra careful from now on.

And there are meanings according to the color of the Passport in a dream world – the blue one implies that you do not belong in the place you are currently and that as soon as possible, you should walk away from it for your own good.

A passport that is green shows that very soon you will be burdened by some new obligation that will come into your life, and the black Passport in a dream is an indication that you will have a long-distant journey.

Decoding Biblical Dream Meaning of Passport

Now, when it comes to its relation to the Biblical meaning, we must start it from the core, and that is that the meaning of the Passport in dreams is most commonly associated with the person and its identity.

In various ways, depending on all other elements in a dream, it can be the matter of questioning one’s identity or finding a new one.

The Bible does not speak of this, of course, but the matter of finding your true self and knowing who you are is very clear. The Holy book brings the message of accepting who you really are, and it is forbidden to have any idols (to imitate and look like someone else). You should be you because you are made perfect and loved by God.

For example, if in a dream you see not one, but many Passports, such a dream shows that you maybe have been disloyal, and this is not the Christian thing to do – be who you are, and respect all others, Bible says.

Also, the Bible advises you to be who you are; and to find a group that makes you feel good and accepted because it is a common feeling to feel lost at times and lonely.

Another aspect that we must mention now – and it is associated with the Bible; is the dream that you have lost your Passport or that has been stolen from you. In that case, such a dream presents numerous open roads in front of you – it is like you have reached a clean slight.

According to the Holy Book, the dream about your identity shows that your knowledge or understanding will be on the test soon; and we all know that when God wants us to grow, He makes our lives hard and puts in front of us numerous obstacles.

Be prepared to share your abilities because it will open new doors for you.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

So, in general, the dream about the Passport can come as an indication that you are lost and do not see a way out at the time. You have lost your identity or the ability to move ahead, or you no longer justify why you are providing the things you are doing.

It can be a sign that you may be working on an actual request for a new job. You will go through a constant process that could radically change your life shortly. You could soon be moving for work or other individual goals.

Now, its relation to the Bible – Passport means identity, and on the most important question, there is who are we?

The identity is defined first by the superficial layer or labels that are imposed on us in society, or we have accepted them ourselves.

If we went further towards the deeper layers, towards the essence of our being, we could be lost, and the Bible is helping us find it through the matter of fate.

Fate will help us find the meaning and purpose of our existence.

Because if we don’t know who we are, why we are here and where we go, we can be victims of our own (self) deceptions and illusions.

But, we want to end this piece on a positive note – such a dream is a reflection of new first chapters of life. You are watching completely new adventures without worries or thoughts of yesterday. You will no longer recognize past experiences to divert you from the life you want to live.

And that is the life that is completely submerged into fate. In that way, you cannot diver your path. You are always on a right and righteous road.